Best Of Ed Sheeran 2019 || Ed Sheeran Greatest Hits Full Album

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Best Of Ed Sheeran 2019 || Ed Sheeran Greatest Hits Full Album
Best Of Ed Sheeran 2019 || Ed Sheeran Greatest Hits Full Album


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27 Fev 2019



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Heni Rohaeni
Heni Rohaeni 4 horas atrás
so cuteee cos swets singer and handsomee loveeeeee akhh
Beatriz Abrahao
Beatriz Abrahao 17 horas atrás
Como não cantar??
Beatriz Abrahao
Beatriz Abrahao 17 horas atrás
No spek inglês
Angelito Tapot Abecia
Angelito Tapot Abecia 17 horas atrás
Thinking out loud is my favorite song of Ed Sheeran
Dalek Supreme
Dalek Supreme 18 horas atrás
Bland, dreary, boring songs, why is this ginga famous?!?
Jimena Fernandez
Jimena Fernandez Dia atrás
Ariana 2 dias atrás
Love it
Frédéric Chopin
Frédéric Chopin 2 dias atrás
this is not even music
why do people un like it just dont watch it oh my god just dont watch IT
Binod's Vlog #TRAVEL KIDO
Duo._. Piollito
Duo._. Piollito 3 dias atrás
where is photograph ;-; I dont see it in the over time ; - ;
Glorify Dance With Shreya
Ed Sheeran's songs are also famous in India...... I love his all songs....
zy last
zy last 4 dias atrás
Listening while doing modules.
J4cknu gaming
J4cknu gaming 4 dias atrás
Nice songs I love it.... when I'm bored I'm always listening this all of songs of my favorite singers.... Im sorry from my English words 😆... because I'm from Philippines I can't really speak English 🥺
Keagan Thomas
Keagan Thomas Dia atrás
its ok
Trisha Vlogs
Trisha Vlogs Dia atrás
Its okay:)
Perfect music :)
Maung Maw
Maung Maw 4 dias atrás
Veronica Del Pozo
Veronica Del Pozo 4 dias atrás
ooo i love music
Johnathan Hawkins
Johnathan Hawkins 5 dias atrás
I love ed sheren
NationalAikidoFed 5 dias atrás
Ángela sofia Cely abril
no se hadlar ingles
Lucia Santos
Lucia Santos 5 dias atrás
Canta demais
Johnathan Hawkins
Johnathan Hawkins 6 dias atrás
GodzonePlays 6 dias atrás
its my dads bday
richard halle
richard halle 4 dias atrás
Happy bday to him
lily roddy
lily roddy 6 dias atrás
Jennifer Distin
Jennifer Distin 6 dias atrás
Can listen to this kind of music the whole time. Thank you.
MJ Edwards
MJ Edwards 6 dias atrás
To all people that are doing kiss emojis and heart eye emojis, I got something to tell you... Cherry Seaborn is his wife.
Darliah Manalang
Darliah Manalang 7 dias atrás
My Favorite one is perfect
Vanessa 8 dias atrás
Priyanka lokeshbhatt
Priyanka lokeshbhatt 8 dias atrás
I like your song 🤩💕😂🤩😂😂💕🤩🤩💕💕😂💕😂😂🤩💕😂
Larissa Lopes Sinelli
Larissa Lopes Sinelli 9 dias atrás
Y Love you Ed Sheeran
Johnny's Dad
Johnny's Dad 10 dias atrás
Clare Mitchener
Clare Mitchener 10 dias atrás
know all the words to every song
angelica tena
angelica tena 10 dias atrás
Ed sheeran is 💓💓💓💓💞💞💞💞
Thunder Bolt
Thunder Bolt 11 dias atrás
2020 still listening this songs while doing my module here in phillipines
Salle Lumosad
Salle Lumosad 11 dias atrás
Мария Коновалова
Прекрасная музыка!!! Великолепное звучание!!! Завораживающий голос !!!
