Bella Hadid Breaks Down 15 Looks From 2015 to Now | Life in Looks | Vogue

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Bella Hadid takes us down memory lane, from wearing mens Louis Vuitton to walking for Karl Lagerfeld. Bella talks about her dream wedding dress by Vivienne Westwood, happiness, and Middle Child Syndrome.

Director: Rom Bokobza

Director of Photography: Emmanuella Zachariou

Editor: Michael Suyeda, Daniel Poler

Producer: Naomi Nishi

Producer, On-set: Jordin Rocchi

Associate Producer, On-set: Cecilia Sallusti

Hair: Evanie Frausto

Makeup: Miguel Ramos

AC: Dan Stebbins

Gaffer: Devan Davies-Wood

Sound: Gabe Quiroga

Set Design: Alice Martinelli

Production Manager: Marilee Hodge

Senior Director, Talent Casting: Helena Suric

Post Production Manager: Marco Glinbizzi

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Bella Hadid Breaks Down 15 Looks From 2015 to Now | Life in Looks | Vogue

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10 Ago 2021



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Vogue Anos atrás
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Taís 🌺êncio do Carmo.
Kristi 4 meses atrás
no name
no name 7 meses atrás
Please tell elon musk stop hacking my wifi and spying on me
no name
no name 7 meses atrás
Please tell elon musk stop spying on me and hacking my wifi
no name
no name 7 meses atrás
Kendall and Hailey stip hacking my wifi man
miiasaurous Anos atrás
Humble queen legendary as always I love how she remembers every single moment and where she was at so vividly :")
Dollarmanagementgroup 10 dias atrás
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Christinad443 8 meses atrás
@Thatguyuknow2550 the struggles she must have gone through though... haha ugh!
remigal 8 meses atrás
How is she humble for being devastated that she didn’t receive her first pair of designer items until she was a high schooler?
C C 9 meses atrás
@Anna Star literally i was looking for this comment. How is this humble?! 🙄
Christinad443 10 meses atrás
@labby 🤣😂🤭
Hannah Hodgson
Hannah Hodgson 8 meses atrás
I love when models can break down a look, give credit to designers/photographers/directors, and speak about the fashion they love. She just gives more than some of the fashion influencers and Kendall Jenners of the industry.
Dollarmanagementgroup 10 dias atrás
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Streetjazz Psc
Streetjazz Psc 18 dias atrás
I think everything is prepared before. They all remember where what who whom.... Its the purpose if they have nothing to say every 2 pictures it would be boring. Even if i think they remember a lot of things
sunny☀️ 26 dias atrás
Glittersandher 2 meses atrás
You should watch Kendell's video and then comment because i don't see much difference between them talking about the looks and giving credits.
a ຸ
a ຸ 5 meses atrás
kendall jenner just made the same video and her comments are full of people praising her in the exact same way
Tamara Gravelle
Tamara Gravelle 3 meses atrás
She seems like way easy to be around..grateful,positive...thank you Bella for living up to your name
Sky XCX Anos atrás
You can tell that she really loves fashion and has a lot of respect for the designers and craft behind it!! It's amazing
Geisselle Lopez Munoz
It’s SO hard to believe she’s 24! I love Bella. Such a humble character, but I truly thought she was in her late 20s going on 30.
Winter Sonnets
Winter Sonnets 2 dias atrás
35 going 40
Dollarmanagementgroup 10 dias atrás
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OLATOMIWA EDU 13 dias atrás
@dave martinez hmm exaggeration
It's Just Tricia
It's Just Tricia 20 dias atrás
I definitely thought she was GiGis OLDER sister, at first.
mary Mês atrás
No difference actually between 30 and 20
konna zerdeva
konna zerdeva 2 meses atrás
Listening to Bella talking about how she wants Vivienne to make her wedding dress now that she passed away a few weeks ago makes me really sad. Rest in peace to the legend Vivienne Westwood🤍🕊️
