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24 Mar 2020



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Dahyunie 2 anos atrás
Bangtan family: Namjin-parents Sope-Grandparents Vminkook-Chaotic children Presenting to you Bangtan family - The most chaotic family - Naww this was me in my baby army phase☹️
Suhana Sethi
Suhana Sethi Anos atrás
So true! 😂😂
Suhana Sethi
Suhana Sethi Anos atrás
@Tbyt_tannies yes!😂😂
afsanuu Anos atrás
@Tbyt_tannies same lol 😂😂😁😁
Nabeel Naqeeb
Nabeel Naqeeb 2 anos atrás
U are in stress####...
Raiza Marie Quimno
Raiza Marie Quimno 2 anos atrás
Pooja Roy
Pooja Roy 2 anos atrás
Jungkook : The Golden Maknae V : The Gucci Maknae Jimin : The Sexy Maknae
Raiza Marie Quimno
Raiza Marie Quimno 2 anos atrás
mask 2 anos atrás
Byravee N
Byravee N 2 anos atrás
Jimin: The cutie sexy lovely maknae
Neha Neha
Neha Neha 2 anos atrás
@liaa_jaz 😃
liaa_jaz 2 anos atrás
Neha Neha o_o (true tho)
Kim Taehyung Yoominkook
*The Maknae looks up to their Hyungs.* *Taehyung idolizes Suga's Rap* *Jungkook idolizes RM* *Jimin loves everything about J Hope* *And JIN loves Himself* *LeJINdary Windshield Wipers*
Ananya 2 anos atrás
All three love Jin*
Marguerite 2021
Marguerite 2021 2 anos atrás
To be honest they idolize and love everything about each other
Aysha Dar
Aysha Dar 2 anos atrás
Introverted Soul. Yea lol 😂
Mo Tong
Mo Tong 2 anos atrás
@NoJams95 yeah like seok 100
NoJams95 2 anos atrás
@Aysha Dar it’s so funny how they always use his name for team games in Run episodes 😂
Veronika 2 anos atrás
I love this they are so cute and funny together 😂
Jk poison apple💜😅
Ya our cute maknaes 🥰🥰
Lynxkookie2 2 anos atrás
What the song?
Kim Taehyung Yoominkook
_ _*_Jin is secretly the Maknae of BTS while Jungkook is secretly the Oldest in BTS_*_ _ _ _*_" Tom + Jerry = JinKook "_*_ _
Chong bts
Chong bts 2 anos atrás
Omg you comment in every video i go stooio
Gunadi Caska
Gunadi Caska 2 anos atrás
Sealeaf the Cringe
Sealeaf the Cringe 2 anos atrás
Plot twist of bts
SHASHA JEON vaishuJK 2 anos atrás
Yes bab 💜
Kim Taehyung Yoominkook
_ _*_Jungkook is so lucky to have such a fun and caring Hyungs like_*_ _ _ _*_" I wish I had one too 😭"_*_ _
Raiza Marie Quimno
Raiza Marie Quimno 2 anos atrás
Vaishnavi Raut
Vaishnavi Raut 2 anos atrás
Same 💜
Hotoli Irine
Hotoli Irine 2 anos atrás
Me too but I don't need one I need all of them ✌️
Gamer Yurekhaa
Gamer Yurekhaa 2 anos atrás
Same to me
Kim Taehyung Yoominkook
*It's true that Jin Raised Jungkookie well* *Jungkook : I can live without air* *Jin : Why not I'm everyone's oxi* *Jin : OxyJIN*
타싸0160 2 anos atrás
1:53 RM is looking at the maknaes so lovingly i fell in love
Sara Iftikhar
Sara Iftikhar 6 meses atrás
omggg he really is aww that’s so sweet
jiluvsu 2 anos atrás
if bts were a family: Namjoon and Jin: Parents Yoongi: Grandpa Jhope: Hyped uncle Vminkook: children
Mrinaal Arora
Mrinaal Arora 2 anos atrás
1:55 Dad RM is happy seeing his kids playing ❤❤😂
jai 2 anos atrás
5:40 The youngest being done with the 95z will always be one of my favorites
Kim Taehyung Yoominkook
*No matter how many times I see it , Kookie imitation Jin in butterfly is* *" Forever the Funniest :)"*
Kim Taehyung Yoominkook
*" It's time to call [ Jin ] main vocalist "* _ _*_- Jeon Jungkook , President of World Wide Handsome Fanclub_*_ _
Andee P & Company
Andee P & Company 2 anos atrás
Kim Taehyung Yoominkook You can stop with all the comments now, we get it
i dont give a damn!
