Best Just For Laughs Gags: Part #01 ( 1080P) 😂 Best Funny Prank 2019

Best Just For Laughs Gags
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Best Just For Laughs Gags: Part #01 ( 1080P) 😂 Best Funny Parnk 2010


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20 Mar 2019



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meiko vocaloid
meiko vocaloid 3 horas atrás
El niño de la segunda broma tenia aretes
Luba OMG
Luba OMG 5 horas atrás
Ого о круто осень
Luba OMG
Luba OMG 5 horas atrás
Круто 😀
سامان Azade
سامان Azade 6 horas atrás
جميع الماقاطع حلوين
Rares Dindareanu
Rares Dindareanu 6 horas atrás
WTF Dude hahahaha
Jemaine Ballantyne
Jemaine Ballantyne 7 horas atrás
Petee Gulu
Petee Gulu 8 horas atrás
Aishath Shaiman
Aishath Shaiman 9 horas atrás
КОТИК МОТИК 10 horas atrás
Нет Ну в 17:00 не надо такие шутки нельзя мне показывать! Я плачу!!!
КОТИК МОТИК 10 horas atrás
Меня в 17:01 зацепила, я бы за плакала из-за щенка! 😭😭❤
Théodore COINTREL 11 horas atrás
Radomandimbi Ravaka
Radomandimbi Ravaka 11 horas atrás
Hala Alaynen
Hala Alaynen 12 horas atrás
We won't more videos
хомячество Кети
21:00 полицейский так обосрался что аж за сердце схватился!😂😂😂😂
George TBCL
George TBCL 16 horas atrás
18:06 crying😂😂😂😂
Rookin F games
Rookin F games 18 horas atrás
i feel bad for anyone who thinks this is real
morola lawal
morola lawal 20 horas atrás
The woman in pink is like I the only one seeing this 😂😂😂
world da lelê
world da lelê 21 hora atrás
I Love Ei you?
Maira Eades
Maira Eades 10 horas atrás
Leslie Menjivar
Leslie Menjivar Dia atrás
Ester Flores
Ester Flores Dia atrás
Dunia punya lucu nmr 1 😁😁😁😁
Ester Flores
Ester Flores Dia atrás
Like 2019 😁😁😁😁
Ester Flores
Ester Flores Dia atrás
Wow masih kecil udah hamil 😁😁😁😁😁😁
Marcilio Andrade
Marcilio Andrade Dia atrás
Excelente !
غرور انثى
يمعودين اني وين ضعت هنا لوحدي بين الاجانب ههههههه اكو عراقين هنا عرب وينكم 😂😅
غرور انثى
غرور انثى 15 horas atrás
+رجل المعارك يسلموو نورت خيو عبالي بس اني عراقيه هنا
رجل المعارك
رجل المعارك 16 horas atrás
انشالله ماضيعين واني موجود يخسون الاجانب
رجل المعارك
رجل المعارك 16 horas atrás
ابشري عد عيناج اني عراقي
Deep Sinha
Deep Sinha Dia atrás
You peoples are really awesome . Love from india
Amit LIVE Dia atrás
Nice Grow channel click here,#amitkumaracharjee #AmitLIVE
Benjamin Cogorno
Benjamin Cogorno Dia atrás
Beverly King
Beverly King Dia atrás
Milan Sousa
Milan Sousa Dia atrás
Nathasa wilona
Milan Sousa
Milan Sousa Dia atrás
Nathasa wilona
Team Fortress Fan
The fake pregnant prank why doesn't the baby girl doesn't even have a ring if pregnant and sex is not allowed😂🤯😑🤦🏻‍♂️
Parath Parath
Parath Parath 23 horas atrás
Malissa Kennedy
Malissa Kennedy Dia atrás
What if she was raped
Dare Devil
Dare Devil Dia atrás
I love to watch this show when I was a kid.
Aaron Anzano
Aaron Anzano Dia atrás
Hahahahahahahaha 😂😂😂😂😂😂
aaron gurola de luna 4781084833
Music Player
Music Player 2 dias atrás
Minuto 12:45 a la verga ahora en que lio me e metido teguro que te partere la madre algun dia pinche rata
Billy Breeze
Billy Breeze 2 dias atrás
you had me till the poop close up
Sahil Nawaz
Sahil Nawaz 2 dias atrás
Hahahaahah 😂😂😂😂😂👍❤
Mehidin HB Habri
Mehidin HB Habri 2 dias atrás
شكون لي دخل على جان تصوير ادير ليك
Binod Yadav
Binod Yadav 2 dias atrás
Pop Hnter
Pop Hnter 2 dias atrás
Super lol
Ravi Kumar
Ravi Kumar 2 dias atrás
Sosweet baby girl 😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘
Vicky 2 dias atrás
Thre is no relation to thumbnail and video.. still no problem but maximum thumbnail are looking bad thts y. Am unsubscribing this channel
WENDER SANTOS 2 dias atrás
Muito bom 👍👏😄😄
Arash Abdi
Arash Abdi 2 dias atrás
Putra Rudy
Putra Rudy 2 dias atrás
Apa aku aja ya orang Indonesia yg nyasar kesini???
Damaris Herrera Umaña
Bad .the litle girl be sad to the pupy.😯😯😯
gokul _
gokul _ 3 dias atrás
Javier Hernandez
Javier Hernandez 3 dias atrás
Tan. Chistosos
dalbir singh
dalbir singh 3 dias atrás
Great comedy i love it...
Marivi Borjas
Marivi Borjas 3 dias atrás