Dollarmanagementgroup 10 dias atrás
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Luis Antonio
Luis Antonio Anos atrás
I love how she remembers, acknowledges, and gives praise to every designer and photographer she has worked with.
Sky Simpson
Sky Simpson 8 meses atrás
Lily Evans she said that a person looks like old bella
Sky Simpson
Sky Simpson 8 meses atrás
@SnowLusterWhitePrezciousMistress XO where did u see this
NA 10 meses atrás
@annsofia people hate on Kendall for existing and she receives much more hate than bella!! if you looked further than this comment section you will find that alot of people defend bella while always attack Kendall calling her plastic, but nice try tho
Sky Simpson
Sky Simpson 10 meses atrás
@SnowLusterWhitePrezciousMistress XO ok let’s not
Kay 11 meses atrás
Y’all act like Vogue doesn’t give them a script before hand.
Larissa Reis
Larissa Reis Anos atrás
She’s absolutely gorgeous, but she does look older than she actually is. She looks like a very beautiful 45 year old. It’s kinda weird
Yes Pls
Yes Pls 3 dias atrás
There's nothing wrong with "looking older".
Gemma Cockrell
Gemma Cockrell 9 dias atrás
She has a very mature vibe I think
Mary Jane
Mary Jane 19 dias atrás
You’re gealous 😢
blank Mês atrás
She looks like Carla Bruni TODAY
Joy Monte
Joy Monte 2 meses atrás
Everybody thin and with really emphasised bone structure looks older.But as a model you need those features
Aziz Al-Mutairi
Aziz Al-Mutairi Anos atrás
she literally sounds like a beautiful 50 year old model who talks about her lifetime memories of her fashion styles lol
J E Mês atrás
@Aziz Al-Mutairi well she's halfway way there! She's 26
Neha Sood
Neha Sood 2 meses atrás
@Lazola Khanyile it’s the hair. We have seen veteran models with this hairstyle
i know exactly who you are
Not “literally”
Henry Omoruyi
Henry Omoruyi 4 meses atrás
Nonaya Bidness it’s pitiful you’ve fooled yourself into thinking she actually looks 45+, I don’t know how you look like in real life but don’t shame people even if they had surgeries, she is still very beautiful and she looks her age.
Olivia 4 meses atrás
Nonaya Bidness angular?
Venice 3
Venice 3 10 meses atrás
The content of this video was a revelation for me in many ways, particularly the 'Belinda' alter-ego; I admire Bella here for being so candid about her emotional-psychological struggles and insecurities, and that she's now in a much happier place. :) This is also the first time I've heard her talk, so it was great to get behind that Belinda persona.
Jane Nie
Jane Nie Anos atrás
Why do I weirdly want to be her daughter? Her voice is so heartwarming and motherly.
S B 2 meses atrás
Mommy issues.
y yg
y yg Anos atrás
because she seems so calming, loving, trustworthy
A SR Anos atrás
@waffles and pancakes HAH 💀💀💀💀
Winnie Anos atrás
@Ioanna Malachia lmaooo yeah go ahead. Living with her, you would need therapy
NowYouSeeMe Anos atrás
I literally can’t believe she wasn’t happy because she didn’t have designer 😭 if y’all don’t stop calling her humble
M kat
M kat 27 dias atrás
​@Layla Toomer people hear what they want to. No that isn't what she said at all.
Lina wolf
Lina wolf Mês atrás
im not happy either she is model she should own designer lmao
Mozorella stick
Mozorella stick Mês atrás
That's not what she said at all. She just mentioned how she didn't have designer shoes when she was younger, then the clip cut to another one of her talking abt how bad of a mental state she used to be in and how much happier she is now. Use ur critical thinking skills lmao
Flowers and teacups 🌷🌱
@Miss Tru Boyz RC they meant her fans
rosemary Anos atrás
she is so soft spoken and humble about everything, she remembers every outfit and moment in detail and gives credit to other people who worked with her, she is just amazing
OLATOMIWA EDU 13 dias atrás
@BRvidR why do you people love to hate so much
rosemary Anos atrás
