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Check out the top 10 auditions from America's Got Talent 2019!
Including performances by:
Tyler Butler-Figueroa
Lukas and Falco
Edson and Leon
Kodi Lee
V. Unbeatable
Ryan Niemiller
Ndlovu Youth Choir
Michael Paul
Benicio Bryant
Eric Chien
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23 Jul 2019



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Comentários 4 915
Diana Garcia
Diana Garcia 17 horas atrás
Me:they better hit the golden buzzer x985536
Diana Garcia
Diana Garcia 17 horas atrás
Diana Garcia
Diana Garcia 17 horas atrás
The first one
Calixte Pierre
Calixte Pierre 21 hora atrás
So much emotions 🙏🏼 give a thumbs up if i you’re watching it in 2020
McCombatGamer 21 hora atrás
The first audition was like kelly clarkson music, just keep in mind Simon made her famous in American idol. He gave that kid the golden buzzer, i know where this is going.
Azzedine Boukabouss
Azzedine Boukabouss 21 hora atrás
خساره أولاد حومتي يتكيفو المخدرات أو....
Dienifer Nascimento
So Soap
So Soap Dia atrás
Sorry the dog! lol
So Soap
So Soap Dia atrás
I have to say that the god is more talented than his daddy!!
Jiu-Jitsu Art Academy
Kody YOU JUST changed my life
Anadolis Mateo
Anadolis Mateo 2 dias atrás
6:55 😭 23:53 😭😃 26:42 😭
እኔ ነኝ
እኔ ነኝ 2 dias atrás
Am african....and i really proud those south africians....just Go do it. And also i love tyler,code lee,the old mans oh gash i love ever thing that i saw here. And i wish good things for all of them.
Ayman 2 dias atrás
12:30 english caption😂😂
its_ gacha_time
its_ gacha_time 2 dias atrás
That first kid shouldnt only be pird cause he got a golden buzzer but a golden buzzer from SIMON
Erik Martínez Alvarado
Nombre de la canción plis 23:54
TheDinoNugget 2 dias atrás
First one had be in my feelings then I started laughing at 7:22 cause the confetti
Gustavo Linck
Gustavo Linck 2 dias atrás
"number two"
z masher
z masher 2 dias atrás
The little kids so great at violin dreams no matter anybody to bother you you're the perfect kid
Elizabeth Chico
Elizabeth Chico 2 dias atrás
Omg the second acts song was the song me and my class are performing in dnace class
Maha Lakshmi
Maha Lakshmi 3 dias atrás
What's that background song played at the background of after simon's performance
Maha Lakshmi
Maha Lakshmi 3 dias atrás
Can anyone please help me to find the song which is playing on 23rd minute please anyone help me in ths
ReLocoRemamado DamaSGratiS
Cual es la cancion de fondo ?
MØØN ŁIGHT 3 dias atrás
Nah the first one got me crying
Marysa Jo
Marysa Jo 3 dias atrás
What’s the song the boy with autism was singing? He’s so talented I cried 🥺❤️
Viajero Principiante
Viajero Principiante 3 dias atrás
Baltus Henrique Landes
The cancer isn't contagients
Baltus Henrique Landes
The kid is so cutty omg
프링글스까메오 4 dias atrás
The got talent makes me feel so happy. Whenever I'm sad, I've saw this. It's soooo brilliant and amazing program all around the world!!!!
Pureblood Muggle
Pureblood Muggle 4 dias atrás
One of the best video I've been watching.
Raulwayk Leitão
Raulwayk Leitão 4 dias atrás
Aqui é o Brasil!
Evelyn Pyle
Evelyn Pyle 4 dias atrás
Kodi lee is awesome!!! That boy can sing
Fernando Magalhães
Fernando Magalhães 4 dias atrás
awesome,incredibility ..I Love it...very much
head shot
head shot 4 dias atrás
Alexa Cabral
Alexa Cabral 4 dias atrás
i feel so bad for the guy with cancer 1 like = 1 friend for him
laura cruz
laura cruz 4 dias atrás
The blind guy was just incredible ! 👍🏽
Peaches Williams
Peaches Williams 5 dias atrás
Cody so amazing ❤️
Mr Catz 69
Mr Catz 69 6 dias atrás
Yo guys I’m on the toilet and there’s no toilet paper can someone send me some
Ethan Boukhny
Ethan Boukhny 6 dias atrás
Old meme alert: Kodi, has autism and blindness. Also Kodi: sings His illnesses: aight ima head out
Puppiecorns :D
Puppiecorns :D 6 dias atrás
First one done the rest I haven't watched yet Im not crying you are
alex ferreira
alex ferreira 6 dias atrás
Curso Completo Manutenção e Conserto de Celular
Sofy- Chan
Sofy- Chan 6 dias atrás
Y donde están los comentarios en español? ;-;
canal do porco porco
canal do porco porco 6 dias atrás
Os brasileiros são foda dois coroas top
SpudZero 6 dias atrás
Kodi Lee is amazing, and such a great inspiration!
綒安躂 6 dias atrás
Not many people can say that they survived cancer AND got a golden buzzer from Simon.
wordgrrl71 6 dias atrás
I'm in love with the South African choir director. How lovely!
Mr. KapraL
Mr. KapraL 6 dias atrás
самое невероятное что я когда либо видел!!! (the most incredible thing I've ever seen!!!)
MintyZGamer 6 dias atrás
The first kid was awesome! The fact that people bully that kid because he had cancer is screwed up!
Andrew Stovall
Andrew Stovall 7 dias atrás
Jesus christ....every person has a story but do they all have to be these sob stories? Jesus it's gotten so much worse it's why I barely watch it now.
Trevor Aaron
Trevor Aaron 7 dias atrás
The Indian dancers don't had proper water or electricity but they have wifi to watch BRvid😂😂
Feisty Kitten
Feisty Kitten 7 dias atrás
OK You bullying.... thats really showing somethin. Bullying a kid with CANCER??? You really must know you have nothing in your future ಠಗಠ
METABOY M.F 7 dias atrás
28:03 name song
Carol Martins
Carol Martins 7 dias atrás
Brasil 🇧🇷
Debbie Waters
Debbie Waters 8 dias atrás
I wonder if Mandisa has heard this sweet child play her song? Hes awesome!
maria diab
maria diab 8 dias atrás
The last one was amazing
maria diab
maria diab 8 dias atrás
The Indian group was incredible
maria diab
maria diab 8 dias atrás
The 2 old man were so good
maria diab
maria diab 8 dias atrás
chris bond
chris bond 8 dias atrás
14 year old Benito stole my heart,, brilliant!
moonjivt 8 dias atrás
is no one gonna talk about the autistic guy?? HE SNAPPED
Minh Hien
Minh Hien 8 dias atrás
Simon wonderful, i had saw twice, love him😍
Minha Vida É Uma Comédia
Brasil não é só tragédia e corrupção Brasil é Cultura e muito talento amo meu país
Minha Vida É Uma Comédia
Hj que eu vi como nosso povo brasileiro é maravilhoso 😍😍😍
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