Attempting to Explain All of Kirby Lore in a Single Video

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The Kirby cinematic universe is where it's at.



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6 Mar 2019



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The Rpg Monger
The Rpg Monger 3 anos atrás
I'm back! Sorry about the super inconsistent upload schedule, from having surgery in January to canceling a video I was going to make in February, it's been a hectic 2019 so far for me. So hey, what better way to get back on track BRvid-wise than with rambling about Kirby lore for an extended period of time. Hope you all enjoy it! (And oops my bad, just realized I said Meta Knight was first playable in Super Star Ultra rather than Nightmare in Dreamland. I honestly don't know how I missed that.)
L P 2 meses atrás
Its 2 am and I got morning class tomorrow as well as an assignment due at night. And here I am sitting through kirby lore
Century Nerd
Century Nerd 4 meses atrás
Speaking of the Morpho Knight. Link:
Zcorp productions
Zcorp productions 5 meses atrás
Runed0S 8 meses atrás
The new switch game has new lore. IT HAS THE BUTTERFLY
sixty nine
sixty nine 8 meses atrás
El Diegollador
El Diegollador 3 anos atrás
I like how the character who probably cares the least about the Kirby lore is most likely Kirby himself.
Soul Sparx
Soul Sparx Mês atrás
hes just a little dude hes like 5 years old hes so small hes like 2
ENCHANTMEN 2 meses atrás
oxygen consumption machine
"Cake, sleep, cake, sleep, cake, sleep."
Froggo 4 meses atrás
He just wants his little cake
La Temporis
La Temporis 6 meses atrás
All Kirby care about are eating, sleeping and friends. Squeak Squad made Kirby have a bad reputation of going murderous just for food, but he actually cares about his friends too! Other than those he doesn't understand much to even care
DemonPumpkin Anos atrás
Kirby game plots: 1. Kirby's relaxing interrupted 2. Fighting and exploring 3. Fighting and exploring 4. Fighting and exploring 5. Fighting and exploring 6. Fighting and exploring 7. Minor plot development 8. Fight a Eldritch abomination
Tommy lee Jones
Tommy lee Jones 11 dias atrás
You forgot the part where he eats.
I Have XDepression
I Have XDepression Mês atrás
13. Eat a lot of food
Bobathywaffe 3 meses atrás
@VMulti not just there, any Kirby gamr
ChadGorosaurus 3 meses atrás
12. Sleeping time
Sean Gabriel Wee
Sean Gabriel Wee 3 meses atrás
Minor sidenote.) Fight God
fat Anos atrás
Metaknight: "People of Dreamland, do some shit" Dreamland habitants: "Nah we good" Metaknight: "Aight, war It Is then"
2BDamned 7 meses atrás
@「dee! 」 "Unhinged Sportacus" is a phrase I never thought I'd read. Thank you for that experience.
「dee! 」
「dee! 」 7 meses atrás
What's funny is that it apparently never was because they were **lazy** ; like, he wasn't being an unhinged Sportacus It all was thanks to him fearing that putting all the work on Kirby could be kind of counterproductive on the long road Depending too much on Kirby's power could end up causing a catastrophe in case Kirby wasn't around to fight, because most of the inhabitants of Dreamland up to that point couldn't stand a chance in case another Nightmare or Dark Matter (alone) took over. Not even DeDeDe, who was really strong, or him combined could make a fair fight against those monsters. So what did he do? Talk about it? Comment it to DeDeDe (who already was on his way to reform himself and had tried to protect Dreamland with the whole deal of the Star Rod)? Make an announcement? Tell Kirb about it? Nah m8, an invasion seemed like the best option Pretty stupid, I know But yeah, seriously, he only wanted to help Dreamland become stronger and protect it's citizens And after all, he was pretty right all along about changing Dreamland's ways. When Planet Robobot came around, and the Haltmann invasion started while Kirby was asleep (who surprisingly slept through the whole ordeal... it must have been a pretty deep slumber if you ask me); no one could escape it and fight it back. DeDeDe and his Waddle Dees efforts were futile, and Meta's Halberd perished in no less than five minutes without attacking even once. They hadn't had to face any serious trouble without Kirby's immediate help up to that point (of course, the only exception being the Amazing Mirror, but it was a immediate threat in the Mirror World, not in Dreamland). And they still haven't had another instance like that one again. But who knows what the future will depart. Perhaps even one day they might have to fight Kirby himself. And as they are now, they will never stand a chance against it.
PH-SwagGG 7 meses atrás
"fool!, you will regret it sooner, we swear!"
corsairbravo 7 meses atrás
"It's treason, then..."
raynaldo arlen k.eman
raynaldo arlen k.eman 8 meses atrás
Says the guy who used to spend important day just to watch tv
Caleb Porter
Caleb Porter Anos atrás
When I got into Kirby, I thought it would be a small pink baby defending sugary treats, not a small pink baby preventing judgment day.
Cheese Lover
Cheese Lover 6 dias atrás
@BBMkIIwhen poyo:
Boot 7 meses atrás
@The Bean Man dont forget about HYEHAHAHA and AY
Boot 7 meses atrás
preventing judgement day rather effortlessly at that
lolnosam 7 meses atrás
@The Bean Man *"T I F F"*
The Bean Man
The Bean Man 8 meses atrás
Kirby's vocabulary includes: Poyo! Haiii! *pain noises* (the random bits of English from Right Back at Ya)
Joca Plays
Joca Plays Anos atrás
Kirby wakes up, sees the calendar, sees its tuesday, kills a god, continues his day calmly
Blackveil Vaal Hazak
Blackveil Vaal Hazak 2 meses atrás
Man I thought people were exaggerating the power of Kirby
Juno ☆
Juno ☆ 3 meses atrás
You wake up It’s saturday
Ruby Rogers
Ruby Rogers 6 meses atrás
@Aisu Tistoto It just means it's always going to improve and get stronger.
