Behind-the-Scenes of Good Eats: The Return

Alton Brown
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Only watch this behind-the-scenes supercut if you’re a serious Good Eats fan. Seriously.


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24 Ago 2019



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Barbara Hawkins
Barbara Hawkins 27 dias atrás
You all be smokin the good stuff!🤣
Gabi Iannacone
Gabi Iannacone Mês atrás
Been watching you for years and you're technical approach to cooking is something I've really loved over the years.. I don't know where else to ask you a question so I'm doing it here...I hope you'll be able to answer... I'm a forager.. My favorite thing in my foraging besides mushrooms of course are black walnuts... I have many recipes for them but would very much love to hear your opinion on cooking with them and what recipes you might use them for. Basically it's cakes or dry roasted but I'm convinced you would have better ideas and your thorough explanation of things might give me a better understanding of the walnuts uses and what not... Wild edibles are for the most part not addressed by you guys.. How about it ?
Ellen Brenner
Ellen Brenner Mês atrás
Okay I LOLed. And wanted to mention that the Muffin Man also had this charming little ditty...
Alex Cantelmi
Alex Cantelmi Mês atrás
What watch is he wearing?
3742enigma Mês atrás
Alton, I grew up in a home where we ate fast food 4 nights a week and cooked processed food out of cardboard boxes on the rest. You can imagine how my health and weight were affected and this plagued me into adulthood. Good Eats came out while I was college and it helped me start to change my life - cooking real food finally made sense to my science-minded brain and I realized it wasn't something to be overwhelmed by and you made it all so entertaining . Your show began a journey that led eventually to me taking control of my own health (a journey that also included Iron Chef which helped me develop creativity). It was an effort with many other difficult steps and discoveries about myself, but it *really did* start with Good Eats. I am so grateful to you and to all who made that show a reality in the 90s. And I'm SO glad you're back. Thank You, from the bottom of my healthy heart!
Cady Wilson
Cady Wilson Mês atrás
I got the raiders reference immediately. But j love "all of you suck"
Brian Bock
Brian Bock Mês atrás
Feels like Good Eats meets Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance).
Jeffery Williams
Jeffery Williams Mês atrás
I just discovered the show about 2 hours ago and I'm sitting here binging it love this show great Twist on a cooking show good personality great recipes simple and easy to follow and a little bit of humor involved I'm addicted
Robin Katona
Robin Katona Mês atrás
My son, now 21, got chill bumps hearing the music!! We watched when he was like 8, now he is in Culinary school because of your show!!!
HelloChefTaylor Mês atrás
Be still me heart ❤️😭
Ironica Vee
Ironica Vee Mês atrás
seriously fangirl crushing on AB! Made some risotto in your honor tonight!
BlueLollidorable Mês atrás
The Waffler is the true breakfast hero - he can defeat the Crêpe’d Crusader any day!
UrbanExplorer1000 Mês atrás
foodtv has really gone to shit since the original good eats. All we see are food competitions, a new show with Bobby Flay every month and Giada is more annoying than ever. please bring back the old FoodTV with simple cooking shows
Marvin Mês atrás
The Waffler was for maple syrup before he was against it.
David Cave
David Cave Mês atrás
Is the Waffler one of the Mystery Men?
yougosquishnow Mês atrás
Wtf was food Network thinking putting this on at 10 pm? Are they trying to avoid the new HBO lineup? Doesn't matter, I'm gonna DVR it and copy all the recipes anyway, just like I did in grad school.
Eric Scott
Eric Scott Mês atrás
Keep up the great work Alton and crew!!!!
What watch is he wearing st 2:14?
Christopher Keelty
Christopher Keelty Mês atrás
I got the Raiders joke right away FWIW
Keith Mullins
Keith Mullins Mês atrás
That purple rice puppet thing looks like Walter (from Jeff Dunham)
Janet Seidlitz
Janet Seidlitz Mês atrás
Have the Avengers been calling to get Waffleman in their new movie? :-D
