At 77 She Sold Half Of Her Stuff To Live In Her Downstairs Bedroom Tiny Home On Wheels 

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Penny sold over half of her possessions to live simply and tiny in her tiny home on wheels. I am often asked about lofted areas and ways around not having one. I think her setup is a perfect example of someone finding a great solution to that problem! Also, she mentions wanting to sell/trade this particular tiny home. It looks as though she already sold this tiny home in the time from shooting to posting.
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13 Dez 2019



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Comentários : 3 453   
Judy 3 anos atrás
50% of the total charm of this tiny house is Penny’s voice during the tour. :).
Regina Dillard
Regina Dillard 3 anos atrás
Judy Pearson Agree!
Coco T
Coco T 3 anos atrás
She is so spunky and cute.
Flora Sonners
Flora Sonners 3 anos atrás
Karrie Dee ×
Stormy 2 anos atrás
She has a nice voices.
Audi Moor
Audi Moor 2 anos atrás
Jes Pearl
Jes Pearl 2 anos atrás
As a disabled 29 year old who uses a cane and now wheelchair; I love Penny and totally understand. I was trying to figure out how to downsize to a tiny house but it was so hard, plus I don’t have enough for a deposit. Now I’m newly married and we have three kids and just moved to the house of my dreams, despite it being ‘bigger’, we kind of need it. I’m going to cry when we have to move in 18 months.
Bryan Jason
Bryan Jason 2 anos atrás
How are you doing 😊😊😊
Phoenix Jordan
Phoenix Jordan Mês atrás
Congratulations!!! 🎈 very wonderful! Im disabled and can’t afford rent for my own place anymore it seems. One day I will be in my home too! Celebrating with you ❤️☀️🦋🙌🏼🙏
RiceFlower Shea
RiceFlower Shea Anos atrás
For your first video you did amazing! I Love how you presented your home, with no apologies for what you decided you wanted, and how you wanted to live. Some people present their home by saying what they wish they Had done but didn't for various reasons. Your home looks so comfortable and peaceful and the best features are the big sink, and all of the storage space. You look great for your age!
Wanie B
Wanie B Anos atrás
She had me at "I like to bake pies". Great tour of a lovely tiny home. One day I am going to graduate to a tiny home. 😍
jj 4 meses atrás
Lol, me too!
J Dee
J Dee 2 anos atrás
Good for you Penny! You are a great example to other senior - and young people as well. I see from comments below that Penny got her new home. I would love to catch up with her now in 2021.
HV HandyGirl
HV HandyGirl 2 anos atrás
What an AWESOME place! I LOVE ❤️ the look of the wood and I’d love to have coffee and share stories with Penny, she seems wonderful, friendly, and down to earth!
Chan Roobi
Chan Roobi 3 anos atrás
First of all- Penny is just one of those people that you just like right off the bat. I love her tiny home. If I was going to live in a tiny home, I would design mine very similar to Penny's. God Bless you Penny
Charlotte Gunning
Charlotte Gunning 9 meses atrás
Congratulations on freeing yourself from the sticks n bricks mentality. Its great to see an older gal who Knows what she wants n makes it happen. So thrilled for you and your dogs! God bless you 🙏🏻🤗❤🐾
Margaret Cooper
Margaret Cooper Anos atrás
I am 73 and Penny is an inspiration.I have moved from a big house to a single bedroom apartment and her ideas are very helpful to people in my situation.
Celia Rosell
Celia Rosell 2 anos atrás
She is a down-to-earth person, very honest, and I liked her from minute one
KHzValerie Smith
KHzValerie Smith 2 anos atrás
my mom was much like her , a no nonence new englander. mid western women also the same no nonsence. so pennys very confortable to me a californian.
Jennifer Browne
Jennifer Browne 2 anos atrás
Wonderful interview, I enjoyed it, her home is lovely, and she sound soo joyful and friendly, I wish her the best
Vernon Sanders
Vernon Sanders 2 anos atrás
Everything but the Obama book on shelf yuke!
Intentional Living
Intentional Living 2 anos atrás
☀️Yes 🤩
Marie Bernier
Marie Bernier Anos atrás
@KHzValerie Smith Yes, my mom was a Midwestern farm girl. I'm in NYC and miss this kind of woman.
