Bill Maher Uses Conservative Talking Point Against Free College

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20 Ago 2019



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Comentários 1 092
Paul Bangash
Paul Bangash 4 dias atrás
Maher is a moron.
Cheydinal 6 dias atrás
Bill Maher is like Dave Rubin, only less full of shit
Anjalena 14 dias atrás
Maher has just become unwatchable anymore. If someone's saying something he's interested in or that he agrees with, he's turned toward them eagerly and listening. Almost like a dog at your feet giving you attention. Then when they start saying something he doesn't agree with or doesn't care about, he's shuffling his stupid cards endlessly and looking down (see the clip). Almost like a cat completely ignoring you as insignificant.
iman missinne
iman missinne 16 dias atrás
Why does youtube suggestest your channel to me ??? Ps. I dont have anything against your standpoints. But the name is kind of awkward.
vivek v
vivek v 17 dias atrás
"because You live in a SOCIETY" if human civilization has reached its level as of today it's all because of the collective development. All these selfish bastards should realise that
Forktaildevil38J 17 dias atrás
In America any person with the aptitude and desire to achieve higher education should have the opportunity. Keeping education a luxury is how the elite limit their "competition", sorta speak. Keeping the majority less educated than themselves is highly lucrative for them.
ImR0nBrgndy 19 dias atrás
I don’t agree with taxing people that make $10mil up to 70%. That much more taxes on the individual isn’t the problem, it’s part of the problem. it’s the allowance of billion dollar companies and the no taxes on Wall Street trades that can pay for all of the education and health care. And it’s the outrageous military budget of nearly one trillion a year that should be cut down & repurposed. Our taxes are channeled to a lot of billionaires through their Corps. How do we justify subsidizing hugely profitable companies? How do we justify spending 800 billion on a military that is as much as the next 2 dozen countries below us combined? It’s all about our tax dollars going to these wealthy corporations and nothing more. Bernie may not have all the answers but he does want to end Corp control of our government and that’s the best start we NEED
Ralph Muskinyaar
Ralph Muskinyaar 19 dias atrás
Why should people who don’t like wars pay for wars? Ever asked that fucking question Bill?
Lil Rascal
Lil Rascal 19 dias atrás
George Carlin never died. He just split himself in two. His humility, charm, and humour went to Jon Stewart. His asshole went to Bill
Feardrinker 19 dias atrás
I appreciate that Bill asked a dumb question here, but the overall shade you're throwing at Bill is not warranted. He's been making good arguments from the left for many years. And his dumb question lead to a great answer from his guest.
Bijou Smith
Bijou Smith 20 dias atrás
(2) The idea that taxes pay for things at the sovereign currency level needs to be ruthlessly discredited, it is false and harmful and promotes austerity thinking. "Taxes paying for sh*t" is purely playing into neoliberal bulls*t economics. #LearnMMT A sovereign government with monopoly power to issue fiat currency effectively is issuing IOU's, it never needs to borrow or tax to create money. It _does_ need to tax to make the currency _valued by being in demand,_ and to limit inflation, and to reduce wealth inequality, but _never_ to fund any social programs. We can have free college provided there are teachers who are willing to be paid to do the work, that's the only real constraint. If there are not enough teachers then we cannot have quality free college, some students will have to miss out or get crammed into huge classrooms.
Bijou Smith
Bijou Smith 20 dias atrás
(1) There is no subsidy involved. Taxes do not fund the Federal government. What taxation does is remove money form circulation to create inflation-free space for spending on social programs. But provided there is no inflationary effect scored by the CBO the deficit spending is good quality and can be left alone as pure deficit. Please read: Beardesley Ruml: "Taxes for Revenue are Obsolete"
sqooby doo
sqooby doo 20 dias atrás
i used to like bill mahrr. he has become your typical corporate stooge.
Smallville 20 dias atrás
I like Bill's show, not so much Killa Mike, his rap career was trash, now he is trying to be advocate??? Get the fuck out of here...
janusz delondre
janusz delondre 20 dias atrás
maher wants socialism, but only for millionaires and billionaires, as for free college education, do we not want educated scientists, philosophers, doctors, educators, basically, those who raise humanity out of the mud, maher doesn't, all he wants is the adulation he receives for his biased jokes, his one sided view of the situation in palestine, in short, maher is a repugnant pretending to be a decent human being, his democrat party is the corporate shills pelosi and schumer , "the nice repugnants" , repugnants!
