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Cardi B's Grammys look involved a direct message on Instagram, one trip to Paris, and a lot of practice tiptoeing and dancing.

Directors: Max Bartick, Beatrice Pegard

Producer: Dayna Carney

Production Manager: Jen Santos

Editor: Daniel Poler

Titles: Michel Sayegh

Color Company 3

Archive Footage Courtesy of the House of Mugler

Filmed on Location at Dream Hollywood Hotel

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26 Mar 2023



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Comentários 9 095
Fifi the hardcore polish Mumushka
No one is talking about how great she’s treating her staff and helpers!
Vanessa Gutierrez
Vanessa Gutierrez Mês atrás
She is really kind to her worker ❤
MATz r
MATz r 6 meses atrás
Oh they're recording
nighthawknina86 7 meses atrás
why does that matter??
lewisalpha911 8 meses atrás
Cardi does have her golden moments and don’t get enough props for them. #Mybad
Jacqueline Hernandez
Jacqueline Hernandez 2 anos atrás
I love how she looks with the burgundy leather jacket, her makeup and hair. Stunning.
@Marie Käger ##
queen V
queen V Anos atrás
Spinel💖 Anos atrás
Fernanda Dewa
Fernanda Dewa 2 anos atrás
@Osmanacare Efeler diyarın kasdalar yürürük bokeh
Marian Leter
Marian Leter 2 anos atrás
Me too
Y.M - Edits
Y.M - Edits 2 anos atrás
Why is no one talking about how gorgeous Cardi looks without makeup. Like, girl- you’re prettier than me WITH makeup.
Nyla 6 meses atrás
@RUTHLESS OG most celebrities had surgery she’s not the only one
Nyla 6 meses atrás
@michea l jackson during 6:45 she isn’t wearing any
RUTHLESS OG 10 meses atrás
@Kuburatu Abubakar 😐
Kuburatu Abubakar
Kuburatu Abubakar 10 meses atrás
@RUTHLESS OG I bet you the insecure one here. It’s kind of obvious
Lee Martell
Lee Martell 2 anos atrás
She is so Cute without makeup. And I m not even a fan. She seems like a nice person.
Nyla 6 meses atrás
@DK i believe at 6:45 she isn’t wearing any
职业玩家 7 meses atrás
With make up she looks better (my comment isnt mean, putting on make up isnt bad)
Juneprettyboi 11 meses atrás
Nah she looks much better with makeup
Scarlet Ragneel
Scarlet Ragneel Anos atrás
@DK she isn't at 5:30
etherealxii Anos atrás
pimento ,
pimento , 4 anos atrás
Cardi looked so pretty in the look at the very beginning and through out with the maroon-ish jacket and her haiiiirrr and makeup omgggg why doesn’t she do that more often
KasperX116 2 anos atrás
@mellie fashionova and its sold out.... capsule collection with Cardi
mellie 2 anos atrás
does anyone knows her jacket's brand 😭😭😭
Ataur Rahman
Ataur Rahman 3 anos atrás
হফগভতঁহ য়ফগ
Daniel Salvador
Daniel Salvador 3 anos atrás
She love trying different hair style and colors. That hairstyle suits her perfectly tho.
Femylin 3 anos atrás
Ximena Valdez Ariana wears the same ponytail-
Goodness Grace
Goodness Grace 2 anos atrás
I LOVE how she shook their hands and introduced herself even though they obviously knew who she was. It just shows how she can be powerful and humble at the same time.
Not Kimbo
Not Kimbo 4 anos atrás
Honestly she was best dressed. I loved the fashion, uniqueness, creativity, and art behind it. She nailed it all the way through
Pam T
Pam T 4 anos atrás
I agree!!
Ms. Ms
Ms. Ms 4 anos atrás
I agree💗Cardi love💗
V1CEC1TY 4 anos atrás
wow I hated the dress 😂
MsCoco456 4 anos atrás
Kimberly Hiraldo I thought the same thing.
kermitted 4 anos atrás
i wouldn’t consider myself a cardi stan but i can’t deny that’s these looks were a solid SERVE
Olugboye Opeyemi
Olugboye Opeyemi Anos atrás
@Tajan Leon her personality is amazing too
Tajan Leon
Tajan Leon 3 anos atrás
That’s how I feel when it comes to her. I’m not a fan of her as a musician but as a fashionista she shines
Ava Amir
Ava Amir 3 anos atrás
ʚ kermitted ɞ literally, her outfits were amazing
Hayley’s Comet
Hayley’s Comet 3 anos atrás
I love how I’m feeling watching this in a T-shirt and gym shorts.
