Binging with Babish: Pancakes from Uncle Buck (feat. Dan Souza and a Giant Robot)

Binging with Babish
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Check out Dan Souza's far-more-scientific take on giant pancakes over at What's Eating Dan!
Happy (early) birthday Macaulay!!
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20 Ago 2019



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Binging with Babish
Binging with Babish 5 meses atrás
According to Dan, the first weird pancake is avoidable by using less fat in the skillet - have you guys EVER had a halfway decent pancake come out first?
HybridGam3r_75 3 dias atrás
steff05 peepee poopoo😮
Chris Halliday
Chris Halliday 17 dias atrás
I can’t explain it, man. My first pancake is always good like the rest of the batch.
Tyler Young
Tyler Young Mês atrás
Never, therefore as the prime pancake maker in my house I always get it on my plate. My guilty pleasure is of course to make it the biggest pancake of the bunch.
HOT STREAK Mês atrás
I made a first one and it came out best of the batch
Eliza Beth
Eliza Beth Mês atrás
yup. just use a non stick and use the butter for taste only
Dashing Fox
Dashing Fox 5 minutos atrás
I like how you got philosophical about a pancake flipping robot
Afliix 19 minutos atrás
BruhUncle Buck is a living legend, bringing giants pancakes and toast for host nephews birthday, he is a god
Jackie Stugart
Jackie Stugart 12 horas atrás
Where do you find that enormous pan with the two handles???
TheKidblazer1 18 horas atrás
so home alone kid was in other films no regrets such a big pad of butter
Ultronfist Dia atrás
This is proving the point that adults are just big kids
Leo Smith
Leo Smith 2 dias atrás
I can see Alvin from tasty sweating
Angel Galvez Batres
Angel Galvez Batres 3 dias atrás
Dumb Name
Dumb Name 3 dias atrás
I love it when a robot whip and nae naes my giant pancakes for me, really brings out the taste of the pancake
Don John Lopez
Don John Lopez 3 dias atrás
Uncle Buck will be Proud. R.I.P. John Candy.
Xharia 3 dias atrás
The peak of human engineering right here!
booty_ hunter420
booty_ hunter420 4 dias atrás
The graph of time vs robot killed me
Miguel Nery
Miguel Nery 4 dias atrás
Thats why the internet was invented: Incredibly complicated means for incredibly stupid end. And I seriously love it.
jacksonfan4life123 6 dias atrás
That pat of butter tho
juan stekelenburg
juan stekelenburg 6 dias atrás
this reminds me alot of the dutch pancakes i used to eat alot :D
CamaroKing2019 6 dias atrás
Am I the only one who saw Kevin McAllister
The Kuudere Dude
The Kuudere Dude 6 dias atrás
This is great and all but how did they do it for the movie when they didn't have a robot to flip giant pancakes for them?
Homie Pigeon
Homie Pigeon 7 dias atrás
Imagine a bunch of professional scientists and engineers building a giant pancake machine.
Bien Adams
Bien Adams 7 dias atrás
Now crapes?
Andrew Loyal
Andrew Loyal 8 dias atrás
That monologue towards the end... what poetry.
mallard king
mallard king 9 dias atrás
Yo babish how big was it
Cull Wolfsbane
Cull Wolfsbane 9 dias atrás
haters: *hatin big pancake* Me: ok BUT counter argument, FWOP
Vablo 10 dias atrás
Camron Toney
Camron Toney 10 dias atrás
My friends and I would get really stoned and make these for a snack 😁😂
Yura Re’tord
Yura Re’tord 11 dias atrás
You should see the toast, i couldn’t even get through the door
Jennifer Wright
Jennifer Wright 11 dias atrás
Thank you freaking awesome
Robert Carey
Robert Carey 15 dias atrás
Sometimes I enjoy watching this videos with the audio turned off.
