Australia meet Samoa in Rugby League World Cup final | Cazoo RLWC2021 Match Highlights 

Rugby League World Cup
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18 Nov 2022



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@bernardkaiau7748 Anos atrás
Congratulations Australia for winning the final and congratulations to Samoa for making us the Pacific Islands proud by making it to the finals.
@marksheehan8026 Anos atrás
Awesome to see Polynesians prolific in league and union at top level ..and inspiring the yougins to come after tem . But remember basically they all are OZ or NZ born totally developed their skills by the programs that are set in these country's especially and predominantly league ,, and earn a pretty excellent living from it . They choose to represent the country of the parents and some cases grand parents orgins ,, When some cases they were selected for Aus or NZ for this W/C but choose otherwise . They aren't 2nd tier nations because they don't have especially league in those countries doesn't exist that l know of , nor financially supported by those nations . It's fantasifull to keep praising it as they came from a particular place .. In real terms they are Kiwis or Australians with that particular cultural background .
@mhutch5082 Anos atrás
Absolute hiding
@GTXCozy Anos atrás
Thanks mate for ruining it
@silvia12319 Anos atrás
Lol making it to the finals but not winning. Ouch
@fairbsy7639 Anos atrás
@@GTXCozy Your the One on the NRL highlights comment section 🤦‍♂️
@coltenn8785 Anos atrás
Can anyone else acknowledge that Isaah Yeo had missed only one tackle all world cup. Making 40+ tackles a game and managed to miss only one in 5 games is an achievement in itself. He deserves some recognition for his defense, true definition of unsung hero
Ben Toto was the MOTM
@catherineross3727 Anos atrás
So true, he definitely had he's best game in the Final and is one of those players you know will give he's very best reliable
@@catherineross3727 Avg @ best rly
@albertagua1254 Anos atrás
Congratulations Australia for winning the World Cup 3 X in a row and what an explosive performance by Toa Samoa in propelling themselves from a Tier 2 nation into the world cup grand final. A breath taking and envious performance by Toa Samoa ❤️👍👏
@zoltonf8804 Anos atrás
@M You’ve been commenting this for years bro get a life
@paythepiper6283 Anos atrás
@M And yet, soccer is a boring, shit game played by overpaid prima donners. All the best sunshine
@ghoward359 Anos atrás
@M soccer is a shit game, number 1 in Australia..yeah right 😂 rest of the world can have soccer but in Australia we’ll keep playing Rugby league.
@Cool-sb9si Anos atrás
@Robert-xn3dc Anos atrás
@M If the rest of the world like soccer its because they are scared to play rugby. Rubgy is for men and soccer is for diving little panzies 🤣
@ritamardi9405 Anos atrás
I couldnt be more prouder as a Pacific islander! Toa Samoa you have already paved the way to come this far making it to the final. Heads up and come back strong next time. Congratulations to Auz and God bless both team!
@sillau9 Anos atrás
Right..our islands may be tiny,but our people's heart & drive is mighty🌺🙌🏻👏🏻👏🏻💪🏻
@switch7443 Anos atrás
Thank you toa samoa for making this rwc a experience of a lifetime! Showed all us polys that we can get there. HISTORY FOR EVER 🇼🇸🇹🇴🤞🏼🎯💯
@cascade3769 Anos atrás
You lost the final though.
@switch7443 Anos atrás
@@cascade3769 yeah I know but I'm referring to anything is possible. On the rise
@Bloom0915 Anos atrás
@@cascade3769 And? Do we care? NOOOOOO we still partying and celebrate win or lose
Tonga 🇹🇴 Loser ! Samoa 🇼🇸 Loser !
@cascade3769 Anos atrás
@@Bloom0915 That's plain dumb.
@martynslinn6607 Anos atrás
Atmosphere in the stadium was fantastic, every neutral in the stadium was right behind Samoa, fantastic half time reception for schofield and his efforts for MND and hid friend Rob Burrows, the sun shine in Manchester for both teams.
@paemataxviii4776 Anos atrás
@M bro who asked? We get it.
