Billie Eilish Reveals She Was Suicidal

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Billie Eilish gets candid during Gayle King’s GRAMMY special about her past depression and suicidal thoughts. Please note this content can be triggering. If you or someone you know is struggling, you can call the National Suicide Hotline at 1-800-273-8255.
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24 Jan 2020



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Comentários 4 604
PapaVito &HisThoughts
PapaVito &HisThoughts 2 horas atrás
Just wait until she gets a drug addiction
matchbean_ ma
matchbean_ ma 13 horas atrás
My mum would be devastated, my friends would be shocked if I die. My mother is a wonderful person and I love her. She is a single mum. I know, if I die, she will follow me. I know, if I die, I will kill her. But I still wanna do it. Even though I'm aware of the consequence. I didn't even cry a bit when I think of suicide and how it would destroy my mum. I cried when I was thinking “how can these terrible ideas come from my head?”
Haylee Garcia
Haylee Garcia 22 horas atrás
Omg the way she said she didn’t think she would make it past 17 😭🥺
zakshei Dia atrás
All her fans start faking depression, because they listened to one of her songs, smh. She's a nice person, but her fans are trash.
Daniel Hawke
Daniel Hawke 14 horas atrás
I agree 100%
lol girl9981
lol girl9981 Dia atrás
i feel really bad for billie cause i kinda know how it feels
I'm a bitch ty next
I thought I wouldn't make it to 10. I struggled with depression at the age of 9. I was scared of death. I lost my appetite, and cried all day. I wanted to kill myself just to get over with it already. I was asking myself questions and over thinking everything. No one cared. No one was there for me. I cried at school. Teachers just didn't give a fuck. Students kept away from me thinking I was mentally disabled, or ill. Depression is real. It can happen to everyone. I am almost 12 now. When I think about it, i start to tear up. You will never fully get rid of your depression. That will be a part of you forever.
Nomi Roo
Nomi Roo Dia atrás
I just want to hug her. I’ve been there.
TriHard 7
TriHard 7 Dia atrás
She sure is happy with the Louis Vuitton and Gucci on tho
Brandon The Jersey Devil
I love you so Much Billie Elish I’m Happy you’re Happy now 😍❤️ God Bless you ❤️ You have The Best Voice to 😍❤️❤️❤️ I hope you Marry me 😍👀👀👀❤️
destiny rose
destiny rose Dia atrás
everything i wanted is v v v v relatable :/
Arn does
Arn does Dia atrás
Shes just a brat
Wtf wow.
Ro boss thinking
Ro boss thinking Dia atrás
Wait why her mom¿
Ro boss thinking
Ro boss thinking Dia atrás
Oh god and a lot of kids from her sign says “I wanna end me “
Homo sapien sapien
Homo sapien sapien 2 dias atrás
Her whole marketing is based on depression. She is all caps. Grew up rich af and her brother should be credited for his talent
Philip Stabile
Philip Stabile 2 dias atrás
Dear Billie, If Your Reading This It's NOT TO LATE.. Don't Wait Accept Jesus As Your Savior Cause Were Afraid You"ll End up like Kurt Cobain ❎🔨
imalilpeep :/
imalilpeep :/ 2 dias atrás
Im 14 and this is deep
rcdex k
rcdex k 2 dias atrás
Just BEACUSE your famous doesn't mean you can't have feelings plus she's only a teen
Collin Forseth
Collin Forseth 2 dias atrás
She really has brought something great to this world and I hope she is reminded of it regularly
KBSTUDIOS 2 dias atrás
No one cares
Good Attitude
Good Attitude 3 dias atrás
I suffer from depression but I'm Catholic so suicide is forbidden. So instead of suicide I wear a bright colored shirt with a target painted over my heart and on the back of the shirt it reads, "I HATE SNIPERS"!!! But so far it hasn't worked.
Ninja dancer and lip singer The first
LZC Zombify
LZC Zombify 3 dias atrás
Just a hot dog
Just a hot dog 3 dias atrás
“I didn’t think I would make it to 17” That hit different
The_End_Is_Near YT
The_End_Is_Near YT 4 dias atrás
It will take centuries for us to be fully United and more peaceful
zeppelin 911
zeppelin 911 4 dias atrás
Just have cocaine
Alana Richards
Alana Richards 4 dias atrás
We love you Billie Eilish😍 I'm a big fan
svftbillie 4 dias atrás
seeing the tears in her eyes and hearing her stutter breaks my heart so much. im so glad she’s still here and happier, it breaks me so much knowing that she felt that way.
