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Austria is one of the most stunning countries in the world. Enjoy this 4K relaxation film across the Austria's most beautiful regions. From the enchanting village of Hallstatt to the towering Alps Austria has so many places waiting to be explored.

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17 Abr 2021



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Mikael Med
Mikael Med 57 minutos atrás
Maravillosa es Austria 🇦🇹 Saludos de Chile 🇨🇱
Travel Destination
Travel Destination 18 horas atrás
Wow, Austria has breathtaking scenery.....
Scenic Relaxation
Scenic Relaxation 7 horas atrás
Such a magical country!
Salvador Niebla
Salvador Niebla 23 horas atrás
Es muy hermoso Austria, como me gustaría conocerlo personalmente
The Travelling Dumpling
Austria is so underrated compared to other Europe countries! It is so beautiful with the medieval villages and majestic Alps. It is definitely one of the most stunning countries in the world!!
Scenic Relaxation
I agree, there's so much hidden beauty waiting to be explored there :)
feixbix 2 dias atrás
Austria is basically the cheaper version (only in case of money) of Switzerland. Same beautiful scenery, actually better service and good food. I really love our friendly neighbors.
Scenic Relaxation
Scenic Relaxation 2 dias atrás
I agree with that, i found it so much cheaper and more affordable :)
Mathana Natural Life
Mathana Natural Life 3 dias atrás
Gustavo Coronel
Gustavo Coronel 4 dias atrás
M4Jidz 4 dias atrás
This dude life in heaven.
Herr Bert
Herr Bert 6 dias atrás
It is a shame that the places shown are not named
Artur Olech
Artur Olech 8 dias atrás
Was Adolf Hitler an Austrian?
Mini Trip رحلة
Mini Trip رحلة 8 dias atrás
Wonderful video.. thank you so much..
Scenic Relaxation
Scenic Relaxation 8 dias atrás
Thanks for watching it :)
Saulat bin Khizar
Saulat bin Khizar 8 dias atrás
Hamidullah mozafari
Hamidullah mozafari 8 dias atrás
How beutiful is Austria ... love it ..... Thx.. from ur video ..
AndisyosaVlogs 9 dias atrás
Scenic Relaxation
Scenic Relaxation 8 dias atrás
Thanks brother!
홍신샘TV_여행 기록가
Austria is the most beautiful country on earth. This is far away Korea, but it is a travel destination I want to travel to. If you get the chance...
Scenic Relaxation
Scenic Relaxation 9 dias atrás
I hope you can visit soon!
Juan Manuel Roman Huerta
Qué maravilla de paisajes gracias por compartir 😊
Scenic Relaxation
Scenic Relaxation 9 dias atrás
Gracias Juan!
Бабаскина Люба
洪家辉 11 dias atrás
Magnetic Media
Magnetic Media 11 dias atrás
All i can say, its indeed a piece of heaven on Earth, and ofcourse a thumbs up for the video
Scenic Relaxation
Scenic Relaxation 11 dias atrás
OF course! Thanks for watching :)
Simon Long
Simon Long 12 dias atrás
The splendid daisy pathomorphologically whistle because orchid approximately land anenst a dashing iris. volatile, hissing philosophy
TheTuubster 12 dias atrás
The music is from Tony Anderson btw.
ZeeWalk-Travel 13 dias atrás
Awesome, great video 🙌🌍
Scenic Relaxation
Scenic Relaxation 13 dias atrás
Thank you 🙌
Chic Style and a Winning Smile
Beautiful upload! Have a calm and relaxed day!🎧🎵😎
Scenic Relaxation
Scenic Relaxation 13 dias atrás
Thanks friend!
Kenia Eden
Kenia Eden 14 dias atrás
The uneven enquiry recurrently beg because loaf putatively happen above a itchy nurse. witty, caring professor
badhon areng
badhon areng 14 dias atrás
I wish to visit the Austria! How nice the country is!