@sidential Anos atrás
@M shutup
@shuzzbot Anos atrás
@M jizz bucket you're getting slack you've missed heaps of Rugby posts get cracking with your copy and paste
@Cool-sb9si Anos atrás
@EuanHarmer Anos atrás
@M literally nobody asked, go touch some grass mate
@doudaddy8522 Anos atrás
From a tongan we proud of toa samoa for representing us polynesians awesome job boys keep your head up fellas
@nzroots3377 Anos atrás
stop lying toks 😂
@doudaddy8522 Anos atrás
@@nzroots3377 that took longer than I thought I was waiting for one of the tokos to give me shit 🤣 and y'all Did not disappoint 🤦🤣
@nzroots3377 Anos atrás
@bpswank429 Anos atrás
@@doudaddy8522 what a usi
🤦🤦🤦 not tier 1 materials
@hunkeeeboy7062 Anos atrás
Watching from USA. Rugby first timer, was very entertaining. Respect to all players.
@danieleyre8913 Anos atrás
This is not real rugby. It’s this derivative sport called Rugby League.
@NoName-hg6cc 8 meses atrás
​@@danieleyre8913This *isn't
@danieleyre8913 8 meses atrás
@@NoName-hg6cc Damn, the auto spell corrector must have kicked in.
@rockkid8306 Anos atrás
Congrats Australia! Saved their best performance for last and proved why they are the best in the world. Big props to Samoa for a brilliant tournament as well! They may not have won but the amount of publicity they have brought globally has really been a massive boost for the game. Can’t wait to see what they can do at the next world cup!
@sillau9 Anos atrás
@theman2223 Anos atrás
The beauty of this game was the crowed with Australia jerseys were still cheering Samoa's tries on. Good sportsmanship Aussies!
@mattrennie6876 Anos atrás
Ozzies love Samoans.
@rayhoskin4547 Anos atrás
Toa Samoa has made us Samoans all over the world so proud 60-6 loss and four players out in their first game ,they made a huge turn around and made the quarter, the semis first time ever ,then beat England in making the final and got the silver medal for finishing second. History has been made so proud of the players faafetai lava manuia Toa Samoa manuia Samoa
@MrKeanu23 Anos atrás
Congratulations to australia but my hat goes off to samoa for putting themselves on the map. They truly deserved to be in the final and rightfully so. Amazing hardwork, well done!
@eliasefo244 Anos atrás
Agree with you. Toa Samoa put Samoa on the map. But sadly ruined by some (not all of them) arrogant supporters during their parades.
@zane3909 Anos atrás
@M if you were a true fan of the sport you'd be calling it football not soccer, pleb
@Bloom0915 Anos atrás
@@eliasefo244 How? just stfu
@eliasefo244 Anos atrás
@@Bloom0915 I like your arrogant attitude. Exactly people like you I am talking about. This is how? 17 players put their Lives, sweat and bodies on the rugby field to represent Samoa. They felt the pain from every tackles, scratches and blood to put Samoa on the map. But sadly ruined by SOME (not all) people (maybe you are one of those) breaking the law. Illegally driving with people on the bonnet of their cars, at the back of their utes etc.. The one that got arrested is a good example of what I meant. I have rather be Humble and keep my Pride up my sleeve than be an idiot.
@Bloom0915 Anos atrás
@@eliasefo244 And? Did it hurt you? You talked like this is the first time you've seen celebrations like that. People got arrested? No one got arrested just your negative thoughts that got arrested. People like you are the reason why the world is full of hatred and sadness.
@vilivetuatoko8163 Anos atrás
Good effort usos. You’ve given hope that other island nations can reach the finals. You gave it your best shot. Vinaka vakalevu usos. God bless you and your families. Congratulations to the Kangaroos for the win
@thenewage9723 Anos atrás
@@yoshi-bg7hs we talking bout the 3rd world island countries bro 😂
@thenewage9723 Anos atrás
@M nope we think it’s boring 😂
@jonnybeeston Anos atrás
@M bore off it's also called football by the way but given the badge on your profile you probably won't know that, there were less half and half scarves sold in the ground today than your average home game.
Good Effort ? Samoa 🇼🇸 Loser !!!
@raidenjax6223 Anos atrás
@@thenewage9723 world world islands?there are no 3rd world islands in the pacific..
@avacado4706 Anos atrás
Congrats to Australia! But we're all so proud of you Toa! Well done for making it to the finals and proving our small island significant (:
@avacado4706 Anos atrás
@M I'll wait for Sepelini T to reply
@Cool-sb9si Anos atrás
You performed very well and you have done a worderful World Cup campaign. Congratulations !