Juliet Reeder
Juliet Reeder 4 dias atrás
See this sucks I'm a teenager but I guess the only sensible one cause whyyyyy is everyone depressed hmmmm maybe cause they make themselves the God of their life
My Cheese Stick
My Cheese Stick 2 dias atrás
Shut up lmao
teako 4 dias atrás
Dont like your body the way it is? Do some exercise . Start by walking 30 minutes a day. You won’t regret it
Maddie Kang
Maddie Kang 4 dias atrás
teako think it’s cause of her weight!? No, she’s talking about how she thinks she’s not pretty it’s called no confidence she never said she was fat
passionate ash
passionate ash 5 dias atrás
Breaks my heart, I love Billie. Can’t imagine something like this happening. But I love how real she is
Elon Musk
Elon Musk 5 dias atrás
When I hear her “music” I suddenly become suicidal too
kaylee paola
kaylee paola 5 dias atrás
so unbelievably happy she was able to find her happiness. she deserves the best.
Del Hurworth
Del Hurworth 5 dias atrás
Depression is terrible! Fact,!but her music gets me fucken depressed!!i can’t be alone people?
Fuhk Shet
Fuhk Shet 5 dias atrás
Leave that vegan slave diet
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Arnold Schwarzenegger 5 dias atrás
Look at this fool
Arnold Schwarzenegger
@Maddie Kang no, you don't understand. Today in the music industry when you act depressed people get their attention on you thus making you famous and money it's no secret.
Maddie Kang
Maddie Kang Dia atrás
Arnold Schwarzenegger she never tried to make anyone be “depressed “ and half of them don’t even know what it is they just pretend they are bc they cried once but billie never intended for these idiots to do this, she is just expressing herself through song and if you don’t like that, don’t just comment mean things.
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Arnold Schwarzenegger 3 dias atrás
@Maddie Kang At least I'm a fan of a man who talks sense and changed the world positively not a stupid person who makes 14 year olds depressive and stuff
Maddie Kang
Maddie Kang 4 dias atrás
Imagine impersonating a celeb?
Maddie Kang
Maddie Kang 4 dias atrás
Arnold Schwarzenegger says u
Gabs 5 dias atrás
I relate to her so much.. people hurt and that’s not something foreign as much as people make it seem. People don’t like to talk about things that make them uncomfortable and I like that she can share her feelings. I feel the same about my body .. even when I’m super skinny I want to wear baggy clothes. I really do feel for her and her music has gotten me thru some rough stages so I appreciate her being.
Makaila The Cheeto Puff
Me cri alot
Dylan Brown
Dylan Brown 5 dias atrás
So over rated.