Aisu Tistoto
Aisu Tistoto 6 meses atrás
@Ruby Rogers people just think infinite power = do anything for some reason
Ruby Rogers
Ruby Rogers 6 meses atrás
@Aisu Tistoto This is gonna sound mean but you're my favorite person ever purely for this. Finally, someone gets it (wish another person I am speaking with rn got that)
Xianad 2 electric boogaloo
i love how hal labs literally conditioned us to piss ourselves over a single fucking butterfly
Koonty 3 meses atrás
Not only that, if I'm not wrong ofc, butterflies land on living beings such as humans because they are attracted to the smell and taste of the salt in our sweat. So these little "demons" land on smth because they wish to eat it. Just like how all Kirby does is eat. So yeah, ofc we piss ourselves over butterflies I mean those things only come near u cus they want to eat u. THEY'RE EVIL
_12K 4 meses atrás
@Silver Kaizer It's the way life is sometimes, you just wake up someday and realizes butterflies now make you piss yourself and drown in terror
Akira the wildcard
Akira the wildcard 6 meses atrás
Aw come on you're all a bunch of wimps. I ain't scared of no bu
Silver Kaizer
Silver Kaizer 7 meses atrás
We have an abusive relationship with this company and we're all just... okay with it.
Defect 7 meses atrás
Didn't realise how scared I was of it until it's sudden canon reveal in FL
Erratrot Anos atrás
You know people talk shit on Smash Bros Ultimate for having Kirby be the main character. After learning his lore I think he was the best ball for the job.
Darca1n Mês atrás
@EXYZT Did... did you not watch the full cutscene? The nova went quiiiiite a bit farther than just the planet, in fact in the smash bros ultimate story mode intro it literally engulfs an entire galaxy in less than five minutes from the moment the beams are first fired, and it looks to be going gradually faster as it does so, and there is absolutely zero guarantee that it didn't just... keep going until it engulfed everything.
EXYZT Mês atrás
@Darca1n we know that sonic has access to the chaos emeralds within smash though, considering he literally fucking uses them within his final smash, so you can't say "chaos emeralds don't count" as though he doesn't have access to them. With that in mind, had he left pikachu behind, he ABSOLUTELY could've stayed in space while the gleam nova happened, since it only covered whatever planet they were on, and very visibly did not spread elsewhere. And as shown in Adventure 2, he can control where he's going in full 360, 3 axis directions when in superform while in space.
Darca1n Mês atrás
He can't fly in space though under his own power, as far as I'm aware. The chaos emeralds do not count. No matter how fast he runs though, he's still in that reality, rather than Kirby who essentially blipped out of it completely for the duration of the universe-covering light nova. Let's assume he could at least breathe in space, and thus could essentially run around the world fast enough to basically take off and leave the planet entirely, he'd not really have control of where he's going, and he'd be quite at risk of flying into a black hole, or a sun, a planet covered with lava, a gas giant, etc. Or he could accidentally get whipped around by something like a sun or the like, ending up turning him around completely and launching him back into Galeem's nova.
EXYZT Mês atrás
@Darca1n canonically, he could run at speeds faster than light if he wanted to, so yes, he could've outrun the beams, but he just had to stop for pika. Also, he's been in space before without a helmet, just needs some chaos energy first for it to work.
Sergeant Human
Sergeant Human 2 meses atrás
Also he is sakurais son
Nidhogg Anos atrás
I love how Nintendo is just able to seamlessly combine charming with existential darkness in the Kirby series. Ironically it's the combination of the two that adds more charm to the Kirby series and helps make it feel unique.
Ducktail 8 meses atrás
@Internet Explorer Chan still does not mean they are hands on with the game. at most they give advice
Ducktail 8 meses atrás
*HAL. nintendo has no big hand in these games thank goodness
sober splash
sober splash 10 meses atrás
as someone said, it works because Kirby doesn't care himself about the big stuff going on in the background
Internet Explorer Chan
Internet Explorer Chan 11 meses atrás
@Nick Jones HAL is a Nintendo Subsidiary, same as what Bethesda to Microsoft/Xbox. Edited: I was wrong on Bethesda since MC fully owns it. HAL is a 2nd party means that they could decide if their game is Nintendo Exclusive or not. The same to Pokemon.
Nick Jones
Nick Jones 11 meses atrás
Uh… Kirby isn’t a Nintendo character. Hal laboratories have a contract with Nintendo and have for so long it seems that way and all, but Rare had a similar deal going on and now they’ve got a deal with Microsoft instead. I don’t think Hal is ever produce non Nintendo games though… but, they aren’t Nintendo.
Y Derga
Y Derga Anos atrás
Link: fights Gannon and saves hyrule Mario: fights Bowser and saves the princess Donkey kong: fights K. rool and saves the bananas Kirby: *fights the gods of darkness incarnate and saves the universe*
BrotherlandAgain 18 dias atrás
@Johnathan Egbert dont forget that pmd dark matter is negative emotions incarnate and *may* be related to kirby dark matter
Johnathan Egbert
Johnathan Egbert 22 dias atrás
Don't forget the final bosses in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, especially Dark Matter from Super Mystery Dungeon and Bittercold from Gates to Infinity!