@avacado4706 Anos atrás
@poor ned And? That doesn't mean they aren't Samoan, there's a reason they played for Toa Samoa and not Australia :)
@faigavaega5679 Anos atrás
@@poorned5148hat’s your point here? You want all players to play for Australia and NZ? If that’s the case no one would give a shit about the World Cup. They’re still eligible to represent their proud heritage
@isaac8334 Anos atrás
well done Samoa well done . I'm Australian but I love the Samoa's mentally well done guys.
Oz played some awesome footie. Samoa did an awesome job to get to the finals. But Aussies had so much talent on display and gelling as a team.
@andrewkourtis4923 Anos atrás
As an Australian united fan I couldn’t of been more happy for a game like this to be held in one of the most iconic stadiums in the world
@TiaPetaia Anos atrás
Thanks Australia! All class 🇦🇺🫡 from Samoa 🇼🇸
@jimmyfontaine7812 Anos atrás
We dared to dream for our proud small Samoan nation 🇼🇸 you did us proud Toa! Thank you for carrying our dreams on your shoulders 💪 Congratulations to Australia.
@lotumkoale6349 Anos atrás
Amazing game, good job to both teams. Thank you australia for putting on a great show. And i am truley thankful for Samoa 🇼🇸 that they made this far. Im samoan and better luck next time my brothers.
@Znangoi Anos atrás
@M boring ass sport, used to play it until I realized it was for gays and so I let the gays play that game 😂😂😂
@romelafaitele Anos atrás
Keep your head up high Usos and will keep them flags waving! Proud of yous 💯🙏🏽
Hundred percent agreed 👍👍👍
@bittersweet340 Anos atrás
Australia played the final last week... thank you Samoa for ur efforts.
@sepelinit1185 Anos atrás
@M Lol 😂😂🤣🤣
@honest2hu Anos atrás
@M All the top countries in soccer have huge populations so of course the fan base is huge.
@robbielawson4828 Anos atrás
@M You mean football?
@tumatauenga6433 Anos atrás
@M What was the point of that little rant?
@hilakewesley4329 Anos atrás
@M but you're a fan of rugby that's why you're here 😂
@johnhelms8226 Anos atrás
Australia are deserving champions. No doubt. Congratulations and the greatest respect, however, to Samoa and to all of the Pacific Island nations for their passion for this great game!
@breedaniel Anos atrás
Can we be friends
@gordenuloulo9006 Anos atrás
I was tipping Samoa to pull this one out infact you matched them in all areas of the game however Samoa lacked flare and was over protective of the ball and too scared in keeping the ball alive for chances that went was like watching 2 nrl clubs playing ref was also nrl...Rugby league is growing in the pacific one day the pacific tide will change that enough is enough..go Samoa Tonga & PNG you truely showed cause....just my personal world cup view
@rebeccakrupp9103 Anos atrás
Congratulations to Australia 🇦🇺 on winning the final and kudos to the Samoa for making the Pacific Islands proud that you made it to the finals. This was my very first rugby game after watching American football for 50 yrs. Initially I thought it was chaos on the green. But as I watched it was so much more! It was choreographic passing and belly slides for the goals after that terrific tri setup! I am sorry I don't know the correct nomenclature for that tri setup but it was poetry in motion that even a Rugby newb like me could appreciate! It looks like I shall be a die hard Rugby for the next 50 yrs!
@organicod2438 Anos atrás
Believe it or not, but the game has actually gotten worse in recent years due to poor rule changes. The good news is that you can watch past games pretty easily on the internet.
@nathanshurmer4009 Anos atrás
Well done Aussies!! But what is with that in goal area? Looks short and is it astro turf with a drop off at the end? Dangerous af.
@frannyloco9314 Anos atrás
Chin up my USOs ❤️ as hurt as my heart is super proud of you brothers 🙌 😭 thank you for bringing pride and joy to our homes and streets 🙏 god is good USOs alofa Aku
I love our teams, the skill difference is amazing, so happy to Samoa great job.
Good on the Australian League team for winning the RLWC...but absolutely brilliant for Samoan League team to make the final...the gap between the south pacific comp is shortening, excellent guys...👏👏👏👏👏
@RoSe90 Anos atrás
Congratulations to Australia, hats off to samoa. Good job boys. Still proud win or lose 💙
Hay off to Samoa 🇼🇸 Loser !
