BEAUTY FAVORITES from the Year I was Away ... 💁🏻‍♀️

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Hey guys, I'm so happy to be filming reviews again. Today I'm covering my Faves from the year I was away ... basically the Best of 2020 💁🏻‍♀️ xo's Tati
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▸ P R O D U C T S M E N T I O N E D
Project 62 Bergamot & Patchouli Candle // $13

Project 62 Liquidless Ceramic Diffuser Kit // Amber, Bergamot & Patchouli // $10

Stila Tinted Moisturizer Skin Balm // Shade 1 5,6 // $32

J Cat Master Class/Fx Color Palette // Medium/Deep // $8.99

J Cat Master Class/Fx Color Palette // Neon // $8.99

J Cat Pro Pick Me Up & Blend Spatula // Large Diamond // $4.99

J Cat BR42-44 Pro Makeup Mixing Metal Palette // $4.99

Halo Beauty Immunity Booster // Berry // $9.95

Halo Beauty Immunity Booster // Citrus // $9.95

Undone Beauty Warm Up 4-in-1 Bronzer // $12

Undone Beauty Brush // $18

Bite Beauty Upswing Full Volume Mascara // $28

Tarte Quick Stick Waterproof Shadow & Liner // Bronze Luster & Black Liner? $25

Nurse Jamie Triangle Facial Beauty Tool // $159

Physicians Formula All-Star Palette // $14.99

Benefit Cosmetics The POREfessional Super Setter Pore-Minimizing Setting Spray // $32

Flower Cosmetics Gel Crush Lip & Cheek // Strawberry Crush // $9.99

Madison Reed Root Touch Up // Dark Brown // $30

✔ S N A P C H A T

✔ I N S T A G R A M

✔ T W I T T E R!/glamlifeguru

✔ F A C E B O O K

✔ E M A I L

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Hi I'm Tati Westbrook, thank you for watching, please be sure to check out my collection of makeup review videos where you'll find my best beauty tips, tricks and favorites on everything from top luxury cosmetics to my favorite drugstore makeup. Whether you're looking for a new product review, tutorial, beauty tip, haul or perhaps even a giveaway, I hope you enjoy watching.

