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They're lithium!
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23 Mai 2020



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Comentários 80
Reesa Lewandowski
Reesa Lewandowski Hora atrás
Hey mr Scott watcha gonna do watcha gonna do make our dreams come true
João Agnelo
João Agnelo 7 horas atrás
This is so cringy i skipped almost the entire video
NB Y 7 horas atrás
Phyllis wearing Pam's dress😑 I hate her since then..
xxsknnylgndx 20 horas atrás
Very fitting that this is one of the longest compilations
shwasey Dia atrás
michael kissing oscar
Nico Moreno
Nico Moreno 2 dias atrás
the fact that michael try’s to shove himself in everyone’s personal business kinda pisses me off
noamasaf 2 dias atrás
the awkward scenes are just the absolute best i cry laughing at EVERY SINGLE ONE (except scott’s tots cause i feel bad for michael). i might be one twisted individual but its what makes the office
Benjamin Heddwyn
Benjamin Heddwyn 3 dias atrás
I can't choose like for dinner party comment for Pam's kiss rejection😝
A1sausie 3 dias atrás
12:47 who made that noise 😂🤣
Nyla G
Nyla G 3 dias atrás
So when I saw the title of the video I thought, “Wow! All nine seasons of The Office for free!”
StupidFace Mike
StupidFace Mike 4 dias atrás
Scott’s ToTs should be on the funniest moments of all time not the most awkward
Austin Salado
Austin Salado 4 dias atrás
13:05 you gotta love how Dwight just went for it😗
S0lstice 4 dias atrás
Okay but Michael running through the glass sliding door because he thought he heard the ice cream truck is cute
Jay Chui
Jay Chui 4 dias atrás
"The only thing I'm worried about, is getting a boner" will work in everything situation, try it
Mark 4 dias atrás
That look at 11:26 that says “That’s what she said” without saying it. Gets me every time.
mohammed tarek
mohammed tarek 4 dias atrás
This should just be the Scotts tots full episode
hiDEo koJIMa
hiDEo koJIMa 4 dias atrás
I watched Scotts Totts in its entirety. I am a badass
it be dat boi
it be dat boi 4 dias atrás
Is it a coincidence that all the akward moments are just Michael moments
almira 5 dias atrás
im gonna make 01:01 and 01:03 my phone and computer wallpapers cuz I DIDN'T SEE SOMETHING LIKE THIDİS IN MY WHOLE ENTIRE LIFR OMFG 🤣😂
Pomsephinie 5 dias atrás
One of my favorite scenes in this show is when Jan and Micheal are fighting and Micheal screams “THATS WHAT SHE SAID” that proves that will say “that’s what she said” no matter the situation
lilly lazer
lilly lazer 6 dias atrás
I loved The Dinner Party. My all time fav episode. Michael telling Pam the food was poisoned. Jan thinking Pam and Michael dated. The song Hunter sang. Jan's candle investment. Charades. Dwight showing up with his babysitter. Jim trying to get out of the party by saying his apartment flooded. Then Jan getting pissed off the way Michael dips his steak in the wine. Putting up that St.Paulie Girl sign. Jan telling everyone how Michael went thru the glass door cause he heard the ice cream man. Then snip snap snip snap vastectomy. Dwight taking Michael to his place then leaving the babysitter at the bus stop. You took by the hand and made me a man. Jim and Pam listening to the song ordering food and Angela taking the ice cream cone after Andy takes a lick and she puts it against the door. Jan tosses the Dundie award at Michaels tv... So many awkward moments in this episode.
Alia Deng
Alia Deng 7 dias atrás
😢 I got the chills when he kissed the he man I’m sad and cold
Zentrix X
Zentrix X 5 dias atrás
Godzilla had a stroke trying to read this and fucking died.
Anahit Khachatryan
Anahit Khachatryan 7 dias atrás
Jan is really beautiful)
Kaley Simone
Kaley Simone 7 dias atrás
Michael’a deposition about Jane though??? the “that’s what she said” part.
Rey Chan
Rey Chan 7 dias atrás
I dont know why, but when Jan threw something killed Michael's tv it actually makes me think of when my mom and dad had a fight. I kinda die inside.
SrryForTheWait 7 dias atrás
“Awkward moments” you mean Michael compilation
Kennedy K
Kennedy K 8 dias atrás
Scotts tots is the hardest thing to watch ever like for real
Joe Kent
Joe Kent 8 dias atrás
HOLD ON! HOLD ON! HOLD ON!... . They are lithium.
Albetto 8 dias atrás
I had to skip over sum parts cause I couldn’t
That_ Guitar_Dood
That_ Guitar_Dood 8 dias atrás
Am I the only one that has a deep hatred for Michael Scott
MasonMC 8 dias atrás
i guess this makes michael the most awkward person in the office
josie 8 dias atrás
Everything that happens at Phyllis's wedding makes me want to slap Michael
ProDoucher 8 dias atrás
I haven't watched yet, but I scrolled and found there is a Scott's Totts scene in here. Ima gonna out.
Tughral Raja
Tughral Raja 8 dias atrás
I hated that old man so much !!!!!!
Combatkiller90 8 dias atrás
"Hold on! Hold on! Hold on! Hold on! They're LITHIUM!"
