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Batman & Superman engages in an intense Battle which made their lovers' lives depend.
Batman VS Superman : Last Man Standing All Battles -


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23 Jul 2019

Batman Hush | Batman VS SupermanBatman VS SupermanBatman HushAllVillainsTV



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Comentários 297
Reaper IV
Reaper IV 2 dias atrás
Superman: was that necessary Batman: yes Catwomen: yes Me: yes
guillen calderon jimenez
What movie is that?
УНР Мapper
УНР Мapper 11 dias atrás
*Всім привіт з України 🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺*🇦
Haziq Wan
Haziq Wan 11 dias atrás
It boggles me when people said that Batman could never faced off against Superman without plot armor when Superman's arch nemesis is also a rich normal dude aka Lex Luthor.
Thiago sayamen
Thiago sayamen 12 dias atrás
Algum BR?
Hero Haya
Hero Haya 12 dias atrás
Really like this movie as I do all DC animated flicks. Another horrible Superman VS Batman fight though Lol. I hate how Superman just becomes this garbage fighter whenever facing Batmen. These fights are always rigged to allow Bats to "win". Smh
Yayu betancourt
Yayu betancourt 13 dias atrás
Only luisa lane can kiss Superman 😂😂
toby tobi
toby tobi 13 dias atrás
Am i the only one that thought that edit was weird?
Rivaille Ackermann
Rivaille Ackermann 14 dias atrás
Ahh shit here we go again
Paul Anthony
Paul Anthony 14 dias atrás
Superman had two people controlling his mind. Batman did it with such ease
Guilherme Lisboa
Guilherme Lisboa 14 dias atrás
The animation is awesome! Is this from the same series as justice leage:war and teen titans?
Omar Dugee
Omar Dugee 14 dias atrás
4:34 *ivy runs away* Catwoman: I’m about to end this girls whole career
HamzatheFarhat 14 dias atrás
Lois is basically the last resort option after kryptonite doesn’t even work.
Akeem Spence
Akeem Spence 15 dias atrás
See now this is what the batman fans should be watching someone who is unbias and wrote a proper story of batman VS superman in reality batman with kryptonite cannot beat superman in a one on one fight if superman is going all out he literally beat his ass and almost kill him before he snapped out of the trans even so batman stated superman not really trying to kill them or they would be dead already lol
Toby Dude
Toby Dude 15 dias atrás
Editing sucks
Trev Turp
Trev Turp 15 dias atrás
This is out of order.
Josival Santos
Josival Santos 15 dias atrás
Cérebro e músculos: juntos são imparáveis!
Mrunal Gotmare
Mrunal Gotmare 15 dias atrás
Before this scene, batman asked alfred to pack jewellery which shows how he takes every possible scenario into account.
Leah sarcepuedes-fajardo
He made me do it
dnyM 16 dias atrás
Fine!!...I'll go watch it in show box
Henry Ximte
Henry Ximte 16 dias atrás
Superman wen he side with justice he is weak but wen he turn evil strong af......
SuperMario545 g
SuperMario545 g 14 dias atrás
This is because the story of superman is to become human as possible. So when he's good he holds back alot. But when he's evil, he just accepts his powers and destroys.
Duch ess
Duch ess 16 dias atrás
Bat: *"cos deep down he's a good guy, and I am not"* That's y he's scary
thiên văn nguyễn
thiên văn nguyễn 16 dias atrás
Anyone tell me which film is thật, please
Jon Reese
Jon Reese 16 dias atrás
wonder how it would work for bats
Bruno Nascimento
Bruno Nascimento 16 dias atrás
Qual o nome desse filme ?
Mauro Chaves
Mauro Chaves 12 dias atrás
Batman: hush
Shubhashis Biswas
Shubhashis Biswas 16 dias atrás
0:41 Batman now has mastered the secret technique of joaster family Nigerundayo Catwoman 😂😂
Savage Entertainment
Savage Entertainment 16 dias atrás
I like how his suit is blue and grey now
CLASHING WITH SB 16 dias atrás
Movie name please
Mauro Chaves
Mauro Chaves 12 dias atrás
Batman: Hush
Grassman 32
Grassman 32 16 dias atrás
The editing in this video straight up sucks
cris valtierra
cris valtierra 16 dias atrás
What the fuck kind of editing is this.
Spock vs Khan
Spock vs Khan 16 dias atrás
No one is accountable for anything these days...
Nitesh Gupta
Nitesh Gupta 16 dias atrás
Batman: Deep down he is a good person and deep down i am not
Kyler McGee
Kyler McGee 16 dias atrás
I see Homelander has a new gig.
