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***Did Batman get Wonder Woman Pregnant :***
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Batman vs. Robin Movie :
Batman vs. Robin (UK Edition)
" I don't know if it's Bruce Wayne or Batman that Court's come for, but either way They're about to get a Welcome they'll never forget "
Batman Moves showed in Video in Real Life :


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3 Mar 2018



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Comentários 80
ProtoMario Anos atrás
Alfred has no issues with killing I see...
Bloodhound 47
Bloodhound 47 17 horas atrás
He used to be a soldier
Bastilla man
Bastilla man 4 dias atrás
Alfred on multiple times declared that he doesn't believe in the no kill policy
Raúl Navarro
Raúl Navarro 5 dias atrás
He was a soldier
saiyan pride videos
saiyan pride videos 10 dias atrás
Self defense
George Cedeno
George Cedeno 12 dias atrás
@Icalasari sddddddfddsdrdd
Deathmammal 3 horas atrás
Everybody's gangsta till Alfred whips out the shotty
Joanna Marie Bustenera
Joanna Marie Bustenera 14 horas atrás
I don't get why villians doesn't just remove the heroes costume when they kidnap them.
nkocxjnkks 17 horas atrás
*Not as easy as this is going to be* Gets knocked out first.
Elvengador20092 23 horas atrás
6:47 Damian, listen to me. Stupid boy!! Lmao
Archerfish Johns
Archerfish Johns Dia atrás
Okay, so basically. Nightwing gets folded by the talons and expects he can fight the main boss, hell. Even fucking damian gets to knock the main guy out while dick just hangs there, crying inside.
Red Rose2.0
Red Rose2.0 Dia atrás
Batman does love hes son very much
keewf fbywrhathrrd
This all looks very exciting until you realize that 80 percent of the owls are just standing there instead of fighting.
Jo Biehle
Jo Biehle Dia atrás
5:14 Damian types the year of Batman's debut. Nice nod
Andi Palifuri
Andi Palifuri 2 dias atrás
did batman just cut the owl heads? 4:13
Gerard Ness
Gerard Ness 2 dias atrás
08:34 01:26 05:32
Chris Hugee
Chris Hugee 2 dias atrás
4:47 WTF kinda run us that😂
Preedster 47
Preedster 47 2 dias atrás
Did anyone else notice that the guy who voices Alfred in this also voices Professor Paradox in both Ben 10 Alien Force and Ultimate Alien
StUCaboose 2 dias atrás
Worst of all, you messed with my kid. Nightwing: Am I a joke to you?
Meme God
Meme God 3 dias atrás
Alfred really out here ending lives
SleepyKidX 3 dias atrás
He meant kids right? Plural? Cuz Dick’s as much of a son to him then anyone else in the family. Now, I wonder when the others would make an appearance. Also, he couldn’t say he’s proud after all that right? Where’s Damian heading to? Since I know he’s gonna reappear in Apokolips and Death of Superman
Hayashi 3 dias atrás
if this was an Arkham game, this would only take place in one room
Fandom Enforcer
Fandom Enforcer 3 dias atrás
Damien was able to win bcuz he’s a Bat and a al Ghul!
Dark Master
Dark Master 3 dias atrás
1:23 homie looks photoshopped
Majestic Slug
Majestic Slug 4 dias atrás
Where the fuck did the batmobile drop down from?
Majestic Slug
Majestic Slug 4 dias atrás
Nightwing needs his own movie.
Neem 4 dias atrás
Damians voice actor doesnt get enough love
Lexus Gre Ramirez
Lexus Gre Ramirez 4 dias atrás
Never mess with the batman,EVER
Napoleon Solo
Napoleon Solo 4 dias atrás
Talon looks like Fugaku Uchiha
KD Channel
KD Channel 4 dias atrás
Watching this scene again would have been more easy for Batman to call Superman and flash they would be there in seconds 🤷🏽‍♂️
DaForgottenGentleman 5 dias atrás
ok so we gonna act like this not a debate... alfred with a shotgun vs. farmer with a shotgun
Onegai shimasu
Onegai shimasu 5 dias atrás
1:26 nice head there. That skill editing 😂
MIGGY IGGIT 5 dias atrás
Batman face is blushing hahaha lol
Samuditha Bandara
Samuditha Bandara 5 dias atrás
This movies are cool
Every head Has a skull
Which Batman series is this
Eric Casillas
Eric Casillas 6 dias atrás
damian listen to me---- STUPID BOY
Elf man
Elf man 6 dias atrás
So he owns Damian by drowning him. Makes perfect sense.
Elf man
Elf man 6 dias atrás
Who's idea was it to make every guy's face so wide?
Hi Hiếu
Hi Hiếu 6 dias atrás
Isn’t it kinda odd when batman wear his mask on😂
Phea Nith
Phea Nith 5 dias atrás
Hi Hiếu why owl guy let damian kill ?pls tell me
GXfour 6 dias atrás
4:14 straight decapitated them 3 lmao
CheerBeast 6 dias atrás
SEE? Batmobile does has firearms.
Minty Owl
Minty Owl 6 dias atrás
Get the hell outta of my cave bro!
Andrew E
Andrew E 6 dias atrás
Mr.consistently _inkonsistent
This is like anime if anime were good.