@あかり i really hope i don’t get hate for this but bella can never be carla, carla is just elegance herself. but i don’t think she was copying carla
あかり Anos atrás
She is copying Carla Bruni's manerisms lmao Carla did a vogue interview like this:
Table Drawzz
Table Drawzz Anos atrás
Humble 💀
Static shock fan
Static shock fan Anos atrás
@BRvidR I’m pretty sure you aren’t straight a student. I know that bc me and my friends aren’t like u. Your probably one of those people who try so hard to please others and always fail and you are jealous how she’s doing it easily
Dorcas Winter
Dorcas Winter Anos atrás
It’s kinda deep to hear Bella talking about how for a long time she wasn’t happy. Here is someone who on the face of things looks like they have everything and must be living the dream. But probably several reasons, she’s not. Honestly hope she’s in a good place now.
Denise 5 meses atrás
Finally. Someone who understood what she meant. I don't understand why there were comments about her being sad about loubs.
notverycashmoney Anos atrás
@Edelina Ponce Orellana yeah life is so rough when you're blessed and rich but no louboutins...😭😭
Edelina Ponce Orellana
Yes! She didn't have her designer shoes! 😭
marta444 Anos atrás
i love her so much, she’s such an inspiration for me. Not only she’s the definition of beauty but she’s also a genuine and kind hearted person who deserves the happiness she has today. Such an example of an amazing woman.
Marcus Osborne
Marcus Osborne 3 meses atrás
D9nt get why people get so obsessed by models and see them as inspirations
ayesha Anos atrás
Yessss very sad🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
ayesha Anos atrás
HARRIE??? I thought we don’t support the hadids anymore after what they did to z
notverycashmoney Anos atrás
@Me Hoy Minoy lmfaooo
Roqaya Al-Musawy
Roqaya Al-Musawy Anos atrás
@Brian wow so funny 😐
blu Mês atrás
i feel like people really misunderstand her talking about not having designers growing up, she didn't mean it in a way that says het life was really like cruel and unfair, instead in her perspective a designer item was her dream, a symbol that states that she reached her dream, a symbol of freedom u can see her stating in various interviews about how she felt odd and unloved compared to her sister Gigi who was the so called golden child being able to own designer items with her own money made her feel like she's achieved something and proved herself to the world yk. i think thats all the meaning to it
Angela Medina
Angela Medina 6 meses atrás
I love how transparent she is with every moment and how she enjoys remembering either if it was a good moment or a not so good one she embraces ✨ she is such a queen 👑
Dollarmanagementgroup 10 dias atrás
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Chloe Terpos
Chloe Terpos 2 meses atrás
5:21 it’s so sad knowing that bella really wanted vivienne to design her dress 😢
seriliaykilel Anos atrás
I don't think I had every seen an interview with her - she was literally just a face in ads, but I'm really glad I did. Love how open she is about talking about mental health and how incredibly calm she is as she describes everything. She seems to have a real respect for everyone she's worked with and her love for what she does shows. Great interview of a truly lovely person.
i know exactly who you are
Not “literally”🙄
Kristi 4 meses atrás
Anjaaali Anjaaali
Anjaaali Anjaaali 4 meses atrás
Same here.. She sounds very calm and respectful towards people around her
es em
es em Anos atrás
I didn’t even know how she sounded lol until literally right now.
Sinaí Ulliel
Sinaí Ulliel Anos atrás
i followed Bella’s tumblr when she used to have one so for her to say she feels happy now and content as opposed to how she used to feel, really warmed up my heart. you deserve all the happiness and good things that come your way Bella❤️
Vivian Espinoza
Vivian Espinoza Anos atrás
E K yeah does she still have it ?
Orla Meehan
Orla Meehan Anos atrás
E K is it online still? I'd love to know more about her
Jennifer Delgado