@monzeemate101 Anos atrás
Congrats Australia. 12 time world champions. Very proud of my usos for making history and overcoming setbacks to make it to the finals. A lot of people counted them out after the thrashing from England but what a turnaround after that. Truly amazing!
@samsonsupaka5911 Anos atrás
The first step over a barrier for a islander team a huge leap for all Islanders teams. We'll dominate the next decade of RL. Great work Toa Samoa From PNG.
@karawhiua2575 Anos atrás
If all islanders keep going to nz and aus to get developed they might dominate, most are born in those 2 countries.
@samsonsupaka5911 Anos atrás
Are all Fiji's 7s team members born in Australia and New Zealand to dominate the 7s.
@karawhiua2575 Anos atrás
@@samsonsupaka5911 your talking about rugby league not sevens
@samsonsupaka5911 Anos atrás
What matters?
@karawhiua2575 Anos atrás
@@samsonsupaka5911 they ain't gonna dominate RL unless they get developed in nz an aus, thats what matters. Don't care about sevens.
Congrats to both great teams love from hawera nz
@shanewilson199 Anos atrás
I’m a Queenslander who lives in Argentina. I watch Union because there’s no league on TV here. I didn’t even know this game was on. I was watching the pumas Scotland game. At the 61 st minute my father in law asked me how much was on the clock. 10 minutes later he asked me again. 4 minutes of game time had elapsed. There was a lot of time when nothing was happening. The penalties were inexplicable… I go on the you tube and here’s the second half of this game live… what difference… give me league any day.
@gustaaf1892 Anos atrás
You are right that there are far too many little technicalities in Union that allow the referees to blow the pea out of there whistle. Now they've made it even worse with the bar for sin bins and send offs being lowered, so we're seeing a flood of those over the last few years to make it even worse. Union is going backwards as a sporting spectacle.
@noostrings Anos atrás
I made the switch, never ever will I go back to Union
@bungeye3522 Anos atrás
Tell your wife to live in Australia!
@shanewilson199 Anos atrás
@@bungeye3522 we used to. Long story. We miss Brisbane a lot.
@noway22573 Anos atrás
Union has become a joke. The rule changes over the years has taken away the credibily of the game. The refs are not sure. I go way back to the 70s with Union and I feel so sad
@jonnybeeston Anos atrás
Was a pleasure to witness the whole event today and all the stories that went with it, Australia were ultimate pros and Samoa gave their best and never feared taking a risk or trying to keep in the game.
👍Congrats to Australia, they have set the Benchmark 3 times in row, for other nations to aspire too. ..but Gallant in defeat for our Toa samoa outfit, as they have Won the hearts of a small island nation..just hope they have inspired the next Generation of NRL Samoan heritage players to turnout for the Blue & white of Samoa...💙❤
was luai playing ? i didnt catch the game..
@davidkonnei7153 Anos atrás
Congratulations Samoa. A very young team with a bright future.
@EmandEm24 Anos atrás
Great future 💯🔥
@zeventic-9584 Anos atrás
Toa Samoa 🇼🇸 Toa Loser !
@sillau9 Anos atrás
@@Christian-Roots818 huh? 🤨
@truckerfromreno Anos atrás
What a brilliant tournament and what an amazing game this Rugby League is. I am hooked. Well done the Aussies and well done to Samoa who had the whole of Britain behind them.
@robbielawson4828 Anos atrás
I like rugby league but let's be honest, the first 3/4 of this tournament was a farce with embarrassing scorelines & half empty stadiums.
@paddyanglais91 Anos atrás
@@robbielawson4828 reflects the strength of the global game. No one really worth getting up for other than Aus, NZ and Eng.
@robbielawson4828 Anos atrás
@@paddyanglais91 I just wish more RL fans would be honest and not say it was a great tournament. Some of the games were cringeworthy played in front of empty stadiums. The England / Greece game was a joke. The final was at Elland Road last week.
@Primal-Weed Anos atrás
Lol the tournament was a joke.
@frankmercury2833 Anos atrás
Congrats to Australia far too strong. When they want to turn up no ones going to stop them. Well done to Samoa for making it to the final.