Eric Perez
Eric Perez 2 anos atrás
Eyal Azzam
Eyal Azzam 2 anos atrás
I swear literally, I’m literally in a T-shirt and gym shorts
Jade Monkey
Jade Monkey 2 anos atrás
Omg I was thinking the exact same thing lol
joao frazao
joao frazao 2 anos atrás
Hi Gsugar
Hi Gsugar 2 anos atrás
And im waching this with a towel on my back and Messy hair 😂😂😂
Giorno Giovanna
Giorno Giovanna 3 anos atrás
Some people hate her for the type of songs she makes but don't care about her personality She is literally one of the people out there she is kind caring funny and care for children and respects other religions and wants people to have their rights and equals im not a big fan of rap in general and i don't like it but i honestly love Cardi
Proff octopus • 66 years ago •
@职业玩家 then why are you even wasting your time here yk
职业玩家 7 meses atrás
I still dont like her go cry, i dont care if shes a nice person not everyone can love every nice singer yk
Swiftie Anos atrás
They ignore her emotional songs like “Be Careful”
Maria Rose
Maria Rose 3 anos atrás
I hate that people made fun of the Venus red carpet look. She was drop dead gorgeous and as elegant and classy as i have ever seen her. And the dress alone was iconic for so many reasons. Not to mention how effortlessly the white fringe dress framed her curves. Her stylists are gods 🙌🏼 ❤
Maria Rose
Maria Rose 2 anos atrás
Jeon Jungkook lol its the name of the dress/look😂
Slime Babyy
Slime Babyy 2 anos atrás
Nancy Patino
Nancy Patino 2 anos atrás
They always going to be haters out here and in here .
Nancy Patino
Nancy Patino 2 anos atrás
I agree
Cesar Zumarraga
Cesar Zumarraga 3 anos atrás
she wasnt
Dikshita 2 anos atrás
She is such a sweetheart.... I just don't understand why some people hate on her so much
job schouten
job schouten 7 meses atrás
its acted you know... she has a mediatrainer
🍄Pėach Miłk🍄
@aja mcconnell y’all causing so much drama when it was in the past smh it’s the past people who are small minded bring up dark pasts
cos Anos atrás
@aja mcconnell LMAO she never drugged men. do your research
cass Anos atrás
Frr, theyre so jealous of her lmaoo
Only Music
Only Music Anos atrás
@Rob Rob Accha I got your point so if there are two criminals :- 1.Who killed someone 2. Who robbed everything away . We should leave the 2nd criminal cause his crime is less offensive . That's what you mean ? And gurl whenever anyone says against Cardi B doesn't mean he supports Nicki minaj . That's legitimately a crime . Moreover she's ruining our future generations .Jave you seen WAP performance at Grammys .My all friends and their brothers were watching it with family .What do you say to this ?
TARNA10 4 anos atrás
Her stylist is ferociously talented!!!
Cardsmaster Anos atrás
@TARNA10 No you take this complaint and shove it. He didn’t style anything….he copy and pasted the original Mugler look. I bet you are eating crow now that Mugler passed away he is the real star.
Jason Spears
Jason Spears 4 anos atrás
Yeah its so socialist and hip you people don't even know what socialism is
Bea Rose
Bea Rose 4 anos atrás
TARNA10 lol you're a hypocrite 😂
Peas, Love & Pineapples well 901+ ppl including me says otherwise.
Peas, Love & Pineapples
@TARNA10 😂😂😂😂 you so wrong lol 💀💀
Cidney Srosby
Cidney Srosby 3 anos atrás
You wouldn’t expect it, but Cardi’s actually pretty down to earth
Avocado tortilla
Avocado tortilla 2 anos atrás
It's because she knows how hard life is lol.
biaontwt 2 anos atrás
Ye kinda
LikelyCryaon 2 anos atrás
Can we just appreciate the fact that she isnt afraid to show her face without makeup (she looks so good without makeup) and how nice she was to her staff or friends
Scarlet Ragneel
Scarlet Ragneel Anos atrás
Cardi speaks really well without her exaggerated high-pitched voice. Not to mention, her natural hair length really suits her! I loved the bits of her explaining the whole episode in this video, relaxed and more natural, very close to her actual self.