Gino Tan
Gino Tan 16 dias atrás
Editing was like time traveling but constantly trapped on a loop hole that restarts every moment in different period over and over.
Vani XIII 16 dias atrás
Don't like it??? Don't watch clips on BRvid and pay for the movie yourself...there's a thing called copyright and if it wasn't for the editing then the video would've been taken down and you wouldn't be able to watch it FOR FREE
Schäfer G.
Schäfer G. 16 dias atrás
Women: *get saved* *force thing to notice is another women's lipstick* lmao
exon excel
exon excel 16 dias atrás
I don't read the comic but i must say, this movie was quite awesome. The big reveal, the plot twist. Personally, this movie deserves some praise even if it probably didn't adapt everything correctly.
Adrian Leon
Adrian Leon 16 dias atrás
Batman está loco
Doom Slayer
Doom Slayer 16 dias atrás
Those krypto cuffs should definitely leave Mark's lol
Doom Slayer
Doom Slayer 14 dias atrás
@Akeem Spence Superman takes damage and the Mark's do stay. Take the fight against doomsday for example.. Or even DCs batman vs superman where he cuts him.with thr krypto spear
Akeem Spence
Akeem Spence 15 dias atrás
Any damage done to superman will heal like Deadpool it won't leave a scar don't you know superman abilities he has one of the greatest healing factors in the DC universe lol on top of that fast recovery with stamina and uhmm invulnerability lol he is a cheat code
FG Fg 16 dias atrás
what this name of animation??
FG Fg 16 dias atrás
thanks @lazerbeams
LazerBeams PewPew
LazerBeams PewPew 16 dias atrás
Batman: Hush
Gage Evans
Gage Evans 16 dias atrás
Is this movie out already wth?
Jay lemiere
Jay lemiere 16 dias atrás
I hate how they changed supermans new 52 look
batman Lord
batman Lord 17 dias atrás
well,i am fighting superman again
MrSaiyan1 17 dias atrás
Ivy: “Kill them” Also Ivy: *I WONT GET MY MONEY IF THEY’RE DEAD!*
Gopirathnam T
Gopirathnam T 16 dias atrás
I don't get my money if they are still alive
Shah Zaman
Shah Zaman 17 dias atrás
Tell me you have a plan. Batman : Yes, Run. 😂😂😂
karnholmes 17 dias atrás
The cut is so bad here
Josiah Jade Begafria
Josiah Jade Begafria 17 dias atrás
Love always win huh?
Arjun Sajeev
Arjun Sajeev 17 dias atrás
Lmao... Catwoman " tell me that you've a plan" Le batman " yes.. Run" This is one of the most funniest batman act I've seen🤣🤣🤣🤣🏃
Pkablo Uchiha
Pkablo Uchiha 17 dias atrás
Imagine batman with super strength or speed 😂💯
Jakub Longauer
Jakub Longauer 16 dias atrás
@Pkablo Uchiha He would be a new god of that universe :D Nobody would dare to face a wratho of SuperBat :D
Pkablo Uchiha
Pkablo Uchiha 16 dias atrás
@Jakub Longauer 😂 they didn't wanna make him too op I guess
Jakub Longauer
Jakub Longauer 16 dias atrás
:D He has something stronger... BECAUSE HE IS BATMAN :D Okay, but now for real, with the super strength and super speed, he would be untouchable... Total beast.
PeaceLoveBabies 17 dias atrás
Wat movie is this
Mauro Chaves
Mauro Chaves 12 dias atrás
Batman: Hush
Dash Patterson
Dash Patterson 17 dias atrás
😂 another movie where batman beat up Superman 🤔 not complaining though
LazerBeams PewPew
LazerBeams PewPew 16 dias atrás
@Bitan Dutta the ignorance some ppl have lmao.
Bitan Dutta
Bitan Dutta 17 dias atrás
what the fuck are you saying... you probably didn't hear anyting what batman said right ??... and superman was inches away from killing him ...and batman literally said if he wanted us dead we would be dead .. just like that. so when you watch something try to listen too you dumb moron ...
sayonara crossing
sayonara crossing 17 dias atrás
I guess you can call them “Kryptonuckles”
Dakoya 17 dias atrás
I dont like his blue suit
Lynn Moore
Lynn Moore 17 dias atrás
It'd be nicer if your editing was a lot better.
The Next Ruler
The Next Ruler 17 dias atrás
Super lame is such a save a hoe ass hero.
Miguel Angel
Miguel Angel 17 dias atrás
I prefer the black suit 😕
Lord Beerus
Lord Beerus 17 dias atrás
is it me or these scenes skipping back n forth?