@breedaniel Anos atrás
Hey 👋
@janinebatker4960 Anos atrás
Congratulations on the win Australia but so impressive was Samoa 💕💕
@giancarlo2008 Anos atrás
Thank you Australia … for bringing Samoa back down to earth, humbling a lot fans. Much appreciated
@wachaushenzi Anos atrás
🏌🏼 Words right out of my mouth. Atleast the streets here in Melbourne are quiet again. Well done straya !
@stevenchandra8967 Anos atrás
Go job Australia 🇦🇺 awesome team well deserved win and a big score line thank you samoa
@teenwolflife3971 Anos atrás
@M no one cares
@boganbob2708 Anos atrás
@M Nothing screams NPC stooge like someone pushing soccer with a MU avatar.
@jadejeffrey4886 Anos atrás
@M geez you must have no life. You comment this on every rugby league thing on youtube. I imagine you sit at home everyday with a jar of peanut butter & your cat stroking it.
@pantherz9103 Anos atrás
@M what a flog- there’s not 250 countries in the world, there’s only 195
@gannon3578 Anos atrás
@M hey he’s here the soccer poof
@jordizzle9301 Anos atrás
Thank you for winning Australia. I was worried i was never going to get any sleep. And congrats to Toa, should be beyond proud x
@faigavaega5679 Anos atrás
@akaashi820 Anos atrás
Win or lose STILL UP THE TOA SAMOA 💙🇼🇸
@asahitubuna1151 Anos atrás
Congratulation Australia.. Well done Samoa, you guys make us proud(All the little Pacific Island Nation) Try again next time..
Bro even after the game we still celebrate
@jonathanward1538 Anos atrás
Congrats Australia on winning the World Cup once again you've done our country proud! And also congratulations to Samoa for an history making performance being the first Pacific Island nation to make a final in any World Cup! Love to see it! Well done 👏🏼
@Zuluboii20 Anos atrás
@namesdron3516 Anos atrás
Even if samoa lost to my birth country, were still very proud of you, support from Fiji/Australia 🇫🇯🇦🇺🇼🇸
@MrStoudemire11 Anos atrás
These guys just don't loose 🇦🇺
@cascade3769 Anos atrás
No but they LOSE sometimes.
@MrStoudemire11 Anos atrás
Loose never though
@alexb7453 Anos atrás
Does anyone know where I can get approx 500 large Australian flags on a stick? I just noticed the rugby results
@bangzhaus Anos atrás
Love from another island. Congrats Aussies! Thank you Samoa for making the Pacific Nations proud! 🇼🇸
@Christians9955 Anos atrás
Fox looks even faster. Crazy.
@JAHblessedness Anos atrás
Major props and respect to the Roos for another RLWC victory and your brilliance and dominance in world cups exceeds that of the All Blacks in rugby union. Toa Samoa your play, grit and determination, far exceeded expectations in this world cup! So proud of my usos! Mate Ma’a Tonga, my tokos, surely gave an underwhelming performance this time as a tier-1 powerhouse and the second ranked behind the Aussies, but there’s always the next RLWC to look forward to as they say. PNG and Fiji will be the ones to look out for in the upcoming years, time will tell, but with this RLWC performance Samoa needs to be elevated to Tier-1. Footy is more suited to our island physicality and ways than union, I’m just saying.
@shepshenko809 Anos atrás
Awesome to see Samoa in this final everyone would agree, (Englishman here) but we all knew the winner before the competition started let alone before this game.
@TheCaptainmick Anos atrás
Surely Samoa becomes a tier 1 team now. A few players will have to choose between Samoa and State of Origin
@yessirrr5182 Anos atrás
Yeah they are
@yessirrr5182 Anos atrás
They beat 2 tier 1 countries this year, tonga and England
Unless they beat New Zealand or Australia then they can be considered a Tier 1 Team
@faigavaega5679 Anos atrás
@@sydfieldmasmafua4888they beat tonga, that’s all that matters😂😂😂😂
@larrybiga2486 Anos atrás
Nathan Cleary absolute gun player. Panthers will make it 3 in a row come 2023. Well done Samoa and congrats.
@koolmocee5422 Anos atrás
Regardless, Samoa should be so proud. A nation of only 2 hundred thousand people, going up against a nation of 25 million. The sport is nothing without the Polynesians. Also, being such a small nation Samoa is, its amazing how much influence they have on the sporting world in general. Heads high Usos. You're are a great people and the whole mf world knows it!