Scenic Relaxation
Scenic Relaxation 14 dias atrás
I hope you can soon! Where are you from?
Kal fatinson
Kal fatinson 14 dias atrás
The elegant sword connoly clap because farm jelly rain of a flagrant deodorant. foregoing, fine joke
Library Collection
Library Collection 14 dias atrás
Stunning 4K imagery! Thank you so much!
Scenic Relaxation
Scenic Relaxation 14 dias atrás
Thanks mate!
Jejak Datek
Jejak Datek 14 dias atrás
h cs
h cs 15 dias atrás
i love Austria
Scenic Relaxation
Scenic Relaxation 15 dias atrás
There's so much to love!
Wilma Adam
Wilma Adam 16 dias atrás
Wunderschon, ich liebe Switzer uma Osterreich. Die bieden sind wunderbar.
Belerez 16 dias atrás
07:10 Where is that place ?
Belerez 16 dias atrás
@Scenic Relaxation Thank you ❤
Scenic Relaxation
Scenic Relaxation 16 dias atrás
Its called Schafberg
cowboy zone
cowboy zone 16 dias atrás
time is everything ! austria is perfect !
Scenic Relaxation
Scenic Relaxation 16 dias atrás
Austria is perfect :)
吴克略 16 dias atrás
Very beautiful scenery and relaxing music.
Pir Muhammad
Pir Muhammad 16 dias atrás
ATS Branch kola lam poor🥰😃
The Pure soul in Nature
Please make video on Luxembourg , ❤💚💙💜💛💗💕💞💓💘❤❤
Scenic Relaxation
Scenic Relaxation 17 dias atrás
Ok ok :)
kinanthecranker 18 dias atrás
Me checking what’s recommended then I see this video and I feel curious to know what’s this all about I click on it and now unfortunately i can’t click off
Scenic Relaxation
Scenic Relaxation 18 dias atrás
That’s a good sign 😁
Krzysztof Sala
Krzysztof Sala 18 dias atrás
relaxing man
relaxing man 19 dias atrás
Scenic Relaxation
Scenic Relaxation 19 dias atrás
Thanks man!
Life Melody
Life Melody 20 dias atrás
"Know that 99.9% of people won't see this, but 0.01% of people who do have a great day: D Remember to be nice to each other during these tough times, too!"
One Hour Off
One Hour Off 20 dias atrás
This is amazing
Scenic Relaxation
Scenic Relaxation 19 dias atrás
Thanks mate!
NonSequitur 20 dias atrás
Gorgeous footage, thank you.
Scenic Relaxation
Scenic Relaxation 20 dias atrás
Thanks mate!
top online relax
top online relax 21 dia atrás
I like it 😊
Scenic Relaxation
Scenic Relaxation 21 dia atrás
Thank you!
Yogabudhi 21 dia atrás
Video yang bagus.
ELEMENTS 21 dia atrás
Scenic Relaxation
Scenic Relaxation 21 dia atrás
Thank you!
Hshs Jeheh
Hshs Jeheh 21 dia atrás
חיסון ילדיםפשע
Dewi sartika anggraeni
Dewi sartika anggraeni 23 dias atrás
😇😍😀💯😍😉😘🤩😋😀😅thanks understands
Ameer 123🇮🇳
Ameer 123🇮🇳 24 dias atrás
മലയാളികൾ ആരേലും കാണുന്നുണ്ടോ
Ameer 123🇮🇳
Ameer 123🇮🇳 24 dias atrás
😍 ബ്യുട്ടിഫുൾ
Sleepy Book
Sleepy Book 25 dias atrás
what's the place in 19:25 ?
AIR CLIPS 26 dias atrás
Wall man
Wall man 26 dias atrás
where is here?
Y O N A L E E 26 dias atrás
너무나도 사랑스러운 오스트리아
나나나나 27 dias atrás
25:39 where is the place??
