Bill Maher mocks Rep. Tlaib's call to boycott his show

Fox News
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HBO host calls the BDS movement a 'purity test by people who want to appear woke'; reaction from the 'America's Newsroom' panel. #AmericasNewsroom #FoxNews
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22 Ago 2019



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Comentários 10 755
Michael Schneider
Michael Schneider 4 minutos atrás
Tlaib and Omar are the two most unamerican fascist racist morons
PhillyJohnny1825 3 horas atrás
Where does it end with this immigration??? You have homeless people here who can't get healthcare, or regular people who can't afford it. Now we're giving vaccinations to all these people? I'm sorry, it's just not our problem that their home countries are so terrible. They need to come in legally, and I apologize if that just takes too long.
WFO Dave
WFO Dave 10 horas atrás
BDS should be erased from the face of the earth!
Andy Anderson
Andy Anderson 16 horas atrás
This bimbo is dumb as a post
Cartel893 20 horas atrás
How stupid is Tarlov? For christ sake you cant be so ignorant to think someone locks illegal immigrants up for their skin color! NOBODY F*CKIN CARES ABOUT THEIR SKIN COLOR, except racist democracts!
Dorset Deb
Dorset Deb 21 hora atrás
With Joos you lose
Harry Veras
Harry Veras 22 horas atrás
You're watching a lying and a covering up for trump tv station.
TheBatugan77 14 horas atrás
You're a dipshit.
R Rn
R Rn 23 horas atrás
Really Jessica, We are killing Babies by not “giving out” FLU SHOTS. Their own government isn’t responsible? Parents illegally hoarding children thru miles of crap aren’t responsible? Only the Liberals see this as Americans are Bad. Republicans want to enforce Our Nation’s Laws! The Clinton’s & Obama’s truly Corrupted & Manipulated our Country. Sadly the millennials will suffer big time !
chrono2959 Dia atrás
Funny thing about racist , race is all they talk about.
stephen costello
stephen costello Dia atrás
Ok let The Democrats pay for all the medical expenses and this will make this group happy just like they are in California right now .
William King
William King Dia atrás
Why does Fox insist on having these stupid, trouble making leftest lunatics on their programs? Send them all to CNN or one of the other liberal networks where they belong.
Bnot deceived
Bnot deceived Dia atrás
pls shut her up
DeeLynn Ratliff
DeeLynn Ratliff Dia atrás
This was supposed to be about Talaib and Maher...not Trump! That lady in the white top is ignorant. Why are the democrats not advocating for entry into legal ports into the United States where they will not be separated from their families? Does anyone ever ask this? What would be the reason for advocating for mass immigration?
J.M. Cornwell
J.M. Cornwell Dia atrás
The reason so many people are getting caught up on DNA results is because they want to know from whom we come. I am white. I am black. I am also Native American -- Cherokee in fact, but not the kind that is Elizabeth Warren. My grandmother was listed on the Cherokee rolls and I am a bona fide Cherokee. I can show you a portrait of the African slave who ran away and was adopted by the Cherokee nation. Racists, buy a clue and get real. America is a melting pot and not all the DNA shows up on your face or anywhere else, except DNA. Get over it. Queen Elizabeth II touts her connection to Mohammed. Does it show on her face? Like I said, get over it. Unless you pay for the DNA results, STFU.
Just N/A
Just N/A Dia atrás
I'm surprised Bill Maher's such a really unrelevant guy I don't even know of. It comes to show you he is biggest piece of shlt that is display for your entertainment. Enjoy. Even if he tries to flow with the Trump Train.
concerned citizen
We were past racism before it was brought back as a speaking point during the Obama administration.
rowdyrx Dia atrás
Jessica can’t help it......she only knows a few words ,racist,racism, white bad, abortion good,Orange man bad,cages
Anthony Friedly
Anthony Friedly Dia atrás
Democrats typically like to amplify race for no reason. Yes, most of Americans ARE past this debate. It usually doesn't enter into our thoughts until some loud and obnoxious Dem brings it up and stuffs it down our throats. PLEASE LIBERALS.... MOVE ON.
J L Dia atrás
Jessica Tarlov....This lady needs to move across the border. Obviously ppl coming across are of different color...idiot
cory posey
cory posey 2 dias atrás
She seems horribly racist and antisemitic
Robert Boyle
Robert Boyle 2 dias atrás
Jessica tarloff has that voice that sounds like fingernails down a chalkboard....adrenochrome has that effect on the vocal chords
Robert Boyle
Robert Boyle 2 dias atrás
Ilhan omar has to take that diaper off her head...i see it and i want puke...somebody give her a MAGA HAT!!!
Kontractor 2 dias atrás
Why is no Republican registered to run against Tlaib in 2020? Nobody wants to live in her district other than Palestinians?
Josh Long
Josh Long 2 dias atrás
Illegal immigrants have no color. My in-law was removed by ice. He is Albanian, white. So STF leftists.
Melody Shingara
Melody Shingara 2 dias atrás
Ain't worried, they'll be gone. Ppl will watch his show more to back the President lol
CON WAY 2 dias atrás
they are obsessed with race bc they are the only ones dumb enough to vote for them.lmao.
Jay Bird
Jay Bird 2 dias atrás
T-laib is a f-ing jackass.