@cascade3769 Anos atrás
We NEED Islanders to take cricket seriously otherwise face deportation.
@sillau9 Anos atrás
@Kool Mo Cee facts,love your comment
@Primal-Weed Anos atrás
Samoa was made up of Australians and Kiwis lol what a joke.
@sillau9 Anos atrás
@@Primal-Weed who also have Samoan ancestry dummy
@John-pl8fe 5 meses atrás
All teams are made up of Aussies and Kiwis. This isn't even a WC it's the NRL with international jersies.
@Hourani95 Anos atrás
The old Trafford groundskeeper gonna have fun cleaning that mess up 😂
@gracenmercy579 Anos atrás
I’m proud to be a Samoa, and very proud of my people well done Tama Toa o Samoa 💕
@clouzyown3459 Anos atrás
Congrats my country Australia.. But as an Australian, I really need to give this to Samoa. They've done their nation proud, History makers. This is just a beginning, and I assure you that the next World cup will be yours.
@waikatofynest Anos atrás
Congrats to Australia also congrats to samoa for making the finals 👏 ❤️ 💖
@peterstreiff3811 Anos atrás
Congratulations 🇦🇺🦘🏆🥇, Congratulations Toa Samoa 🇼🇸🥈! The 🏝️play also very well! Peter from 🇨🇭👍🏉 League.
@sepelinit1185 Anos atrás
@M Lol 😂😂🤣🤣
@truckerfromreno Anos atrás
@M Nonsense. Rugby League is a far superior game. I understand McDonald's is very popular and that is pure filth. By the way it's called Association Football not soccer.
@boganbob2708 Anos atrás
@M Nothing screams NPC stooge like someone pushing soccer with a MU avatar.
@ericdulume1904 Anos atrás
Latrell Mitchell on fire 💯🔥
@priehowell8825 Anos atrás
Hell yeah
@taiyonatiare7918 Anos atrás
Paving the way 🇼🇸 The first pacific nation to make it to the finals in the sports history. Great team and a good comp. Did all the Samoans proud
@simonportelli8493 Anos atrás
Didn’t win though
@jeremiah3305 Anos atrás
@@simonportelli8493 us samoan still made history and if u think it's not a big deal then say to yourself how many time the Aussies gone to the finals and win the tournament then tell yourself how many time us Samoans or any poly team made it to the finals and win the 🏆 this is the first time ever so u gonna respect that💯 yea we didn't win the game but we set the bar💯
@taiyonatiare7918 Anos atrás
@@simonportelli8493 really? I didn’t notice dummy
@jeremiah3305 Anos atrás
@@taiyonatiare7918 uhhh don't worry about it next nrlwc is n 2025 3 more years Toa Samoa will comeback 💯
@jeremiah3305 Anos atrás
Oh when I say us poly teams I mean 3rd country not like nz and that I mean Samoans, Kukis, Fiji and Tonga and many more
@didosalih1089 Anos atrás
Congratulations Australia 🎉💖🏆
@mukekramiller7432 Anos atrás
It’s good for international RL that there were so many countries that could’ve made the final. Though I’m glad Australia reminded Luai and Samoa who their daddy is.
@GazREYTONS4EVER Anos atrás
The rugby league World Cup is like taking candy from a baby for the Aussies, it’s a total waste of time we know who’s gonna win it before the tournament even started.
@dariuszz6648 Anos atrás
bravo à l'Australie ! les samoans peuvent être fiers de leur parcours, ils m'ont fait rêver ! merci aux deux équipes !
Congratulations to both Aussie men and womens teams in their Win over (SAMOA) and the (KIWI FERNS)..Both teams to **CLASSY**..
@Sol-01 Anos atrás
Why does it say 2021? Are they playing last year
Congratulations Australia for winning the world cup but A Massive Congratulations to TOA SAMOA for making history for our people and the Pacific Nations .THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING THE RISING OF THE PACIFIC NATIONS PLAYERS..
@Nrlgamer96 7 meses atrás
All of samoas player were born in Australia or New Zealand except Steven Crichton these guys don’t have any respect of the country that they were raised on all they care about is were there parents and grandparents come from and if they decide to represent the country they were raised from as in Australia or New Zealand you Pacific Islanders say they only do it for money the Fijian and png players are all from those country’s and represent them polys have no respect for there country of origin not all poly players but most of you and don’t play in state of origin but not Australia
@eddieedimsi3509 Anos atrás
Congratulations Samoa. You've done us the pacific islands proud.
