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Get ready with me backstage on the UK leg of my Grown Up Tour!

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Your favorite world famous drag queen with a passion for makeup artistry, the absolute Legend, Icon, and Star Trixie Mattel! Ages 3 and Up, Accessories Sold Separately, Batteries Not Included


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22 Mai 2022



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Comentários 915
claire Mês atrás
I love trixie asking if people actually want a 1 hour unedited video of her doing her makeup like we didn't all spend an hour watching katya do her make up on insta live this morning
Chérie Mizrahi
Chérie Mizrahi 24 dias atrás
Or like we don’t all spend two hours watching Jasmine Masters smoking one blunt… every day.
Dantai Sonne-owen
Dantai Sonne-owen 29 dias atrás
I would love to whatch that
Pluto Mês atrás
very that
Lokie Honeycutt
Lokie Honeycutt Mês atrás
Shane S
Shane S Mês atrás
The accuracy
rachel elizabeth
rachel elizabeth Mês atrás
i would literally watch unedited trixie makeup in a HEARTBEAT
itsrachel rayee
itsrachel rayee 24 dias atrás
Jack L
Jack L Mês atrás
moya xoxo
moya xoxo Mês atrás
We would watch trixie fold laundry let’s be honest now
Annie Oop
Annie Oop Mês atrás
@Don't Read My Profile Photo I’ve just done everything you told me not to do… hypnotism
Ruben Roxo
Ruben Roxo Mês atrás
say it louder to the people in the back !
mellalune Mês atrás
Trixie, while your makeup is always "the same", you have also gone through several evolutions of the "Trixie Face", and I'd love to see a video/hear your thoughts about how it has changed over the years to your current look.
C.o.R (Lex)
C.o.R (Lex) Mês atrás
​@Seymour Disapproves the neopolitan ice-cream cheek phase
Seymour Disapproves
It's so jarring to me whenever I rewatch a Trixie video from when she, like, painted the upper half of her face brown and put in those electric Sonic the Hedgehog blue contact lenses. She's definitely had a few evolutions lol
maria Mês atrás
Nacho Mês atrás
the 2017-2018 Trixie paint *chefs kiss*
TayLifts Mês atrás
Like her ranking her different "eras" all the way from when she used to paint "for fish" 😬
Carmen Laurent
Carmen Laurent Mês atrás
Trixie said "I think I'm wearing less face makeup lately." As she applied the 7th foundation to her skin.
C M Mês atrás
I'm waiting for her to plop down the cash to do a face molding with her makeup in it, that she can just press her face into and all the makeup is she could them put even more foundation on because it "just needs something extra".
Elongated Muskrat
Elongated Muskrat Mês atrás
she said we're going minimal today as she scooped fondant onto her cheeks 💅 ✨💖
Mads Mês atrás
My thoughts too 😂😂
Sogol Sanei
Sogol Sanei Mês atrás
"I'm doing less contour" yas queen natural minimalistic make up day
Megan D
Megan D Mês atrás
Trixie just wears some mascara ands like chapstick, we all know that.
Ryan Wolff
Ryan Wolff Mês atrás
@Anonny Anonymous I wouldn't be surprised if we never see Acid Betty again
Anonny Anonymous
Anonny Anonymous Mês atrás
Acid Betty is seething somewhere.
wes ley
wes ley Mês atrás
Fr I can barely see it
olivia figlo
olivia figlo Mês atrás
clean no makeup makeup THAT girl
Ada Mês atrás
Trixie: this foundation is SO matte, I end the show with a dry face! also Trixie: uses roughly 2.4 kilos of powder to set said foundation
Renata Ramos
Renata Ramos Mês atrás
Oh we want the uncut version!!!! I watched katya get ready this morning on Instagram and I put my makeup on with her!!!!
R I M I Mês atrás
@Don't Read My Profile Photo okay
Don't Read My Profile Photo
Don't read my name .........
X Mês atrás
I want a full no edits Trixie face! I need something to follow and to set REAL expectations lmao
Ryan Wolff
Ryan Wolff Mês atrás
MAWMA... That's the T
Kate Farr
Kate Farr Mês atrás
Yes, Trixie, I would watch an unedited GRWM. You’re making me feel better during hysterectomy recovery, and I appreciate it!
