B is for Build
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In today's episode we are racing Tavarish in a heads up best out of 3 drag race, to see who bought and built the best car off eBay Motors!
Download the ebay motors app here:
Check out Mission 22 here:
Im not affiliated with them in any way, i just like the work that they do in the veteran community.
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Comentários 80
B is for Build
B is for Build Mês atrás
Hey guys before talking any negative stuff about our sponsor ebay motors, please read this. Ebay has a 100K vehicle purchase protection policy. If we would have gotten the car and done a compression test and found the engine was bad, i would have gotten a refund. BUT we have no idea if the engine was bad when we got the car, or when i hammered the hell out of it doing test passes during R&D, or other things. We dont know if i broke it doing mods, or not. So, be smart, dont be like me, do a compression test on a car ( or hell, even test drive it! ) and then if something is wrong, you are covered.
emery elles
emery elles Mês atrás
B is for Build . I really like you and your channel but I have to unsubscribe. I feel like since your channel has taken off a bit u feel like u don’t have to work as hard. I bust my ass for society. So should u
Garage Barrage
Garage Barrage Mês atrás
😆 just 👌
usp211816 Mês atrás
So if I'm reading this right you didn't do a compression test on a supposed 13.5 to 1 motor when you took possession of it? Those who fail to plan, plan to fail. I'm glad there is money going to charity though.
Modfyd GARAGE Mês atrás
Honestly I was disappointed at the outcome. But overall, taking on a motor platform that you're not familiar with was actually awesome in itself. If you're not familiar with the motor at all, its hard to just add bolt ons and hope for it to perform the way you wanted. Tavarish went safe on the Honda build, so I figured it would've ran faster. Short story of all this, I enjoy the annual BIFB vs Tavarish build offs. Can't wait for next year!
Jeff Rankin
Jeff Rankin Mês atrás
It was fun to watch anyway.
Ed Wilko
Ed Wilko Dia atrás
prob was a 10sec car before you messed with it, ur both running far to much air pressure in your tyres too
Drspeiser 4 dias atrás
I had a bone stock '66 Chevy II station wagon with a 283 in it, and it would run a 16 second quarter mile 😵
Shift Happens
Shift Happens 4 dias atrás
rings probably too tight for nitrous. you going to pull it apart?
bboydrummer1 4 dias atrás
That civic is unbelievable. Did you hear once that turbo came on??
Anthony Carmona
Anthony Carmona 4 dias atrás
B is for *blown engine*
J U 10 dias atrás
The Lexus is a purpose-built drag car. Probably a pretty good assumption there is a decent stall converter in it. You should never launch from an idle like that.
Paul Nelson
Paul Nelson 12 dias atrás
B is for boring
Matthew K
Matthew K 12 dias atrás
You and tavarish need to do a ramen repair challenge!!
Ethan Macheras
Ethan Macheras 14 dias atrás
Sucks that the cars didn’t do as good as you wanted, but nice contribution to charity! Time for rebuild or new engine!
Ninja snicker09
Ninja snicker09 19 dias atrás
19:03 .. famous Fast and Furious quote.
reggieburris 19 dias atrás
Thanks for donating to vets!
Ted van Matje
Ted van Matje 24 dias atrás
Chris, you got redemption when you chose to give the money to mission 22. Bless your cotton socks mate. You're alright in my books :)
shawnevans52 24 dias atrás
I want the 350!
Maciej Załucki
Maciej Załucki 24 dias atrás
Hey, that was quite fast for V2 engine :v
Vaidas Evo
Vaidas Evo 25 dias atrás
First time driving manual on civic... a lot of talking as always... you are a good guys but this video... total sh it, lets get back to work, mustang waiting for you
Arthur Morales
Arthur Morales 26 dias atrás
"Let me put the camera on tavarish and publicly ask him to let me keep my car". "I really like this car and you dont" guess what, if you didnt want to lose the car then you shouldn't have agreed to something making you look like a sore loser. "He's generous" and you're an opportunist
Kaylin Naidoo
Kaylin Naidoo 27 dias atrás
Do the race after u get your car sorted out again I would like to see this race
Fred Mccue
Fred Mccue 27 dias atrás
Ugh. Just take me to when the time lapses are done. Most boring and lazy thing to do on BRvid!
mcdonaldm73 27 dias atrás
That Lexus was a 7.50 1/8th mile car! Should have been near a 11.70 1/4 mile car. I would hope this video is a joke, if not, it's just sad.
