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Her hunger is insatiable.

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22 Mai 2022



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Comentários 4 998
Man for how scary they were teasing her they really hit her with the goofiest attack animation
The disconnect between all the art vs gameplay in this company is unreal. Art nothing but bangers. Gameplay team gives us this goofy nonsense with I'm sure a balanced kit.
Adolf Filius Gatara
After watching her cinematic,
What I expected:
Yu Cao Xi Mi
Bel’veth in lore: legit entity of the void, an empress that can control void swamp and corrupt the whole city.
Klemens Vestner
after the grace and horror she was emanating in the cinematic trailer this is just ridiculous.
kiet anh
In trailer: Wow, she looks like a badass villain
Maria de-flower me now
I don’t know why, but it makes me laugh how with all the build up to play as the “Void Queen,” her main method of attack is slapping her opponents to death. Yeah, those slaps hurt, but it almost makes me wish her crits would be the queen backslapping as if to indicate this fight is beneath her.
Lonely Sandwich
How much dashes do you want to have?
Gonzalo Cortés Rivera
Yes! Dashes, stuns, invulnerability... Everything that LoL neededn't!
I really didn't expect her kit to be like this and Idk how to feel about it lol
I like Lore events a lot. Spirit Blossom was a huge success so I really do not get why Riot decided to do the same thing for Ruination but executed more poorly. A Void lore event is really exciting knowing we have no big updates on the region since maybe Vel'Koz's release since, let's be honest, Kai'sa was not a true void monster.
"You crave SLAP."
Design: Cosmic horror
Christopher Busby
Looks like gameplay team was given a different prompt than the cinematic and music team got
Just what League needs
yeah I dont know what I think about her. Would've thought she would fit more as a mage, sending swarms of fish drones to aid her in chasing enemies down and so on. I am not a huge fan of her attack speed style.
Mathias Kristensen
She's just gonna win every match cause the enemy team won't be able to stop laughing at these animations 😂
Just Some Guy without a Mustache
If a slapping competition was a game mode in League, she’d be SS tier for sure.
Lew Tx
So void empress with millions of years of knowledge but Riot designed her like a mindless void creature that only bruteforce attacks.
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