i dont give a damn! 2 anos atrás
5:08 the frutrations of V's face calling JK,but JK didn't aswer and theres JIMIN ❤they are really soulmates😗
Raiza Marie Quimno
Raiza Marie Quimno 2 anos atrás
Kim Taehyung Yoominkook
_ _*_Jungkook : Don't call me baby , I'm a Hyung now_*_ _ _ _*_BTS : Here's your banana milk 🍼 Go to sleep_*_ _ _ _*_Jungkook : Okay 🍼😍_*_ _
SHASHA JEON vaishuJK 2 anos atrás
Once you told me I can't choose my bias so clearly and you said " I love all bts member " but this is true JK is your secret bias ... You don't know about this??? Your all comment's and everywhere that's clearly showed bab...😍
its MICKEY 2 anos atrás
V: if you need anything just tell us jimin will buy it for you. Am surprised jimin didnt look at him weird
gyugrapes 2 anos atrás
1:55 ok, but namjoon being a proud leader while watching them having fun makes me soft every time
VMJ 7 2 anos atrás
When 95line started their drama 5:47 Jungkook reaction tho(🤦‍♂️) 🤣😅
Induni Nayodara
Induni Nayodara 2 anos atrás
My cheeks hurt so much as I laughed so hard while watching this 😂😂 Vminkook are soooo............ cute and adorable as well as our hyung line 😍 💜️🐰💜️
Saraa28( 2 anos atrás
Look at Namjoon at 1:54. He loves them all so much😭🥺♥️♥️
Kim Taehyung Yoominkook
*My favorite part was when all the boys were making Baby noises in order to get Jungkook to look at the camera that Jin was holding to take his picture* *It's was adorable and preciously. Be heartu and sweet :)*
Kim Taehyung Yoominkook
*The Maknae looks up to their Hyungs.* *Taehyung idolizes Suga's Rap* *Jungkook idolizes RM* *Jimin loves everything about J Hope* *And JIN loves Himself* *LeJINdary Windshield Wipers*
Kim Taehyung Yoominkook
_ _*_Kim Seok Jin along with the other members Raised him well and he got all their personalities_*_ _ _ _*_This family knows how to Raise a Baby BUNNY :)_*_ _
K.S Anos atrás
Welcome to the Bangtan family! With... The dissapointed parents: Nam-jin The always sleepy grandpa: Suga The ex-dancer aunt: J-Hope The chaotic siblings: vminkook
Kst 2 anos atrás
Jimin’s voice is so cute..
Ash Ojay
Ash Ojay 2 anos atrás
9:50 them singing in unison gives me peace
Hien minh tran
Hien minh tran 2 anos atrás
My bias is Maknae line. I love them so much😍
Gloriana Meneses
Gloriana Meneses 2 anos atrás
Tae's laugh is the most sweetest and beautiful thing I've ever heard!
Erised Serrano
Erised Serrano 2 anos atrás
i'm so in love with this trio & my dream is to have three beautiful sons just like them someday ☺️🥰😘💜
Nihasina Rivoherinjaka
Why everybody talk about Jin and JK -_- It’s about V Jk and Jimin
LEE 2 anos atrás
because they're funny..?
Haida Official
Haida Official 2 anos atrás
I know right:v
1Happywifuuuuu 8 meses atrás
Love this, especially the part in the hotel room! They are so adorable! 😆❤️💜
Kim Taehyung Yoominkook
*TAEHYUNG is literally the best hypeman one could get his eyes light up whenever YOONGI Raps* *Windshield Wipers
Kim Taehyung Yoominkook
_ _*_I want Jin's patience lol Jin thanks for Raising our_*_ _ _ _*_" GOLDEN MAKNAE "_*_ _
Kim Taehyung Yoominkook
*The fact that Jin and the other members of BTS were all teenagers but they could Raise another teenager better than some adults on this earth ...* *My Hearteu :(*
Наталья Корсейкина
Ребята, я из России. Спасибо что вы есть. Очень вас люблю. От вас исходит бомбическая энергия. Очень жаль, что вы так далеко и нет возможности прикоснуться к вам. Люблю вас всех. Вы очень крутые. ВТS процветайте!!! 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
Kim Taehyung Yoominkook
_ _*_Imagine how much Jungkook will miss Jin when Jin goes off to military_*_ _ 😢😩
NoName 2 anos atrás
They can serve the military for atleast 21 months in these years. But, BTS has said that even if they go in military, they'll still come back and perform for Bighit atleast till 2026.
