Awesome Accessories For Your Nintendo Switch And Nintendo Switch Lite!

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(Sponsored By Satisfye Gaming)
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Nintendo Switch Lite - Zacian and Zamazenta Edition (Affiliate Link)
In this video I unbox the Nintendo Switch Lite - Zacian and Zamazenta Edition and show off some amazing cases for the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite created by Satisfye Gaming!
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14 Nov 2019



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Comentários 352
ReviewTechUSA 25 dias atrás
Check Out Satsifye's Awesome Nintendo Switch Accessories And Use Code 'REVIEWTECH10' To Save 10% On The Entire Order:
Chris Doherty
Chris Doherty 9 dias atrás
Your discount code doesn't work
npcAntiNeon 24 dias atrás
I miss Cutting Edge Gamer.
Mike Oxlong
Mike Oxlong 25 dias atrás
@The LazyAlgorithm But he hasnt. After his (fat shaming himself videos) he promised to lose it. But he plateaued weight wise, so now he covers it with a big laptop monitor, (or in this videos case) a big baggy sweatshirt to hide the fact hes not losing. And that's OK. But he just doesnt want to appear a unmotivated flipflopper, so he hides the evidence.
The LazyAlgorithm
The LazyAlgorithm 25 dias atrás
@Mike Oxlong he's loosing weight, fat people such as myself appreciate when people notice healthy changes in us. Giving compliments to get em, kinda like respect
Mike Oxlong
Mike Oxlong 25 dias atrás
@The LazyAlgorithm You gay?
Chris Doherty
Chris Doherty 9 dias atrás
Your discount code doesn't work
Genxtasy 99
Genxtasy 99 14 dias atrás
That color scheme makes the others look great.
DarkspiderDavid 14 dias atrás
After this video, Satisfye has become the "Apple" of Switch accessories.
Roc 17 dias atrás
Failed to mention how many game cards can each case holds, all you said was that you can carry a bunch of games.
NinjaTechGaming 18 dias atrás
Hey rich whats the best glass protector for the Nintendo switch
Chris Doherty
Chris Doherty 19 dias atrás
Now here's a shill shilling for shillings.
Tom Simmons
Tom Simmons 20 dias atrás
There's better cases on Amazon for cheaper. Mine has the felt inside, the little tab to lift it up, the zipper section on the top for extra cons and cords, and it holds twenty games.
TASHA L 21 dia atrás
Accessories or cases🤔
a damn deer
a damn deer 21 dia atrás
"Im not a pokemon fan" But ill continue to make click bait videos, pouring gasoline on the PS&S fire even though I've never played it
Hieuby_Dooby 21 dia atrás
i think i just watched a satsifye commercial...
James Howlett
James Howlett 21 dia atrás
Which of the switch line is your favorite to use in the daily?
BlackMasterJah 22 dias atrás
Tempted to get a switch just for this case, great review!!!
Incogneto 22 dias atrás
Holy crap. You are shamelessly selling out the past few months.
Dark Elf
Dark Elf 22 dias atrás
"You put your hand right in, you put your left hand out. Then you shake it all around." 🤣
Nerd With Attitude
Nerd With Attitude 22 dias atrás
Click uhhhh!
PKTV 22 dias atrás
is it just me or do the red buttons actually look like they are pink?
majorpayne 019
majorpayne 019 23 dias atrás
Any idea if the Hori Split Pad Pro and the official charger will fit in the net area of Switch Case Max?
Brice Day
Brice Day 24 dias atrás
Rich, I found out in late September that my wife was going to give me a Switch for my birthday in early October. I used your link to purchase the elite pro bundle. I had my switch for a few weeks before the bundle was released. After putting the elite grip on I loved the Switch even more. The case is awesome. I travel every day for work. I have no fears about my console being safe from incidental damage. Best $85 I ever spent for a console. I highly recommend Satisfy's accessories. The thumb grips are high quality too. Thanks Rich.
Jarrett Lykens
Jarrett Lykens 24 dias atrás
That grey kind of reminds me of the OG Game Boy.
ha 24 dias atrás
Clickbait much?
three bedrooms
three bedrooms 24 dias atrás
The case makes the Switch a MUST. BUY.
JessicaFEREM 24 dias atrás
I can tell you like these lmao. Nice functional and ergonomic cases and grips
duhmez 24 dias atrás
What's the best part of switch lite? The lack of rumble, the lack or gyro controls, the smaller screen, or the lack of tv docking ability? The switch lite is garbage trash for poor people and kids.
duhmez 24 dias atrás
These make the switch a must buy!
Narakami Juiski
Narakami Juiski 24 dias atrás
I love your videos my dude keep it up
Narakami Juiski
Narakami Juiski 24 dias atrás
Everytime rich goes ahh when the switch lite thing goes snap 😂😂😂😂😂
Game ZOnE
Game ZOnE 24 dias atrás
No one: Satisfye : lunchboxes would make portable cases
Johno Daz
Johno Daz 24 dias atrás
Great video Rich. Some really nice n cool Switch Products :-).
No Hope
No Hope 24 dias atrás
Okay boomer
Nayeem Haque
Nayeem Haque 24 dias atrás
The Pokémon lite version looks awesome, best looking one of all the switch versions imo. All the cases looks good as well, wouldn’t mind getting one of those. Good job rich.
mobilesuitjesse 24 dias atrás
Meh I prefer cutting edge gamer then this crap jk
DS9TREK 25 dias atrás
I love the Pokémon Switch. The colours are similar to the trans pride flag. :D
tele-arena guy
tele-arena guy 25 dias atrás
2:43 It's funny to see how much you truly are a fan of the grip! 🤣
SerialVapist 25 dias atrás
oh a sponsored video. big pass
Elena Comoli
Elena Comoli 25 dias atrás
I really love that grip, but the case for both Lite and grip makes it bigger and loses te portability it was made for. IMHO. I am pretty happy with the default case which is going rigt into my lady`s purse)
Don R
Don R 25 dias atrás
As soon as he puts the joy cons in the pouch. My joy cons started drifting.
Xavier Robinson
Xavier Robinson 25 dias atrás
This was a great video and I really hope you do more like it.
SychosisPatient 25 dias atrás
I am going to pre-order mine when the local governments computer decides to pay me.
Marlin Benson
Marlin Benson 25 dias atrás
Damn dude you are looking skinny, good for you!
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