What was the score
@davewayak Anos atrás
Congratulations to Australia for wining Rw/cup grand final and congrats to png kumuls for making it to final though most of you were second grade clubs players. You made PNG proud.
@ptrlohan1 Anos atrás
The Grand Final of the World Cup and they couldn't even find a proper League field! Those in goals were ridiculously small. It's lucky someone didn't get injured going over the edge.
@gustaaf1892 Anos atrás
That has always been the case in England because they often play on football/soccer grounds. Certainly makes it harder to rely on the bomb as an attacking weapon.
@jaycfc6955 Anos atrás
Yep . Need to change grounds, they play the grand final there as well in our league competition. 3m in goal area which drops off sharply to metal hoardings ! All about money because has a bigger capacity then more suitable grounds . Won't play it at Wembley because the fan base is mainly up North and they're fed up with having to pay for travel and extortionate food and drink prices at Wembley.
I didn’t watch rugby before. Was just scrolling the trending and found this. It's interesting to see Australia to shine in Football, Cricket and Rugby at the same time!
@Jamie-ye7fu 10 meses atrás
this is rugby league not rugby
@NoName-hg6cc 8 meses atrás
Shine? In football? What did they do?
Toa Samoa’s dreams shattered but they have shown what the Pacific is capable of. Congratulations Aussies.
@antonialeitz9179 Anos atrás
Great game ozzies, just outclassed the Islanders
@ioanasamiu6435 Anos atrás
Thank you TOA SAMOA you already win well done boys GB to both teams 👏 👍 🙌
@KohliN7 Anos atrás
Congratulations 🔥
@lupea8079 Anos atrás
I don't know what's going on. But this looks more exciting than an NFL game!
@anglowarrior3871 Anos atrás
I attended the final today, disappointed that England weren't in it ( but we didn't deserve to be)but still enjoyed the game.Australia proving as usual that they're the best but well done to Samoa too.Also,how do Aussie fans think that this current team compares to great Kangaroo teams of the past?
@lift4life332 Anos atrás
Just as good as the great teams of the past.
@@lift4life332 nah
It’s a changing of the guard no more cam smith etc.... but I think over time Cleary/Munster combination can get better we’ll have to see New Zealand are looking good
@garyszabados2545 Anos atrás
There have been better teams and better opponents, it is what it is!
@@garyszabados2545 other nations are getting alot better
Congratulations Kangaroos but well done to our Toa Samoa Team playing with so much pride!! Malo the Tau🙏❤🇼🇸🇼🇸🇼🇸
Australia did what they needed to do. Their second half wasn't the best but still managed to score a few tries.
@G.MONEYY Anos atrás
No matter wat, samoa made us proud to even be hea💯💯💯
@deanmatters5739 Anos atrás
Why is Adrian lam wearing an Australian jersey on the coaching stuff. I thought he was with PNG?
Well done boys 🙏
@kaosrip8913 Anos atrás
@merlingeikie Anos atrás
Fine players, those Samoans, big blokes will come good. 🙏🇦🇺🕯️
@redblanket647 Anos atrás
One of my favorite sports.
@noaiaemauri6808 Anos atrás
Congratulations 🇦🇺 & 🇼🇸..
@papaniugini Anos atrás
Congratulations Australia, still big brother 🇵🇬
@mick1446 Anos atrás
Iam proud of australia way to good
@jubileeragasamuel Anos atrás
👍 👍 👍 Samoa though you guys lost but atleast you guys made it into the finals.
Where experience has won. Good 4 the veterans
@johndau9034 Anos atrás
Really the score and the win no big surprise....
@jackt981 Anos atrás
Oz in another level 💪
@coloniekepa8997 Anos atrás
Australia boys from land down under congratulations united in treaty ❤️⚫💛💙⚪💚
@redblanket647 Anos atrás
Congratulations 🎊 👏
Straya Absolutely dominated the Whole game in championships world cup of Rugby league 🏉 🏈
@warriorsfan1602 Anos atrás
Ozzy to good as usual
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Amazing dodge!!! #Dodgeball in Japan