Elizabeth Rios
Elizabeth Rios 2 anos atrás
Shes so nice to her team and she appreciates fashion i don't know why some people would come to hate on this video when shes absolutely a sweetheart
Kelby Lefsrud
Kelby Lefsrud 3 meses atrás
Those 3 looks are just absolute works of art
Jameka Vibes
Jameka Vibes 4 anos atrás
The dress was absolutely beautiful and Cardi wore it beautifully.
Linny w
Linny w 4 anos atrás
All three looks were genuine Hollywood glamour of old
Rae. Helder
Rae. Helder 4 anos atrás
Love the stylist! So honest no shadyness, all dedicated💪🏾❤️
Adam Musa
Adam Musa 3 anos atrás
Adam Musa
Adam Musa 3 anos atrás
Rae. Helder bf
Jay Qualin
Jay Qualin 2 anos atrás
When she said wakanda forever my heart sank😭😭
Kgotlelelo Machaka
Kgotlelelo Machaka Anos atrás
@Arabella are you saying you don’t know ‘black panther’ ?
Alexa Richardson
Alexa Richardson Anos atrás
@younes Baa3d no she was singing her song which has the line “wakanda forever”
younes Baa3d
younes Baa3d Anos atrás
I think she said “will come forever “ not wakanda forever
Arabella Anos atrás
What does it mean
Mg43_2008 2 anos atrás
Asia Delilah
Asia Delilah 2 anos atrás
Her designer is sooo classy and charming. This look was insane for Cardi, it was amazing. Well done 🤩
Colleen Bowerman
Colleen Bowerman 3 anos atrás
I don't think anyone else could have pulled off those outfits the way Cardi did....absolutely stunning. Her body is amazing. I love that she loves fashion and takes risks but also has fun with it.
Emilyyy Anos atrás
She treats her staff so well I love her
chelseabryant6 4 anos atrás
Her stylist has a great eye!! He knows his fashion history as well!! Werk!!
V H 3 anos atrás
He’s very very good.
Uju Amobi
Uju Amobi 4 anos atrás
I love that he didn't go for the obvious, he went for the classics. It was definitely her "a fashion icon is born" moment. She has good taste and that's why she went with her stylist.
@yoongisyana are you bashing on the way she spelled werk? It's spelled that way as a trend
Janssen 4 anos atrás
shook ~ corrects people and makes them feel dumb to idk boost your self esteem but says "it’s none of your business" when somebody replies. Quite pathetic.
Michelle Hutchinson
Michelle Hutchinson 2 anos atrás
In her videos she sounds loud and crazy but in real life she sounds so chill and sweet
BTS 2 anos atrás
She seems like a cool,fun,crazy mood,vibe to be around and be with💚
Dilmi Delgoda
Dilmi Delgoda 2 anos atrás
I'm not much into her music, but she's an absolute sweetheart. ❤
Nick Young
Nick Young 3 anos atrás
She looks like a badass Disney villain in the performance look and I'm living for it!!!
Black Phoenix
Black Phoenix 2 anos atrás
Dear Haters... If you don’t like Cardi B,why are you watching this video? 😒
Nayely the Cat
Nayely the Cat Anos atrás
@Olugboye Opeyemi She’s not the only one babe, Mugler is a Haute Couture Brand. Beyoncé wore Mugler, Gaga wore Mugler, and so Cardi did. As a Fashion Designer, I was only interested in her outfit, not in her. I still don’t like her or her music. Sorry.
Olugboye Opeyemi
Olugboye Opeyemi Anos atrás
@Nayely the Cat cause she's the only one that wears mugler huh Puhleaaseee
Olugboye Opeyemi
Olugboye Opeyemi Anos atrás
@Fabiekam exactly People are stupid
Olugboye Opeyemi
Olugboye Opeyemi Anos atrás
@yiran lu so.... what's your point exactly??? Is she supposed to be "nice" to people who disrespect her tf
Tuning Fork Drums
Tuning Fork Drums 2 anos atrás
Because we can!
karina 4 anos atrás
I absolutely love Cardi’s personality!! She’s so funny and has no filter but also seems so kind and sweet
Stephanie Ruff
Stephanie Ruff 4 anos atrás
I agree with your comment. 👍
Lucie Lebon
Lucie Lebon 3 anos atrás
As a beginner as a fashion designer, I LOVE this kinda videos!! It's so awesome to see the "behind the scenes" part of the show! 🤩
MEGHA JAIN 3 anos atrás
Chin-Hope 4 anos atrás
This made me really see cardi in a different light, and like her even more
Cum Tzu
Cum Tzu Anos atrás
Everything about Cardi is show stopping, like her shoe
Peta Anos atrás
She looked stunning....kudos to the team who worked on her growns.. Beautiful and classy.