Jennifer Delgado Anos atrás
What was her old tumblr like
M V Anos atrás
People who met her and Gigi always talk about how kind they are. I’m talking about waitresses, hostesses, etc. The Hadid sisters are respectful toward everyone. It’s nice to hear.
Assia V.
Assia V. 11 meses atrás
In my opinion, Bella is such a good soul... omg she's so caring for people, she always give 100% of herself. I know that she's struggling because she said it and I would never have thought that... I really hope she keeps being on a good state of mind and I pray God for her to find peace and relief. She deserve so much
Misael Alamillo
Misael Alamillo Anos atrás
Wow it’s crazy to think someone like Bella was at a negative mindset for years and now she’s thriving and happy Bella. I’m so happy for her, she’s definitely so humble. I want to be her friend
ThatsSoFetch 22 dias atrás
It’s nice to see humble celebrities. We love. We Stan. Bella is a queen 💅
maggyxchuu Anos atrás
She is my favorite by far. When she was talking about Karl Lagerfeld with the Fendi show. You can tell how passionate she is about what she does and how grateful she is.
Dollarmanagementgroup 10 dias atrás
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bube udeh
bube udeh Anos atrás
its so beautiful
Fashion On Trending
Aakriti Anos atrás
Every song written by Abel for her justifies her beauty. I feel happy that she brought herself out of that dark phase of her life.
Bella grace
Bella grace 2 meses atrás
No wonder he’s not over her she’s gorgeous
Ethiopia Zoldyk
Ethiopia Zoldyk 7 meses atrás
@Jacqueline Wildner wow. That's sad
Jacqueline Wildner
Jacqueline Wildner 10 meses atrás
@El TK I always thought his gig of appearing like he did plastic surgeries was abt her
El TK Anos atrás
He is literally dragging her, making fun of how much of an attention seeker she is, how she is pumped full of plastic LMFAOOOOO none of his songs speak of her in a good way
Bella Martino
Bella Martino Anos atrás
We need Gisele! She literally had a Vogue American editorial or cover for 20 years! A true Vogue icon. I’d love her to talk about her iconic photoshoots.
Dollarmanagementgroup 10 dias atrás
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Ariam Ahmed
Ariam Ahmed 7 meses atrás
@Weston Collins there is one
Weston Collins
Weston Collins 7 meses atrás
yes yes yes
coy coyx
coy coyx Anos atrás
she is truly the epitome of grace, kindness and beauty.
Jamila Musayeva
Jamila Musayeva Anos atrás
What a humble, beautiful lady! It was so soothing listening to her.
Sarah Botusan
Sarah Botusan 5 meses atrás
Yea yea humble
dot 5 meses atrás
@TC_07 no
dot 5 meses atrás
watch 9:49 again and explain to me how on god's earth she is humble
TC_07 6 meses atrás
@userLG6 yes
userLG6 6 meses atrás
humble ????????
Beverly Ann
Beverly Ann 5 meses atrás
This was another great model in looks segment. Loved it. 💚🌱
Via Anos atrás
I’m so obsessed with her and her sister’s deep voices.
Dollarmanagementgroup 10 dias atrás
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go eat cheese
go eat cheese 16 dias atrás
​@Talya W it's not deep lol u must b abounded high pitched voices
go eat cheese
go eat cheese 16 dias atrás
Bellas voice ain't even deep
Tula 25 dias atrás
I have a similar voice to Bella and people constantly comment that they like it even strangers in the store I’ve done it
hyerin choi
hyerin choi 4 meses atrás
oh yes Me
fr0zenintimeee Anos atrás
i love her so much. she's truly beautiful inside and out
nah Anos atrás
@Skylar Jenner that's not an opinion, that's disregarding the compliment being given.
nah Anos atrás
@Jowita Chanowska then what was the point of bringing up her surgeries? it's getting old at this point
Jowita Chanowska
Jowita Chanowska Anos atrás
@nah of course. Who said you weren’t.
Squirrel Boss
Squirrel Boss Anos atrás
She makes you feel like you’re right there talking to her. Her parents must be so proud of her and her siblings. They’re not only ridiculously beautiful, but they come across as down to earth and real! How did these parents do that? Lovely, just lovely.