Penitente333 3 meses atrás
This has been mildly debated, but... The Dark Star in Mario And Luigi: BIS? Fawful could pass as a Kirby final boss in that fight for sure.
NaboDabo123 3 meses atrás
Well, vaati and majora are both eldritch abominations one could say. So is calamity ganon
Ryan 3 meses atrás
Nothing is more important than the bananas!
indisciipline 3 anos atrás
Oh, that guy? He nearly destroyed our only defense with the power of a dark god. He makes theme parks now. He's cool.
Sableye The Commenter
Sableye The Commenter 7 meses atrás
Not up to code tho :/
Maggielor 7 meses atrás
@PeachyMun :P you
Jakob Lent
Jakob Lent 9 meses atrás
@Logical Overdrive Ohh that woman with the Visor yeah her dad tried to robotize the entire planet but after almost killing him she took over the company and now we are cool she might have turned most people into robots but ehh
ThatGuyStar 11 meses atrás
smolbirb 11 meses atrás
@WaxonWaxoff its a kids game
Alexandra Gabitto
Alexandra Gabitto 10 meses atrás
In a famous piece of Japanese literature, the author of said piece, upon reaching the ending of his tale, remarks that his entire story could have just been the dream of a butterfly that the audience could have just awoken from. From the very beginning, all Kirby games have been alluding to the very real fact that all lore that takes place in Kirby Games are just that: dreams. Hence the heavy use of butterfly imagery.
Alexandra Gabitto
Alexandra Gabitto 5 meses atrás
@Ella I was actually referring to the works of Lafcadio Hearn, but he was a white man who changed his name to a Japanese one who also introduced traditional East-Asian myths and literature to the West so you’re technically in the right.
Ella 5 meses atrás
that butterfly anecdote is Chinese not Japanese, and from a singular story within the taoist text known simply as Zhuangzi, after its author who was known by the same name.
Willem 5 meses atrás
That may explain the butterfly in Forgotten Land (not gonna elaborate, but if you know, you certainly know)
Goombiz Dvorakkiewicz
Goombiz Dvorakkiewicz 8 meses atrás
@nyx cat So... Humans are the Azathoth of Kirby's world?
nyx cat
nyx cat 8 meses atrás
This is pretty much confirmed by the newest game, where humanity is said to have preferred going to a dream world (Kirby’s world) rather than staying in their own
Just Some Guy without a Mustache
Kirby: *is a "children's game"* The lore: *More complex than a lot of other games*
Multifandom Fangirl
Multifandom Fangirl 5 meses atrás
@Monke agreed
Multifandom Fangirl
Multifandom Fangirl 5 meses atrás
@beetligns Mario RPGs: Finally a worthy enemy our battle will be legendary!
Link_Team 7 meses atrás
as complex as kingdom hearts. Almost.
Diego Estmar
Diego Estmar 8 meses atrás
Destiny lore has entered the chat
cazzidy 8 meses atrás
try fnaf. i dare you.
Agent Man #42
Agent Man #42 8 meses atrás
Looking forward to a Forgotten Land video, that game gives HUGE lore dumps on the science ancients and gives us an even more horrifying eldritch beast to analyze.
Blutwirbel 6 meses atrás
It's happening
Nash von Tookus
Nash von Tookus 7 meses atrás
I know everyone gasped in horror after seeing that damned orange butterfly fly through a hole in the ceiling
Burraku Dusk
Burraku Dusk 8 meses atrás
Came back here for exactly this reason. As soon as I saw that butterfly in the demo, I knew something was up. I just didn't expect my jaw to hit the floor.
Shur 8 meses atrás
Not only that but also gives us info on Morpho
Diego Roman
Diego Roman 9 meses atrás
22:35 Also, the pause screen when the heart is at half HP says, "All memory of Haltmann *has been erased.* Even his soul, the last trace of Haltmann, has vanished. Star Dream went from a *near perfect being to a cold mindless machine.*
AVA _ Anos atrás
I always enjoyed how King Dedede had this air of "Aw shit, he's here" whenever kirby shows up in the games
The Golden Knight
The Golden Knight 9 meses atrás
14:56 has to be one of the edgiest things in Kirby's history. It's probably just an animation "smear technique" used, but the way it's shown almost looks like the "Dark Meta Knight" is FLICKING BLOOD off the sword!
MOBGabriel 3 meses atrás
Holy shit you are right
Fermín2004 7 meses atrás
Meta Knight.exe
Animenia Anos atrás
You gotta give dedede credit for competing with Kirby who is a literal god. The dude is stubborn and I can respect that
Krispy Boi916
Krispy Boi916 5 meses atrás
Dang. Kirby lore is actually pretty dark when you put it all together. On top of the fact that some of the final bosses are ACTUAL nightmare fuel. I guess that's what you have to deal with when you fight literal gods every game Kirby debuts in. Also that butterfly came back in Forgotten Land. What if that butterfly is actually the second half of Kirby's positive energy? Sorta like Elphin, (kinda a spoiler....sorry) and his second half. I wonder what would happen if Kirby absorbed that butterfly....