Darth Sparrow13
Darth Sparrow13 2 dias atrás
It’s not telling “women of color” to go back to where they came from, it’s telling a Somali pirate bigot to go back to where she came from
George Sanders
George Sanders 2 dias atrás
There's a doctor in Pennsylvania is locked up but being a psycho killer because he goes to aboard kids alive in you should put his scalpel right through their hearts when they are crying yeah that true now news me they look that up and they hit this because it was so terrible they show hiding that but it's true so that lady don't know what the hell is she talking about this is not 1776 just a 2019 and things are changed
Keith Lembke
Keith Lembke 2 dias atrás
Why do they let a fascist democrat idiologue interrupt every speaker. Take her off the show if she cannot allow someone else to talk.
LS 2 dias atrás
David Asman was much of a gentleman to argue against Jessica Tarloff version of racism. David was stating the true reality of racism in America and not the version being pushed by the Democrats. If America is racist as the left wants you to believe, then how it’s possible that people by the millions wants to leave their S***hole to come to America? As usual the liberal left is lying to the people. .
David Halseth
David Halseth 2 dias atrás
Snowflakes everywhere!
David Halseth
David Halseth 2 dias atrás
The “deer in headlights “ look on Bill’s panel was priceless.
Elliot J
Elliot J 2 dias atrás
What a psychotic moron Jessica Tarlov is. She defends Omar? WOW !
American At Heart
American At Heart 2 dias atrás
Wonder how much that blonde lady willing to give away from her salary so the immigrants can have vaccination?
PBS BigBossman
PBS BigBossman 2 dias atrás
I like the democratic position. Take my wallet, my house, my car, and everything I own and give it to someone else from a different country. And might as well take my guns why your at. But before you do that, make sure you throw my kids into a school with a bunch of kids that do not speak English, so that the teachers spend more time trying to get lesser educated kids to the level of all the kids around them. And by the way , I’m from San Diego and a living / lived this crisis. Close the border and just send them money. It’s less tax on us, and we get to keep the American values.
cornelia wissing
cornelia wissing 2 dias atrás
Does Mrs Pelosi qualify as a woman of colour? The President told her to go back to San Francisco and clean it up.
Truth B Known
Truth B Known 2 dias atrás
Tlaib is right Bill Maher's show sucks.
MrT2 this
MrT2 this 2 dias atrás
Is that an eye that doesn’t see America t-shirt? We'll it fits her, and the other 3 of them.
hazlettb 2 dias atrás
hazlettb 2 dias atrás
The only people I know who are talking about racism are the white democrats I know. Truth comes out.The woman representing the democrats say the issue at the boarder is about racism,rest my case.
Michael White
Michael White 2 dias atrás
Who is this RUNT??? Her voice is like nails on my sack.
Brad Smith
Brad Smith 2 dias atrás
Where is Ben when you need him.
celticrisin erie
celticrisin erie 3 dias atrás
moslim man in drag I reckon....bring nothing but hate, divisiveness for their takeover endgame.
Frank Ciamillo
Frank Ciamillo 3 dias atrás
This woman on the show is a hypocrite who has been brain washed by the Leftist Commies. She acts like she's concerned about illegal families but ignores the fact many families & children are being killed in Israel. Her Brain and Itelligence would have a hard time equalling the brain & intelligence of a mosquito.
Mary Canfield
Mary Canfield 3 dias atrás
Gotta go. Had enough of the guy in the suit for now. Trump 20/20
RICK G TEXAS 3 dias atrás
R Rn
R Rn 3 dias atrás
The only one getting out of control is Jessica !
Himself Lee
Himself Lee 3 dias atrás
Talib and Omar are plants supported by their districts by the MBH. They are so full of themselves that they probably have no idea they are pawns. Unfortunately, they have no dignity or manners and make decent people from their communities look bad.
Timothy Flanagan
Timothy Flanagan 3 dias atrás
You can’t make sense with a Democrat,God has blinded them.
Timothy Flanagan
Timothy Flanagan 21 hora atrás
Harry Veras yep blinded
Harry Veras
Harry Veras 22 horas atrás
You can't make a republican tell the truth. It's impossible
Rob lenox
Rob lenox 3 dias atrás
Illegal is illegal where should we have to pay for them coming in illegally
David Darby
David Darby 3 dias atrás
Look @ Jessicas demeanor... She is not faking, she Truly Hates USA-
MIKE EFIRD 3 dias atrás
They don’t have rights,only legal Americans have rights,she a snowflake and on some kind of soup
Todd no last name
Every body has rights by the fact that they are alive. But they don't have the right to live in America if they weren't born here.
kisstherain73 3 dias atrás
Affirmative action is definition of racism. Just saying and I ain't white....but am proud American.
Barrett Gates
Barrett Gates 3 dias atrás
I believe this is the first time I seen the media push back on doing the right thing she has no clue about life no clue about people only think she knows what she sees on TV she’s just another walk and abomination
Hilda Zevallos
Hilda Zevallos 3 dias atrás
Jessica Tarlov you are stupid beyond belief: Hispanic people come in all colors we even have people with blond hair and blue eyes, your comments are moronic.
john somebody
john somebody 3 dias atrás
Stuff a bunch of used condoms on her lying pie hole than duct her mouth shut.
Eric Northman
Eric Northman 3 dias atrás
Well BILL how do you like it when they turn on you ?
Karl Urban
Karl Urban 3 dias atrás
Jessica is such a leftist hack.
fdoeppen 3 dias atrás
When you become a legal immigrant it's mandatory to get vaccinate for a bunch of different things like measles, chicken pox, and other serious epidemic diseases. The flu is the last thing concerning people from third world countries!
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