MJ Edwards
MJ Edwards 6 dias atrás
kristoffer albano
kristoffer albano 12 dias atrás
i was doing homework then i remembered that ed sheeran has songs for the past few minutes i have been listening to his song its sooo relaxing my favorite is shape of you :)💚🖤
MJ Edwards
MJ Edwards 6 dias atrás
I’m in a Google meet while watching this.
Mr Cheese
Mr Cheese 11 dias atrás
IGN Bagus Arta
IGN Bagus Arta 12 dias atrás
😴 🎶
libina bensing
libina bensing 12 dias atrás
Ana Carolina Faria
Ana Carolina Faria 12 dias atrás
Elmundode Nicolle
Elmundode Nicolle 13 dias atrás
ablan español
Chris M. Ledoux
Chris M. Ledoux 13 dias atrás
I'm here because of YESTERDAY
Erminia Vásquez
Erminia Vásquez 13 dias atrás
Danielle Pardiac
Danielle Pardiac 14 dias atrás
Your testimony of perseverance and keeping to your value is an inspiration for my children and it is wonderful to see there are people who stay true to themselves and not let this world lack of value get the best of them. Keep your integrity. Don't let this world corrupt you no matter what. Have a blessed day and may God bless you!
alberto navarrobravo
alberto navarrobravo 8 dias atrás
Eron 14 dias atrás
4 eh give me love n eh photograph n
Keagan Thomas
Keagan Thomas 14 dias atrás
ed if you ever see this i just want you to know that i luv you and l luv all your songs
Ellie Milligan
Ellie Milligan 14 dias atrás
I just wanna say ed is u see this then I just wanna tell u that ur my hero and I also love ur songs🖐️🙂🙂🙂
Ellie Milligan
Ellie Milligan 12 dias atrás
@Ana Carolina Faria what did u say?
Ana Carolina Faria
Ana Carolina Faria 12 dias atrás
Mesmo sabendo Gabrielle Karla Hudson também Responde não zona killer jrbbu@hgjfhd fdvghfhfhf
Jhenz Yugop
Jhenz Yugop 15 dias atrás
Im your number 1 fans in Philippines ilove you edd sheeran we love you
Sueni 2019
Sueni 2019 15 dias atrás
Yang dari Indonesia... minta likenya💕💕💕
Ali Kemal Dur
Ali Kemal Dur 13 dias atrás
İya donggg
paula wolfhard
paula wolfhard 15 dias atrás
2020, some people say that ed is in the past, thank u ed, for being my favourite singer since 5 years ago. i love u, and u saved my life. i love u, my galway boy.
paula wolfhard
paula wolfhard 6 dias atrás
MJ Edwards and?
MJ Edwards
MJ Edwards 6 dias atrás
uhhh... Cherry Seaborn is his wife.
Senthil Perumal
Senthil Perumal 16 dias atrás
I'm always addicted to this 🎵 🎶
Alexbilhalva Bilhalva
Alexbilhalva Bilhalva 16 dias atrás
Toan Do
Toan Do 17 dias atrás
Too much adssssss
Cristian Ledesma
Cristian Ledesma 17 dias atrás
October 12 ........ How is listening with a beautiful couple... Cleaning and do the garden ..... After a bbq and beers. .. haahahahahhaha geeatings from bsas argentina
Cristian Ledesma
Cristian Ledesma 17 dias atrás
The bar it's the best place to find some love.....