El Mês atrás
Best of luck with your recovery! ❤️
zhonguocha Mês atrás
Is there anything more femmininé than Trixie Mattel and a hysterectomy?? Get well soon sis!
StuckBeingJessica Mês atrás
Sending you lots of love, hope you’re doing well!🖤
Kate Farr
Kate Farr Mês atrás
@Sophie B-M thank you so much! Currently things are just, well, “tired and sore” can sum it up. 💖
Sophie B-M
Sophie B-M Mês atrás
Hope the recovery goes well! Take care Kate
The Pineyapple 1
The Pineyapple 1 Mês atrás
I watched katyas instagram live this morning at 4am and she said you were were having a struggle bus day because of all the shows you’re doing. Hope you’re feeling ok mama! Stay healthy and fabulous
Tatouant Mês atrás
I just realized that I can’t be gayer = - I’m watching a drag queen doing makeup, - while being, myself, in a full makeup face - scrolling on grindr - waiting for my ice skating class to start
Tatouant Mês atrás
@Anne Onymaus ahah thk u, its just me telling my life
Anne Onymaus
Anne Onymaus Mês atrás
I literally laughed out loud: you, friend, are truly impressive.
Skylar Lancaster
Skylar Lancaster Mês atrás
trixie saying “watch how fast I do my brows” reminds me of a kid going “mom watch this” and then doing an effortless lame sideways spin they think is a flip.
Katelyn Mês atrás
lol it reminds me of when Brittany was like, "I'm gonna do my beauty mark, wanna watch me?"
Kaylee Nielsen
Kaylee Nielsen Mês atrás
😭😭😭 why can I picture the 'flip' I know exactly what ur talking abt
Kayla A
Kayla A Mês atrás
YES I WOULD LOVE A 1 HR VIDEO (with nicks roasts ofc)
Christian Del Carmen
@FrostySkeletons nick being the moderator as he passive-aggressively roasts trixie
FrostySkeletons Mês atrás
Nick can just be on live chat, real time roasts
Daniel Mês atrás
@Don't Read My Profile Photo i won't 😉
Don't Read My Profile Photo
Don't read my name .........
Imogen Greig
Imogen Greig Mês atrás
I love the gentle roasting of UK tanning culture. Every girl walks around looking like a walking Wotsit
E 13 dias atrás
Well... I'd say it depends where you're from as to what shade wotsit or carrot
F Mês atrás
Trashy is an art form here 😂
Hayley M C Miller
Hayley M C Miller Mês atrás
Apart from us mixed race UK girls 😂
Hi, Bathed
Hi, Bathed Mês atrás
“This is a little insane,” she says, showing us her three shades of foundation, as if she doesn’t use multiple shades EVERY SINGLE TIME. ❤️❤️❤️
The Slithery Sylvie
The complete panic I felt when I thought there was not going to be a video today. Trixie works so hard to make sure we are okay.
nyc dyke
nyc dyke Mês atrás
@B Bear she’s a hardworking person in general.
B Bear
B Bear Mês atrás
lol she works hard for that adsense.
StarAce Mês atrás
So up for a 1 hour no cuts take of Trixie makeup for sure. 💖 Also Trixie your show is amazing, am so thankful I was able to see you on your UK Tour. You're ever so stunning, so talented and you and your team on tour are so kind and fantastic. 😁
HeyIt'sBaert Mês atrás
Versace robe, LaMer products, visiting doctors in Beverly Hills. Trixie is so very subtly dripping in wealth in this video.
Loni Loni
Loni Loni Mês atrás
Aww don't feel guilty, you earned your boujie stuff! Also my soul can truly relate to "I'm looking a little rotted today."
Mackenzie Crismas
Mackenzie Crismas Mês atrás
trixie is how i learned to just trust the process
Sam Stefani
Sam Stefani Mês atrás
I met Trixie after she applied this makeup 🥰 Best day of my life 🤩
Shay Mês atrás
"They get what they get". We LOVE what we get! Thanks for taking us along for the ride💚
Laura Saldana
Laura Saldana Mês atrás
Nick is the moment and he knows it. We stan!
