BEAUTY FAVORITES from the Year I was Away ... 💁🏻‍♀️

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Shelly Smith
Shelly Smith 7 horas atrás
Please make a video about 1. How to use that spatula and those primary colors on a mixing plate to mix make up for unique looks. AND 2. How to do that eye look with the green and gold! Thanks!
Faith Williams
Faith Williams Dia atrás
Does anyone know what eyeshadow she has on in this video?? It's gorgeous!!!
Maddy Moore
Maddy Moore Dia atrás
I was trying to decide if the all star face pallet was worth it. Seeing this, I just bought it today for 19$!
Laura Cifuentes
Laura Cifuentes 2 dias atrás
we love youuuuu
Jennifer Bauch
Jennifer Bauch 2 dias atrás
I would love to see you review zero/low waste or eco-friendly beauty products.
kylie m
kylie m 3 dias atrás
Girl, your eyes are so beautiful 🤩
Holly 3 dias atrás
I miss your content ♥️
Mary Louise Añonuevo
Mary Louise Añonuevo 4 dias atrás
Missed you Tati, I tried watching the other beauty vloggers but I just can't find someone like you. Very happy you're back and so beautiful as ever, taught me everything makeup I swear
Alyssa L.
Alyssa L. 5 dias atrás
Can you review the new Fenty eaze drop liquid stuff??
Fleur Dixon
Fleur Dixon 5 dias atrás
Tati is always so glamorous and stylish. I’m only 18 and aspire to have her elegance.
Claudia 5 dias atrás
Does anyone know what brush she uses for contour?
Shawna Benson
Shawna Benson 6 dias atrás
Hi Tati! I'm so happy for you that you have stayed true to yourself and your beliefs. I would like to offer my prayers for you, your company, and your marriage. Thank the Lord, you and your husband fought together and worked it out. I'm very happy to see you on BRvid again, I'm even more supportive having just found out about your strong faith. That makes me happy knowing you're happy.
Nadine Voros
Nadine Voros 7 dias atrás
love your eye makeup here
Catherine Proctor
Catherine Proctor 7 dias atrás
Not sure if this was the video but I had forgotten how good Dermacol works as a concealer. I also have used my root touch up on my brows for a custom color
DeLaney Cosola
DeLaney Cosola 7 dias atrás
What is on her eye balls 😭😭😭 I must know!
emily music
emily music 8 dias atrás
Lashify! Need your opinion!
PranaGirl AmericanHoney
Oh glowing Tati - please tell me about that gemstone and gold butterfly necklace! I am obsessed! And that green eyeshadow is fire!
Kathleen C
Kathleen C 8 dias atrás
Steph Pierce
Steph Pierce 8 dias atrás
so glad to see you back tati! i missed your videos!
KrystalthePeach 8 dias atrás
are you going to check out the seattle glossier store? there have been a ton of new launches since the last time you reviewed them :)
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy 8 dias atrás
I’ve fallen out of love with makeup the last year. And now I feel obsessed again. Missed you.
Missy H
Missy H 9 dias atrás
Tati, I purchased that candle and you.did.not.lie. GIRL that scent is EVERYTHING! I'm burning it now and I'm in heaven. And not expensive! Thanks for sharing!
vermi 9 dias atrás
Natacha 10 dias atrás
I'm so happy that you're back ❤️
Natacha 8 dias atrás
@nieooj gotoy huh there is no picture of me? How do you know? 😁
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy 8 dias atrás
Do you know what brand and level color is used on your hair?
kolim jone
kolim jone 10 dias atrás
There’s nothing more satisfying than Tati’s closing theme.
Amy Young
Amy Young 10 dias atrás
Tati.."tanned, rested, and ready"..yeah baby
Laura Walkendorf
Laura Walkendorf 11 dias atrás
ive genuinely never watched Tati before but her energy is *so* positive now, I’m subscribed!!
Caleb Mvp
Caleb Mvp 11 dias atrás
I missed you Tati!!
Rockashellar 11 dias atrás
Tati OMG that beautiful green and gold top! I am in love. Who is it? And the eyes beautiful! Love love love! Now I’ll watch the rest of the video. I get excited with shiny sparkly things especially with green! You’re beautiful and I so missed you over the last year! Thank you for coming back and sharing your beautiful light with the world. 🙏🏻💖🌟🌎💫💖
kolim jone
kolim jone 10 dias atrás
Welcome back :-) we missed you!!
Haley Zuk
Haley Zuk 11 dias atrás
I would love, love, love to know where you bought your necklace?!
Sarah 116
Sarah 116 11 dias atrás
Can you please do a first impressions of Dear Dahlia make up! Xo
Alena Choi
Alena Choi 12 dias atrás
Redneck Beauty with Debra
Missed your sweet face honey!
