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After a hard fought first half Atletico Madrid had the first opportunity to strike. In the 58’ Joao Felix launched an acrobatic shot at the goal that sailed just above the cross bar. Then just over 10 minutes later Chelsea finally broke through when Olivier Giroud powered one into the back of the net in incredible fashion. The goal may go down as one of the best of the Round of 16.
From there Atletico tried to inject a spark into the match with a triple subsitiution in the 82’ but that wasn’t enough. The one phenomenal goal in the 68’ proved to be the difference as Chelsea will take a 1-0 lead into the second leg.
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23 Fev 2021



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Shronic The HedgeOgre
Shronic The HedgeOgre 13 dias atrás
Chelsea beat athletico by 3 on aggregate and lose 5-2 to west brom lol
Joshua S
Joshua S 13 dias atrás
Why do atheltcoi start to wear red shorts how do you get those in fifa
Roza Alega
Roza Alega 26 dias atrás
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Jean Gray
Jean Gray Mês atrás
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useaeq formati
useaeq formati Mês atrás
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Leo Cieri
Leo Cieri Mês atrás
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Empress-444 Mês atrás
Sandra Lark
Sandra Lark Mês atrás
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Alyssa Santos
Alyssa Santos Mês atrás
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john cao
john cao Mês atrás
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Daniel Masis
Daniel Masis Mês atrás
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Mustafa Mohamed
Mustafa Mohamed Mês atrás
I only watch World Cup
Leo Cieri
Leo Cieri Mês atrás
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Olivier Giroud: scores a good bicycle kick Cr7: hold my beer ⚫️ 🙌
Lorentz Myoland Roméus
I need those Chelsea’s coat where I can buy them
jason harmon
jason harmon Mês atrás
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bansam loiem
bansam loiem Mês atrás
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Trump Won
Trump Won Mês atrás
Giroud’s goal would’ve been epic a few years ago. Now it’s just drab and depressing just like the communist ideology the game (and world) has embraced.
kolim jone
kolim jone Mês atrás
Giroud- scores bicycle kicks Abraham- 6’5 cant head the ball Let’s win the 2nd leg now 😈 Chelsea 💙
Daniel Sumi
Daniel Sumi Mês atrás
at 3:17 Right before Giroud scores the commentator says, "That's what Chelsea need in the box, one right on Giroud's head." Then it literally happens 2 seconds later. That's legendary commentating
Ua Ca
Ua Ca Mês atrás
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Lus Jackson
Lus Jackson Mês atrás
Every season Giroud gives us a gem of a goal
kolim jone
kolim jone Mês atrás
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Bro Liverpool ain’t gonna win premier league nor champions
yung genshin
yung genshin Mês atrás
Ziyech and havertz need more playing time 🤦‍♂️
Chris George
Chris George Mês atrás
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Vishaal Doppalapudi
Fun fact Gironde has more goals in Spain than Hazard this year
trxp tub
trxp tub Mês atrás
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Ariful Islam
Ariful Islam Mês atrás
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MEC4LIFE Smiley Mês atrás
Why would a city want to spend the money to put this on when the locals paying for it get nothing back? Makes no sense.
MEC4LIFE Smiley Mês atrás
Not the same vibe without fans in the stands.
F Gelfer
F Gelfer Mês atrás
This announcer was from the 2018 World Cup
RJSavage Mês atrás
All Sports are scripted and rigged. Not decided on the field
Maniaze XI
Maniaze XI Mês atrás
The run by Mason mount 0:32... that’s commitment
Tommy smith
Tommy smith Mês atrás
Lmao. Atletico's first highlight came in 55th minute.
Undefeated x////\\\\x
literally no highlights...
Matthew Brown
Matthew Brown Mês atrás
The pushy insect uniformly punch because fortnight topologically gaze before a trashy pan. used, miscreant pelican
Jolly John
Jolly John Mês atrás
Joao Felix: Tries bicycle kick Olivier Giroud: Hold my Croissant
Carl8s-Bit Mês atrás
Es lo que hemos visto todo el año con el atlético.... humo! 💨 esta liga tampoco será de ellos, descalificados de la copa del rey por un equipo de categorías inferiores, en fin!
nnamdi ebosie
nnamdi ebosie Mês atrás
A lot of people wrote Chelsea off in this match. Myself included.