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20 Jun 2021



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Kara Corey Fit Life
it's faith time
it's faith time Anos atrás
Jay Tee
Jay Tee Anos atrás
@Master General What does this have to do with a make up video?🙄 Take it to a political commentary channel.
Kara Corey Fit Life
@Anna Florence thank you!😍
Kara Corey Fit Life
@Jennie Bensch I've done a couple
It’s Jess
It’s Jess Anos atrás
Definitely agree 🦋
Cloud Anos atrás
Haven’t been interested in any beauty content for over a year. Tati posts one video and I wanna spend all my money.
Denise Cortez de Leon
Same!! So glad she’s back!
A R Anos atrás
Same I’ve barely bought anything in the last four years since becoming a Mum, she comes back and I’ve bought so much lol
erika reyna
erika reyna Anos atrás
Same 😆
Kewy Anos atrás
omgsh THIS
EilanJ Anos atrás
Same here! Cant even explain...
Missy H
Missy H Anos atrás
Tati, I purchased that candle and you.did.not.lie. GIRL that scent is EVERYTHING! I'm burning it now and I'm in heaven. And not expensive! Thanks for sharing!
Julia Dagostina
Julia Dagostina 7 meses atrás
Pretty please
Julia Dagostina
Julia Dagostina 7 meses atrás
Yes what candle? I want to know so I can get it
Veronica Figueroa
Veronica Figueroa Anos atrás
What candle? I like candles! Lol
Katie Paige Houpt
Katie Paige Houpt Anos atrás
i have adhd and usually it’s really hard to sit through videos and shows that are longer than like 6-8 minutes. but i could watch tati for hours, her voice and vibe is so soothing. 💕
Nicole DiModica
Nicole DiModica 10 meses atrás
Shezil Anos atrás
Same here!!
Charlie Scott
Charlie Scott Anos atrás
This took me back to being 17/18, sat on the train on the way home from college in the dark and watching Tati's daily video. All the stress of the pandemic and finishing university just melted away 😅
Javi Alonso
Javi Alonso Anos atrás
thanks for bringing back that wholesome, friendly energy you always have
zuygj bnsv
zuygj bnsv Anos atrás
She’s home, and i missed her. She taught me almost everything I know about makeup. I’ve watched her since 2013… so glad your back mama.
Amber West
Amber West Anos atrás
I feel like the earth is healing now that tati is back. The world balancing back out. I’m already loving the positive vibes I’m getting from her videos 🥰
dcoog anml
dcoog anml Anos atrás
Gosh, I forgot how much I missed you, Tati. It’s like a friend you haven’t seen in forever is finally in town. SO SO SO GLAD YOURE BACK!! ♥️♥️♥️
Synne Anos atrás
Tati, can you do a wardrobe video showcasing your clothes? The items you've been wearing lately are just so beautiful that I'd love to learn more about where you shop. ❤️
Ashley Shepperd
Ashley Shepperd Anos atrás
YES!!!! WHERE did you get this top?!
PranaGirl AmericanHoney
Tell me about your butterfly necklace, please!
Cap'n Wee tha Barmy
YAAAAAAAAASSS!! Anyone know where her dress is from?? The fabric alone is to dye for!! 😍
Cezzlina Anos atrás
Does anyone know where this green and gold top is from?
zusack01 Anos atrás
Sarah Elizabeth
Sarah Elizabeth Anos atrás
Gosh, I forgot how much I missed you, Tati. It’s like a friend you haven’t seen in forever is finally in town. SO SO SO GLAD YOURE BACK!! ♥️♥️♥️
Laura Walkendorf
Laura Walkendorf Anos atrás
ive genuinely never watched Tati before but her energy is *so* positive now, I’m subscribed!!
Megamix Central
Megamix Central Anos atrás
Honestly Tati I smiled this whole video. I love seeing you so happy and I envy your freedom! I would love to see you review Rare Beauty please. I love the brand and everything it stands for.
Ayveh Anos atrás
Agreed, I'm curious about that brand too now.
Megamix Central
Megamix Central Anos atrás
@Brutal Honesty to be brutally honest... Nope!
Brutal Honesty
Brutal Honesty Anos atrás
You envy her freedom? Are you not free? Lol
Maria Lindell
Maria Lindell Anos atrás
Inni Anos atrás
It is the Joy of the Lord! ✝️❤️
Katie Delmos
Katie Delmos Anos atrás
That green on her eyes and shirt is sooooo beautiful. So pretty.
seeni gzty
seeni gzty Anos atrás
Gosh, I forgot how much I missed you, Tati. It’s like a friend you haven’t seen in forever is finally in town. SO SO SO GLAD YOURE BACK!! ♥️♥️♥️
Rock girl
Rock girl Anos atrás
That green on her eyes and shirt is sooooo beautiful. So pretty.
