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19 Jul 2018



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Comentários 100
Anwar Jibawi
Anwar Jibawi 2 anos atrás
Thanks for watching!
Moses Vaughn
Moses Vaughn 23 dias atrás
ofc, appreciate all the effort you into your videos!
T & L
T & L 29 dias atrás
Anwar you videos are amazing!
Bombem Marasigan
Bombem Marasigan Mês atrás
Anwar Jibawi yes
Bianca Johnson
Bianca Johnson Mês atrás
G Apolo
G Apolo Mês atrás
fibroman musc
fibroman musc 44 minutos atrás
Riyad Mahrez is a good actor
FAZE Chillstill
FAZE Chillstill 22 horas atrás
Anwar please like please please like my comment please
Actually our dad is our best friend in our life
Alheirie RodriguezPomales
xD im dieing
Jay 2 dias atrás
I like the plot twists in your vids Anwar
Grant Laxa
Grant Laxa 3 dias atrás
Nice ending 😂
Mohd Azizan Ahmad Zamanhuri
owh shittt daddd
Max ghost105
Max ghost105 4 dias atrás
If that happened to me in the end i will had been beat the living shit out of him and leave
The Zenix Kshetri
The Zenix Kshetri 5 dias atrás
Damn boi
Hadeer Alkhalidi
Hadeer Alkhalidi 6 dias atrás
This is so funny
Say 'What' Again
Say 'What' Again 7 dias atrás
That must be so painful to know your best friend does it with your mom. Better if it was his sister 😅😅
Jack Sbdjejdj
Jack Sbdjejdj 7 dias atrás
The azerbaijani version is so good xD
Jilicia Roopchand
Jilicia Roopchand 7 dias atrás
I like how he fixed his clothes after 😆💀 That ending was messed up! I was not expecting that 💀💀
Prakash Kumar
Prakash Kumar 8 dias atrás
I'm here Bcoz I'm really dating my Friend's sister😂😂
Amitava Mazumder
Amitava Mazumder 8 dias atrás
Anwar jibiwa. Sorry jawabi
Angel Ojeda
Angel Ojeda 9 dias atrás
His armpets are sweaty
Haley Leinweber
Haley Leinweber 10 dias atrás
broo make merch that says “it’s not like that”
shamir campbell
shamir campbell 10 dias atrás
nkosi saul
nkosi saul 11 dias atrás
I swear Adam and Anwar have the best friendship
Ahmed Yassine
Ahmed Yassine 12 dias atrás
Laurence Munns
Laurence Munns 12 dias atrás
Ŵhat the hell
Muhammad Haris
Muhammad Haris 14 dias atrás
Aimal Khan FaserlaI
Aimal Khan FaserlaI 14 dias atrás
KAM CHUN YIN 2A07 14 dias atrás
That BEG on anwars face after he said yes
Agatha Beatrice
Agatha Beatrice 15 dias atrás
Kashif Vlogs
Kashif Vlogs 18 dias atrás
One of the best videos ever of BRvid
Michael Philpott
Michael Philpott 19 dias atrás
Anwar is day his best friend mom. Seriously
Michael Philpott
Michael Philpott 19 dias atrás
How the fuck he gets flowers that fast?
Jeffarson Njoki
Jeffarson Njoki 20 dias atrás
"Is it a crime to date your mom"
shehap Ahmed
shehap Ahmed 20 dias atrás
5:09 Holy shit
DJProd! 20 dias atrás
To be honest I thought I was the only one that figured it out
DJProd! 20 dias atrás
1:55 They messed up on this part WATCH IT
Tiburcia Guzman
Tiburcia Guzman 20 dias atrás
What just happened 😱😱😱
kawsarmahmud Hridoy
kawsarmahmud Hridoy 23 dias atrás
This is the fucking disgusting culture how can a mother fucking with his son's best friend
L L 23 dias atrás
Anwar is so stupid he is doin a crime he tried to put his arm around her so fuking dumb
sub 2 me and ill sub right back
Hey dad. Yes. Got me dead 💀💀
Geeta Sharma
Geeta Sharma 24 dias atrás
Why Anwar not mentioned Adam Waheed in his videos it's not fair
Marie-Laurence 24 dias atrás
Really funny this duet !! You have weirdo skits but I love it
BagelShark 25 dias atrás
bro dont break the code
Latifa Rashid
Latifa Rashid 26 dias atrás
This guy is funny
Saddam Khan
Saddam Khan 27 dias atrás
That's very funny Anwar
SoccerHD 7
SoccerHD 7 27 dias atrás
Adam and Anwar are literally best friends
Bavin_005 27 dias atrás
4:01 Anwar’s armpits sweating 😂😂
Da real 1
Da real 1 28 dias atrás
As if dating his sister wasnt bad enough..... 😂😂😂
menke asibidi
menke asibidi 28 dias atrás
underarm sweat at 4:00 but still funny.....
