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In this MLB The Show 16 Road To The Show Episode, Billie Bravo makes his season debut and receives his National League MVP Award.
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18 Fev 2017



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Comentários 9
Charles Wood
Charles Wood 3 anos atrás
Whis your catcher
Mickey Nixon
Mickey Nixon 3 anos atrás
I fell in to a burning ring of fire, I went down down down and I saw matt Meyer, and it burns burns burns, the ring of fire, the ring of fire
Joeki11a 3 anos atrás
this series is so generic, god I hope 17 has MLB Network TV presentation, new fielding camera that resembles tv I dont want to see it being a reskinned 16....this series has to restart, new engine, new graphics. Maybe to new guys is not noticed but I been there since Vlad was on the cover, the beginning of "the show". Only time I seen it evolve was MLB show 10 the game has been the same exact thing for like 8 years now.
SONICdaGOON 3 anos atrás
Joeki11a They need to take a page out NBA 2k, and add interactive scenes in MLB the show between players and coaches
Anthony Yeager
Anthony Yeager 3 anos atrás
Sweet Billy Bravo! it's seems like forever you have played as him. This made my day!
DuhItsMVP 3 anos atrás
Look at what team he is on bottom left 10:52
Noah 3 anos atrás
where is Broadway and Myer
MrDarkweaver 3 anos atrás
Yay! Baseball is finally back on the channel :) More Broadway and Rabbit pls mate :)
Ranger Gamer
Ranger Gamer 3 anos atrás
MrDarkweaver I know right I love his MLB videos
JuJu_On_ That_Bike
JuJu_On_ That_Bike 3 anos atrás
What overall is Billie Bravo
Alexthesniper19 3 anos atrás
about time baseball is back on this channel
Ranger Gamer
Ranger Gamer 3 anos atrás
AlexTheSniper19 I know right
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