Suzanne Fryer
Suzanne Fryer Anos atrás
SO good to have you back, an actual adult woman who is an expert and so articulate ❤️
Lorra Stone
Lorra Stone Anos atrás
I’ve fallen out of love with makeup the last year. And now I feel obsessed again. Missed you.
SLOAN Anos atrás
Tati is here to take the beauty community back to its roots and I’m here for it!
Jo Anos atrás
@Lydia J oooopoooo ok o ok oopoookoooopooooo
Kristin Bergstrom
Kristin Bergstrom Anos atrás
YoungDynasty Anos atrás
@Laur S May I ask what brings you here if you feel that strongly about her ?
Jenny BK
Jenny BK Anos atrás
@KM just started watching thanks to your post. Facts!
It’s Jess
It’s Jess Anos atrás
That’s right Sloan 👏♥️😊
steveace66 Anos atrás
how can you not love this person. despite of everything shes here standing tall. more power to you! positive vibes sent!
William Jewell
William Jewell 11 meses atrás
I just recently found Tati and fell in love instantly! I have stage 4 cancer and gave up on my looks. have made me fall in love with makeup again. It's my one thing that makes me feel better about myself. Thank you for being such a bright light for me. God Bless, Amy Jewell. PS Gorgeous dress.....
The Nameless Mouse Cast Iron
It has to be said. Tati is basically the Taylor Swift of the YT beauty community. She's doing what Taylor Swift did during the Reputation era and now. Am I the only one who sees this?
Cheshire Curls
Cheshire Curls Anos atrás
the fact that she's a swiftie sums this all up, she deserves the love she's receiving for coming back!
Rock girl
Rock girl Anos atrás
Gosh, I forgot how much I missed you, Tati. It’s like a friend you haven’t seen in forever is finally in town. SO SO SO GLAD YOURE BACK!! ♥️♥️♥️
Marilyn Levy
Marilyn Levy Anos atrás
My daughter : races into my office screaming “TATI’s BACK! And posting: Me: stops working to watch new video!! Refreshing and enjoyable moment!!
Leo Sandoval
Leo Sandoval Anos atrás
I’ve missed you so much queen 👑 👸 Finally I get to watch good content again 😌😍
databirds Anos atrás
Such a talented babe. Long lost friend. Soo good to see you.
Boosie Boss
Boosie Boss Anos atrás
It was so boring without her tbh
Samson's mama
Samson's mama Anos atrás
Seriously.. Tati IS the beauty community... Past year I rarely even watched beauty videos.. I SO missed this soothing voice❤
Sarah M.
Sarah M. Anos atrás
Same! I'm so happy. My wallet is not though. 🤣
Leo Sandoval
Leo Sandoval Anos atrás
@Lightning Squad no thank you
Ashley Hayes
Ashley Hayes Anos atrás
i am literally so happy she’s back. such a positive person and her videos are just such a breath of fresh air.
Max Anos atrás
Love that you came out with the health product !!! Ignore those haters, you’re amazing
rubyelizabethhh Anos atrás
i cannot tell you how much you calm my anxiety, I've watched you for YEARS and I would always love your videos but also it was like an escape? I missed you so much and I'm so happy to see you back and thriving! You look amazing. I'm happy you took the time to heal and it shows, but we're so happy you're back! can't wait to go buy everything
Angelica Vallejo
Angelica Vallejo Anos atrás
This video makes me feel a lot of things. Nostalgic? Happy? At peace? I just love everything about this video.
Tessa Ronge
Tessa Ronge Anos atrás
I don’t know why but Tati’s channel just makes me feel so safe. There’s something about her energy. I’m so happy Tati’s back!
Shadow M Weatherholt
❣️ Yas! 💯
Ayveh Anos atrás
Her voice too
Samantha Anos atrás
Adrian Cirricione
Adrian Cirricione Anos atrás
Yes, me too! From the “Hey guys, welcome to today’s video” to her blowing a kiss with the outro music, and everything in between...her videos are just so comforting. Watching this video brought a tear to my eye and I’m like, am I ok?!
dhi.f Anos atrás
Bruh i didnt even watch beauty gurus that much but she's definetely up there for skincare where my interest are
Hannah Capetillo
Hannah Capetillo Anos atrás
Those triangles are a lot like gua sha, it’s an ancient Chinese massage technique usually used with like jade or some kind of smooth stone for circulation and drainage, in case anyone wanted to give the creator of the triangle all the props ☺️
Afiifa Anos atrás
That’s so interesting thanks for sharing :)
waddlez Anos atrás