14:25, he gave his life for the other man 😂😂😂😂😂
Lil Perc
Lil Perc 4 dias atrás
I’m watching it happy now BRvid🙄
07709658844 الحب
07709658844 الحب 4 dias atrás
Bobs Bleach
Bobs Bleach 4 dias atrás
7:07 she look like a frog
Gabriela Hyzlerová
Gabriela Hyzlerová 4 dias atrás
ade 1234
ade 1234 4 dias atrás
lucu jasa
Make a Nature Beauty
Make a Nature Beauty 4 dias atrás
super acting
muhlisa lisa
muhlisa lisa 4 dias atrás
Ahmad Mustangin
Ahmad Mustangin 5 dias atrás
3:06 - 3:20 the best mama
Emma and the darks :3
Emma and the darks :3 2 dias atrás
Karol Castro
Karol Castro 5 dias atrás
3:35 dominique
hereweare. 5 dias atrás
Hey, great video I really enjoyed it :) . So guys if you are really interested Just For Laughs Gags you can check that on my youtube channel.
Deva Rajh
Deva Rajh 5 dias atrás
Nice good job
ku ho
ku ho 5 dias atrás
just for laugh is kind of innocent pranks. i prefer than other pranks:)
mohammedkhalid ansari
mohammedkhalid ansari 5 dias atrás
totally scripted because see their shooting position... if the camera was hidden the shooting posture may vary..
Jesus 4 dias atrás
+mohammedkhalid ansari yeah, and your evidence is based on what research exactly? You cannot claim something is false without proving it. I on the other hand can prove it is not fake.
mohammedkhalid ansari
mohammedkhalid ansari 4 dias atrás
it is scripted.... no need to research ok.... just wasted my time to watch video like this
Spooltech Turbos
Spooltech Turbos 4 dias atrás
no.. it is not staged. I think you need to do some research on the show, I am not even going to waste time to explain it.
Lrak Lrak
Lrak Lrak 5 dias atrás
is very funny
Mikah Rain Forca Pincaro
radius zahari
radius zahari 5 dias atrás
WTF 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Miguel Sobrevilla
Miguel Sobrevilla 5 dias atrás
Only in a socialistic state. Go to Compton and try that. To Benny Hill.
Miguel Sobrevilla
Miguel Sobrevilla 5 dias atrás
+MindFull Official it could break up the monotony of news reports on gang violence in Compton. We can call it: "Make a Nigga Laugh". Or gansta.
MindFull Official
MindFull Official 5 dias atrás
Idk you could probably do this in most Midwest suburban towns in the U.S. and not die.
Fazi Momi
Fazi Momi 5 dias atrás
I love just for laughs ❤
best tik tok
best tik tok 5 dias atrás
Just Justice
Just Justice 6 dias atrás
The guy mopping the floor of the ice cream littering is a great lesson. The guardians did little to stop the girl but were more decisive in defence of the same girl when the janitor reacted in fake-killing the dog. Did so little in stopping negative behavior.
NUKE DUOS 6 dias atrás
14:26 imba moves hahaha
Jean claude Tadjou
Jean claude Tadjou 6 dias atrás
رشا العراق
رشا العراق 7 dias atrás
رشا العراق
رشا العراق 7 dias atrás
zam big
zam big 7 dias atrás
2:28 научите меня такой скрытности.. Я тоже хочу в лужах исчезать
zam big
zam big 7 dias atrás
Ох реакция людей просто бесценна
BANGLA MASTI 7 dias atrás
This is the best chennel
Lansin jennifer Meiringmei
I subscribe
Belle Nel
Belle Nel 7 dias atrás
Ramya Pandi
Ramya Pandi 7 dias atrás
mind relax
Rayhan F.M Indonesia
Rayhan F.M Indonesia 7 dias atrás
wow that its so funny
Bogell Design
Bogell Design 8 dias atrás
Im From Indonesia!🇮🇩...I Like Just for laughs😉👍...Just For Laughs!!...Is The Best😊
جابر محيو
جابر محيو 8 dias atrás
جميل جدا
David Rahmanta
David Rahmanta 8 dias atrás
Ramesh Khadka
Ramesh Khadka 8 dias atrás
Lucus 44
Lucus 44 8 dias atrás
C'est ORIBLE avec le chien
Emmanuel Tapia
Emmanuel Tapia 8 dias atrás
misiopies2006® 8 dias atrás
Xd kid baby
Andie R.
Andie R. 8 dias atrás
13:12 uhhm is it just me or did that guy look like chicken little
abdelnour_4_games 9 dias atrás
في عربي هنا
Martin Cancino
Martin Cancino 9 dias atrás
E L tv
E L tv 9 dias atrás
TANK 11000
TANK 11000 9 dias atrás
18:08 lmao
young geezy
young geezy 9 dias atrás
Funny video but that fake laughing needs to go that shit was annoying
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