Fabiha Ayaz
Fabiha Ayaz 12 dias atrás
I actually missed you
maceyhoweson 12 dias atrás
Tati I NEED a blush video. All I have is my Milanis which I love but I need more colors and brands!!
Bardissan 13 dias atrás
Enjoyed.. aroma from heaven
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu 13 dias atrás
anyone wanted to give the creator of the triangle all the props ☺️
World Lit
World Lit 13 dias atrás
Your greengold blouse is amazing.
Mary L
Mary L 13 dias atrás
Do you know what brand and level color is used on your hair?
Kelly Dean
Kelly Dean 14 dias atrás
Hey Tati what do you think about IT COSMETICS are you a fan I love your reviews because so many high rated reviws..
wuoi zuiu
wuoi zuiu 12 dias atrás
Love your dress
water melon
water melon 14 dias atrás
Omg all the love for you 😍😍😍😍
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu 13 dias atrás
Love your dress
Deepshikha 14 dias atrás
And now my world is normal again!! 💜💜
Lisa Gottes
Lisa Gottes 14 dias atrás
Welcome back :-) we missed you!!
Helen Almey
Helen Almey 14 dias atrás
Hello Tati, Genuinely delighted to have you back talking about make-up. Have not bought much for a year! Looking forward to your reviews.
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu 14 dias atrás
I didn’t realize until last night she was back, omg I’m so so so excited!!! I love you Tati!
Laurine van der Linden Ready to disable on: 05:20 10/16/2021
You look absolutely stunning in this
Saleem Iqbal
Saleem Iqbal 15 dias atrás
I love you tati😘 your videos are givinh me a virtual hug❤️
Ely A
Ely A 15 dias atrás
@Tati please try the AQUALASHES!
MargaridaM 15 dias atrás
I’m so glad tati is back! i can’t even express how happy i’m that she’s okay 🥰
Jeidubz 15 dias atrás
Missed you!!💜🌼
Maude Nantel
Maude Nantel 15 dias atrás
Tati I am so so happy you are back. I kept checking in on your channel throughout the past year hoping you'd be back. You're my favorite beauty guru and I can't wait to watch more of your videos. 🥰🥰
Annie Kitty
Annie Kitty 15 dias atrás
I love that you are coming back with so many videos! I miss this so much
Evelyn Ruiz
Evelyn Ruiz 15 dias atrás
Jeez Tati. You know, you are gorgeous without makeup BUT when you have makeup on you enter full on goddess mode. It could be my adhd but sometimes I zone out because I'm just staring at you while you talk 🤣🤣 I have rewinded at least 3 times.
Robina Bibi
Robina Bibi 16 dias atrás
Love your dress
Robina Bibi
Robina Bibi 16 dias atrás
Nice to see you back ….. welcome back you will nail it …..
Victoria Vargas
Victoria Vargas 16 dias atrás
So happy you're back!
Diana Orozco
Diana Orozco 16 dias atrás
I’ve watched you for YEARS & I always have a notebook for all your recommendations & then take it with me in my bag for future shopping trips. I am so genuinely happy you’re back. Sending you so much love Tati 🧿💙
Heather Rackley
Heather Rackley 16 dias atrás
When she picked up the physicians formula, I was like ahhh me tooo! It says limited edition, makes me think I should get more bc I use it everyday. I’m not crazy about the blush just bc I have larger pores and it’s kind of shiny but omg it’s amazing.
Heather Rackley
Heather Rackley 16 dias atrás
I didn’t realize until last night she was back, omg I’m so so so excited!!! I love you Tati!
April Hill
April Hill 16 dias atrás
Luv seeing you 😘😘😘 Welcome back
Madalena Lala
Madalena Lala 16 dias atrás
Sooooo glad you’re back!!
Robert Laverne
Robert Laverne 17 dias atrás
Giving Tati another chance. Love these newer vids. Love the vibe, keep going baby guuuuurl
Kate Cave
Kate Cave 17 dias atrás
bestie im so glad ur back, but my bank account is having some issues
APD 17 dias atrás
Was… that a paint brush she used for contouring?
Lauren Mitchell
Lauren Mitchell 17 dias atrás
It’s so refreshing to see your beautiful face and doing old school beauty videos. Happy to have you back ❤️
Karen Vera
Karen Vera 17 dias atrás
What is the name of that face massager ?
Hidden Rainbows
Hidden Rainbows 17 dias atrás
⭐️Does anyone know what camera she is using?? She mentioned she got a new camera but didn’t say which one.
chloe gardner
chloe gardner 17 dias atrás
What is that brown brush you used for contour? Looks like a little paint brush xxx
Sara Miller
Sara Miller 17 dias atrás
YUUUUUUUUUUS TY for coming back!
