Bill Burr on Performing Comedy Around the World

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Bill talks about being very white, traveling around the world for his comedy tour, the Patriots, and pushing a woman down a hill in Iceland.
Trump "Fires" Bolton & More Lies

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Bill Burr on Performing Comedy Around the World


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12 Set 2019



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Comentários 1 618
David Murphy
David Murphy 3 horas atrás
Hey Jimbo remember you blacked up??
Lao-Lin 3 horas atrás
3:35 When someone at work makes a joke in the morning while you're still half asleep
Philip Kastinger
Philip Kastinger Dia atrás
He has been to Austria and I didn't know :-/ I could cry...
Mark Estes
Mark Estes Dia atrás
Hill Shamer lol
FreakOfAWolf 2 dias atrás
Kimmel is fake af
zamoo 4 dias atrás
He made Bill Burr boring.... He's that great...
Keviv Tawar
Keviv Tawar 6 dias atrás
Jimmy sucks !! Idk how is he keeping this job !boring AF
Tommy Gooner
Tommy Gooner 7 dias atrás
Does Kimmel manage to interview anyone without them feeling awkward? He's terrible
Adam K
Adam K 7 dias atrás
Kimmel got out of the way this time and didnt talk over him, Bill went the other direction. Probably the best Kimmel has done with ol' Freckles.
William Wonka
William Wonka 7 dias atrás
Watch Bill's new special absolutely hilarious
ru2388 7 dias atrás
3:36 Jimmy's dying
steve michigan
steve michigan 8 dias atrás
Waste of time. No comedy left on all late night. Used to watch until 3 years ago. Never watch trash again
Matthew Smith
Matthew Smith 8 dias atrás
Get checked Jimbo. Bill burr is as real as it gets. A man who learned from his mistakes and is very aware of his own mortality.
Luggi83 9 dias atrás
Austrians for the most part are sarcastic assholes, so it's no wonder they like him. I have to know, I'm one of them 😂
Noah Magesa
Noah Magesa 11 dias atrás
"It's post MeToo, so if I say no did I hill shame her!?" Only Bill Burr has the balls
Kevin Campos
Kevin Campos 11 dias atrás
We should have Bill on Conan weekly (no pun intended).
Dubz 11 dias atrás
So did Jimmy Fallon just start eating one day and just couldn’t stop? Like wtf Jimmy? Cups cakes ain’t a food group bro? I thought all that singing and dancing burned calories. I normally wouldn’t recommend this, but ever consider giving meth a try?
Eric Fureal
Eric Fureal 12 dias atrás
"this plus this equals that!"
Sergiu Lungu
Sergiu Lungu 13 dias atrás
Hill shamer.
Big L
Big L 13 dias atrás
LOL he's spot on about central europeans
Sandwichism 13 dias atrás
3:36 Jimmy's real laugh
Broken soffa
Broken soffa 15 dias atrás
Well, Kimmel has gotten better at talking to ole Billy but he's lightyears away from Conan
Kasheena Arthur
Kasheena Arthur 15 dias atrás
sync Turnoff☝
Maga Mma
Maga Mma 15 dias atrás
I just watched his show and i can't remember the last time i laughed so hard.
Andrew Coward
Andrew Coward 15 dias atrás
Is this made for deaf people?
Jacob Brown
Jacob Brown 16 dias atrás
Drew Buckley
Drew Buckley 16 dias atrás
Bill totally stole the show lol, love it
Areial Roberson
Areial Roberson 17 dias atrás
Bill is awesome)) and jim jefris, top of comedian)
Daniy Tyshkevich
Daniy Tyshkevich 17 dias atrás
I would of never clicked on anything by jimmy if I didnt see Bill's name in it.
prof feathers
prof feathers 17 dias atrás
easily the best comedian/realist in history.
Pankaj Sharma
Pankaj Sharma 17 dias atrás
Meh I will just wait for Conan see y'all there