Austin Zappas
Austin Zappas 20 dias atrás
I want a Susan Sarandon video.
Dennis Young
Dennis Young 20 dias atrás
Maher should simply admit he's a well-hid Drumpfist, then.
terrance leacock
terrance leacock 20 dias atrás
Maher's show is crazy town for the ungodly.
Hisoka Morou
Hisoka Morou 21 dia atrás
It’s so weird because bill has defended and advocated for Sanders so many times, but then he also has dissed him many times like this..... am I the only one who notices 🤷🏼‍♂️
Aethion 21 dia atrás
Liberals always break right. Always.
Lamma Al-B.
Lamma Al-B. 21 dia atrás
What do these right wingers have against their money going to help the lower brackets? The Northern European countries pay 40-60% taxes and 30-40% of it goes to elevate their society. Subsidised housing, welfare, subsidising schools etc.... we r all on the same side. We all win. You carry me tomorrow I carry you. Lots of millionaires go bankrupt. Hello. Society will carry them back on their feet.
Tom Martin
Tom Martin 21 dia atrás
Maher is so stupid. Everybody benefits from an educated population.
Bev Anderson
Bev Anderson 21 dia atrás
I wish Michael (Mike) Render would lose the moniker "Killer" on his name. He is an articulate person who has a mind that is wonderfully organized by how he expresses himself logically with verbal skills to match. "Killer" is not a term that should be associated with his name.
Carlos Smith
Carlos Smith 21 dia atrás
Bill Maher is a extreme bigot, who says the N-word, supports Israeli illegal war against Palestinians, and maintaining the status quo in America.
Jeremy Lawrence Amadé Hill Edwards
Killer Mike on fucking fire. His response was way better than giving Maher the time of day. Building on generations is a more compelling language than arguing from society, although it's the same theme ;P
Julio Jimenez
Julio Jimenez 21 dia atrás
Pay for your own education.
Jim Clarke
Jim Clarke 21 dia atrás
If you don't educate your youth, it is like eating your seed corn. You might not have anything to plant in the spring.
Marcus J
Marcus J 22 dias atrás
What if I don't wanna go to college? Why do I have to pay for it?
Joshua Ford
Joshua Ford 22 dias atrás
“Why should I subsidize the maintenance of the interstate if I don’t use them? Those trucking companies are gonna be the ones mainly making money off them.” - maher’s logic
KARTHIKEYAN P 22 dias atrás
Did I miss something or did Bill Maher totally forget/ignore the "speculative transaction tax paid by wall street" part... Does he mean wall street execs are poor/non College educated...?
Aditi Haider
Aditi Haider 22 dias atrás
Elvis Williams
Elvis Williams 22 dias atrás
When Trump filed bankruptcy, poor people taxes help pay for his delinquent bills he didn't pay. Corporate welfare are also monies that poor people's taxes help pay. Corporate expenses are always passed off to the consumer. Poor people also help subsidize Israel's economy and military. How do poor people benefit from that? Why should they pay for another country's economic enrichment? ---Not to mention paying for a kosher tax.
Hearsheyboi *
Hearsheyboi * 22 dias atrás
Self proclaim pro-lifers should be in favor of free-college/ trade schools. You know in order to give the disadvantage children they so passionately advocate for a shot at knowing a life other than poverty.
zendoll1 22 dias atrás
Bill, because it imp[roves America as a whole!
Notecrusher 23 dias atrás
HELLO! Taxes do not "pay for" government spending. Monetarily sovereign governments e.g. those in the US, UK, Japan, China, Australia, Canada, etc, etc. CREATE THEIR OWN CURRENCY "de novo", i.e. they create money by keystrokes when they spend. Bill Maher wouldn't have $1 to pay in taxes or for anything else if the federal government hadn't first spent it into the economy. #LearnMMT #BillMaherIsAMoron
d3athhunter 23 dias atrás
Run the jewels 👉🏼
Leon Brooks
Leon Brooks 23 dias atrás
Everyone benefits from a better educated society.