Travis Thompson
Travis Thompson Anos atrás
24:30 Everything about that joke is just perfect : The chaotically distorted look on Marx's face, The completely unfitting, yet at the same time, perfectly fitting quote, And to top it all off, the completely 'done with it' expression that Kirby is giving from slightly out of frame.
Ayko Crazy-TV and Ramiz's Broken Abacus Pictures
6:37 I want to point out that that you could play meta knightmare in kirby nightmare in dreamland which came before superstar ultra
Mod Bros.
Mod Bros. 9 meses atrás
The moral of the story: If you don't want unholy nightmare fuel in your Kirby game, don't pause the game during a boss.
Sly Rocko
Sly Rocko 8 meses atrás
I wonder how the latest game fits into all of this, with all the parallels between Kirby and Elfilin (and also a very spooky character returning by the end of the postgame).
Heku Carrasco
Heku Carrasco 8 meses atrás
I know i'm 3 years late, but i wanted to point that star dream's core is a heart shaped giant crystal just like the jamba heart, so maybe it's based on it. That could mean two things i think: 1) Each heart is a source of infinite energy and the ancients used these a lot, probably each mechanical star has one of them as the core, and they used one of these to seal void termina bc it's own endless energy would work as a barrier. 2) There was only one, the jamba heart, but Haltmann found the blueprints and built a second one. Little did he know that all that energy was coming from an alternate dimension made exclusively to seal the Dark Lord and that it was full of hatred, maybe that's what corrupted Star Dream in the end. Anyway, really good video, waiting for the Forgotten Lands lore video now that Morpho Knight is finally in the canon.
samiamrg7 Anos atrás
Perhaps the butterfly is another “good-(ish)” incarnation of Void. That’s why it tends to just hang out and chill with Kirby while also being powerful enough to absorb a being like Galacta Knight. As for WHY it did that… idk, maybe it though having a fight with the Star Allies would be fun?
Hank Boog
Hank Boog 6 meses atrás
@Juan Atristain I noticed that the butterfly's powers are essentially kirby's in reverse. Both involve hijacking the power of another being, but instead of absorbing them and assimilating them into itself like Kirby, the butterfly makes the host absorb it and takes control of them. Interesting parallel, idk if it actually means anything
Juan Atristain
Juan Atristain 6 meses atrás
Forgotten Land says something along the lines of it being a being that casts judgment, so I doubt it just absorbed Galacta Knight because it saw all the fighting happening and thought it'd be fun to join in. It also absorbed Forgo to give birth to Chaos Elfilis. My personal theory is that the butterfly (or butterflies) seek the universe for beings that can help them release chaos across the universe, but they can't absorb Kirby because although infinitely powerful he's such a good boy he can't produce chaos, so the butterfly doesn't bother absorbing him
pooper dooper
pooper dooper Anos atrás
I love how at 1:43 Kirby looks into the camera like he's saying "you seein' this too?"
Shadowhenge Anos atrás
It's almost like the writers all drop acid before setting up the storyboards.
Whatever Guy
Whatever Guy 2 anos atrás
I'm really concerned on how the games' plot went from *"A penguin is stealing food"* to *"You have to stop a satanic reflexion of your own person to save the fiber of reality itself"*
Ernesto Monzón
Ernesto Monzón 8 meses atrás
this is pretty standard issue explained within the first couple of episodes of the anime
Michael Looks
Michael Looks 9 meses atrás
But, BUT, AND THIS IS IMPORTANT.... now Kirby and penguin boi are friends =D
magicbirthday 10 meses atrás
bc it is a dream, it is both
Costélinha 10 meses atrás
Nintendo lore in a nuittshell.
nkyfong (Nathaniel Fong)
nkyfong (Nathaniel Fong) 11 meses atrás
That's how modern Japanese stories go. They up the ante.
Slime in a Box
Slime in a Box Anos atrás
32:55 The butterfly has the same powers as Kirby... Suspicious.
vEggs Bacon
vEggs Bacon Anos atrás
Damn, Kirby and Splatoon are much more deeper than Nintendo's mascot. Dang... I should play the Kirby games again.
Nbjk01 Anos atrás
Splatoon: what happened to earth. it got polluted and now the ecosystem is shite but hey there are cute squid children now that can only exist in toxic paint that they create. Pikman: humans are extinct and nature has taken over. but there are some reminisces of civilization left to be explored by small little folks from other planets Kirby: Earth is a frozen wasteland after a strange robotic company sold them their new equipment, which was quickly used for war. i think nintendo is trying to tell us something
Josiah Theobald
Josiah Theobald Anos atrás
I've always admired how Kirby's a VERY subtly terrifyingly dark franchise
Monky Anos atrás
I actually kinda needed this and the fact you took it seriously really helps. I always wondered about the lore with magolor
MozarteanChaos Anos atrás
i love how the kirby series has basically cemented kirby as an all-powerful elder god that's just too lazy and/or nice to actually do anything evil with their abilities it's just really nice. eldritch gods don't always have to be destructive. they can be a little round friend
MikeyXSkyline 2 meses atrás
@Ranjith Thomas what?
Thepoyoboyo 5 meses atrás
@MozarteanChaos If you like that, koku-draws on deviant art says kirby's fav food is meta knight, but in all her comics, he's alive and well.
Thepoyoboyo 5 meses atrás
@Trevor Weisberg most likley the health bar is his fed up with getting hit bar and it represents his patience. And your nap theory is correct because in game over screens, he takes a nap.