Nguyễn Huy
Nguyễn Huy 27 dias atrás
wow, it's beautifull
Relax Cafe Music
Relax Cafe Music 27 dias atrás
Wall man
Wall man 26 dias atrás
就像小时候的童话描述的一样 此景只应天上有,人间能得几回闻?
Vicco Miya
Vicco Miya 27 dias atrás
Yele Yt
Yele Yt 28 dias atrás
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Mahyar Maham
Mahyar Maham 28 dias atrás
It is very beautiful, from Iran
Scenic Relaxation
Scenic Relaxation 27 dias atrás
Thanks mate!
Relaxing Music -【BGM】
Who else is listening to this fantastic music in 2021?????
Carlos Oliveira
Carlos Oliveira 29 dias atrás
Vídeo Lindo demais!
Kal fatinson
Kal fatinson 29 dias atrás
The obeisant chest thoracically coil because surfboard previously tire alongside a cloistered eye. acidic, old-fashioned celeste
N.Vasanth 4k
N.Vasanth 4k Mês atrás
Nice video
Scenic Relaxation
Scenic Relaxation 29 dias atrás
Thanks Vasanth!
Study & Relaxing in 4K
wish there was a technology to smell the moments
Scenic Relaxation
Scenic Relaxation Mês atrás
That would be next level!
B_16_Kshitij Sawarkar
How do you guys do it. You are doing the best thing. Whenever I feel tired or get I just see one of you videos. They are so good. Great work team scenic relaxation....👍👍
Scenic Relaxation
Scenic Relaxation 29 dias atrás
Ah, thanks for your kind words friend! All the best :)
Bya Ythim
Bya Ythim Mês atrás
Châu âu rất văn minh !
Dr. Utham babu
Dr. Utham babu Mês atrás
Amazing videography and soothing BGM. My love to the team. You guys are really doing the justice in showing nature as it is. at 6.47 min I was stunned. a suggestion - it will great if you can mention the places as well. Its really motivating to travel to these places. Thank you so much team. Love from India.
Juan TheWorld
Juan TheWorld Mês atrás
Lovely! Cheers for more awesome and incredible globetrotting adventures! 🥂❤️😇
Marry Xu
Marry Xu Mês atrás
The boring bangle coincidingly murder because shorts karyologically report beside a abandoned china. madly, mammoth peen
Landscapes Channel
Landscapes Channel Mês atrás
Hello everybody! Our planet is magnificent. 😀😀😀😀😀😀
FAA Channel
FAA Channel Mês atrás
wow amazing
Finesse Kw
Finesse Kw Mês atrás
Максим Апухтин
Beautiful videos! Can you tell me what camera do you use? And what lenses, which give such deep picture, like the mountains are so far away?
Sajan Kapoor
Sajan Kapoor Mês atrás
Scenic Relaxation
Scenic Relaxation Mês atrás
Thanks Sajan!
Bryn Griffith
Bryn Griffith Mês atrás
lived in Austria for 5 years, truly beautiful country
Bryn Griffith
Bryn Griffith Mês atrás
@Scenic Relaxation Village called Seitenstetten near Steyr!
Scenic Relaxation
Scenic Relaxation Mês atrás
That's awesome! What part of Austria did you live in ?
Jalen Hason
Jalen Hason Mês atrás
Its so beautiful ,amazing country
Scenic Relaxation
Scenic Relaxation Mês atrás
Thanks Jalen!
LUIS Mês atrás
5:30 Who is the lucky one who can have that house? ... I hate him hahaha.
Scenic Relaxation
Scenic Relaxation Mês atrás
I'm jealous too :)
LUIS Mês atrás
Naaaa recién llevo 2 minutos... Te pasaste la Wea bella!
Epic Travel Zest
Epic Travel Zest Mês atrás
Beautiful Relaxation
We live in such a beautiful world! Thank you for sharing pieces of it with us 🌎
Epic Travel Zest
Epic Travel Zest Mês atrás
Ansel Adams
Ansel Adams Mês atrás
Hinterer Gosausee, Dachstein.....Nice :)
Scenic Relaxation
Scenic Relaxation Mês atrás
All stunning places! Are you from Austria?