Heather Mullins
Heather Mullins 17 dias atrás
I love this green/gold eye look!!!!
Maria Snow
Maria Snow 17 dias atrás
it makes me so happy to see you happy and filming again, sending prayers to you!!💕
Amy D. Hernandez
Amy D. Hernandez 17 dias atrás
my gosh i missed you
yasio bolo
yasio bolo 17 dias atrás
before you could see the hurt in her eyes no matter how strong the smile arch was!
Harley Wheelock
Harley Wheelock 17 dias atrás
I want to say you seem so more free this time around and I think it suits you for sure
Harley Wheelock
Harley Wheelock 17 dias atrás
I am here for Tati’s come back yes girl yes
Bayan Telfah
Bayan Telfah 17 dias atrás
Good to have you back
Maryann Towndsend
Maryann Towndsend 17 dias atrás
I’m going to try the physicians formula all star. Thanks for the tip❤️
AquilaCat 17 dias atrás
Omg the green dress, necklace, eyeshadow, all the green you're wearing looks phenomenal on you
Hailey Krieg
Hailey Krieg 18 dias atrás
When she pulled out the honest beauty blush 🤣 TATI IS BACK!! 💜💜
HollieXo 18 dias atrás
I'm not complaining but I wish brands would do a promo for free UK shipping
Melissa KBK
Melissa KBK 18 dias atrás
This feels like the hug I so desperately needed after 2020. Thank you!
batcrazy73 18 dias atrás
So happy you’re back!! ❤️
Max 18 dias atrás
Love that you came out with the health product !!! Ignore those haters, you’re amazing
Yoelkis Carrasco
Yoelkis Carrasco 18 dias atrás
I miss you here a lot Tati
Jara Marie
Jara Marie 18 dias atrás
I love your shirt! Where did you get it?!
seeni gzty
seeni gzty 18 dias atrás
before you could see the hurt in her eyes no matter how strong the smile arch was!
Irisa Nevermore
Irisa Nevermore 18 dias atrás
i love your eye makeup my ass could never ✋😭
Edward Manzetti
Edward Manzetti 18 dias atrás
Tati: you are amazing. My brother swore of psychic guidance too- he just works hard toward a goal.. sometimes u can’t change destiny.. and u can go crazy getting too much info that is maybe not suppose to be known...
Alexandria M
Alexandria M 18 dias atrás
Can I just say I’m so happy she’s living for herself and not others anymore unapologetically! From her backdrop to her positive attitude. It’s honestly so refreshing and such a proud moment to see! Her new profound self entitled authenticity is genuinely causing beauty to outpour from her spirit. You can tell she’s in such a good place 🌸 where as before you could see the hurt in her eyes no matter how strong the smile arch was!
katiecrowley88 18 dias atrás
Ok we have Tati back, can we get Jenna Marbles back next?
seeni gzty
seeni gzty 18 dias atrás
i missed you tati
Sally Sarai
Sally Sarai 19 dias atrás
Tati you look nice in green and gold ! Thank you for including non make up products too! I love knowing about candles and other things that are nice! God bless you 🙂🙏🏽
Ana Balderrama
Ana Balderrama 19 dias atrás
I want to know tati’s hair color I super love it please someone tell me.
Zoe K.
Zoe K. 18 dias atrás
Dark brown?
Brooke Osborn
Brooke Osborn 19 dias atrás
Chinese brand Florasis just came across my Insta feed and would be awesome to see you review. Also I never post comments but so glad to see you’re back and healthy and happy!!
:D :D
:D :D 19 dias atrás
We missed uuuu! Hugs from Dominican Rep.
toni xo
toni xo 19 dias atrás
I’ve missed you so so much Tati 💗
Laura T.O.
Laura T.O. 19 dias atrás
Can't believe you're back! 💗💗💗💗💗
Juliana Roskin
Juliana Roskin 19 dias atrás
Omg what are you wearing? Robe? Wrap dress? I need this in my life.
Dana Shea
Dana Shea 19 dias atrás
i misses you so much tati i watched every new episode every week for years im so happy youre here ❤️
Edom Noemi EdomPorn
Edom Noemi EdomPorn 19 dias atrás
🥰 I don’t ever comment (ever) but Tati is back ! 🥰Regardless of what happened I appreciate your channel so much! Everything I know about make up is because of you and it’s been a real struggle purchasing new make up items without your review and blessing ! ♥️
Thúy Vân Trần Ngọc
2021. what the crazy year. I don't know me or Tati back, and suddenly I wanna do makeup again
jheegs 19 dias atrás
seeing your video again give me so much peace
soiung toiue
soiung toiue 19 dias atrás
anyone wanted to give the creator of the triangle all the props ☺️
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