Ancient Chinese techniques coming in clutch once again I see lol it's amazing the history of certain things
Emily Valcourt
Emily Valcourt Anos atrás
you’re literally my favorite person not even favorite youtuber, thank you so much for coming back it hasn’t been the same without you and we appreciate what you do so much
CeciVizz Anos atrás
This. This is the beauty content I missed. WELCOME BACK GIRL ❤️
Lisa Andresen
Lisa Andresen Anos atrás
I have been craving these kinds of videos! And Tati is the queen! So excited to have her back!
TheDorkina Anos atrás
Who else is just happy to have Tati back? 🙋🏽‍♀️❤️
Ay gyal
Ay gyal Anos atrás
Yes yes yes!!!!!!! She was one of the VERY first BRvidrs that I watched when I discovered makeup channels and I just loved everything about her, esp her honesty and her content..I don’t think I missed a single video of hers. When she was gone, I went back and found (surprisingly, LOL!!!) other videos that she had done.. then I would binge allot of Raw Beauty Kristi videos too lol!!! I am sooo sooo sooo glad that she’s back!!!!! We love you, Tati!!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Cheyenne Andersen
Cheyenne Andersen Anos atrás
I would watch Tati fold her laundry if it meant getting content from her 😂♥️
Monica Del real
Monica Del real Anos atrás
Me 🙋‍♀️
maisha price
maisha price Anos atrás
Meee. Super stoked lol I miss hearing her calming voice lol
Micah Anos atrás
Tati, you coming back to BRvid has brought me so much joy❤️ there’s a beautiful, and very comforting sense of getting to normalcy, specifically because you are uploading again! you were missed, gorgeous! Welcome back❤️
Madi Beauty
Madi Beauty Anos atrás
The joy on her face literally is contagious 💕
Sarah Anos atrás
I am so glad you're back! You are such a wonderful content creator, and honestly love your complexion looks and tutorials because I love how natural and effortless you make it look!
Maggie Higgins
Maggie Higgins Anos atrás
You made me fall in love with makeup back in the day and inspired me to try new products. I am so happy you are back!
Melody Johnson
Melody Johnson Anos atrás
Tati: "I've been talking your ear off: Me: "KEEP GOING, WE HAVE WAITED A YEAR FOR THIS!" Tati is my ASMR
Jessica Morini
Jessica Morini Anos atrás
GAWD i could listen to her talk about ANYTHING!!! Tati- you need a meditation recording channel!
Rosetta Drone
Rosetta Drone Anos atrás
I used to auto play her videos when I had trouble sleeping… soothing voice 😁
Colleen Jennifer-Lynn
That is it! You nailed!! She is my ASMR too! ❤️🇨🇦😘
BeautybyMariela Anos atrás
It’s so nice to see you back my love! I’m O B S E S S E D with your dress! I need it in my life!❤️😍
Dyell Lynn
Dyell Lynn Anos atrás
You look stunning! Green is your color! Glad you’re back girl!!
Amanda Johnston
Amanda Johnston Anos atrás
Tatis videos got me super into makeup I'm not that great at it but she made me love it. It's an art and it takes time to get it down but I love the creatively of it all
Hannah Tillotson
Hannah Tillotson Anos atrás
This green look is killing me!!! IM IN LOVE! Just happy to have my Tati back!
Susan Nicholson
Susan Nicholson Anos atrás
Why do I feel like you coming back makes the world seem a bit back to “normal” . Welcome back 💕
Ida Borgelt
Ida Borgelt Anos atrás
SO agree, know exactly what u mean
Sakurako Katsuragi
Sakurako Katsuragi Anos atrás
I knooww
Perfectly You Beauty
So very true. After a crazy year seeing her face and hearing her voice is so soothing.
osheen sharma
osheen sharma Anos atrás
I felt this so deeply, I am in tears.
San Islam
San Islam Anos atrás
I swear omg 🥺😭
Savannah Pearson
Savannah Pearson Anos atrás
Surprised at how much I needed this… we’re glad you’re back Tati ❤️❤️
Shawna Benson
Shawna Benson Anos atrás
Hi Tati! I'm so happy for you that you have stayed true to yourself and your beliefs. I would like to offer my prayers for you, your company, and your marriage. Thank the Lord, you and your husband fought together and worked it out. I'm very happy to see you on BRvid again, I'm even more supportive having just found out about your strong faith. That makes me happy knowing you're happy.
Kenan & Ahmet
Kenan & Ahmet Anos atrás
My life is now complete! I’m soo excited to see back and empowering. Honestly you have always made me feel confident and happy