Venus FeuerFalle
Venus FeuerFalle 6 meses atrás
@Trevor Weisberg I my... this is hilarious, I head canon that
Akira the wildcard
Akira the wildcard 6 meses atrás
@Trevor Weisberg I think its more saying he has infinite power to draw from. So while he does have infinite stamina he isn't really invulnerable.
Retro Dog
Retro Dog Anos atrás
Here's my guess, The butterflies are souls of people who have died and when the butterfly lands on Galacta Knight, Galacta Knight absorbs the butterfly's soul (in this case an evil soul). All the butterflies have followed Kirby because they want to help, or are attracted by his pure and kind energy. this also explains why the butterflies are creatures of paradise and Morpho Knight is connected to a judgement day or afterlife.
Ink Chariot
Ink Chariot Anos atrás
The Kirby universe is full of suffering, cosmic horror, destruction, and friendship.
Kazuma “Kevin” Hiryu
I think I learned my lesson. _Never mess with butterflies._
Aaron Alexander
Aaron Alexander 8 meses atrás
Wondering what you'd say about forgotten lands, seeing how it's part of the main timeline. This was a very well made and thoughtful video! I've learned so much.
Turner Clements
Turner Clements 3 anos atrás
I love how the threats ramp up, at first it’s “that rascal, King Dedede is stealing all our food” to “all organic life in the universe is going to be destroyed”
Michael Looks
Michael Looks 9 meses atrás
Undead Batman
Undead Batman Anos atrás
Similar to other characters Kirby's plot goes from 0 to 100. Ness: Goes from taming a random snake to killing the physical embodiment of evil itself Mario: Goes from beating up a turtle to killing Satan Sonic: Goes from destroying robots to killing water, Sun, Time, Darkness etc gods
Deep Sleep Sounds
Deep Sleep Sounds 2 anos atrás
x,!all, o! We II i II I OLa
Infinty Snake
Infinty Snake 2 anos atrás
@Rota Abyssian except he never needs a training arc
NotDanPlan 2 anos atrás
But they both deal with the same thing:Kirby has no food.
juan 3351
juan 3351 8 meses atrás
Rewatching this makes me laugh cuz kirby games and dark power /darkness is explained better than the KH lore
Wiley Coyote
Wiley Coyote Anos atrás
You forgot a pretty important piece of lore- In Super Smash Bros Ultimate of all games, Kirby was proven to be a canonical god. (One of the creators of Kirby also made Smash Bros, so yes this is canon.)
Spamton Anos atrás
To think about it, the morpho knight is the one that brings kirby's doomsday, the butterfly appears at the START, of every day, meaning that it is a symbol of kirby going against death. Maybe this time, seeing as kirby wins everytime, the butterfly took matters into his own hands, to kill kirby.
StoneXL Anos atrás
The new game is gonna add another half hour of content to this video, I can already tell.
donutholebandit 10 meses atrás
What I love about this comment is that it's literally always relevant, as long as the kirby series doesnt straight-up end
MawInstallation 3 anos atrás
First game: Fight greedy guy Final Game: Fight God, the originator of all. Kirby is also an incarnation of this God. Also the cycle reignites and everything starts again.
Blank[d] 5 meses atrás
@Dreigonix But aren't Termina and Kirby technically related because they came from the same darkness void thing?
Mariane Monticalvo
Mariane Monticalvo 8 meses atrás
So basically, Kirby is a JRPG
lokyin ng
lokyin ng 8 meses atrás
basically payday lore minus there are no heist
lexcpa324 Anos atrás
Starphoenix Anos atrás
@Roger Loe Dedede: The embodiment of humanity and their rejection (when an enemy) or acceptance (as an ally) of God (Kirby).
A person
A person Anos atrás
Past Kirby games: We need to take all the food back from King Dedede! Now: *After encountering a cult like being, Kirby needs to defeat Void Termina, a chaotic entity also known as the prince of Darkness*
Tired Tief ❦
Tired Tief ❦ 8 meses atrás
Watching this after beating Forgotten Land 100% is an EXPERIENCE. I can't wait to see people connect the stuff in that game to previous entries!
Culex 6 meses atrás
Literally one of the most fascinating things I've come across on BRvid. No joke, I was literally completely oblivious to everything until now. I used to play a lot of Kirby as kid back then. I played a fair amount back then, at least 13 games. But I honestly had NO clue the lore could be this complex. It definitely makes me want to replay everything now, with my newfound knowledge. It just makes the series much cooler.
Soos 9 meses atrás
Kirby is the regular show of video games. Guy just wants to eat cake and chill but ends up fighting Eldritch horrors that would drive most people insane
Willem 5 meses atrás
"Hey, Susie, you still completely turning entire planets into metal and destroying ecosystems?" "Yup." "Cool, let's go fight elder gods."
Arin Loche
Arin Loche 8 meses atrás
Still not sure what the hell is going on, but after playing Forgotten land, and seeing Morpho Knight again, I think I'm getting a little too invested in Kirby lore. Was trying to piece together every description I could find like it's a damn Soulsborne game.
Nazimelon Anos atrás
I think all of this can be summed up with a simple "what the fuck".
JJ R 7 meses atrás
NicoB just uploaded his reaction to this video of yours. Since it was actually his introduction to Kirby, watch as his brain breaks from taking in all of this Lore!
TD Bolt
TD Bolt 2 anos atrás
Does everyone think Masahiro Sakurai no longer works on Kirby games because he, too, fears what he has created?