Rose Cooke-Dew
Rose Cooke-Dew 16 dias atrás
I love you more than my boyfriend
Kaz'ak Lichborn
Kaz'ak Lichborn 16 dias atrás
Sorry but I still prefer Waffle Bot for my breakfast needs.
Matthew Hamilton
Matthew Hamilton 18 dias atrás
I want a mini one for my house
MaterClaritas 19 dias atrás
I'm making this recipe Sans machines and Sans gigantism. What temperature should I heat my griddle to
Zac Sherlock
Zac Sherlock 19 dias atrás
you dare disrespect the first cake from thje pan
not_a_generic_name Name
I like the first pancake, it comes out slightly crispy
Ghostface 20 dias atrás
But did it join the clean plate club?
Kaden Gallet
Kaden Gallet 22 dias atrás
What my dad told me is right wHaT dAd
Brian Scott
Brian Scott 22 dias atrás
If that didn't enter the clean plate club I don't know what will
Ethan Cavanagh
Ethan Cavanagh 22 dias atrás
Cave man fire Edison electricity Babish BIG PANCAKE The thiccake
Kernel Kraken
Kernel Kraken 22 dias atrás
Imagine the robot though, seems like a pitiful existence. A brain the size of a planet and all he is made to do is flip pancakes.
Endothermia 2 dias atrás
@Rimuru Tempest Maybe, but the reference here is H2G2.
Rimuru Tempest
Rimuru Tempest 8 dias atrás
Kernel Kraken That’s just the little robot from Rick and Morty righ?
Theobald Le Goff
Theobald Le Goff 23 dias atrás
I’m just curious on how much this robot would cost
Jess_Marie_G 23 dias atrás
God I love science!
Skylar Young
Skylar Young 24 dias atrás
Come here for the cooking stay here for the intellectual speaking through the mind of Babish.
Chyleen Lopez
Chyleen Lopez 25 dias atrás
How the hell did they do this for Uncle Buck?
Chyleen Lopez
Chyleen Lopez 25 dias atrás
Obviously it was A joke, but they're blueprint was so stupid lol even from the first few suggestions. Very funny
Derpy cat
Derpy cat Mês atrás
Humans make fire Humans make electricity Humans Master music Babish Masters the art of flipping pancakes with a robot One of these are more important than the others
ajkb1988 Mês atrás
When i was in high school we made massive pancakes with the rented flat top we used for our ffa pancake breakfast. We did use flat shovels.
Jackson Mês atrás
butter in the uk tastes like cowshit
Um why not
Um why not Mês atrás
Me: *on keto diet* my brain: "hey, lets watch binging with babbish make food loaded in carbs!"
D Bertrand
D Bertrand Mês atrás
Lol. Babish, you are the Neil Armstrong of pancakes.
Ibrahim Saleh
Ibrahim Saleh Mês atrás
If you held the large spatula by yourself you might've succeeded at the first time!
Not Te Moai XdXd
Not Te Moai XdXd Mês atrás
I half expected michael reeves to appear
Noah Kounterloft
Noah Kounterloft Mês atrás
Did it join the clean plate club?
Karis Coyne
Karis Coyne Mês atrás
"everything your dad told you was right" I mean my dad once made pancakes in a vitamizer that were so overmixed we literally used them as dog toys soooo
Corpsman 1566
Corpsman 1566 Mês atrás
Yeah science bitch!
BLADE Curtis
BLADE Curtis Mês atrás
Imagine this being your job.
MZT Ting
MZT Ting Mês atrás
Why didn't he just use the Tasty Method?
Gabe Norman
Gabe Norman Mês atrás
You guys went to my boss for that?!?!?
Omar Casillas
Omar Casillas Mês atrás
"Ok, so basically, make me a robot uncle to flip a absurdly large pancake"
Teag Brohman
Teag Brohman Mês atrás
this feels like something Flint Lockwood would do
Jking470 Mês atrás
2:42 Ow.
Josh Prowse
Josh Prowse Mês atrás
I just cheered for a fucking pancake robot. What are you doing to us Andy?
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