67dodgepolara 28 dias atrás
I will never understand killing the centrifugal-advance. The Vacuum advance will go away as soon as the throttles are opened wide which leaves centrifugal it should have been fine.
67dodgepolara 28 dias atrás
I think you tuned about 300 hp out if it in timing.
auto mech
auto mech 28 dias atrás
No matter what happend in the each episode , its how you end the episode , its how strong that kills all the negatives feelings .....
Raceallday20 28 dias atrás
This is a long shot, but if that thing was running super rich, you may have just washed the cylinders out with fuel. Drop a small amount of oil down the spark plugs holes and let her eat. It'll smoke like a train for awhile but has a small chance to bring it back. If you tear down, all you need is a home and rings I'll bet. Good luck!
BOB SAGET 28 dias atrás
So basically you got a free car, 3k in parts, a couple thousand new subs, 10ish thousand in ad revenue and a charity write off out of this...
BOB SAGET 28 dias atrás
Oh forgot the shit ads within the videos... thats at least another 5k...
Hope4NewDay 29 dias atrás
When the motor blew Chris should've gotten out the car and ran down the drag strip.
Matt Carlson
Matt Carlson 29 dias atrás
James get the tool box! You had a nitrous geek so close to you. @CletusMcFarland
John Hill
John Hill Mês atrás
Did you ever check the spark plugs and see if you melted them
Paul Corrigan
Paul Corrigan Mês atrás
Yacht , where
PNWCoralfarmer Mês atrás
Can we get a build that produces a car that functions like it is supposed to? What is under the hood should be as important as the hood itself.. Lambo is still functioning way short of what it should. The nissans were both abandoned once they looked good... Please build something that actually works. Getting a bit sick of watching hours and hours of videos to watch you put lipstick on a pig...
gregg james
gregg james Mês atrás
this was the worst content you guys put out. still love y'all tho
黄天择 Mês atrás
Hi. I'm a Chinese and I've been watching your videos for a long time and I really love them. But the situation is a little bit difficult here in China. Our nation's firewall's blocking many foreign websites,as a result of which many Chinese people can't visit BRvid and can't enjuy your videos. So I'm here to ask if I can put some of your videos on a Chinese website. It's called bilibili and it's free to use. I promise I'll note the source of the videos (as the platform itself ask us to do.)and put your links on it and i won make any mony of it.
Taelor Watson
Taelor Watson Mês atrás
Some say tavarish, some say well I don't know what the other guy's name is. But I I suspect it will whoever owns the wrecking yard
michael morgan
michael morgan Mês atrás
The ineptitude is nearly unbelievable. That engine might have made 300 h.p. the day you bought it, and it went steadily downhill from there. The stock Lexus was probably much faster than that turd. Don't you even know anyone that can tune an engine? I'd bet that engine didn't have more that 9-1 compression and would run fine on 87 octane gas. 20 lbs of boost may have been about enough to beat the Honda! I have just under 12-1 compression and run 36 degrees timing locked out with a 200 shot of nitrous. That puts my car well into the 9's. And with a weak ass 350 I stuck in my car with good heads it runs in the 10's on the same 200 shot, but since the 350 is all cast crank and pistons, I pull the timing back to about 28 total.
When we getting another episode of the boat??? :(
Buy a Toyota GT4 from me. 4WD, Turbo, Easy to get power.
Russell Kirstein
Russell Kirstein Mês atrás
This series was flop. Rematch next year
Chuck Hawes
Chuck Hawes Mês atrás
Mission 22 is great. Good deal!
TJ's Channel
TJ's Channel Mês atrás
Moral of the story. Be careful buying cars off eBay. I have had good luck. Many haven’t.
Joe Patenaude
Joe Patenaude Mês atrás
Get rid of that air filter
Tyrone christopher Groenewald
can i get the honda plz
Mr. Wig.
Mr. Wig. Mês atrás
Kool vlog ..
marc mo
marc mo Mês atrás
gears and converter would help.
Michael Burket
Michael Burket Mês atrás
What is going on with your channel? It used to be one of my top choices with MCM.
ETP Mês atrás
where is B is for boat?