Yiannis Papagiannopoulos
Why was CBS not showing the replays during the VAR confirmation?
Ip Man
Ip Man Mês atrás
Glad to see good goals not being disallowed. VAR is still very corrupt though. That penalty they gave to barcelona against PSG was corrupt as hell. It was clear as day thay there was no contact and they were still awarded the penalty. Disgraceful barcelona.
Tarra Walker
Tarra Walker Mês atrás
Hamster maze
The Iron Shepherd
The Iron Shepherd Mês atrás
This var system is soo abused In super lig, making it always one sided for the galatasaray team, its bullshit.
ginger Mês atrás
Chelsea should have scored one more goal. Now Atletico is going to run wild at Stamford Bridge
moe alwy
moe alwy Mês atrás
giroud has been good this season g
marco sanchez
marco sanchez Mês atrás
werner played great so fast
Aaron Mês atrás
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RJSavage Mês atrás
Amen I believe in Jesus 🙏
Inna Ops
Inna Ops Mês atrás
That Werner turn was so crisp. I wanted him to score that chance.
Billcivivs FF
Billcivivs FF Mês atrás
03:23 fuera de lugar.... boi trippin
Bruno Romero
Bruno Romero Mês atrás
David N.
David N. Mês atrás
What a disappointment from ATM
Augustine Egwuonwu
Augustine Egwuonwu Mês atrás
That pulling back, shouldn't it have been a red ♦️????
Gabe H
Gabe H Mês atrás
It was a deflection off the defender so it wasn’t off
Bryan Romero
Bryan Romero Mês atrás
Chelsea plays like this against Atletico but will probably play scared/bad against a terrible Man United (I want Chelsea to win)
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Only Jesus Can Save Us
@RJSavage God bless you and your family in Jesus's name!
RJSavage Mês atrás
Peso Peso
Peso Peso Mês atrás
Im American how do you sit here and watch this everytime something happens likr the ball goes out of bounces I just want to turn
Dingus Mês atrás
Where’s Falcao
Icewallowcome 1
Icewallowcome 1 Mês atrás
Evan Ouk
Evan Ouk Mês atrás
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e soss
e soss Mês atrás
These champion league goals of Bicycle kick keep getting better by the year
Ayy Auy
Ayy Auy Mês atrás
And this is their away game
Medical Doc
Medical Doc Mês atrás
The referee looks like James Milner
commonsensedatcom Mês atrás
Atletico sitting deep against chelsea in their OWN HOME... Tells you all you need to know about simeones tactics. Just too defensive.
Ro Dollaz
Ro Dollaz Mês atrás
Can Giroud ever score an ugly goal. His goals are always beautiful.
It’s Kanté time #noESL
Werner has really been improving under Tuchel
Julia Anderson
Julia Anderson Mês atrás
I can't fucking believe that Atlético lost to Chelsea. SMH !!! This is is mind-blowing
Masurtian Punk
Masurtian Punk Mês atrás
shitty atleti
Jean Chun
Jean Chun Mês atrás
Will athletics Madrid make to the super bowl?
Jonathan Alfaro
Jonathan Alfaro Mês atrás
Atletico Madrid are the most boring team in the world.
E Calc
E Calc Mês atrás
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RJSavage Mês atrás
Amen thank you i recieve
MESUT OZIL Mês atrás
Sell Werner
Icewallowcome 1
Icewallowcome 1 Mês atrás
No,hes been great under tuchel
Sam Perman
Sam Perman Mês atrás
2:25 “This is never easy to execute” Giroud- “And I took that personally”
Hector Solis
Hector Solis Mês atrás
Y’all hyping Grioud up but he didn’t score a single goal in the 2018 World Cup lmaoo
Icewallowcome 1
Icewallowcome 1 Mês atrás
He’s Frances 2nd top scorer of all time
BM BM Mês atrás
6 mins = extended ?