Jany 5 dias atrás
That little tears on her eyes are making me cry so hard😩😭🥺🥺
Aaliyah Estevez
Aaliyah Estevez 5 dias atrás
Aaliyah Estevez
Aaliyah Estevez Dia atrás
Maddie Kang eocheoguni eopttago hae eolgul gapseul motandae jeonhyeo wiro andwae Ba-ba-ba-baby michil kkeot gatae i wajunge wae baeneun tto gopeun geonde haru jongil meokkiman haneunde maemmaemaemae amu joedo eomneun inhyeongman ttaejji jongil anjaittaga eopdeuryeotta shigani hwekwekwek pibuneun wae ireoke tto chikchik jakku tiktik georigo man shipji eomman gwichanke gyesok waewaewaewaewae Nanana nananana konnoraega naodaga nado mollae jjajeungnal kkeot gatae hwanal geot gatae ireon aega aninde I love you so much imi nan da keottago saenggakaneunde eojjeomyeon nae maminde wae nae mamdaero hal su eomneun geonde mireonaeryeogo hamyeon halsurok jakku kkeullyeo wae jakku jakku kkeullyeo Baby I’m like TT, just like TT ireon nae mam moreugo neomuhae neomuhae I’m like TT, just like TT Tell me that you’d be my baby
Maddie Kang
Maddie Kang Dia atrás
Aaliyah Estevez English pls
Aaliyah Estevez
Aaliyah Estevez 4 dias atrás
Maddie Kang ireojido motaneunde jeoreojido motane geujeo barabomyeo Ba-ba-ba-baby maeil sangsangman hae ireumgwa hamkke sseuk mareul nwanne Baby ajik urin moreuneun sainde amugeona geolcheodo areumdaweo geoul sok dan duriseo haneun Fashion show show ibeonen jeongmal kkokkok naega meonjeo Talk talk dajim ppunin geol maebeon dajim ppunin geol Nanana nananana konnoraega naodaga nado mollae nunmul nal kkeot gatae anin geot gatae naega anin geot gatae I love you so much imi nan da keottago saenggakaneunde eojjeomyeon nae maminde wae nae mamdaero hal su eomneun geonde mireonaeryeogo hamyeon halsurok jakku kkeullyeo wae jakku jakku kkeullyeo Baby I’m like TT, just like TT ireon nae mam moreugo neomuhae neomuhae I’m like TT, just like TT Tell me that you’d be my baby
Maddie Kang
Maddie Kang 4 dias atrás
Aaliyah Estevez SO DO YOU
Luciano Arebalo
Luciano Arebalo 5 dias atrás
This is a surprise to no one
LaVosha Kern
LaVosha Kern 5 dias atrás
It's not surprising when people reveal they're suicidal or have been suicidal anymore. In this day and age, aren't we all?
Sarah Bailey
Sarah Bailey 6 dias atrás
She reminds me of my older sister who was the same way. Billie Eilish seems like she’s a sweet person who’s suffering on the inside so you just want to give her a big hug☺️😊
Caroline 6 dias atrás
lets all just notice how strong and beautiful she is and you can see it in her beautiful eyes.
aino noroaho
aino noroaho 6 dias atrás
1:33 awww my mom is the reason i wanna kill myself
caterina 6 dias atrás
aino noroaho omg same
Bird's The Word
Bird's The Word 6 dias atrás
No shit. Let’s celebrate it though! Lets make some more dark, suicide reference laced music videos, dress her up like a Pokémon, and make her an idol for kids - hmmm
Meme Lord
Meme Lord 6 dias atrás
There is no set age for depression. There are two causes for depression. 1:Bad stuff going on in your life or just bad stuff in General 2: A chemical imbalance in your brain You can never be "tOo yoUnG" to have a chemical imbalance in your brain
Yeepity 6 dias atrás
Joe Mack
Joe Mack 6 dias atrás
When adults say shit like “back in my day teenagers didn’t kill themselves. Teens these days are weak”. My response: Yeah well back in your day it was also normal to beat a 2 year old child if he/she misbehaves. It was also normal to refuse service because of the color of their skin. You are never weak for asking for help. Billie Eilish I’m sure has more money and fame than most people do, and yet she’s still going through depression issues. That goes to show that it can happen to literally anyone.
MeatHeals 6 dias atrás
hollywoodshopaholic 6 dias atrás
So brave of her to speak out. That she has an artistic outlet for her experiences is great.
END GAMER59 6 dias atrás
I'm 10 and I'm suicidal😢 Do I need help
Rita Polchachi Costa
Rita Polchachi Costa 6 dias atrás
Meme lord Isaac
Meme lord Isaac 6 dias atrás
Lmao this funny 😂
Billies comfy
Billies comfy 6 dias atrás
It’s weird how old people like boomers hate the new generation yet THEY raised them so it’s their fault that society is like this today.
Kendra Jameson
Kendra Jameson 6 dias atrás
I am just so happy she did not do it. She is my favorite singer, my brother say that im not a fan. But im really am.
Lucy Lightfoot
Lucy Lightfoot 7 dias atrás
Billie 🥺🥺 BBY noooo 😘 ily girl 😰😰
T. Oneal
T. Oneal 7 dias atrás
I support and like billie eilish because her lyrics speak the truth and suicide isnt the answer yet were both suicidal and didnt think we would make it to 17
Jin Biased
Jin Biased 7 dias atrás
i hope she gets better
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