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Batman & Superman engages in an intense Battle which made their lovers' lives depend.
Batman VS Superman : Last Man Standing All Battles -


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23 Jul 2019



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Comentários 457
Kartikeya Singh
Kartikeya Singh 6 dias atrás
Why is it so easy to manipulate superman mind? But still superman and Batman friendship is the best friendship.
EdgeofDead 95
EdgeofDead 95 6 dias atrás
Worst cut ever.
Nacho Supremo
Nacho Supremo 8 dias atrás
2:53 the fact that Batman didn't get punched there by Superman at super speed is not credible. I like Batman more than Superman but honestly a body to body fight should be easily won by superman.
Josue Montalvo
Josue Montalvo 8 dias atrás
Is this after Death of Superman/Reign of Supermen?
Kim Long
Kim Long 8 dias atrás
Batman is Batman.
Jesse Kutesa
Jesse Kutesa 9 dias atrás
Superman is always hesitating to kill Batman
Ham 00da
Ham 00da 10 dias atrás
Anyone who read the comics knows that supes should have been on the ground grunting just by being punches once with those, not to mention that being in the same area as them is enough to make him unable to fly.
That Guy In Green -shutting down soon-
Yeah, no Batman is dead
l'uomo di Porlock
l'uomo di Porlock 14 dias atrás
Superman is a real destructive force
Joe Malick
Joe Malick 15 dias atrás
Maybe if I watched this movie again I'd have a better opinion on it.
Drankus 15 dias atrás
Animated movies Batman is weak af. He can never defeat Superman. Unlike comic Batman
RumbleYoungMan Rumble
RumbleYoungMan Rumble 19 dias atrás
Since when does Ivy love man? I thought she was gay?
EDsavant 17 dias atrás
RumbleYoungMan Rumble
RumbleYoungMan Rumble 19 dias atrás
Since when does Ivy love man? I thought she was gay?
noone 17 dias atrás
RumbleYoungMan Rumble before the whole lgbtq shit she was straight as fuck. I guess she’s now bi
Anthony Polonkay
Anthony Polonkay 22 dias atrás
I hate the inconsistency at which kryptonite affects superman. Sometimes just beimg near it turns him into a cancer patient on his death bed. Abd other times he can stomach punches from the stuff and still be super strong and fast and bullshit.
Kenshin Himmura
Kenshin Himmura 22 dias atrás
What movie is that
iRazenrak 23 dias atrás
Batman doesn't have to punch him, he can just grapple him, but then it wouldn't look cool. In the comics, I think he broke both of his hands doing this.
Black Reaper
Black Reaper 24 dias atrás
The must of hurt 4:32 Why because I felt that
CrazyBomb World
CrazyBomb World 24 dias atrás
Can Lois stop falling from buildings for at least ONE Movie ? 😂
Ruben Burgos
Ruben Burgos 25 dias atrás
I don’t like the relationship between Batman and Superman here it’s like they don’t like each other
Akash Kumar
Akash Kumar 27 dias atrás
Great plan!👍
MannnyAld 29 dias atrás
Is it me or does Superman get mind controlled a lot
Łukasz Szymanski
Łukasz Szymanski 27 dias atrás
Luise Fatnex
Luise Fatnex Mês atrás
Superman did no even blead from the kryptonite worst cartoon movie ever
Agung teguh
Agung teguh Mês atrás
Superman is vulnerable to Magic and Kryptonite. They're not his weakness anymore. Superman is OP as hell.
Master Podi
Master Podi Mês atrás here’s a link to a version of this clip that doesn’t have horrendous editing :)
Disciple AJ
Disciple AJ Mês atrás
The is another part of the movie I didn't like, in general I enjoyed it. Given Superman's abilities, Batman couldn't land a hand on Superman even at the range he did with his first strike, he just wouldn't be anywhere near fast enough.
jayash bardiya
jayash bardiya Mês atrás
Batman has now fought superman more than any of his villain
Khall Z
Khall Z Mês atrás
Super awkward cuts
billyboyjennings Mês atrás
_"I dont' get my money if they're still alive!"_ ....Uh..what? She is controlling the most powerful being on the planet who can move at fractions of the speed of light. Why doesn't she just order Superman to rob 100 banks and bring all the money back to her? He could probably do it in a few seconds thanks to his superspeed and strength.
GamersForLife 11 dias atrás
u see its all about c um here
GamersForLife 11 dias atrás
because she wants superman to c um inside her
Celestial Menace
Celestial Menace Mês atrás
Horrible movie
Antonio Carrera H.
Antonio Carrera H. Mês atrás
NAme of the movie?
How many time i told you not fight... Bruce , Who is he .he is superman - I ask you his real name? 😂😂😂😂Clark Laughing Bruce : he is Clark kent Clark: wtf?
DatWilsonGuy 2 meses atrás
@1:01 You know your in a toxic relationship when she starts taking to you like that. 😅
Jigglypuff 25 dias atrás
More like when you promise hours but only last 30 seconds
Walter Szewczyk
Walter Szewczyk 2 meses atrás
I like the pre crisis universe when they were buds.
Z0 B0und
Z0 B0und 2 meses atrás
The editing is good..
Diego V.
Diego V. 2 meses atrás
Someone can say if this video and channel will make our accounts "kid accounts" due the new changes in YT?
Detective Neo
Detective Neo 2 meses atrás
Worst editing here take my dislike
James Tinsley
James Tinsley 2 meses atrás
I am surprised they trust Superman to take ivy knowing it was her that put him in mind control .
ItsStillPasta 2 meses atrás
I don't get why Ivy is so interested in money when it's made from plants. And generally she doesn't care for it anyway.
Satan's Earlobe
Satan's Earlobe 2 meses atrás
I don't like the Batman/Superman relationship here. In Public Enemies it was so much better: "That was my best friend. And you just killed him."
Zackop PSN
Zackop PSN 2 meses atrás
The edit is terrible.
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