Jazz Mês atrás
As a brit I can confirm we are genetically unable to tan properly so painting ourselves like a rotisserie chicken is our only option.
Kyla Rose
Kyla Rose Mês atrás
Sometimes I forget that if it wasn't for Brian there wouldn't be a Trixie and I hate myself for that. Everything he does makes her perfect and it is such a privilege to watch it for free
Maria O'Sullivan
Maria O'Sullivan Mês atrás
I love how you go in-depth more about the products you're using now❤
Don't Read My Profile Photo
Don't read my name .........
Judy SoCal
Judy SoCal Mês atrás
I always laugh when she starts panicking that the makeup won't work and within a minute, it's going to work!
Kye_Is_Us Mês atrás
trixie always manages to make me smile even throughout my darkest times, she is so beautiful
Amelia O’Brien
Amelia O’Brien Mês atrás
I went to her show in Brighton the other week and it was the best night of my life
L.M. Mês atrás
Solène Mês atrás
I saw her in Paris yesterday and it was the best day of my life 😭😭😭
Marzipan-Beetle Mês atrás
I saw Cambridge, the day after Brighton, it was amazing.
35th Rat
35th Rat Mês atrás
just got back from taking my cat to the vet (shes very healthy) and seeing a trixie video today is really gnna get me together💅💆‍♀️
lexie lynn
lexie lynn Mês atrás
i want an unedited makeup video sooo bad!! just to have an hour long video of trixie but can we get nick to sit in the room and judge out loud for us😂🤎
Chantel Fawson
Chantel Fawson Mês atrás
Trixie’s version of “clean eyes, clean brows”.
Liiz Lestrange
Liiz Lestrange Mês atrás
I will 100% watch from start to end your makeup routine unedited no problem, go for it. The editing is great too, no doubt, but I'm a makeup ho
this is a channel….
the way you know we’d eat up an hour of you doing your makeup and creating iconic content for us
Neal Hunter Hyde
Neal Hunter Hyde Mês atrás
I love how you can hold a full conversation while putting your lashes on … and I’m over here having my dressing roommate put mine on for me.
Erin Sheline
Erin Sheline Mês atrás
Honey, I would literally watch this natural woman read from the phone book. Plain faced or full face, your choice Tracy! Love you
China Tse
China Tse Mês atrás
I would definitely watch a real time video. It’ll be like spending an hour with a favourite friend.
KweenKimberly Mês atrás
Trixie is WORN OUT…she needs to get back here STAT! Then she needs an amazing tropical vacation
KweenKimberly 22 dias atrás
@R.L C I meant TIRED…like she deserves a vacation cuz she works so hard 🙄 And I actually went to The Trixie & Katya Live show…VIP, meet & greet, etc. And I’m not a Karen, I’m a Kim (but nice try)
R.L C 22 dias atrás
Worn out ? Just go bye Karen. 👋
jack_peacock Mês atrás
The UK tanning thing is so accurate...but in school like 15 years ago was way worse than now. The girls would be orange
Christena Washburn
Christena Washburn Mês atrás
Thank you for being a bright 20:30 of my life. The world is burning but I have Trixie. 😘
Arushus Mês atrás
I just wanna say the editing on this video was FAB. 🤣🤌🏾🤌🏾
Christian Mês atrás
I was at your show in Amsterdam, I laughed so much! It’s cool to see what kinda happens before you come on stage. Also the way you are reacting to not yet exitsing comments reminds me of HRH collection 😂
SleepyBluejeans Mês atrás
To see Tig and Trixie together, would be a dream!
Will Mês atrás
Im hoping we get a recorded version of the tour 🙏
Chuckie Chuck
Chuckie Chuck Mês atrás
yes, i would totally watch an hour makeup session
Zainab Malik
Zainab Malik Mês atrás
I would love to watch an hour of Trixie doing anything! I adore you💕
Victoria Franklin
Victoria Franklin Mês atrás
Trixie, you so deserve all these blessings, love, support and adoration. You are magnificent. So talented, kind, funny. You have a great team with you to. XXXX
brent bent
brent bent Mês atrás
Whenever a notification goes off for Trixie almost everybody in the goon shed stop bating and go outside to watch Trixie get all pretty. Trixie & Katya empowering the bating & gooning community by insuring they get at least a half hour of sunshine every week.