Lauren Mitchell
Lauren Mitchell Anos atrás
It’s so refreshing to see your beautiful face and doing old school beauty videos. Happy to have you back ❤️
messy678 Anos atrás
I didn’t realize how much I missed her. This is exactly what I need. Real honest reviews on makeup I might actually buy and use. I don’t need to chisel my face, I have no use for bright yellow eyeshadow. I am a mom on the go on a budget. Thank you, Tati, those Tarte sticks look intriguing and I never would have found them on my own!
PranaGirl AmericanHoney
Anyone buy that Tarte Quick Stick yet?
Katina Diep
Katina Diep Anos atrás
I missed her too she's really good
Carmen Sabau
Carmen Sabau Anos atrás
Welcome back, Tati!!! ❤️😍 We missed you and we hope you'll remain here ❤️🍀 You do such a great job!
xrrxy vvoi
xrrxy vvoi Anos atrás
i am literally so happy she’s back. such a positive person and her videos are just such a breath of fresh air.
Diana Orozco
Diana Orozco Anos atrás
I’ve watched you for YEARS & I always have a notebook for all your recommendations & then take it with me in my bag for future shopping trips. I am so genuinely happy you’re back. Sending you so much love Tati 🧿💙
Roxann Hernandez
Roxann Hernandez Anos atrás
I’m so happy that you’re back!!!! Obsessed with watching makeup videos once again because of you ❤️❤️❤️
Gail L / ggl_collage
Hearing Tati say, “Hi guys, welcome to today’s video” again is like being wrapped in a warm blanket!!! 💜🦋
Gail Jacobson
Gail Jacobson Anos atrás
Kristýna Kšádová
omg so true
LIBRIAN Sana Anos atrás
TELL ME ABOUT IT... Why am i crying 😭❤️
M Boudi
M Boudi Anos atrás
Omg Tati-that dress! the eye makeup!!-I am here for it!!!
Alanis Ramirez
Alanis Ramirez Anos atrás
I watch her videos and I feel ✨peace✨. I didn’t watch any other BRvidr while she was away. She’s the queen, and I love seeing how she takes the makeup community to its roots 💕
blowmekthx Anos atrás
I am SO HAPPY that you're back!!! Yours is the the only beauty channel I ever watched and I feel like I have a friend back. Thank you, Tati 💜
Nwanneka C.
Nwanneka C. Anos atrás
Your absence was felt in the beauty happy you're back Tati!
closetwarrior Anos atrás
I can't stan any harder it's literally not possible, I have been craving this kind of content for so long and the queen is back and serving it up
Sydney Brianna Taaffe
Same!!! I feel like a little kid I’m so happy to be watching a new Tati review
Leticia Reid
Leticia Reid Anos atrás
The eyebrow pain could be sinus inflammation! My ears/nose/throat recommends massage so this is an amazing product rec! Can't wait to grab one of those.
Lori Lyn
Lori Lyn Anos atrás
So happy you're back, Tati! I haven't been watching videos as much lately, so I am a little behind on your return, but wanted to send you some love! I adore your green and gold dress and your green eye look in this video! So so pretty! xoxo
Megan Littlejohns
Megan Littlejohns Anos atrás
I’m so happy Tati back! I miss every day coming home and having a long bath watching these videos!!
helen hobson
helen hobson Anos atrás
Tati, I only found you a month ago (clearly I was on another planet)! I have watched, back to back, all of your videos. I have purchased at least one item from every video, usually multiple items lol. You are an inspirational lady, the very best presenter, a font of all things makeup. I love watching you! I tell everyone I know about you. I have learnt so much from you. I love your sense of humour. So very glad you are back!!! The future is bright 🌞
April Schulthies
April Schulthies Anos atrás
Thank you for everything you do for your fans. Halo is such a quality product and is life-changing, even life-saving.
Eli M
Eli M Anos atrás
Tati is like the high class auntie who shares everything with her little neices 🥰
Savina Sanchez
Savina Sanchez Anos atrás
Britney Karlyn
Britney Karlyn Anos atrás
True 🤣
Alexandria M
Alexandria M Anos atrás
Can I just say I’m so happy she’s living for herself and not others anymore unapologetically! From her backdrop to her positive attitude. It’s honestly so refreshing and such a proud moment to see! Her new profound self entitled authenticity is genuinely causing beauty to outpour from her spirit. You can tell she’s in such a good place 🌸 where as before you could see the hurt in her eyes no matter how strong the smile arch was!