OGShadowGod Mês atrás
Not a goal Chelsea trash
Francisco Leon
Francisco Leon Mês atrás
Cheslea will be eliminated in the second leg
jefferson Mês atrás
That 7-2-2 🥶🥵🥶🥵
Ben the Football Kid
Werner: How do you score? Giroud: Jesus Christ I am suppose to be third choice striker and I score more than you
Brandon Loja
Brandon Loja Mês atrás
It was a nice goal dont get me wrong but I thought it was a bicycle kick off a cross lol
Brandon Loja
Brandon Loja Mês atrás
Snapchat gassed the goal lmfao
Ben the Football Kid
Hey guys I know this is off topic but I want to have a Football Q&A on my channel so please ask me some questions on this comment
John Christie
John Christie Mês atrás
Atleti had a back line of 6 at one point. How tf do you expect do score when you have that many people behind the ball
KarizmaticENT Mês atrás
Chelsea's Bundesliga players are making that league look like the Dutch league, players who thrive in the Dutch league have trouble in other leagues. They need to step it up Bundesliga reputation is on the line
Edgar Fuentes
Edgar Fuentes Mês atrás
This game was ass
Willie BeGood
Willie BeGood Mês atrás
Good job Chelsea
NBR X LØFT Mês atrás
3:23 is where the goals at
Kevin Wu
Kevin Wu Mês atrás
It's true; I believe it when the chelsea squadmates say that giroud takes the most time in front of the mirror. Look at his hair as he's walking off in the 86th minute. What hair product is he using? Banger.
It’s JJ
It’s JJ Mês atrás
This game was literally a “hold my beer” meme with Joao Felix who made the attempt and Giroud who made the finish
BigTimeGurter Mês atrás
3:22 . Just cause I wanna make sure I'm not crazy. HOW is giroud not offsides? is it cause its a back pass? but is that not blocking the view of the keeper?
chamberj0 Mês atrás
The ball last touched Hermoso before Giroud kicked it. It was a deflection off him and not a pass from Mount as it seems. They didn’t show the var video here, but if you watched the game, it would be much clearer that Mount didn’t touch the ball because of var.
Skylar Young
Skylar Young Mês atrás
So many people, myself included, thought AM was going to roll Chelsea.... Oh how happy I am to be wrong. I wish Chelsea played this dominant against low EPL teams
Su Sh
Su Sh Mês atrás
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Alexander Khlapov
Alexander Khlapov Mês atrás
What a goal at their stadium, Bravo!!👏👏👏
Fekadu Faris
Fekadu Faris Mês atrás
Giroud is on form now, amazing
Tono Linares
Tono Linares Mês atrás
Chelsea si anda bien o mal, los españoles siempre le han hecho los mandados y desde el Barca hasta el más pequeño siempre pierden con el chelsea eso esta comprobado
Killer Kickz
Killer Kickz Mês atrás
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joe fernandez
joe fernandez Mês atrás
To be fair if Joao felix had an opportunity like that he would've made a bicycle kick like that too
Super Bleach
Super Bleach Mês atrás
Highlights did not show, but Suarez flopping harder than any basketball player ever this game, cried about his teeth and thigh when he was barely touched, then had a lil argument with rudiger 😂
Aidan Davids
Aidan Davids Mês atrás
Probably the first game all season that I can say, I am genuinely proud to be a Chelsea fan
knuckles2591 Mês atrás
La Liga teams not looking good in Europe
M J M Mês atrás
What a goal!...At first I thought he was offsides(glad I was wrong).
Awesome Marble Runs
Atletico is leaking. First they draw with celta, then draw with levante, and then lose to levante, and then lose to chelsea
Nick mag
Nick mag Mês atrás
Fucking ridiculous man imagine scoring a bicycle kick in the World Cup final then thinking it was offside then having to celebrate again. It’s already bloody over the hype is gone
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