C M Mês atrás
@this is a channel…. Think of the guy that has to clean out the goon shed while the videos are playing...
this is a channel….
reading this took years off my life xoxo
Bethany Underhill
Bethany Underhill Mês atrás
1 hour video with Nick providing commentary Mystery Science Theater style, Jaymes Mansfield can provide the puppets!
Lex Darkone
Lex Darkone Mês atrás
I feel your stress, I'm a 2 hour painter. I literally always finish at the last possible second no matter when I start. Love love LOVE the Stacy lipstick, I wear it every day and constantly get compliments on the pigmentation and matte finish!💜💜💜💜
j mentel
j mentel Mês atrás
I can’t imagine a video without Nick 😎 editing. His commentary gives me life.
Aura Mês atrás
we require a full one hour unedited Pride tradition get ready with me with Kimberly Chi even if it has to be over Zoom🌈✨
Jordan Grace
Jordan Grace Mês atrás
I prefer watching un-edited videos, I love seeing everything. Im watching you because I love you, so the more of you I get to see the better ❤️
Nix V
Nix V Mês atrás
Trixie: when you’re as fair as I am, your skin can dramatically change color me, a person who is *so* fair-skinned that they’re actually kinda blue and literally cannot physically get a tan: wait what?
jvr69 Mês atrás
Eve h
Eve h Mês atrás
I love Trixie, buut the editing in her videos makes it all come together even more❤️❤️
andrea collins
andrea collins Mês atrás
Saw you in Dublin 3 weeks ago! Got my whole life and now I’m waiting for the preorder for the Trixie and katya tour in December!!!
Colleen Leonard
Colleen Leonard Mês atrás
The thought of you and Tig together has me SWEATING. I love you both so much.
Madeline Broom
Madeline Broom Mês atrás
i love the editing but would LOVE to watch an unedited Trixie makeup sesh. (please keep the editor commentary 😍)
StephBallChange Mês atrás
Your makeup is so perfect and these videos really helped me get into drag. I met you in Blackpool in full Trixie guiche and you were so kind about it, and signed my funko. You’re the reason I do drag today 🥰
diamondsofsix Mês atrás
I absolutely love the edits, but I'd also sign up for a one hour full trixie face, no lies.
Dylan Corrao
Dylan Corrao Mês atrás
We literally watch queens do their makeup live on Instagram with all of the breaks and shenanigans. They will fully be putting on their brows for 45 minutes because another queen came in, spewed out some dad jokes and totally distracted the queen. HAH! Any and all content is appreciated!
Bean Town Reese
Bean Town Reese Mês atrás
You are absolutely insane and I love every second of it
Anna-Sofie K. S.
Anna-Sofie K. S. Mês atrás
I would looove watching you do your makeup in real time! 😍❤️
Sara Monster
Sara Monster Mês atrás
I LOVE hour-long get ready with me videos. I would definitely watch. 🖤
perrafusuro Mês atrás
I would absolutely watch you do your makeup unedited! Even if it's longer than an hour i'd watch. BUT if you did that with BRITTANY!?!? Icons.
Alicia F
Alicia F Mês atrás
I was at the post office the other day and one of the postal workers had foundation and fake tan the colour of chocolate ice cream. And full drag lashes and a cut crease. It was a lot for a day look but everything Trixie says about fake tan in the UK is accurate.
Rosalie Mês atrás
I watched an hour of shrimp in an aquarium. I watched someone cleaning for an hour. I watched someone opening hatchanimal‘s for an hour. I would watch an hour of Trixie makeup.
Jacksun Mês atrás
I would totally watch Trixie get ready with no editing!!!
SC Mês atrás
"This is a chapstick" (holding a Burt's bees chapstick) "Yeah my lipstick" As a lesbian that does not carry purses and is used to keep my stuff in my pockets I've had the exact same conversation with my gay guy friend
Sue George
Sue George Mês atrás
I LOVE the lip color! It is the perfect shade of dusty rose.