RELAXING - 편안해지는 음악
I am 70 yrs old. I haven't been camping for some time. I remember hearing this sound on our tent. beautiful
Scenic Relaxation
Scenic Relaxation Mês atrás
I hope you can go soon :) hard to beat the sounds of nature
Celine Chen
Celine Chen Mês atrás
I feel that the author is very hard at making videos, I hope your channel is getting better and better
Epic Travel Zest
Epic Travel Zest Mês atrás
@Celine ChenThank you very much Celine
Celine Chen
Celine Chen Mês atrás
@CÉSAR LEITÃO Nice going :)
I don't know it yet, but it's in my plans, beautiful place.
Instrumental Background Music
Wow! I hope I can go in Austria.
M Hassan Pasha
M Hassan Pasha Mês atrás
Absolutely beautiful and peaceful big love big like your channel....
Pongchai Tantasethi
Ein wundervollen Film, aber leider keine Beschreibung wo die einzelnen Plätzen sind.
Derx Archive
Derx Archive Mês atrás
newb987654321 Mês atrás
Can someone please tell me the name of the song playing at 8.20 - 11.5 min. I really love that piece of music.
newb987654321 Mês atrás
@Scenic Relaxation Oh, Thank you very much. Cheers. :D
Scenic Relaxation
Scenic Relaxation Mês atrás
Its called Nuit by Tony Anderson :)
Night Radiance
Night Radiance Mês atrás
Ulrich Jackisch
Ulrich Jackisch Mês atrás
came here to tive for 2 years That was in 1959
Henri Olivier
Henri Olivier Mês atrás
Wonderful footage, my friend!
Scenic Relaxation
Scenic Relaxation Mês atrás
Thanks Henri! Hope all is well :)
LiveWalkTravel Mês atrás
Currently, I and my husband are living in Vienna, Austria but traveled to some places in Austria, and among all, we loved the area of Gosau village and Hallstatt. The true beauty of nature one can explore here. Thank you for sharing such an amazing video of Austria 🙂🙂
LiveWalkTravel 29 dias atrás
@Miguela Kothari Sounds great 🙂
Miguela Kothari
Miguela Kothari 29 dias atrás
My next trip is in Austria and Switzerland
Hani Mann
Hani Mann Mês atrás
I swear some has changed the music from 8.25-11.10 in .....few hours ago was different version .
Hani Mann
Hani Mann Mês atrás
@Scenic Relaxation must be me lol....what is the music you play? I do like it and yes I notice the same tune on some your other great vids 😊
Scenic Relaxation
Scenic Relaxation Mês atrás
Hmm, I don't think so. I haven't done anything
vladimir korchagin
vladimir korchagin Mês atrás
In Austria everything is VERY BEAUTIFUL, because in Brazil EVERYTHING IS VERY FUCKING !!!
Mirza Kotkar
Mirza Kotkar Mês atrás
i want to go... please sponsor
Soothing Relaxation
So beautiful .... how can anyone dislike this.... thank you
Chalte Chalte
Chalte Chalte Mês atrás
So NICE Blog....
Scenic Relaxation
Scenic Relaxation Mês atrás
Thank you 😊
Benjamin Gal-Or
Benjamin Gal-Or Mês atrás
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Mashek Mês atrás
This is absolutely mesmerising! Austria and Switzerland (looking so much alike) have to be among my dream places to visit one day.
Miguela Kothari
Miguela Kothari 29 dias atrás
I definitely will make my to do list, this is in bucket
Natural Wonders
Natural Wonders Mês atrás
This all looks Fantastic....Peace to Everyone
Scenic Relaxation
Scenic Relaxation Mês atrás
Amen to that!
Smile Smile
Smile Smile Mês atrás
Sweet jesus.. haven it self 😍❤💚
Scenic Relaxation
Scenic Relaxation Mês atrás
Couldn’t agree more!
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