Salem Al Marri
Salem Al Marri 23 dias atrás
Bill maher just attacked BDS and Rep. Talib yet he claims to be in the left.
portuguesse finest jones
Maher show is going down the drain ... he is out of touched !!! Stop giving Israel so much money.. there u go
Dathan Witchett
Dathan Witchett 23 dias atrás
Can you cover what killer mike said on guns ? I am with killer mike on that.
Robert Covarrubias
Robert Covarrubias 23 dias atrás
Bill Maher is a lunatic psychopath period. He ask dumb questions because he is a idiot, this is Bill Maher a lunatic.
Antti lepistö
Antti lepistö 23 dias atrás
"Most people do not get out of poverty if they're born into it." That's also true in socialist countries like Canada and Finland. The chances of getting out of poverty are better in places like Canada and Finland than in the USA, but it's still unlikely.
Antti lepistö
Antti lepistö 23 dias atrás
Why do you think more people going into college would be a good thing? Aren't there plenty of people graduating already with degrees that aren't very useful?
Santino Vergara Castro
Santino Vergara Castro 23 dias atrás
David Doel, marry me !!!
Greg Null
Greg Null 23 dias atrás
Their whole understanding of the federal tax system is wrong Because federal taxes are deleted, and pay for nothing, therefore the question of how are we going to pay for it is a bogus question because the only way that anything is paid for on the federal level is by the federal government creating money when the federal government pays for it,once again our federal taxes pay for nothing, this is how a fiat currency works, the understanding of how the fiat system we are under works is called MMT,
James Kennedy
James Kennedy 23 dias atrás
I agree with you about free college and healthcare, but your argument that this is like roads is wrong. People in cars are generally middle class and above, and the U.S. especially has a horrible track record of creating ever expanding road systems designed for cars-only. That subsidization is why the U.S. transit system sucks, it's why biking and walking are horrible, and it's why suburban sprawl has accelerated segregation. So there is a strong, smart argument for thinking about who pays for what and whether a public benefit is actually supporting "ordinary" people and goals of equality. In social democracies, there's actually arguably a lot more market based stuff going on with roads. Sweden has very successful congestion pricing programs that help to lower car use and to support transit improvements. Socialism isn't anti-market, it's a complement to markets.
Will Chamberlain
Will Chamberlain 23 dias atrás
Poverty is a cycle so when individuals do make it out, it’s hard to stay out
Aaron Maybe?
Aaron Maybe? 23 dias atrás
By the same logic you could ask "why should people, who are not in the military, pay for the soldiers and other personnel who are?"
Atanas Chamov
Atanas Chamov 23 dias atrás
Even the public college is free, the poor people might not be able to attend it. Why? When it is free, there is a lot of candidates, more than the openings. Let's say there is 2000 opening in the local free community college and 6000 applicants. There is an entrance test and your high school scores matter. So 4000 will be left out. That's normal. That is how it works in my country. You still need to be smart to get in.
ANewMountaineer 24 dias atrás
Bill Maher isn’t a conservative, don’t be stupid. He’s been one of the strongest people on the left for a long time. Calling him that because he disagrees with you on maybe 2% of policy is disingenuous.
Eric Moore
Eric Moore 24 dias atrás
Bill be dumb. Too dumb to know.
Eric Moore
Eric Moore 24 dias atrás
Bill Maher is a right wing dip shit . He loves being a right wing dip shit. That is Bill Maher's centrist movement. I am independent. Bill is trying to Cheat You. Fuck Bill.
Eric Moore
Eric Moore 24 dias atrás
But Bill Maher is on the "left" sometimes? Or is he Right Wing 95 percent
copycoonie 24 dias atrás
Can't stand Bill Maher for years now .
s h a d ø w b a n n e d
Bill Maher is a blatant rightwing Republican.
JC Fitz
JC Fitz 24 dias atrás
Neoliberals make me sick You want the black vote but don’t listen to what we want
Firecracker 24 dias atrás
Love Killer Mike!
bigbabyzubas 24 dias atrás
At this point, is Bill Maher playing devils advocate? . Or. Does he just want Centrism (NeoLiberalism) to stay?
MrOhitsujiza 24 dias atrás
Bill Maher: "Why would we pool resources and use them for things we need? Like i get it's more efficient and gets better results buuut...... I want to have all my money since i can do whatever i want in this fucked up system"
bigbabyzubas 24 dias atrás
2:55 Im glad that guy was there to give a good counter argument.
bigbabyzubas 24 dias atrás
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