Noah Lopez
Noah Lopez Mês atrás
Yes I wanttt the no edited makeup video! It would be like asmr where it’s something people do that is calming.
Abigail Mackay
Abigail Mackay Mês atrás
I met Tracy on the tour in Edinburgh and I can confirm, her makeup is gorgeous in person too.
Brandoncye Mês atrás
Oh my gosh, YAAAASSSSS! Yes a no edit makeup video to show the kids how long it actually takes! Show us how long it really takes! Plus with the editors add in one liners of course! Those are amazing. 💖
p Mês atrás
trixie never forgets to drop in “behind the scenes” tea and remind us shes famous and knows famous people
Cassie Mês atrás
Aww don't feel guilty, you earned your boujie stuff! Also my soul can truly relate to "I'm looking a little rotted today."
Mathew Palomo
Mathew Palomo Mês atrás
Secret GEMs
Secret GEMs Mês atrás
We always say, you get what you get and you don’t get upset- love that for you ❤️🤩
Erin Sheline
Erin Sheline Mês atrás
side note: Don't ever buy or paint a hermit crab. it literally causes them pain and serves no purpose whatsoever.
Shonda Warren
Shonda Warren Mês atrás
That hermit crab conversation she had with us was hilarious like who even thinks of that? That their alone is why Trixie is so effective and why we love her so much.
yesenia madrid
yesenia madrid Mês atrás
We love to see you and even if you don’t get a lot of views you’re given the real girls what they want 😭😭please :)
Dunep 12
Dunep 12 Mês atrás
YES TRIXIE, we would watch a 1 hour unedited video of you doing your make up
Molly Osswald
Molly Osswald Mês atrás
I would watch the entirety of an unedited makeup video!
becky talbott
becky talbott Mês atrás
I've never been more ready for a video of Trixie in Superdrug lol
Stephanie Lucas
Stephanie Lucas Mês atrás
I would 100% watch the unedited makeup video, because I'm trying to up my makeup game - like I was literally pausing and re-watching "is that Elmer's glue stick?" (that part I wouldn't be using but I'm just that dialed in lol). My makeup look has gotten so much better since watching you (& grabbing some Trixie blush and brushes) 💖
Laura Wilde
Laura Wilde Mês atrás
I want the full hour long unedited serve, but with editor nicks commentary still peppered in
Jessica RR
Jessica RR Mês atrás
I would definitely watch a one hour trixie makeup video x
Jennifer BBB
Jennifer BBB Mês atrás
One hour journeys with Trixie and her face canvas - 💯💕☺️
Bianca Brett
Bianca Brett Mês atrás
I needed the laughs today ❤ Thx Tracy! love you from TX. xo
Lindsay Lindow
Lindsay Lindow Mês atrás
I think a live premiere where you can chat w us would be amazing!
Atalie Simpson
Atalie Simpson Mês atrás
It’s so affirming to hear the one highlighter I continue to buy that I feel ashamed to buy bc it’s Wet & Wild that Trixie nuts for it.
John Retherford
John Retherford Mês atrás
we would LOVE an unedited vid!! That would be so fun to get in drag to🔥
Laura Starbrook
Laura Starbrook Mês atrás
Yes I love watching makeup from start to finish without cuts
dawgfan Mês atrás
I would watch an unedited GRWM.....I would literally watch you do anything!
Josh Waters
Josh Waters Mês atrás
Watching this in x1.25 speed makes the chaos that much more chaotic and I love it.
Rachel H
Rachel H Mês atrás
i wanna get ready in real time to trixie so please make an unedited get ready video omg!!
I hate My life
I hate My life Mês atrás
I would love an hour long Trixie get ready video !!!
June T
June T 29 dias atrás
Trixie, it is a great idea to drop a full unedited drag face! I would love to watch it and I know a lot of us would too!
Lia Parker
Lia Parker Mês atrás
I normally watch these to fall asleep to so an hour long one 🥹🥹🥹 would make me so happy
Sunshine Meyers
Sunshine Meyers Mês atrás
I watch others put on makeup all the time to learn pointers. I don’t need to learn how to put on your makeup, lol! But I’d definitely watch you put on makeup for two or three hours!
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