Arkeos1 7 dias atrás
I think some of the scenes are out of order
Yu Sop
Yu Sop 7 dias atrás
4:14 I thought batman would never kill anybody even his mortal enemy
Andromeda 5 dias atrás
They aren't people
SimplyStimulating 7 dias atrás
Who would’ve thought 💭 I
kevin singh
kevin singh 7 dias atrás
I’m still not sure how nightwings arm is still intact
WolfieModz Gaming
WolfieModz Gaming 7 dias atrás
4:47 wtf was that?!!!??
Fabrice Aka Fabrice
Fabrice Aka Fabrice 7 dias atrás
Batman killed
renato gaioti
renato gaioti 8 dias atrás
Por favor , qual nome dessa animação ?
Samuel Bulletproof
Samuel Bulletproof 8 dias atrás
Alfred is just too old
Mario Banegas
Mario Banegas 8 dias atrás
Daily reminder: If Nightwing got hit, Batman should have no chance avoiding the owls. Dick is a greater acrobat, faster and with a greater control of his body than Bruce. But hey, can't have Bruce look bad, right DC? Fuckin' hell
christian rodriguez
christian rodriguez 8 dias atrás
Damn now I want to see a dcu batman beyond
Draco 1436
Draco 1436 8 dias atrás
The fighting really reminds me of the Arkham games. Smooth, jumping all over
Jonon 67
Jonon 67 8 dias atrás
Damian: You can’t stop them alone Owl guy: I’m not alone Literally the title Batman Vs Thousand Owls
Adam L
Adam L 9 dias atrás
If batman wanted to kill...this would be a lot quicker Lmao
Quain Steadman
Quain Steadman 9 dias atrás
Not like lame old batman
Quain Steadman
Quain Steadman 9 dias atrás
Is that really Batman He's cool
DeOnte Craft
DeOnte Craft 9 dias atrás
Love Talons fighting style but they did my nigga Nightwing dirty.
Zachary McDonald
Zachary McDonald 9 dias atrás
honestly Alfred is scary with a shotgun
xKaOsXvPx 9 dias atrás
Can someone tell me what Batman this is from
Donny McJonny
Donny McJonny 9 dias atrás
Alfred with the shotty
Palps 9 dias atrás
Nightwing get stabbed a lot in this movie
Roy Daniël
Roy Daniël 10 dias atrás
5:03 now you fucked up
Getahun Kiros
Getahun Kiros 10 dias atrás
at 4:13 if u slow down the speed when batman uses one batarang to take out 3 ppl, you can see the one the right gets decapitated, so batman kills?
Katie Satie
Katie Satie 10 dias atrás
What Alfred can fight WHAT THE HECK
Junaid Castillo
Junaid Castillo 10 dias atrás
amazing anime
Kevin 10 dias atrás
2:42 yes pull it out after you go underwater, what a brilliant idea
IMBANGMAYNN!!! !!! 10 dias atrás
Seriously why the fuck am i still not bullet proof?! And so is Dick?!
Mr. Void King
Mr. Void King 10 dias atrás
Who would win: A thousand Batman’s or 100 hulks
Richard 10 dias atrás
I kinda wanna watch Batman literally fight a thousand owls..
Dimitri Isov
Dimitri Isov 10 dias atrás
I just about lost my shit when Alfred came out with the shotty
Cannibal Gamer
Cannibal Gamer 10 dias atrás
Batman: I’m proud of you Nightwing: CAN SOMEONE UNPIN ME FROM THE FUCKING WALL!?!?
Zymon Ramirez
Zymon Ramirez 11 dias atrás
the fact that Nightwing did so well even with so many holes in him is really impressive
Enigmatic One
Enigmatic One 11 dias atrás
This scene is so incredible to me. The way it conveys how Robin has really started maturing from an adolescent to an adult in how he thinks, and how batman sees that, accepts it, and even tries to guide him one last time but Robin still surprises him by saying he will, later. (implying that he's going on his own path independently from batman's path and batman is stunned but proud. That's how I saw that scene anyways.
Caleb Henderson
Caleb Henderson 11 dias atrás
Man bruce really is a good dad... because robin was annoying as hell throughout this whole series. Is he like this in the comic?
Caleb Henderson
Caleb Henderson 11 dias atrás
How the hell did talon learn how to activate the batmobile and learn it weapons systems??
betterine 11 dias atrás
Why is nightwing getting asswhooped or almost asswhooped in every DC animated movie clip I see? Edit: I mean movie clips from this universe
Ysa Bellissima
Ysa Bellissima 11 dias atrás
Too much nocturnal creature.
BelowAverageLuke 11 dias atrás
Would've been much easier if he killed everyone.
Nathan Lottier
Nathan Lottier 11 dias atrás
Alfred was putting in work with that shotgun 💀💀
Master Manchild
Master Manchild 11 dias atrás
Why tf they always do Nightwing like that in this universe
Aries X3
Aries X3 11 dias atrás
I like how they made damians code to his weapon stash 1939 which is the first time batman appeared in comics
Plasma Doku
Plasma Doku 11 dias atrás
Damn even Nightwings shoulders got pinned down. At this point, I don't even know how his arms are even normal at this point.
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