Tristian Knight
Tristian Knight 17 dias atrás
Why do you put everything out of order? That's annoying as hell. I honestly hate it.
bubbleLoppicus 17 dias atrás
I’m so tired of Batman’s plot armor and the length of that cape... Why doesn’t Superman rip through Batman like he’s doing to the walls? Or throw a car at him if he’s too close to those krypto brass knuckles?
cherukuri sai tharun
cherukuri sai tharun 17 dias atrás
Why batman has to wear undies?
Aurelio Pineda
Aurelio Pineda 17 dias atrás
They should've added batman saying If I punched him one more time I could've broken every bone in my hand.
striker5044 17 dias atrás
There you have it people Batman just admitted that Superman could kill Batman if he really wanted to 😂😂😂😂 although that’s not the first time Batman said this but yea everyone still will think Batman can kick Superman’s ass lol
D Banks
D Banks 17 dias atrás
Dc comics getting worse & worse
The Grammar Police
The Grammar Police 17 dias atrás
"Deep down he's a good person, and deep down, I'm not" I've heard this before...was it from *The Dark Knight Returns* ?
Gerardo Silos
Gerardo Silos 17 dias atrás
JAJAJA no. It was form the batman hush comics, i actually liked that they maintained the part in wich superman pummels down batman, batman lost against superman as always in the canon comics, but still managed to help superman snap out of the mind control, so task failed succesfully
Bigbasket 360
Bigbasket 360 17 dias atrás
Oh no superman hypnotized by poison ivy.😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😡😡😡😡😡😡
Quincy Lopez
Quincy Lopez 17 dias atrás
What the name of the movie ?
Mauro Chaves
Mauro Chaves 12 dias atrás
Batman: Hush
Quincy Lopez
Quincy Lopez 17 dias atrás
Never mind
Meechie 17 dias atrás
Catwoman almost set off Injustice
The Zuhaib
The Zuhaib 17 dias atrás
Poor compilation
Anh Sinh Viên
Anh Sinh Viên 17 dias atrás
Tại sao superman không phải mặc quần lót mà batman phải mặc. Tại sao đối xử với batman tệ vậy ??????????????
Force Natsume
Force Natsume 17 dias atrás
david fortuin
david fortuin 17 dias atrás
Here we go again, Superman nerfed, stupid or mind controlled and Batman beats him again. How I despise modern writers with their Batman favoritism. Sigel and Shuster must be rolling in their graves.
LazerBeams PewPew
LazerBeams PewPew 16 dias atrás
@Che Gotti the ignorance of some ppl makes me cringe.
Che Gotti
Che Gotti 17 dias atrás
Batman Literally Said Supes Was Holding Back And At Anytime He Could’ve Got Killed, He Wasn’t Nerfed, People Don’t Seem To Understand Supes Has To Hold Back That What Gives Others A Chance And Batman A Advantage Even, Thats Why Bats Only Fights Him In City Limits Or Areas He Know That Supes Will Have To Contain His Power To Keep Collateral At Minimum...Think
Sani H
Sani H 17 dias atrás
I hear you but whats the other option? Let him kill Batman?
MHHZ 17 dias atrás
Why does Batman have the underwear? And why Superman doesn't?!
Batsy Arkham99
Batsy Arkham99 17 dias atrás
Is not kevin conroy 😢
Shubham Jha
Shubham Jha 17 dias atrás
Look at batman he have kryptonite but what about his speed he fought against man of steel he's the batman
George Looney
George Looney 18 dias atrás
Why does Batman have the blue accents in this movie? Not much of a fan of the 'underpants'.
jad chahhal
jad chahhal 18 dias atrás
Horrible animation
Ciel êta
Ciel êta 17 dias atrás
Anton Percival
Anton Percival 18 dias atrás
Why was this clip broken up? It's like you took film cut it up and spliced it together, so everything was no longer in order.
Mr. Bently
Mr. Bently 18 dias atrás
Which movie is this?
Mauro Chaves
Mauro Chaves 12 dias atrás
Batman: Hush
Babino’s TV Entertainment
Idc Batman got hands nigga he beating cosmic characters up and getting hits in that hurt
Dragon King Oscurare
Dragon King Oscurare 18 dias atrás
Very intense. Is always cool to see Superman fighting without much restraint, though he was still holding back for obvious reasons.
jeramahia123 18 dias atrás
3:51 Well, he just cut Lois in half with that catch.
๖ۣۜBaBy • Hổ
๖ۣۜBaBy • Hổ 18 dias atrás
Batman use blue suit now
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