Sadie 2 anos atrás
Little Witch
Little Witch 4 anos atrás
can I just appreciate her skin without even makeup .
Jo Moon
Jo Moon 3 anos atrás
You mean the saggy skin on her face?
grass field
grass field 3 anos atrás
Can you appreciate my horrible skin full of acne? uwu
Little Hell
Little Hell 4 anos atrás
I don't think so.
Itz_alice_ Chan
Itz_alice_ Chan 4 anos atrás
Taehyung's little Witch ikr she still looks amazing
[ P e r s e p h o n e ]
I love how much she's into fashion.
Vale Gae
Vale Gae Anos atrás
Parece ser super amorosa y respetuosa y agradecida con aquellos que trabajan con ella.
FMC Anos atrás
Love her voice
Aili Mendenhall
Aili Mendenhall 4 anos atrás
Low key love how grateful she is for everything she has
akram Dinzly
akram Dinzly 2 anos atrás
This is so worthy and she won the Grammys 🏆🌟❤️🙏🏻
rowni 4 anos atrás
Shoutout to all the fashion advisors, makeup artists and dressmakers doing all the alterations within days because all these outfits are bomb and purrrrfect on Cardi 😍💯🔥
Shell 4 anos atrás
You're right shout out to them for doing an Immaculate job... Her team is a1
Shell 4 anos atrás
@Stacia Belcher that is a good question Stacy I wish somebody would do the behind scenes like for the Oscars and Grammys and Tony's about how much all these things cost it will just be interesting to know.
Stacia Belcher
Stacia Belcher 4 anos atrás
Veronika Alcoba im like how much did all cost.
Beth Lehr
Beth Lehr 3 anos atrás
Mad props still to cardi’a style team. Mugler was epic in the 90’s-this was fashion at its best and I love that she served those looks the same way they hit the runway in ‘95 and she killed it!!!
Jersey Shea
Jersey Shea 3 anos atrás
I really stan Cardi B, she's nice to everybody around her. 💖💖
Marlen Rausch
Marlen Rausch Anos atrás
She’s a real Queen, pure love
DvaTud904 4 anos atrás
So proud of how far she's come.
youparejo 2 anos atrás
The look is a true piece of art 🎨
Mc Kinzy
Mc Kinzy 4 anos atrás
Crazy because she did win!!❤️🥳🙏🏻
Viviana Vargas Escalante
Why am I the hater if everyone else is agreeing?
Yolanda Baker
Yolanda Baker 3 anos atrás
@Viviana Vargas Escalante stop hating
White Alliance
White Alliance 4 anos atrás
Yes kiss the dress for good luck
Viviana Vargas Escalante
It was all rigged as always that's why
Mc Kinzy
Mc Kinzy 4 anos atrás
BRvid Pro mmm no because she stay “WINNING “
Ruben Ramos
Ruben Ramos 4 anos atrás
Cardi and high fashion are meant to be with each other. Simply gorgeous.
Veronica Renn
Veronica Renn 4 anos atrás
I love the acceptance dress. They all look incredible on her honestly.
BjwmG4td 2 anos atrás
We should have more celebrities like her
Srinjana D
Srinjana D 3 anos atrás
I felt really bad when people diss her because of her past and now eventhough she shows her skin but it's all her choice and nobody should have a say on this...I think she has such a good heart and her hardwork is beyond thoughts !!! I am also not really her stan but I like her as an honest individual.
lzzy 3
lzzy 3 2 anos atrás
This is why I love her. She's such a hard worker, and so kind. Like, look at how she treats people.
Aubrey Pace
Aubrey Pace 4 anos atrás
That white dress looked STUNNING on her
zombie panda
zombie panda 4 anos atrás
I agree she was stunning in that dress
Jessica Sanchez
Jessica Sanchez 4 anos atrás
Aubrey Pace Yessss I loved that one. So angelic.