Angelo Benedito
Angelo Benedito 17 dias atrás
Any chance to see a Smashing Pumpkins reunion?
Ajmal safi
Ajmal safi 18 dias atrás
Bill burr intentionally said those things to Kimmel knowing how far left he is
ColemanCulture 18 dias atrás
Kimmel's got a case of the Fallon giggles lately.
Kirsty Gladders
Kirsty Gladders 19 dias atrás
Jimmy needs to be a little more genuine in his laugh. It's so awfully false
Sushant Saklani
Sushant Saklani 19 dias atrás
the subtitles are annoying. why are they even there? saw it first time on Kimmel's video
Sushant Saklani
Sushant Saklani 19 dias atrás
the subtitles are annoying. why are they even there?
Luke North
Luke North 19 dias atrás
Bill’s impression of the European hecklers reminds me of Dr. Strangelove in the Stanley Kubrick movie. I wonder if that was intentional. 3:25
KingBowserVlog 19 dias atrás
Where was this Bill Burr on Theo Von's podcast??
dolzzi 19 dias atrás
Suomi mainittu!
henrlima87 19 dias atrás
Great interview! Pick Portugal next mr burr and have a special while youre at it
Bruno Matos
Bruno Matos 19 dias atrás
Yeah Jimmy, people in other countries are familiar with the English language, just wrap your mind around that.
The DANKO DANKO 20 dias atrás
Jimmy = satan
MCBP01001 20 dias atrás
He totally forgot about Prague :D :D :D
Dániel Grózner
Dániel Grózner 20 dias atrás
i was there in Budapest, literally in the last row. Because of the lightning (and his boldness) I could only see a giant shining, white dot in the middle of the stage. Still, it was the greatest show I've ever been to. he did almost 2 hours new material. I've seen all his specials and clips on youtube, but he did not use any of that. I do hope, he comes back for a special to Hungary.
joe blow
joe blow 20 dias atrás
Is bill drinking the liberal hollywood pc facist koolaid now?
Daniel Palmer
Daniel Palmer 20 dias atrás
Moby is looking pretty rough.
Erik Kislik
Erik Kislik 20 dias atrás
I saw Bill in Budapest, Hungary. He was incredible. Tightest set I have ever seen live. Sitting right next to me during the show was Jordan Peterson's daughter, weirdly enough. No one was offended by any of the jokes and he was free to go as overboard as he wanted. It was nice not seeing anyone offended at a comedy show for once.
mateo1726 21 dia atrás
This audience is way too up uptight
KiwiCase 21 dia atrás
He didn't bomb in Finland. He was a riot.
GAME HUNTER 21 dia atrás
I am in Budapest
Sailing With Him
Sailing With Him 21 dia atrás
Wtf is with the sub title
GreedAndSelfishness 21 dia atrás
Is that Burr's Estonian/Finnish accent? Sounds germanic. Totally different language family. Also interesting that he finds Finland and Estonia as "far east".
Brawler197 15 dias atrás
GreedAndSelfishness he’s not going for an oscar lol
The Black Kaiser
The Black Kaiser 21 dia atrás
Paper tiger was pretty good. Bill has matured in his routines but still brings it strong
Petter 21 dia atrás
When I went to Budapest I met one girl who spoke both English and Hungarian. She was from Germany :)
Green Mountain Armory
Green Mountain Armory 21 dia atrás
Remember when Kimmel was funny?
Ahmed Alshaiba
Ahmed Alshaiba 21 dia atrás
No one knows how to ping-pong the jokes with Bill like Conan
Liam Bevin
Liam Bevin 21 dia atrás
"Did I hill-shame her?" HAHAHAHAH
Steve Robinson
Steve Robinson 21 dia atrás
Wow talk about nostalgia, them bringing up Antonio Brown being on The Patriots. Seems like it was just last week..
Stefan Bobrowski
Stefan Bobrowski 21 dia atrás
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