Y Derga
Y Derga Anos atrás
@LeedleLel the only reason Sakurai is a household name like miyamoto is because of smash bros, which albeit he did an amazing job on, but there are a ton of other names in Nintendo that I feel did more for the company.
LeedleLel Anos atrás
@Otavio Augusto o Man That is kind of sad...
Otavio Augusto
Otavio Augusto Anos atrás
@LeedleLel all the other R.O.Bs died to the subspace bomb, it's even said that he is "the last of it's kind" on the boxing ring of SSBU, confirming that the others died...
LeedleLel Anos atrás
@Otavio Augusto ...wasnt the ancient minister r.o.b himself though? then how is he the last of his species? Also, i cant really find anything in tabuu's wiki that talks about him representing a child like that but ill take your word for it
Otavio Augusto
Otavio Augusto Anos atrás
@LeedleLel tabuu is meant to represent a child growing up and forgetting to use his imagination. And the Ancient minister becoming the last of it's species just because he entered the bad side to get a home for the other R.O.Bs
Nope1game Anos atrás
I can't wait to see how the forgotten lands plays into the lore.
Undead Batman
Undead Batman Anos atrás
Kirby's plot in practically every Kirby game after the first few ones: *Kirby wakes up from his nap whether outside or in his house* *Some demonic god nearly kills him, but Kirby get's saved* *Kirby spends the entire game traveling through dreamland and gathering power-ups and friends* *Fights the demonic god with the power of friendship and kills it*
Milkman 7 meses atrás
Reminder to everyone that Dark Meta Knight's pause screen says a shadow of the strongest warrior meaning Meta Knight DID canonically beat Galacta Knight.
lucky Anos atrás
i kind of hope yin yarn is tied to everything. kirbys epic yarn is so underrated, it’s my favorite
Prepare for Dededestruction
I find it funny that a series about a pink ball eating stuff somehow has deeper lore/worldbuilding than most pieces of media out there.
Prepare for Dededestruction
@Schaffs2 Well, a decent amount, anyway. I was exaggerating a little.
Schaffs2 7 meses atrás
I wouldn’t say “most” pieces of media
Delta Zygone
Delta Zygone 8 meses atrás
it has even deeper lore than undertale. and thats saying something
Prepare for Dededestruction
@Isauldron That's debatable. Also, this comment is nearly three years old. Why do you care.
so much to cook
so much to cook Anos atrás
@TragedyplusTime Kirby is only comparable to the Bible in that sense everything else Kirby does better
flopzin 6 meses atrás
i think kirby creators write down every epiphany they have during bath to come up with these ideas
Boi 7 meses atrás
Now it’s time to explain the lab in forgotten land.
WillowOfDarkness 4 meses atrás
Omg. He did it. He explained the lore in 34 minutes. He’s done it. Omg.
Ion Anos atrás
Oh god. Now I wonder what kind of lore we will find in Forgotten Land
Kira_the_Sniper 2 anos atrás
You know what's even worse? In Japanese, Soul of Sectonia's description is in first person. She knows she must be taken down.
Nbjk01 Anos atrás
that just makes me love her more as one of the first main kirby main villainesses just to know that she was possesed just like haltman and really couldn't do anything about it but sit an watch as she/he tortured and killed her subjects.
Omega Zero
Omega Zero Anos atrás
So i went to the wiki to find that japanesse text (i found it here in the comments) and foun out that "Soul of Sectonia" could mean "SOS" using the first letters... oh my god...
AleJJtheNinja Anos atrás
Cocoabird Anos atrás
“I have leeched off and possessed countless forms, which one was my real one...? I can't remember any longer. A voice calls out to me, but I can no longer hear it. Before the break of dawn, I will have my eternal rest.”-Soul of Sectonia japanese text
Candela Rios gameplays y basura
holy hell...
matteste 9 meses atrás
I do feel like you missed a little detail. According to the lore, Star Dream's attempt to analyze Dark Matter was actually unsuccessful as it proved too much for even Star Dream to accomplish. That swordsman was the best it could manage, and even then it was flawed.
Suraivase 10 meses atrás
I know this video was posted a few years ago but I've got a theory on kirby and the subject of dark matter, void, and the butterfly. Long ago, at the dawn of the universe there was void, Living power able to manifest through magic infused with pure emotion, void is always there, and can manifest anywhere should there be enough power and emotion to do so, and can be summoned any number of times at once, each itteration having a separate mind unless it's directly created from a void aspect. The butterfly is a yet to be named diety made to preserve order untill a it's time for it to cast judgement, possibly an event took place in the mirror world that allowed certain beings to evade that judgement, untill Galacta knight was summoned. It's possible that another yet to be seen diety or group of dieties sent the butterfly to observe one specific manifestation of void, kirby, due to his unique composition of positive emotion as apposed to the dark emotions that the manifestations of void that kirby has taken down.
Angel silva
Angel silva 9 meses atrás
Ya know after seeing this video and going back to some Kirby games I own. It very well makes sense and the deep down the Kirby series can potentially be very Lovecraftian under its cutesy and simplistic gameplays. You just need to dig in deeper within each new entry.
David Infinite
David Infinite Anos atrás
Morpho butterflies are used a lot in JRPGs in a mystic capacity. Easiest reference for me to think of is Shin Megami Tensei. I’ve seen it in music videos too really cool concept.
Fermín2004 7 meses atrás
Which SMT games use butterflies? Persona?