Noël Beyer-Hermsen
Bella is literally one of a kind, she just has an amazing vibe about her. She is humble and just down to earth, and honestly so jealous how beautiful she is with or without makeup 😭 would die if I ever met her
Nic Renee Bachelier
Can I just say how glad I am to hear a woman loving herself instead of picking at herself? She’s humble, self respectful, and very aware.
dot 5 meses atrás
leanne staal
leanne staal Anos atrás
Bella is really so down to earth ❤️
A i.
A i. Anos atrás
She's gonna have to do this again when she's 40, girl's got more iconic looks to come✨
OLATOMIWA EDU 13 dias atrás
@Céline when did she ever say she haven't had surgery, please I need proofs of that
Mrs barley somebody
@blank Me too She seems to loose a lot of weight lately
blank Mês atrás
@Mrs barley somebody I love Bella but let's not pretend she isn't slowly ruining her beautiful face. I hope she gets the support she needs for her body dysmorphia.
Katherine B.
Katherine B. 2 meses atrás
@Margarethe and you think hating on her would fix it? Stop justifying your hate, it's all deep rooted jealousy and insecurity. Pushing her to admit she did surgery would not make y'all girls feel better.
Haylie R. Wilson
Haylie R. Wilson Anos atrás
@Malene Charles has a point, not in the shaming. But, that we’re all like “OMG she looks so young!” But, if we value everyone looking young, it perpetuates the problem of needing plastic surgery to look beautiful
Alexandria Geiler
Alexandria Geiler Anos atrás
She has such a down to earth vibe, like someone you could feel safe around and would want to be friends with even if they weren’t famous.
Dollarmanagementgroup 10 dias atrás
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Mikey D
Mikey D Anos atrás
She looks like a classic Hollywood movie star! A very timeless look. Beautiful woman! I love how she shows that the storm will get pass and there is true Happiness out there ✨
Tarot by Frances
Tarot by Frances Anos atrás
Beautiful ! Definitely a shining portfolio! What a lifetime achievement! :) Love it!
Snow White
Snow White Anos atrás
She carries the 80s-90- supermodels vibes
Dali Sophie
Dali Sophie Anos atrás
Bella, I am truly truly sorry about what happened to you… only few people understand the pain we have to go through! I had awful depression until I was healed by my first Gucci bag with 17 - I am so happy you got out of that deep deep hole
ArianaRunPop 4 meses atrás
Not you making fun of someone who had depression
One Addition
One Addition Anos atrás
@BloodLab Well most of the comments were about this, and I don't think I could write a different one for each of them😂😂
BloodLab Anos atrás
@One Addition I love how you ✨COPY AND PASTED ✨ this in as many comment as possible
One Addition
One Addition Anos atrás
She was ✨JOKING✨. Man, everybody takes things so seriously, like just chill
Aisyah Shahira
Aisyah Shahira Anos atrás
The fact that she remembered details and reminiscing those moments in such a passionate way really shows that she’s enjoying and grateful for this career she has ☺️
BorkWoof 7 meses atrás
How does that show gratitude?
User 2389 ooh he mad 😂
jo vel
jo vel Anos atrás
it's been a few years, hardly a lot to remember
Jerome Wilson
Jerome Wilson Anos atrás
User 2389 modeling is a legit career. Not many can be truly successful at it regardless of how attractive they are
Geena Lawrence
Geena Lawrence Anos atrás
It’s so heartwarming to see that successful, talented, gorgeous women like her can still be so humble and down to earth ♥️ a true Queen
Seriously she’s so stunning and wise beyond her years.I need more videos of Bella just talking her voice is so calming its unmatched!!!🤩
K Macdonald
K Macdonald Anos atrás
Awww, I've never known much about Bella but seeing her here she seems so absolutely lovely and down to earth. What a gem of a person
A Saha
A Saha Anos atrás