NoName 2 anos atrás
@Daisy Mirriam Yeah, the age is 18-35 years to serve atleast 21 months in the military.
S B 2 anos atrás
Daisy Mirriam I am not sure but I think yess
Daisy Mirriam
Daisy Mirriam 2 anos atrás
@Leighla Duncan is it okay for them to go earlier than 28?
lisii 💜🥰
lisii 💜🥰 2 anos atrás
Not only kookie but others V, jimin, rm, suga & jhope will also miss Jin😥😥They are supporting each other, They cry, laugh, together😊😊😊😊😊
Kim Taehyung Yoominkook
*Jungkook's been a baby and and he is Growing up !!* *Lil Jungkook is so old now and He looks like Hyungs son :)*
ΛDIBΛ⁷ 2 anos atrás
Again....All I see is u
Cemre Kutsal
Cemre Kutsal 2 anos atrás
Why you have more than 10 comments in 1 video?? I just thouhgt something wrong with youtube😂😂
aalia khan
aalia khan 2 anos atrás
10:25 such deep voice V Sooo good
Sofia Azcurra
Sofia Azcurra 2 anos atrás
the look of softness namjoon and hobi have on their face while looking at them laughing at 1:53 :')
Kim Taehyung Yoominkook
*Being an oldest member he is positive and funny to every member of* *B. T. S.*
Kim Taehyung Yoominkook
_ _*_Kookie : We are a Team and we are a Family. " I was going to say something amazing " But he forgot_*_ _ _ _*_Me : I can totally relate to it 😂😂_*_ _
Jimin_Lisa_biased💕 2 anos atrás
definitely the maknae line are my favorite babies, the namjin has to be taking care of them because those children get into trouble, and the sope make them aware
Kim Taehyung Yoominkook
_ _*_When another member is angry : Silence_*_ _ _ _*_When Jimin is angry : laughing intensive_*_ _
Kim Taehyung Yoominkook
*No matter how many times I see it , Kookie imitation Jin in butterfly is* *" Forever the Funniest :)"*
shalinivasan_music 2 anos atrás
1:55 the way Namjoon is admiring them.. such a cute dad moment! 😁
Ekta Sharma
Ekta Sharma 2 anos atrás
The best maknae line ever💜💜💜💜
Krishna : Løve Yøurself
I just can't imagine how much they'll miss jin when he goes to military! 😔
abeer sidd
abeer sidd 2 anos atrás
wanufa sakura
wanufa sakura 2 anos atrás
I cant imagine if they play around like this again but with all the members right now kekekeke consider they are adults rite now but it must be hilarious hahahagga
Kim Taehyung Yoominkook
_ _*_World can't explain how proud and grateful I'm to be part of this family of BTS and ARMY'S_*_ _ _ _*_This family has very special spot in my Heart_*_ _ _ _*_BTS ARMY'S forever and ever_*_ _ _ _*_Forever ~~ we're young_*_ _
Kim Taehyung Yoominkook
_ _*_You can honestly say that Jin is the " Best Big Brother "_*_ _ _ _*_And the brothers , that the younger brothers teases_*_ _
Kim Taehyung Yoominkook
_ _*_How I see their Style : Raps Line_*_ _ _ _*_Min Yoongi goes hard , can be really sarcastic a lot of the time , and can have a harch or smooth sound._*_ _ _ _*_Kim Namjoon is powerful , can also be calm , and is amazing with wordplay and symbolism on lyrics and video._*_ _ _ _*_J - Hope has major flow. He's really smooth and sometimes sounds almost like he's singing._*_ _ _ _*_All of them are massively talented , and can fit so many genres - fast , slow , hype , calm , doesn't matter._*_ _ _ _*_" Honestly , anything I wrote for each of them could apply to the other also , this is just what stands out to me "_*_ _ _ _*_"_*_ _*_What_*_ _*_stands_*_ _*_out_*_ _*_to_*_ _*_you_*_ _*_?_*_ _*_"_*_ _
Kim Taehyung Yoominkook