TheTheLeeloo 9 dias atrás
“Awkward Moments” Did you mean the whole show (And that’s why I love it)
kingkongsfingers 9 dias atrás
Who else skipped Scott's Tots? just too much...
Tablo 13
Tablo 13 9 dias atrás
If any of this has Scotts Tots I will die inside
RM IS BAE 9 dias atrás
I had to skip scotts totts i just cant watch it
Martin 9 dias atrás
I had to skip the scott's Tots part. I cannot watch it anymore....
tEmDapBlook 9 dias atrás
I love how all of these are mostly because of Michael
Autumn Sartain
Autumn Sartain 9 dias atrás
Michael spanking Luke was the greatest thing ever
Captain Goomba
Captain Goomba 9 dias atrás
Awkward moments.... So, all of season one?
Mistron 9 dias atrás
I like how Michael always tries to keep the camera crew comfortable
Jessie Arturo Thunder
Jessie Arturo Thunder 10 dias atrás
8:29 lol I love how Jan smells her candles to try and ground herself in that situation
Manny Sr.
Manny Sr. 10 dias atrás
luke is every privileged white boy
Dereck Neris
Dereck Neris 10 dias atrás
When I heard awkward I thought of every single time Michael appeared on screen
Aastha Malhotra
Aastha Malhotra 10 dias atrás
I just skipped the Scott's Totts part
N O 10 dias atrás
Going into scotts tots i was like i cant watch this. Then i said you know what hell yeah i can
Rhishikesh Limaye
Rhishikesh Limaye 10 dias atrás
Scott's Tots is kinda heartwarming to me. For one, I remember the latter remark that no student dropped out because Michael had promised college tuition. And second, who in real world even thinks of going out of their own shell to consider offering something like this? And third, he still showed up and admitted he failed, lied even to himself.
Mae Smith
Mae Smith 10 dias atrás
Okay but where is the scene where Jim picks Pam up tho
TheSwoleBroscientist 11 dias atrás
Very curious. Please, female viewers. Your top 3 hottest The Office male actors: Go.
NIA nino
NIA nino 11 dias atrás
12:41 this one is even more awkward knowing that it was improv
JTundra 12 dias atrás
fucking laptop batteries lmaooo
Adrian Pietkiewicz
Adrian Pietkiewicz 12 dias atrás
That laptop thing could've worked but....
nikki scissorhands
nikki scissorhands 12 dias atrás
Those black kids were soooo rude to Michael
Donatas Po
Donatas Po 12 dias atrás
Watching this video I almost died
graveskull34 13 dias atrás
that look on Ryan and Pam's face during that kiss 😅
Migs Ganzon
Migs Ganzon 13 dias atrás
10:30 hands down this is the most awkward moment of all AHHAHA Michael literally has no way out of it and he had to sit there until the awkwardness fades 😆😆😆
Luke Ster
Luke Ster 13 dias atrás
ohmygoshcholesterol 321
I’m so sorry but I couldn’t watch like half of these. Like I felt second hand embarrassment and cringed physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. 14 dias atrás
"It's a double period" is some fantastic writing
Erica Evans
Erica Evans 14 dias atrás
He’s 🖤from American horror story 🖤
Rye bread Savas
Rye bread Savas 10 dias atrás
Vicki Ross Tudor
Vicki Ross Tudor 14 dias atrás
What about Scone-sy Cider? The random lady at CeeCee HALBERT’S Christening? 😂 That was beyond awkward.
Hazil Henslee
Hazil Henslee 15 dias atrás
This video could be A LOT longer Practically the whole show
Mustache Boi
Mustache Boi 15 dias atrás
I think every scene with Michael is awkward
FlurryHowl 15 dias atrás
Not sure why but I find Micheal kissing Oscar even more painful then Scott's tots-
Evelyn Williams
Evelyn Williams 15 dias atrás
they should have put the scene where Michel sees pam giving birth
agirlwithnoname 15 dias atrás
I can't watch scotts totts but dinner with Jan is one of my favs
sheIkovitsa 15 dias atrás
akward moments in the office: 99% of the show
Dwight Schrute
Dwight Schrute 15 dias atrás
Mose is making weird noises, I think he’s uncomfortable, one second. Edit: Mose accidentally dropped a beet, he’s now crying, how pathetic your supposed to do a ritual for it and then make it into beet juice and drink it deliciousness while thinking about the Schrute family and the beet farm.
Drippy Honey
Drippy Honey 16 dias atrás
at this point just go ahead and put thee whole of scotts tots on here
Ethan Katz
Ethan Katz 16 dias atrás
notice how most awkward moments have michael involved than any other character in the show
Jan Wouter
Jan Wouter 16 dias atrás
Scot's tots was by far the most awkward moment in the show
Veer Shah
Veer Shah 16 dias atrás
He gave em batteries 🤣
CT - 7814
CT - 7814 16 dias atrás
Notice how most of this is Michael
Jordan Campos
Jordan Campos 17 dias atrás
anyone gonna talk about Jan's entrancing smile at 8:05? its driving me crazy 🤤
Sean L
Sean L 17 dias atrás
Cringe Compilation
Rokenrolas Lankanlolas
Rokenrolas Lankanlolas 17 dias atrás
Challenge: watch the whole video without skipping anything
Carlos Cobian
Carlos Cobian 18 dias atrás
Jan terrifies me.
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