She just sounds like a really humble person who's grateful for all the small and big things in's so refreshing to see that...and I'm glad she came out of whatever negative mental state she was in and that she considers herself happy now Mental health is important guys
ArianaRunPop 4 meses atrás
@Brian I guess you skipped the part where she said she was mentally and physically not happy. She also was being sarcastic...saying how she “ made it out alive”
Madison Fambro
Madison Fambro Anos atrás
@Brian when did she say her childhood was hard because she didn’t have designer?
Brian Anos atrás
HUMBLE??????? Did we watch the same video???? She talks about how her childhood was hard because she didn’t have designer clothes as a child. She wouldn’t know a hard childhood if it smacked the plastic off her face.
Alpha Charm
Alpha Charm Anos atrás
Bella is so beautiful💛🌞 She is one of my favorite models of this generation. Her look reminds me of the IT girls in the 90s. Plus she’s a Libra ♎️ like me ☺️
Lexi Smith
Lexi Smith Anos atrás
This is the first time I heard Bella Hadid talk. Her voice is so elegant and beautiful.
Ruru Zara
Ruru Zara Anos atrás
I wasn't expecting her voice like that
FuchsiaFiore Anos atrás
Right 😍
shinsei tamago-chan
she's got a hint of Dutch accent, doesn't she?
Burcu Anos atrás
That's because it's fake
Change Eye Color
Change Eye Color Anos atrás
they are sooo interesting
Amber Specter
Amber Specter Anos atrás
She already had so many iconic looks, it's unbelievable
Cosmic Anos atrás
She is actually looking much older , literally I had to search for her real age as the visual impression in this show giving the illusion of her age around pleasingly 40
tasty recipes by Roufun
My classmate looks like her and she is 14 years and never had surgery 😐.. I don't think bella looks older than she is...she has deep voice and that's probably why she looks older to other people
ArianaRunPop 7 meses atrás
Backhand compliments are the worse. Grow love for yourself and hop off the internet
Emily Anderson
Emily Anderson Anos atrás
She is beautiful but after I found out she was younger than me I was shocked. She looks MUCH older.
Daniela Nereu
Daniela Nereu Anos atrás
Same ahe look on her late 40s!
supreme hoe
supreme hoe 6 meses atrás
Her speaking about being in a good place and sending love to her past self made me so emotional.
Hilll Prz
Hilll Prz Anos atrás
I love Bella sooooo much! So classy, humble and relatable. Love her moms approach at keeping them humble 💕
Sarita Dulal
Sarita Dulal 5 meses atrás
I feel like she didn’t even enjoyed modelling before and now she is living it happily.anyway she is one of my favourite❤️
Eva Anos atrás
I can't get over how very well she articulated the progression of her life. You can tell how genuine her feelings were. It didn't sound narcissistic at all.
irock2403 Anos atrás
@DARK M00N no shame in surgery game.
DARK M00N Anos atrás
@irock2403 yeah with lots of surgery
Anne-Marie Anos atrás
@irock2403 I watched it too. And yes this is true. I saw Bella first time in Real housewifes and you can not see that clip anywhere. She look different and sound different then.
Jee Male
Jee Male Anos atrás
@A. J. can you share the link for clip you're talking about.
Kimberly Cherie Gatchalian
In my opinion, Bella is the best model of this era of models. She is a very talented, evolving, and versatile model, her and Gigi actually. Kendall is the highest paid model and it could be because of who she is, and her family background, but Bella is just more talented in my opinion and her "RBF" that everyone talks about is literally my favorite thing about her and she uses it to her advantage.
Marley Pup
Marley Pup Anos atrás
She’s very REGAL . Definitely surpasses most of the models these days
What the HeCKkk uNniE
I had to Google it
Mimi Svet
Mimi Svet Anos atrás
You dont even know other models because fashion industry only focuses on Bella, Gigi and Kendall these couple tears so...
mwahhh a
mwahhh a Anos atrás