*He actually came out with Yoongi clothes n ready to Rap Cypher pt 3* *That is a really Number One Fanboy , Kim Taehyung how cute* *UwU LOL*
Jhunel Dee
Jhunel Dee 2 anos atrás
9:20 doing with friends is 🔥
Kim Taehyung Yoominkook
*BTS + ARMY'S = Best Family in this Universe* *Long live for both* *Purple you :)*
Mithila Jannat
Mithila Jannat 7 meses atrás
The best,,, the funniest,,, the cutest and the handsome maknes in the world 💜💜💜
Kim Taehyung Yoominkook
*Jin : Spoiler Jungkook as a kid* *Jungkook : How , bully him* *Jin : Where have I gone wrong ?*
Kim Taehyung Yoominkook
*I love every sides of our Jeon Jungkook* *- Golden Maknae -* *- Bunny -* *- Kookie -* *- Jungkookie -* *- JK -* *- Nochu -* *- Jeon Seagull -* *- Ironman -* *- JungshOOk -* *- Genius Babies -* *- Baby -* *- Mr. International Playboy -* *uwu*
parker khu
parker khu 5 meses atrás
I really love the friendship they cute and funny...a friendship that all i want💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏iloveu my VMINKOOK
irish 2 anos atrás
StrawbELLY Nation
StrawbELLY Nation 2 anos atrás
The TWINS (JM&V) and the BABY (JK)💜💜💜
Jhean Rose Lasquite
Jhean Rose Lasquite 2 anos atrás
At 1:55 you can see joonie looking at them so sweetly😭😍 i wanna hug themmmm
Bimge Gan
Bimge Gan 2 anos atrás
They are so cute together 💜
Kim Taehyung Yoominkook
*I'd never thought " 7 Grown Man " would make me smile / laugh / cry / happy* *" But I guess it can "*
Belysnicole 2 anos atrás
Still can't believe I share the same birthday year as Jimin and V. They have childlike behavior but in the best way. I admire their friendship. I, myself don't want to lose that fun and "inner child" like energy part of me 💜
B A N G F L I X Anos atrás
the way namjoon was looking at them was so cute.😭 he looked like a parent watching his kids have fun 1:54
vida saenz
vida saenz 2 anos atrás
0:58 mira tremenda calidad que se carga 😎😎👌 10/10 xd
Kim Taehyung Yoominkook
*When Jungkook injured his leg Jinnie helped Kookie alot in wheelchairs and stuffs Kookie said I love you Hyung Jin said I love you too you little punk* *My Heartu 😩*
I love BTS
I love BTS 2 anos atrás
they're really the cutest😊💜💜💜💜 esp their hide and seek vlive.
nurain syakirah
nurain syakirah 2 anos atrás
I love them, they are very cute
Mikhayla R
Mikhayla R Anos atrás
*YESSSS I LOVE VMINKOOK 😂💜 and of course Namjin and Sope, best duos and trio ever*
Anuska Gurung
Anuska Gurung 2 anos atrás
We definitely love you BTS ❤️
Kim Taehyung Yoominkook
*When Jungkook slapped Jin when he called him Oppa on a fan meeting that tells us his feeling on us when we called him Oppa* *:)*
Kim Taehyung Yoominkook
*It's so frisking cute how Jin got overwhelmed and put his head on that guys shoulder* *Windshield Wipers* *leJINdary* *amaJIN* *JINcredible* *JINconic*
Kim Taehyung Yoominkook
_ _*_No it's Jungkook who has been Raising Jin since he was 15 , he came all the way from_*_ _ _ _*_" BUSAN to Raise him 😂"_*_ _
Jahan Sakandar
Jahan Sakandar 2 anos atrás
That was really funny😂
Mirza Amjad
Mirza Amjad 2 anos atrás
Vivi Ayu
Vivi Ayu 2 anos atrás
Just i like the way they are spending the free time is not by busy with their mobile phone but playing a"game" or even teasing to each other member,such as pretty cuteness maknae💜💜💜
Kim Taehyung Yoominkook