Marci Jewell
Marci Jewell Anos atrás
I am SOOOO happy Tati is back . .you were missed. Glad to see you strong and beautiful.
Kayla Wareing
Kayla Wareing Anos atrás
I’m so glad you’re back. You are and have always been my favourite to watch! Welcome back!!
Manon B
Manon B Anos atrás
You can't believe how much you've been missed. Welcome back, we love you Tati !!
KATHLEEN LE Anos atrás
*Tati’s reviews just hit different from others, & that’s why she’ll never go out of commission. She’s timeless, elegant, knowledgeable, & sophisticated. I’m so glad she’s back doing what she loves, & looking so beautiful, healthy, & radiant. Cheers, Tati!* 🥂💖
M Hurley886
M Hurley886 Anos atrás
I agree 100%! Elegant is such a good description! And, classy. She is the definition of class!
Amy Ames
Amy Ames Anos atrás
Yes! Tati! XOXO
Joseph T
Joseph T Anos atrás
She literally reviewed alone in this video what other beauty BRvidrs have done in 3 years. This is why there is no substitute for her. She's the real deal.
Empire Orient
Empire Orient Anos atrás
Exactly why I loved her from the start!
Diana K.
Diana K. Anos atrás
I couldn’t have said it better if I tried! I love her! I’m so happy she’s back, I was so upset.
Sally Sarai
Sally Sarai Anos atrás
Tati you look nice in green and gold ! Thank you for including non make up products too! I love knowing about candles and other things that are nice! God bless you 🙂🙏🏽
listen promise on soundcloud
I missed you, glad you're back!! You look glowy and healthy!! 💛
Valarie Johnson
Valarie Johnson Anos atrás
Tati!! I am so excited that you're posting again! I thought to myself soo many times "I have no idea what new makeup is good or not" and wished I had a video of yours to watch for new makeup! Thank you for coming back!
Sofie Bergqvist
Sofie Bergqvist Anos atrás
The blouse and the eyeshadow is beautiful! Tati looks amazing in green ❤️‍🔥
Buttons 1993
Buttons 1993 Anos atrás
Green is definitely Tati’s colour, her eyes look beautiful.
Sonia X
Sonia X Anos atrás
Couldn’t agree more honestly she always looks like a queen but the green definitely adds even more
Mary Louise Añonuevo
Missed you Tati, I tried watching the other beauty vloggers but I just can't find someone like you. Very happy you're back and so beautiful as ever, taught me everything makeup I swear
MargaridaM Anos atrás
I’m so glad tati is back! i can’t even express how happy i’m that she’s okay 🥰
Deborah Anos atrás
i've missed you so much. i can't even explain my happiness at seeing you again!! it's like seeing your best friend again for the first time in months and it feels like no time has passed
Loz Anos atrás
Feels like you never left Tati. Your warm nature is infectious! Couldn’t be happier you’re back
Kaylee Marino
Kaylee Marino Anos atrás
She’s home, and i missed her. She taught me almost everything I know about makeup. I’ve watched her since 2013… so glad your back mama.
Adventures with Amirah
Ayesha Siddique
Ayesha Siddique Anos atrás
That Wet and Wild purple palette
Jesca Conner
Jesca Conner Anos atrás
I am so glad you’re back. I’ve been in a makeup funk and have been dealing with depression. You’re the sunshine I needed. Thank you for coming back.
Heather Rackley
Heather Rackley Anos atrás
When she picked up the physicians formula, I was like ahhh me tooo! It says limited edition, makes me think I should get more bc I use it everyday. I’m not crazy about the blush just bc I have larger pores and it’s kind of shiny but omg it’s amazing.
Artist Jane Bush
Artist Jane Bush Anos atrás
Your eyeshadow is GORGEOUS!!! The green in your top and the eyeshadow is stunning. So awesome to have you back and just talk makeup. It’s like seeing a great friend for the first time in a long time ♥️
Melike Yalçıntürk
Oh my god! I've missed you so much. The other day you came to my mind and I thought about you, your recommendations and your amazing personality. I've stopped buying any makeup products since you were gone because you were the only person I've trusted when it comes to makeup. I'm so glad you are back and doing what you love. Welcome back and stay as long as you want and need. And remember you are loved! 💖
Bethany Willoughby
Bethany Willoughby Anos atrás