she’s a real princess of palestine according to her father
amelia.morgan 2 meses atrás
The fact that Vivienne Westwood recently died about a week ago is so upsetting that Bella never got that wedding dress dream!
Elaha Karyzada
Elaha Karyzada Anos atrás
I love how she’s talking about these huge brands like she’s not a supermodel herself so humble so real Hadids really did a great job raising their kids 👌🏻
elmss 24 dias atrás
the fact that vivienne Westwood passed away and won’t be able to make Bella’s dress or any other dress again is so sad :(
serine Anos atrás
she’s just so elegant and charming , her voice is so soothing you just wanna listen to her talk about all her modeling experiences and travels
Fashion On Trending
She is amazing
Don't call 991
Don't call 991 Anos atrás
Humble aswell it's so refreshing to see
kaorisity Anos atrás
Bella is so very professional, I have a newfound respect for her. A very well spoken young lady.
Bruce Angel
Bruce Angel Anos atrás
Her intelligence, speech and way make her even more interesting than her silent persona. Awesome!
Annyvee 9 meses atrás
she's most definitely one of the most gorgeous women to exist.
trouvaillx Anos atrás
She’s so elegant and humble, literally perfect.
Nima Anos atrás
I literally cannot believe she is 4 years younger than me she looks late 30’s. But I do really relate to her, she’s seems like an empath and genuinely good person as well as a bit of a lonely soul.
Afifah Sheikh
Afifah Sheikh Anos atrás
I honestly love her personality and the way she carries herself She and Gigi both have this humble and genuine nature in them which shows how nicely they're brought up And I love the fact that she's acknowledging every designer she has worked with and she really seems grateful about it and also her voice is so soothing
Amar Sahbi
Amar Sahbi Anos atrás
@Afifah Sheikh what do you mean strict way?
bube udeh
bube udeh Anos atrás
Amar Sahbi
Amar Sahbi Anos atrás
Afifah Sheikh
Afifah Sheikh Anos atrás
Katy MacCoy Yeah I know their mom is kinda over the top and she treated them in a really strict way but their dad is really nice Anyways you're right
FrostyDufour Anos atrás
She's got the loveliest energy. I wasn't expecting her to be so open.
Taís 🌺êncio do Carmo.
MARAVILHOSA!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Rakel's Aligned Life
wow i loved this, im so proud of the fact she is able to be honest and reflect on her growth like that, and happy to hear that she is happy
AngelSummertime CuteFace
She got THE looks. Fabulous fashion
Anjan Uthaiah
Anjan Uthaiah Anos atrás
I love how she actually acknowledged each designer and didn't make fun of any of the clothes. It's so nice to see people like her. I remember watching this video of Kendall and when she was asked about what she wore for her first Met she said 'it was Topshop' in this very condescending voice like she was too good for it. I love how Bella is so humble and down to earth
M J Anos atrás
@kani ben She said that in a condescending tone like she was embarrassed to wear a Top Shop dress to the Met Gala
kani ben
kani ben Anos atrás
she said it was really cute? how was that rude?
Anjan Uthaiah
Anjan Uthaiah Anos atrás
@Lexar Ona they are
throningdale Anos atrás
@BabyHols777 thanks!
BabyHols777 Anos atrás
@throningdale met gala 2018 vogue vid
Micaela Anos atrás
she’s such a pure soul 😭 I love her
Quinn Knox
Quinn Knox Anos atrás
She's a fashion icon, a perfect canvas for clothing.
user0120 9 meses atrás
she's one of the most likable and UNPROBLEMATIC models
M Davis
M Davis Anos atrás
You can definitely tell how humble Bella is 😭♥️
Me Hoy Minoy
Me Hoy Minoy Anos atrás
Humble?? What because her first pair of loubotins were only given to her once she finished high school???
JANETTE JANSEN 11 meses atrás
She looks so classy I appreciate her efforts.
Gasolina Anos atrás
She looks completely different in movement, talking, her facial expressions, etc than she does in still photos and runways. She’s absolutely stunning.