*------* *Vocals Line BTS* *------* *SEOK JIN : Emotional beautiful voice* *JIMIN : Deep cute sexy voice* *TAEHYUNG : Hugh cute captivating and sexy voice* *JUNGKOOK : Hugh emotional amazing voice*
OurWingsBTS 2 anos atrás
So cute the maknae line 🐰🐥🐯💜💜💜💜
Kim Taehyung Yoominkook
*Jungkook such a cute friendship it warms my heart* *:)*
uswat jasy
uswat jasy Anos atrás
When Vminkook together it seems like Kookie is hyung , Jimin is meddle, V is makane 💜💜💜💜
Kim Taehyung Yoominkook
*" The Eldest Hyungs and the Youngest Dongsaeng "* *2 - Maknae in BTS. Here's we got* _ _*_" TOM and JERRY Show Lol "_*_ _
liaa_jaz 2 anos atrás
I love all of the maknae’s
Puune Darang
Puune Darang 2 anos atrás
The best Maknaeline ever ❤️❤️
Tae V
Tae V 2 anos atrás
they are so cute and funny together 😄😄
M V 2 anos atrás
Jimin: Sexy maknae Tae:Handsome maknae Jk:Cute maknae
Angelica Cirulli
Angelica Cirulli 2 anos atrás
The golden trio 😻😻
Raiza Marie Quimno
Raiza Marie Quimno 2 anos atrás
Saranghae my 7 kings😘💜so cute maknae lines😍😁
Manilhen Cortez
Manilhen Cortez 2 anos atrás
1:54 the way Rm watching them..😍😍
Sita Dubey
Sita Dubey 2 anos atrás
@Ajinkya Bangar thanks 💜
Ajinkya Bangar
Ajinkya Bangar 2 anos atrás
@Sita Dubey sis I just found it's lights
Ajinkya Bangar
Ajinkya Bangar 2 anos atrás
@Tripti Goyal same...
Tripti Goyal
Tripti Goyal 2 anos atrás
I watched that scene 10 times then I realised I need to watch whole vedio also
Sita Dubey
Sita Dubey 2 anos atrás
Which song is that ?? Please reply
janvi 💜💜
janvi 💜💜 2 anos atrás
V and jungkook are so cute ♥️♥️
Kim Taehyung Yoominkook
_ _*_Maknae line just adopting Seok Jin while Seok Jin adopting the Maknae line at the same time_*_ _ _ _*_Windshield_*_ _*_Wipers_*_ _
bang agka
bang agka 2 anos atrás
@Zeyphr ikr and i hate her profile pic and name duhhh im thinking she is nt an army tsh u r everywhere
Zeyphr 2 anos atrás
why are your all comments probably 100 are the same talking same about jk and what
Nishaa 2 anos atrás
This trio is funniest, bestest , strongest and they are so emotional.
farida zarouri
farida zarouri 2 anos atrás
They are so sweet together . I hope bts will stay forever together the Seven members of bangtan 😘😘😘😘🥰🥰🥰🤗☺️❤🙏🏻🙏🏻
Mix video
Mix video 2 anos atrás
I love this 3 craziness 😂
Jhunel Dee
Jhunel Dee 2 anos atrás
10:01 nice harmony. #MaknaeTeam
Marguerite 2021
Marguerite 2021 2 anos atrás
VMINKOOK is a BIG HIT's jackpot. As for RM, SUGA, J HOPE and JIN ...well, they are providing a super-strong foundation for the Maknae line. All seven rock my world.
andrisha 2 anos atrás
1:54 RM looks so fond of them.
Kim Taehyung Yoominkook
_ _*_How Jin raised Jungkook_*_ _ _ _*_Jin the loving and classic mother_*_ _ _ _*_Yoongi the savage grandfather of Jungkook_*_ _ _ _*_Namjoon a school teacher who inspires Jungkook a lot_*_ _ _ _*_Hoseok the typical happy happy go lucky uncle_*_ _ _ _*_Jimin and Taehyung neighbor kids who influence Jin's son to be like them_*_ _ _ _*_Jungkook the son who was one innocent_*_ _
Shinee bts
Shinee bts 2 anos atrás
الثلاثي الجميل الرائع والمشاغبين 😘😘😍😍💜💜💜💜💜
aira♡_. Anos atrás
i love them😍😍....they really funny and cute when together.. i always smile when i watch their video☺️☺️.. # VMINKOOK
Kim Taehyung Yoominkook
*It's true that Jin Raised Jungkookie well* *Jungkook : I can live without air* *Jin : Why not I'm everyone's oxi* *Jin : OxyJIN*
why you should be a vminkooker
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