I trust Tati's opinion more than anyone else's in the online community, I AM SO READY FOR HER TO BE BACK
Carly Winn
Carly Winn Anos atrás
I know you do beauty, but I would love to see a clothing haul. You have the most beautiful clothes. I’d love to know where you shop. The dress you are wearing in this video is stunning.
Denae Stone
Denae Stone Anos atrás
I’d like to know too. I’m trying find out where she got this outfit. Also the one in her “A Year Later” video. So beautiful! Such a classy looking lady.
MarilynMroe Anos atrás
Hey great to see u!! I am loving this look and outfit is gorgeous on you!!! u look amazing!!
vivian corrales
vivian corrales Anos atrás
So good and fresh to see you back hun, looking forward to see you around more. Much love!
Rachel P.
Rachel P. Anos atrás
love love loooove that you’re back on BRvid 😍🙏🏼☺️✨ and, just made my first-ever halo beauty purchase: hair skin and nails, as well as the citrus immune booster! really excited to try. mahalos Tati! 💖
Jean Parks
Jean Parks Anos atrás
Affordable products, scents for the home, Tati’s smiling face ah, life is good again
AnneMarieRenee- A Working Mom's Guide
I am so happy you are back! ♥️ my wallet won’t be, but I am!! I already have my Tati must buy list started🤣
Tali Justine
Tali Justine Anos atrás
I'm so happy you're back! I've missed your soothing voice, helpful reviews, and recommendations. I've been saving up your videos so I could binge watch them. 😊🤣
Maria Casella
Maria Casella Anos atrás
Been awhile since I've seen Tati,I always liked her videos when she went to drugstores in the a.m and got all the deals those were fun to watch,really missed her she's awesome
Melissa KB Katich
Melissa KB Katich Anos atrás
This feels like the hug I so desperately needed after 2020. Thank you!
Jessica Condon
Jessica Condon Anos atrás
Well, everything feels right in the world right now. This is almost nostalgic for me. Im being dramatic, it's only been a year but I have missed Tati so much!
Erica J
Erica J Anos atrás
Yes same here!! It felt like a part of my life was missing, and i didn't have the same zeal for makeup like I did when Tati was actively posting videos! She is a gem and I appreciate her coming back!
Naomi A
Naomi A Anos atrás
Same. I even got emotional at the outro and felt ridiculous
Dani Anos atrás
Right? Damn. I missed looking at dumb beauty things with zero impact. Sounds so condescending but holy shit. It’s like my brain is just... chilling
thenatalieart Anos atrás
it feels like it's been much longer than a year. i totally have the nostalgic feeling too
Twinkleeestarss Anos atrás
Yes !!
Denisa Bethea
Denisa Bethea Anos atrás
I’m so happy you’re back!!! I’ve missed you Tati 🤗😘
Rubee Chamberlain
Rubee Chamberlain Anos atrás
Hey Tati, I'm glad you're back. BRvid wasn't the same without you
PinkWorldDazzle 11 meses atrás
Thank you for coming back Tati! This video is what I have been waiting for🎈
Allison D.
Allison D. Anos atrás
Awe! I remember watching the Madness Monday & CVS deals during my lunch breaks at work!!! So glad you are back!!!
Marco Paulo Adal
Marco Paulo Adal Anos atrás
I’m a guy. I don’t do makeup. I just watch Tati because of her calm speaking voice alone. It’s very therapeutic.
LittleAvocadoBaby Anos atrás
I’m a woman who doesn’t wear makeup and same. So relaxing!
anthony gomez
anthony gomez Anos atrás
Me too...🤣
Lou Marvin Santos
Lou Marvin Santos Anos atrás
Rose Bogard
Rose Bogard Anos atrás
I am not in to makeup, i am just here for Tati ❤️
dcrusader Anos atrás
Always been saying this ...
Skylah Cunningham
Skylah Cunningham Anos atrás
Tati you're glowing! Loveee the green dress and makeup it's stunning. SO glad you're back
Angie Sarabia
Angie Sarabia Anos atrás
I’m so happy to watch & hear you!! Thank you for coming back🥰
Ms Mima
Ms Mima Anos atrás
YEAHHHHH!!!! Tati's back. Your beautiful face and soothing voice were missed terribly! BTW, your eyeshadow and that gorgeous green dress ARE STUNNING! 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😘
Kami Miles
Kami Miles Anos atrás
Literally every product you've mentions so far ive either been on the fence about or have been OBSESSED with as well for the last year and im only 9 minutes in. Im so excited you are trying affordable items!!
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