Erj14 Mês atrás
Thank god someone is with a charity that supports veterans
Игорь 00k
Игорь 00k Mês atrás
В 2015 ГОДУ КУПИЛ АВТОБУС ПАЗ 3201 В СОЛИКАМСКЕ И ЕДУ НА НЁМ В ПСКОВ !!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!! !!!!! !!! !!
sparkplug1018 Mês atrás
You'd better post the video of the engine teardown. Im betting you've blown a hole in a few pistons or melted a bunch of exhaust valves with all the nitrous.
Bibin Varkey
Bibin Varkey Mês atrás
Chris enjoyed the episode as usual, for the next project do an EV conversion on a savage vehicle.
Im Summers
Im Summers Mês atrás
This episode went better than i expected.Thanks guys i'm very grateful with what you did.
ed 916
ed 916 Mês atrás
16:35 I can make sandwiches in between those shifts
soinu foig
soinu foig Mês atrás
A pair of genuinely nice guys just having fun with cars. Feat. Jared *also super nice guy.
BAims Mês atrás
Dumb and dumber go to a Drag strip Would be a better Title..
soinu foig
soinu foig Mês atrás
Now you have time to build a turbo car.
BAims Mês atrás
Take that tiny garbage restrictive filter
BAims Mês atrás
Lexus needs more gearrrrrrr
Dennis Mack
Dennis Mack Mês atrás
I thought you had this Chris 😔
Pot Committed
Pot Committed Mês atrás
The Lesson I Learned - Don't Buy From Ebay Motors
Daniel Griffin
Daniel Griffin Mês atrás
All that nitrous fried the rings! Build a sick 2j to put back in
Zenonic Mês atrás
Me thinks the sniper took a poo.. The o2 sensor is know to go out, which gives the snipers miss information.
Boosted & Built Garage
Should of bought a wideband in your bundle of parts from eBay...
Jacek Pawłowski
Jacek Pawłowski Mês atrás
Teardown the engine.
Mission 22
Mission 22 Mês atrás
You're right, we are stoked to hear about your donation! Thank you so much - you're helping us making a real difference.
TheDemobus/Auto creator's
should of swapped cars and let each other try it out
Rockport1911 Mês atrás
Moral of the story: Never buy someones broken project car from Ebay :)
Loring Giles
Loring Giles Mês atrás
Definitely sounds fast! Is that air filter big enough?
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom Mês atrás
A pair of genuinely nice guys just having fun with cars. Feat. Jared *also super nice guy.
Paul Aguirre
Paul Aguirre Mês atrás
what a shame
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom Mês atrás
Was sitting here like man that strip looks so familiar.Then I realized this was Bradenton, my childhood hometown. Didn't realize Tavarish is in that area.
Will Cooper
Will Cooper Mês atrás
Ladder bar suspension Is expensive 🥴😂
Billy Barrow
Billy Barrow Mês atrás
Now you have time to build a turbo car.
Roxane Ellesansailes
✌ ✌
BetioBastardDoc Mês atrás
I live near the drag strip let me know when you go back please. I want to meet you and watch.
Matt Misanthropy
Matt Misanthropy Mês atrás
Could give it to any charity. Gives it to murderers 😂
Danny S
Danny S Mês atrás
"Almost had me?" "YOU NEVER HAD ME! YOU NEVER HAD YOUR CAR".....LMFAO. 'It doesnt matter if you are winning by a car or by a mile. Winning is winning!" Also, "You owe me a 10 second car and not a 10 min car"
Chuck Langham
Chuck Langham Mês atrás
Hey! I live in Tavares FL. What are you doing with one of our trash cans? Lol
Victor Pikulik
Victor Pikulik Mês atrás
B is for Blow By
Cassie Mês atrás
That's a tiny air filter for a v8 and the power you were shooting for. Probably the reason why you stayed pig rich
Brax t
Brax t Mês atrás
Your problem B is for B is that stupid tiny restrictive air filter your running .. toss that in the trash
Cassie Mês atrás
will turn out. Hope yo rebuild that engine, also capable of a lot more :) what a cool series
Justin Fijak
Justin Fijak Mês atrás
It didn’t look like you had lsd/posi. I don’t think any SC came with lsd. If that’s the case I’d be changing that.
BboyBlackout Mês atrás
Hey. Shit breaks. Now let’s go back to a JZ power plant.
Taylor Andersen
Taylor Andersen Mês atrás
B is for Bonehead.
Becon O'Light
Becon O'Light Mês atrás
"We've secretly replaced Chris' normal Nitros with Co2. Let's see if he notices."
Cameron Hendley
Cameron Hendley Mês atrás
where is the supra
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