Natalie Gonzalez
Natalie Gonzalez 29 dias atrás
its the sweat on anwars armpit for me
Athul Jayan
Athul Jayan 29 dias atrás
At Thumbnail i thought it was virat kohli
Parinaz _
Parinaz _ 29 dias atrás
Bhabani Bhattacharjee
Adam's pissed off Ok too early now he's in shock
Anshee Kano
Anshee Kano Mês atrás
5:15 that face tho😂😂
Vlad the Impaler
Vlad the Impaler Mês atrás
5:15 That impish grin at the end. OMG that has to be made a gif.
abutalha kureshi
abutalha kureshi Mês atrás
What the f... this is some 😂😂😂😂
Pamela Tshuma
Pamela Tshuma Mês atrás
Someone else or else was my friend because I'm not answer my friend school bully
hamza otaku-anime
hamza otaku-anime Mês atrás
Hhhhh it's funny
Curious Bacon
Curious Bacon Mês atrás
this is the funny part everybody is talking about 😂 5:09
Curious Bacon
Curious Bacon Mês atrás
2:18 is the funny part he bringed his head up when they did 😂
Lea Lea
Lea Lea Mês atrás
Adam: hey Dad Anwar: yes
henan li
henan li Mês atrás
Watch your hands
That last moment tho-
Arnab Ghoshal
Arnab Ghoshal Mês atrás
they r lik joey and chandeler
Catherine Gatpolintan
I hate you anwar
Begum Shahjebin
Begum Shahjebin Mês atrás
you changed your closes
Jeffrey Jacob
Jeffrey Jacob Mês atrás
this veido was so fuuny lol xd
RiceCake Mês atrás
who noticed adam's shirt has holes in it U.U
RiceCake Mês atrás
Overprotective example
Cabdixakiin Cabdilaahi
Friend: Hello dad Anwar: yeees😅
Joshua Hardy life
Joshua Hardy life Mês atrás
Leon Henriksen
Leon Henriksen Mês atrás
poor adam when hes mom just left for hes best friend
Prove It
Prove It Mês atrás
Bad haramzada ho beta 😂
Pema lamu Bhutia
Pema lamu Bhutia Mês atrás
Adam & Anwar perfect Frind for eachother God bless man🤗😍😘
•X _M 0 0 N_ X•
The plot twist at the end thooooo 😂
After Life
After Life Mês atrás
Pause on 5:12. Total face of disgust
Leo McLoughlin
Leo McLoughlin Mês atrás
That is not that girls voice when she said is this. Celca her lips wherent moving
Yoselin guerra Guerra
4:00 was sweaty 🤣
Estefany Romero
Estefany Romero Mês atrás
I'm just trying to like this video... is that a crime?
Revolutions Per Minute
thejus krishna saji
The guy : hey Dad Anwar : yes? Me : it was at this moment that he knew he fuc*ed up
Knockzz Motts
Knockzz Motts Mês atrás
If you're bad , then I am your dad -- Anonymous 2020
Neo Moraka
Neo Moraka Mês atrás
2020 anyone???????????????
Ok Boomer
Ok Boomer Mês atrás
The look like cousins/best friends
Daniel Dragsbæk Nielsen
Papi Mashigo
Papi Mashigo Mês atrás
The mom is so hot...
Paz Since81
Paz Since81 Mês atrás
I’m not that skinny so jeans and t shirts for me
Kuya Cross
Kuya Cross Mês atrás
draaagnal shan Hijam
Adam's sister is like a Anwar daughter 😂😂😂
MOVOCO VE Mês atrás
Love you bro
Nibras Tube
Nibras Tube Mês atrás
i wish have two friends like anwar & adam hhhhhhh
Favour A
Favour A Mês atrás
When Anwar yawned at the start he looked like chris brown Edit: Thx for 4 likes!
Austin Klayon
Austin Klayon Mês atrás
Adam: hey dad Anwar: yes Adams's face : 😯
Abdelnaser Nijmeh
Abdelnaser Nijmeh Mês atrás
Best duo
Valuetainment23 Mês atrás
Always funny videos.
dharani iyer
dharani iyer Mês atrás
I know it’s random but can I have any laptop I beg youuuuu Anwar I live in oman and it’s possible cuse I really need one pls I am begging you I know you won’t see this but....
Rickster Slick
Rickster Slick Mês atrás
Hey Dad anwar yes
Mister Read-Aloud Vlogz
Anwar You So Funny When He Said: "Dad" And You Said: "Yes?" Wit That Funny Face My Nigga God Bless You Anwar.
Trokiando cuh
Trokiando cuh Mês atrás
Dang I just realized anwar was sweaty af at 4:00 look closely it's wet no homo 😂
Fatima Mohd
Fatima Mohd Mês atrás
Ending was awesome N unexpected .. ln his videos I'm always like no matter how the video is going the ending must b unexpected
J Point
J Point Mês atrás
Is this a trailer of dark 2
mohamad Al Dahrouj
mohamad Al Dahrouj Mês atrás
BOOM BOOM Mês atrás
Pls change your channel logo it doesn't matches with your brilliant character
nuthara Dhananjanii
Yooo 😂😂
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