BongoShalongo 2 anos atrás
Kirby games start as animal crossing and end as doom
Phuong Thao Tran
Phuong Thao Tran 3 meses atrás
You predicted new horizons x doom eternal lol
Aiden Pice
Aiden Pice 4 meses atrás
When the doom music kicks in
JamesTheFox014 4 meses atrás
Doggo Man
Doggo Man 4 meses atrás
I agree
Shannon Odea
Shannon Odea 5 meses atrás
I still cannot get over how blown away I was when I first watched this. I mean I really LOVED Kirby at that point, but was kinda losing interest in it, but this video and listening to Kirby music compilations, I appreciated this franchise SO much more! 💖💞🍙🍡✨🌼
Myth Anos atrás
Kirby: *wakes up to see Dreamland in total darkness* "Just a normal Tuesday for me!"
mushroombone 8 meses atrás
I am honestly disturbed knowing what is actually happening in the Kirby universe. I played the games for fun. They are cute and enjoyable. I do not think this series is for children…
mushroombone 8 meses atrás
Like I feel like I’m watching old-school Game Theory, like 10-years-ago old. 😵‍💫
jeremeymcdude Anos atrás
5:25 I sort of have a unique perspective on this. Kirby's wish was for the sun and moon to stop their fight. Marx steps in and makes a wish to conquer pop star and while Nova seemingly responds to Marx instead of what Kirby's wish would have been, What was actually occuring was providing the exact situation for the fight between the sun and moon to cease. They had to combine their power to stop nova and eventually they defeated Marx and stopped fighting altogether. Marx never conqured Pop Star and was Thwarted in his plans. The nova was then destroyed which was why it was only able to grant 1 wish. the Nova wasn't really the enemy as it was actually helping Kirby defeat Marx and stop the fight between the sun and moon. The only real enemy was Marx who was swiftly taken down.
Rey4980 X
Rey4980 X 2 anos atrás
Mario Plot: 1 line Zelda Plot: Many lines Kirby Plot: The line is a mile long *and you can't see it*
lokyin ng
lokyin ng 8 meses atrás
payday plot: form heisting to literally God killing to stop doomsday twice and stealing the entire country
Tailpig 10 meses atrás
Mario RPG plots and lore: Hey.
Otaku Destroyer
Otaku Destroyer 11 meses atrás
@Kirby Fazendo um Moonwalk Invejo seu some
The Traveler
The Traveler Anos atrás
Kirby Plot: The line is not a line. You are blind, and can see forever.
Undead Batman
Undead Batman Anos atrás
@John Morgan Sonic plot: Depends on which incarnation of Sonic you are referencing Game Sonic? Many lines Archie Sonic? *Unquantifiable*
ShadeKirby500 Anos atrás
I kinda want to say, isn’t it unusual there isn’t a canon interaction between Galacta Knight / Aeon Hero and Kirby. Just saying, the canon interaction could actually be a pretty big deal.
VestedUTuber 10 meses atrás
Ancients split into two factions: one that embraced science and one that embraced magic and mysticism. Remind anyone of the final two seasons of a certain Sci-Fi series?
JR 9 meses atrás
Hallowed are the Ori
Perenelle Quinn
Perenelle Quinn 8 meses atrás
Small correction around the 7 min mark: You can play as Metaknight in "Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland" (The GBA remake of Kirby's Adventure) in the sub game "Meta Nightmare" -- hence the name of "Meta Nightmare Ultra".
Timtanium707 7 meses atrás
Would love to see another video about a more definite Kirby timeline, and also including how Forgotten Land fits into everything
Gulver 3 anos atrás
So a Kirby games go like this: Beginning: King Deedee is being naughty again. Ending: “And after a bloody battle, Kirby cast Super Satan back to the festering depths of Ultra-Hell, saving all of existence.”
Red Balloon
Red Balloon 6 meses atrás
Or King DDD/Meta Knight gets captured/possessed and Kirby has to save em.
Mic Fagan
Mic Fagan 7 meses atrás
@Ctdamon after annihilating the entirety of Ultra Hell, Kirby says to the final boss “Poyo”
SCRUFFY!!!!!! 7 meses atrás
to be fair it starts becoming the latter pretty much in the fourth game onwards, so it'd probably be more like "super duper mega quintuple cream-filled supreme satan" & "Ultra-bombastic-really-fantastic-ball-slappin-fine-ass-mega-hell"
Silver Kaizer
Silver Kaizer 7 meses atrás
So, Kirby's a JRPG protagonist?
Squashed Bird
Squashed Bird 7 meses atrás
@Irma TheShepherd perfect! Middle: ME GRINDING MAXIM TATOS
LINK 4 meses atrás
I swear Kirby games sometimes look like Regular Show episodes. First it's all calm and the protagonists are just chilling or doing some minor shit and then just 10 minutes later they are fighting the literal emodiment of evil.
Debil-inks 7 meses atrás
Kirby lore is still more coherent than Kingdom Hearts lore.
JessePrower 7 meses atrás
Not exactly a high bar, to be fair.
KrimsonKatt 8 meses atrás
An elaboration of Morpho Knight's lore: Morpho Knight is actually the embodiment of death within the Kirby series, it's job to harvest the souls of immortal beings once they have lived past their expiration date. It is called the "Butterfly of Shadvali" in the Japanese lore, Shadvali being the afterlife in Buddhism. Galacta Knight wished to die and summoned the butterfly himself since he was too powerful to be traditionally killed. Morpho Knight is also the butterfly's true form, not a combined form of the butterfly and Galacta Knight.