Alonso Martinez
Alonso Martinez 17 dias atrás
I lo ve Sheeran
Arianna's Kitchen
Arianna's Kitchen 17 dias atrás
who is listening in October 2020? I still love this song
C00L_Bun UwUz
C00L_Bun UwUz 17 dias atrás
24 Karat
24 Karat 18 dias atrás
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azz rose
azz rose 19 dias atrás
Simratun Mustashfiyat Kardawiyah Insha
Simratun Mustashfiyat Kardawiyah Insha
Vsjdjosidldk☺☺ 😯😇
ᆞᆞ 19 dias atrás
라이 브인가봄
Sharon Kennerley
Sharon Kennerley 19 dias atrás
Love this to dad sister Shelly xx
Singularityy 20 dias atrás
Singularityy 20 dias atrás
Singularityy 20 dias atrás
lkhs8004 20 dias atrás
This is GOODDDDDDDD SONGS !!!!!!!!!!
Praveen Prabaharan
Praveen Prabaharan 20 dias atrás
Stress reliever
Catus Guy 38
Catus Guy 38 20 dias atrás
perfect is the real 1#
gamerZhenry boi
gamerZhenry boi 20 dias atrás
wow its like so hard and amyzing
silver plays
silver plays 21 dia atrás
Yes perfect top hit
John Hinds
John Hinds 22 dias atrás
Bloody good mix, thankyou
Jeison narvaez
Jeison narvaez 22 dias atrás
Me gustan tus canciones
Daniel Iliev
Daniel Iliev 22 dias atrás
Ed Sheeran you always bring my hidden romantic deep inside me! Thanks for that, yo guys keep in touch with your feminine side. LET GO OF YOUR EGO :))
Adopt me life .
Adopt me life . 22 dias atrás
My favourite is shape of you
Papu Jess
Papu Jess 22 dias atrás
Happy to hear the songs of ed sheeran specially PERFECT
José Ribamar Ferreira Ferreira
Ed sheeran fyy out fyp
Justine Espejo
Justine Espejo 24 dias atrás
Kiyoomi Sakusa
Kiyoomi Sakusa 24 dias atrás
Kiyoomi Sakusa
Kiyoomi Sakusa 24 dias atrás
Lobsang Tsering19 43
Lobsang Tsering19 43 24 dias atrás
Lobsang Tsering19 43
Lobsang Tsering19 43 24 dias atrás
elaine winn
elaine winn 24 dias atrás
Joane Silva dos santos
Joane Silva dos santos 25 dias atrás
Love you,ed sheeran 🥰
Mutri Yani
Mutri Yani 25 dias atrás
Tanto Tanto
Tanto Tanto 25 dias atrás
baisorn26112520 B
baisorn26112520 B 25 dias atrás
I love yuor
Danna Torres
Danna Torres 26 dias atrás
Es se q no lo vas a poder ver pero me encantan tus canciones té amó
Jona C
Jona C 26 dias atrás
Himbeer Macaron
Himbeer Macaron 27 dias atrás
ed sheeran songs are the best !!!
Edimara Macedo
Edimara Macedo 28 dias atrás
Ed Sheeran meu cantor favorito e ainda é o dono das minhas musicas favoritas Shape of you, Perfect e Photograph. E é um gato!🙊🙈😊💖
Chris Balchin
Chris Balchin 28 dias atrás
Eden Valentina
Eden Valentina 25 dias atrás
NO YOU CANT!! :((((((
koppineedi ramanjaneyulu
I love Ed Sheeran songs
ClouxdyBryyn 29 dias atrás
Definitely not crying cause I miss the old days no wrong person 😢
Taliah Sidorenko
Taliah Sidorenko 29 dias atrás
You are awesome
Andreia e juliana Cabral
Que delicia ouvi estas músicas
Andreia e juliana Cabral
Sou apaixonada por esse homem amo suas músicas
Spring Summer
Spring Summer Mês atrás
I love the shape of you song.
Ezbai Romero
Ezbai Romero Mês atrás
Es mi canción faborita
개철권 Mês atrás
김태윤 Mês atrás
Diva Reang
Diva Reang Mês atrás
❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️my fevered ,,,,,#@🤔🤔👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👎
King Arvi
King Arvi Mês atrás
I need Lyric
EXE HANS Mês atrás
Go to hell
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