Maria-Sol Jimeñez
Maria-Sol Jimeñez Anos atrás
@Anne-Marie exactly
Anne-Marie Anos atrás
@CeceVera I think she is obsessed to Carla Bruni. Naturally she does not look like Carla. Her facial movements even are like Carla. And Carla has very calming voice. So 🤷‍♀️.
R E Anos atrás
God bless her surgeon
Krystian Szumski
Krystian Szumski Anos atrás
She is sooooo humble. I love people like her.
Jordan Alexander
Jordan Alexander Anos atrás
I love the brachial tree look I wish more people would do it!
Rella Li
Rella Li 9 meses atrás
The energy of her is so special, gorgeous.
j       b
j b Anos atrás
she’s definitely the model of the decade
Humanlexpression 8 meses atrás
It’s so sad to see how much her mother has brainwashed her into being someone she’s not. Bless her heart
ArianaRunPop 7 meses atrás
She seems happy
Kou kou
Kou kou Anos atrás
having met her several times in Paris, she’s a sweetheart. One of the most amazing and kind-hearted celebs out there.
Kayla Anos atrás
luvie. very true. It always suprises me that people choose to believe this over free will.
shazLFC Anos atrás
Wow !! Wish I could meet her
Shushmita Chawde
Shushmita Chawde Anos atrás
she is a libra so ofc it's in her nature
aola wili
aola wili Anos atrás
She just has this aura about her which makes her so likeable and attractive. She’s also really humble which i love ❤️
comrade leppi
comrade leppi Anos atrás
She is real life princess and that elegance is there with her.
Hillary Martins
Hillary Martins Anos atrás
I love how she seems so natural and fresh 💜
Dollarmanagementgroup 10 dias atrás
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Jessica Oatis
Jessica Oatis Anos atrás
I like her. She seems humble, a rare commodity in Hollywood.
kanna 11 meses atrás
She looks so unreal and her eyes are so captivating, wow. Her smile is infectious.
AB Anos atrás
She’s my favourite out of today’s models. She had a lot of privilege coming into the industry but seems grounded and actually worked hard to keep her spot there. Love her.
Nur Hadirah
Nur Hadirah Anos atrás
yes honestly i've never heard anyone talk anything bad about her and gigi. they're so nice
mary c
mary c Anos atrás
Yes. I agree. I believe her parents did an excellent job of raising both Bella and Gigi with humility and grace.
Cynthia Deviva
Cynthia Deviva Anos atrás
Her personality is incredible :)
Just Somebody
Just Somebody Anos atrás
An inspiration. Love her!
magic chirp
magic chirp Anos atrás
I actually thought the being poor thing was edited LMAO she legit said it without cringing I can't. And people who are calling her humble must be delusional just like her.
MoRu Tan
MoRu Tan 7 meses atrás
@alisha d
Kyouske06 7 meses atrás
She never said that tf
n k
n k 7 meses atrás
n k
n k 7 meses atrás
@Jayda Blake fr
TC_07 8 meses atrás
She wasn’t saying she wasn’t happy because she didn’t have designer
Milena Neska
Milena Neska Anos atrás
I love it! She is such a nice, humble and calm person!
A Girl Inside
A Girl Inside 10 meses atrás
Honestly bella looks magical with blonde hair. She doesn’t have to cover it up just to be different. She’s beautiful naturally. I hope that one day she will not cover it up anymore
Brooke Schmidt
Brooke Schmidt Anos atrás
she is so well-spoken. Truly such a woman. also--- middle child vibes, absolutely!!!
ArianaRunPop Anos atrás
@noneyah not you feeding into ageism
noneyah Anos atrás
More like middle age vibes
ArianaRunPop Anos atrás
@AG yes
AG Anos atrás
You think this is well-spoken?
Sam Rosem
Sam Rosem Anos atrás
She is the pure definition of classy and elegance, she has a throwback classical look about her as she is one of the more stunning models in the world right.
jacqui bosco
jacqui bosco Anos atrás
she's so humble and extremely inspirational. my favourite celebrity defiantly
Claire Plauche
Claire Plauche Anos atrás
Wow! Bella's character is the most beautiful facet of this whole presentation!
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