cutesywootsey Mês atrás
xoxo2008oxox Mês atrás
Hey! I got it in that scene "if only you spoke...Italian!"... no one else did?
Kieorasama Mês atrás
I have seen the muffin man! He used to live across the street from my grandma. Not joking! My grandmother had a neighbor who was a baker. He owned a bakery in town, and he’d bring home muffins from work for the rest of his neighbors. The icing on this cupcake is that my grandma lives on baker lane!
Summer Gomez
Summer Gomez Mês atrás
Is it wired that I got the raiders reference as soon as it left his mouth. Lol.
Shawn Caldwell
Shawn Caldwell Mês atrás
Fun crew!
Alex Swavely
Alex Swavely Mês atrás
@9:20 NO CREPES!
Cesar Sandoval
Cesar Sandoval Mês atrás
@0:42 Matt Stonie enters chatroom
RoseVampireGirl4 Mês atrás
Indiana Jones!! ❤️ i got the reference!
Ernst Wittenschläger
Nice watch.
MissLilyputt Mês atrás
I love the behind the scenes! This makes me incredibly happy.
Squee Dow
Squee Dow Mês atrás
Alton, we're soooooooooooooo happy you're back. BTW, has anyone ever told you that you look like Ryan Pressly, relief pitcher (outstanding one) for the Houston Astros? Check it out.
Kevin Brennan
Kevin Brennan Mês atrás
Glad your back... I have always enjoyed Good Eats... and your show too.
M4st3r0fN0n3 Mês atrás
how is it that not one person got that raiders reference until after you said "its from raiders"??? i got that joke immediately, and i loved it in Tamale Never Dies as well
Jeff Chiu
Jeff Chiu Mês atrás
is that his daughter Zoey on set? That's awesome!
Robert Raffaele
Robert Raffaele Mês atrás
Alton Brown, best ever!
rockerseven Mês atrás
How did no one get the Raiders reference?!
chatsnoir Mês atrás
love the new show, but maybe a little less vaudeville? would have rather seen the amaranth segment than the conquistador shtik. thanks. let the good eats roll!
killercaos123 Mês atrás
I can't wait for the inevitable Spicy episode. There has to be one right? In my "Up Next" is Alton from the First We Feast episode.
Alfred Studwell
Alfred Studwell Mês atrás
How did I not hear about this until the day after the premier?! Its a good thing everything today is available on demand. :)P
Grog Vaughan
Grog Vaughan Mês atrás
Welcome back Professor! I have a question, does the crew prefer your cooking or craft service?
Notnilc Mês atrás
Mike Brendanawicz
Kort Kramer
Kort Kramer Mês atrás
Having fun, great to have Good Eats returning.
L Ewing
L Ewing Mês atrás
I got it right off! You had me at "If only you spoke Hovitos"
Mary Caitlin
Mary Caitlin Mês atrás
It's been a while since I've been this happy!
Pink Wings
Pink Wings Mês atrás
All I got from this was TURKEY LEG EPISODE.
Erica Clark
Erica Clark Mês atrás
I'm so so excited! Loved this show since I was little and it was on PBS before food Network. Thank you for bringing it back 💗
aniki91344 Mês atrás
Soooooo happy he's back on the screen!
Nathan Wubs
Nathan Wubs Mês atrás
I died from the waffle power!
KJ4RMZ Mês atrás
Hold up! At 06:29 you've committed a crime against Southern Life. That is NOT DUKE'S mayo.
Lisa H-P
Lisa H-P Mês atrás
I have missed Good Eats so much. I love AB. (He's so dreamy.) When I saw the announcement about this glorious return on BRvid, I squealed. This bts video was more than I could have hoped for. My favorite episode from the original series was the Castaway episode where Alton was lost on a tropical island. Fantastic.
shadowscribe Mês atrás
It is so sad when nobody gets a reference you see in seconds.
Shawnna von Blixen
Shawnna von Blixen Mês atrás
Somebody give that puppeteer his own show!
Kristopher Robinson
Love that you are back AB!! Also, I agree with you, they all suck for not getting the Raiders reference
Bourbon _Sherbet
Bourbon _Sherbet Mês atrás
Favorite food show of all time!
Brenda Krieger
Brenda Krieger Mês atrás
So very happy for the triumphant return of Good Eats😄🍴
Sara Anderson
Sara Anderson Mês atrás
Don't know why but it makes me smile that you still have all kinds of Publix brand products on your show. :)
skump13 Mês atrás
Good eats is the best art film of all time
Cat&Fish M.
Cat&Fish M. Mês atrás
Lotus Rodgers
Lotus Rodgers Mês atrás
4:07 my reaction: "thats tonight! thats in ten minutes! thats!....on cable television"
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