Gabs :0
Gabs :0 4 anos atrás
Amo demasiado este video y ahora si amo los tres looks de cardi, su estilista la conoce bien
tahia Tahia
tahia Tahia 4 anos atrás
I liked that simple gesture : When the team was leaving Cardi asked if she was going to see them for the Grammy’s, when they said No, she hugged them! That was sweet!
Jai Inger
Jai Inger Anos atrás
Your outfits alone were a Grammy 💚💚💚💚💚
Natalie 3 anos atrás
The more I watch her and see things like this, the more I grow to love and respect her
W B 2 anos atrás
Jaką ona jest śliczna i ten jej cudowny głos
Maide Canyakar
Maide Canyakar 4 anos atrás
Cardi: 3 outfits for one night Me: 1 outfit for the whole week
angie !!
angie !! 2 anos atrás
lol samee
Khanyisile Shabangu
Khanyisile Shabangu 2 anos atrás
amelia 2 anos atrás
420StepDaddy 2 anos atrás
Shadia Ssekasi
Shadia Ssekasi 2 anos atrás
Nya Mariee
Nya Mariee 2 anos atrás
I love how Cardi is just being herself and not pretending for the cameras. Love herrrr❤️❤️❤️❤️
• G l o o m y •
She's so pretty without makeup omg 😭
Linda Ellis
Linda Ellis Anos atrás
Such a Glamourous and Gorgeous , Stunning Fashion Moment for Cardi B , Has Really Transformed Her Look !!! Street to Vogue !!!! Breath Taking !!!!
randomshit Anos atrás
the real art is the Incongruence. she slayed it!
Jeny Suji
Jeny Suji Anos atrás
She looks very gorgeous without makeup....omg
BrainyBombShell 4 anos atrás
She definitely picked a dress that suits her personality well its elegant, modern , fun ,wild with a touch of craziness I love her and she ROCKED that dress.
LacyLu Anos atrás
I have watched this over n over. I keep coming back to this video. Just such a beautiful dress. And no one could have pulled it off but her. I LOVE this dress.
ZombieGrrl01 2 anos atrás
Don’t really like her much but I respect humble she is, I love when celebs tell people their names when they first meet them. Some celebs won’t say anything cause they just assume like yeah you already know who I am so I like that about her she’s very genuine
Tiara liz
Tiara liz 2 anos atrás
She looks sooooooo pretty here.Casual style suits her...Her Hair Her Face Everything is a whole package of beauty.
Maria Betancourt
Maria Betancourt 4 anos atrás
Thank you for making Cardi look stunning on her dresses. Loved them.
ianthia 2 anos atrás
The maison artisans are so talented! The way they can alter archival Mugler pieces just for Cardi is amazing
Barbara Douglas
Barbara Douglas 4 anos atrás
I love her..i love that she is being no one but cardi..and big ups to all the stylists and team who made this big day come true for guys are very talented.congrats
Hermoni 4 anos atrás
Idk why but I love this lady. I've never watched her show, I don't own any of her music. I've only watched her on talk shows n award shows n she's hilarious, genuine, a natural beauty n I love her. 💜
Zainab A.
Zainab A. 4 anos atrás
She looks so stunning in all dresses....those makeup artists deserve accolades 👏💕💕
Mrudini Anos atrás
She looked so happy when she saw that white dress awh..she rocked all outfits
Maria Eduarda Souza
Maria Eduarda Souza 2 anos atrás
Essa mulher é tudo na minha vida
Joselin Alvarado
Joselin Alvarado 3 anos atrás
I’m I the only watching this during quarantine time
kim_lips Anos atrás
You r not only master peice watching during Quarintee 😁
Felisha Aloria
Felisha Aloria 2 anos atrás
infweati octwupwus UWU
2021 yeah we still in Quarantine
sofia green
sofia green 2 anos atrás
Your not alone
elsypie 4 anos atrás
The devil works hard but Cardi B's designer works harder.
Jessica Mcgee
Jessica Mcgee 3 anos atrás
elsypie why would you say that!!!!??????