MartiC1 Anos atrás
All kirby games: First boss: tree Final boss: *literal almighty demon*
Cup of Joe
Cup of Joe Anos atrás
I think that the butterfly has actually been trying to absorb kirby the whole time, because he has landed on him many times, but for some reason he can't
Hank Boog
Hank Boog 6 meses atrás
@Dr. Meme Man my immediate reaction is that absorbing and copying is also kirby's thing. Though now that I think about it they do it opposite ways. The butterfly assimilates itself into and controls a host, while Kirby takes on attributes of something while staying the host
Turzilla 6 meses atrás
@The bishop Of Gord hes in a seal, which we can assume is out of reach for the butterfly
The bishop Of Gord
The bishop Of Gord 6 meses atrás
@Turzilla Why would it not be able to get to him.
Turzilla 6 meses atrás
@The bishop Of Gord not really cuz he was sealed the butterfly couldnt get to them
The bishop Of Gord
The bishop Of Gord 6 meses atrás
@Turzilla Well that makes sense but according to the lore, galacta knight sealed for a very long time and until very recently him being unsealed wasn’t even thought of being actually canon. Also if it was because he lived to long than the butterfly could have done that when he was sealed.
Awesome Jman
Awesome Jman 7 meses atrás
And now with the new game, the butterfly absorbed into Forgo and they became Morpho Knight. challenging Kirby. Exactly on the day of judgement (With Kirby fighting the secret final boss of course). Something is up with this butterfly, absorbing itself into powerful beings and becoming Morpho Knight.
Danton Anos atrás
27:18 Jesus fucking Christ, Kirby
A Stranger
A Stranger Anos atrás
Oh. I never played Kirby. You mean to tell me humans are extinct when playing Kirby? How lovely.
RealTDragon Anos atrás
this is the legit best video on the kirby lore, great job
Gabe Crews
Gabe Crews 8 meses atrás
Waddle Dees are probably the cutest enemies I’ve ever seen. I want one! They’re so adorable!
JRENZO10 Gaming
JRENZO10 Gaming 7 meses atrás
Star Dream: It's too late, Meta Knight! I am now Galacta Knight certified! Galacta Knight: *turns around menacingly* Star Dream: Ahahahaha... OH MY GOD WHAT THE FRICK
Pineapple? 8 meses atrás
Thanks for sending us this quality content, a lot of people sleep on the Kirby lore and it’s nice to see someone cover it!
Richmountain112 Anos atrás
Yes! A wonderful video compromising all of the mainstream Kirby games’ Lore into 1 video!
Many Random Things
Many Random Things 3 anos atrás
"So after another mildly disturbing battle in a game made for kids..." Glad someone pointed out that kirby bosses are demons from the depths of hell.
Eeveelution Metaleon
Eeveelution Metaleon 2 anos atrás
Someone is so similar to kirby but split apart within his death. Is it not _childish_ yet.....?
Funsies 2 anos atrás
@BeSquareorBeThere They both attacked with their blood but the original 0 was the only one who's eye went out ans started turning red and bleeding all over the place 02 only shot blood
BeSquareorBeThere 2 anos atrás
@Funsies No no 0 and 02 both attacked with their blood.
Funsies 2 anos atrás
@BeSquareorBeThere Sorry i got mixed up It was Zero 2 that attacked with his blood
BeSquareorBeThere 2 anos atrás
@Funsies 0 didn't just attack with his bodily fluids, the thing GOUGES OUT HIS OWN EYE TO CONTINUE FIGHTING YOU.
BoomBass Anos atrás
I genuinely love the design of the dark matter creatures. The one eye has always been so awesome. I wish Zero could come back again some day.
(Nate) Anos atrás
I love watching this video over and over again. Since well... its so fascinating to hear this deep lore in such a way.
I know! It’s so interesting! 😆
ravi. oli
ravi. oli 9 meses atrás
I don't know how, but Kirby's lore managed to be as depressing as Metroid's
JacobTheCroc 8 meses atrás
With the new game, Kirby and The Forgotten Land, Morpho Knight returns and this whole situation is quite questionable as well.
Patrick Reding
Patrick Reding 3 anos atrás
Now we know why King Dedede is such a glutton: He's eating to forget all the traumatic nonsense he's been through and that his planet could literally be devoured by cosmic horrors at any given moment.
Dan&Josh Gamingz
Dan&Josh Gamingz Anos atrás
@Avo Kirby LOL
Daniel Martinez Potrero
@Avo Kirby *LMAO*
Sammy CV08
Sammy CV08 Anos atrás
@Avo Kirby Oh please this joke was so bad but I laughed so hard lmao
crilled gheese
crilled gheese Anos atrás
@Luigi Mui *dededeep
Ass Itch
Ass Itch Anos atrás
imagine stress eating *this post was made by the meth gang*
Kale1300 9 meses atrás
We gotta come here to prep for all the new lore drops in forgotten land
Bshdhsh Hdhseheuehehehe 2
Fun fact: if you have no ability and use your hearts against the void it eill do a little bit of damage
Barbecue Shoes
Barbecue Shoes 7 meses atrás
Here’s hoping there’s a video on how Forgotten Land impacts Kirby lore.
Blank[d] 5 meses atrás
Apparently the Zero² fight's pause screen doesn't even let you leave. The only option is "Tough it out!" and "Continue"
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