Aviation Lover
Aviation Lover 3 anos atrás
An Albanian designer 😍 goo Albaniaaa 🇦🇱
banana pudding
banana pudding 3 anos atrás
Lupi Suseno
Lupi Suseno 3 anos atrás
elsypie x bokef
Naliyah 3 anos atrás
Reg 1980
Reg 1980 4 anos atrás
The hair and red jacket is on point. They did a good job on all three looks
Bai Iman Fatma Saidamen
sara54ism 2 anos atrás
Is it just me or what she looks good with makeup and without
Mooney 011
Mooney 011 2 anos atrás
She looks so good without makeup , I’m shook 👏🏻👏🏻❤️
siix siix
siix siix 2 anos atrás
The nude and black with pearls is soooo gorgeous. I need to find someone to make me a copy!
Leta 💚🤍🐍
Leta 💚🤍🐍 2 anos atrás
Lol it's ok
siix siix
siix siix 2 anos atrás
@Leta 💚🤍🐍 oh. Lol im sorry! I can be overly serious. Maybe I was just bitter nc no, i in fact prob couldnt even afford the knockoff😆😭🤦
Leta 💚🤍🐍
Leta 💚🤍🐍 2 anos atrás
@siix siix I'm sorry don't get offended I was just trying to be funny
siix siix
siix siix 2 anos atrás
@Leta 💚🤍🐍 what a strange thing to ask a total stranger 🤔
Leta 💚🤍🐍
Leta 💚🤍🐍 2 anos atrás
Do u have the money though
CYBR ANGEL 4 anos atrás
Finally an artist that brought back the glamour to the red carpet. Cardi B is doing everything right & she looks amazing doing it ❤️
Skyler Gainyard
Skyler Gainyard 4 anos atrás
I love her old time love for fashion. The opposite of her music . So it plays off well together 💜💜
Emily 4 anos atrás
Great job vogue! Cardi is a humble queen who deserves all of this!
darius Anos atrás
i am not her fan but she really know how to wear and she respect high fashion and that is so beautiful and i respect that so much ,she was look perfect even hair is like at mugler show ,bravo for CARDI B
Thea 4 anos atrás
I love it!!! Thank you Cardi B for sharing and thank you for being so kind to all designers and their staff. People dont realize how many long hours staff puts into making one outfit. Everything to be detailed to perfection.. And you look ever so beautiful. A Showcase Masterpiece. Would love to meet you in person. If not please respond back so i can show my friends and family that you are ever so sweet. Thanks my name is Arthea but my friends call me Thea
Bárbara Santorski
Bárbara Santorski 2 anos atrás
Eu achava ela feia, mas vi agora que com pouca maquiagem ou sem nenhuma, ela fica maravilhosa. Ou seja, linda!
Claire Life is a Journey
I can defiantly appreciate and admire the fashion choices her team made. Love it.
Amie 4 anos atrás
I know hey it looks weird on others but fits her personality well. She doesn't look like the awkward person wearing weird awkward clothing lol
Dianne Palu
Dianne Palu 3 anos atrás
I was soo happy when she won that Grammy she deserves it❤️
Rachel G-G
Rachel G-G 4 anos atrás
I'm speechless. She is a great beauty of our time.
Georgina Shanti
Georgina Shanti 2 anos atrás
There are no words in the English language to describe the level of artistry, creativity & flair needed to design, care for, alter, fit & even transport these garments. It's really amazing!!!
Devin Dean
Devin Dean 4 anos atrás
Something I find really impressive is she comes off as extremely classy and elegant like an old Hollywood actress. It's strange, like she just has that quality about her.
Vi's tattoos
Vi's tattoos 2 anos atrás
*Can we talk about how gorgeous the pearl dress she's wearing and she literally owned it* 😳
Scarlett 4 anos atrás
I love Cardi's personality, she has no filter whatsoever lol
Ryan Andrews
Ryan Andrews 4 anos atrás
Sahian Sanchez he has nothing better to do
Scarlett 4 anos atrás
@Sahian Sanchez Thanks!
Sahian Sanchez
Sahian Sanchez 4 anos atrás
Is commenting your full time job, cuz your comments are always the bests
Alyaa 4 anos atrás
lou Albino at least she's changed for the better n stop,
Diana Hernandez
Diana Hernandez 2 anos atrás
She a happy soul and treats her staff great.
Evan Christensen
Evan Christensen 2 anos atrás
She doesn’t need makeup! She has so much natural beauty
M O N Y R O A T H 3 anos atrás
People don’t understand how hard it is to make all these happen instead they keep criticizing the artists for their looks. It takes armies and a long period of time to make all these looks come to life.
#shorts #fyp
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