Kimberly Terenzoni
Kimberly Terenzoni 2 anos atrás
Penny should do more videos! So calming. Hope you sold and found a new home Miss Penny.
Suzanne Pharr
Suzanne Pharr 2 anos atrás
Penny, if you see this comment, look for the video of Ana White’s tiny house. She’s also from Alaska. She has a fabulous tiny house design with no loft. She also makes the plans available for free, so you could use one to build your own. Great video. Wish the dog had made an appearance though. 😊
Victoria 3 anos atrás
Not wanting to pay for cable is not cheap. It's SMART!!
Lake Erie 58
Lake Erie 58 3 anos atrás
Go to antenna. Pay electric only very minimal. Penny you are so inspiring. Love design of your home. Best wishes in your next adventure. Keep us updated
Catherine S. Todd
Catherine S. Todd 3 anos atrás
I watch TV and movies and more on my laptop. Haven't used a TV or cable in years.
Miss T
Miss T 3 anos atrás
Victoria I haven’t watch TV in three years and do not miss it.
phil2u48 3 anos atrás
I haven't had TV in 15 years.
Mohawk Steel
Mohawk Steel 3 anos atrás
I built an antenna from 6 metal whisks from dollar store and a 20 dollar amplifier and I get 42 channels
M. Susan Denton
M. Susan Denton 2 anos atrás
😃 Thank you so much Penny for opening your beautiful home for us. God Bless. ✝️
Digiartly 2 anos atrás
Love her simple living. It's so peaceful.
Candid 9 meses atrás
I burst out laughing when Penny said she doesn't have cable because she is I like her home it looks comfortable. She can easily change her dog food storage bin to one that fits into the cupboard. Be well Penny!.
OceanSwimmer 2 anos atrás
Watching in 2020; I hope Penny found a buyer and is doing well.
Cecil Johnson
Cecil Johnson 2 anos atrás
You’re an inspiration, Penny. Good luck with the sale, at a very reasonable price!
one dream at a time.
one dream at a time. 3 anos atrás
To live alone and not rely on TV.... that's someone who really enjoys and is content with her own company ❤️🖤..... love her.
Pablo Bañados
Pablo Bañados 2 anos atrás
Such a pleasure to hear Ms. Penny. She seems so intelligent, sensible and down to earth.
Pam Beyers
Pam Beyers 2 anos atrás
She has a wonderful home. I'd love to have a neighbor like her!
Keren Grinberg
Keren Grinberg 2 anos atrás
Omg. I would've loved to live in this tiny home 😍 this is truly so perfect!! All a person really needs ❤️
Dianney S
Dianney S 2 anos atrás
Kitchen and bathroom designs are great! A tiny home she can feel at home in. It's adorable!
Gigi's Piccolo Ristorante
Ooohhh I love you Penny ! So nice to listen to and so down to earth! I hope you had luck selling your tiny house! ❤️
Gypsy Belle
Gypsy Belle 3 anos atrás
Love her idea of the stained glass in the window instead of curtains for privacy with light. Brilliant! And so much counterspace. Love her design ideas.
Tracey Wasserman
Tracey Wasserman Anos atrás
Penny I loved your video. You are so inspiring. I hope you and your dog have a happy time in your tiny house. I so want to do this too.
Mary Star
Mary Star 2 anos atrás
Penny is in her 70 years plus young❣ I hope to be as youthful as she is, should I one day reach her age. In fact, Penny is an inspiration for all ages, practical, organized, and simplistic living in a cozy little home.
Rhonda H.
Rhonda H. 2 anos atrás
I loved her candor, especially when mentioning that she's looking for another tiny home that has a downstairs bedroom because a loft is not so great for a person in their 70s. I'm in my 40s and I wouldn't want a loft bed, lol.
Marlene Jones
Marlene Jones 2 anos atrás
I just dont understand why she isnt sleeping downstairs in that bedroom. Why climb stairs to a loft when you already have nice bedroom downstairs next to your bathroom? Makes no sense
chez moi
chez moi Anos atrás
@Marlene Jones She _does_ sleep downstairs. She has a guest bed upstairs. The problem is that the only space big enough for the dog's treadmill is upstairs, which is difficult for her now. She wants the stair space to use for that. Also, at our age, crawling on your knees is not always easy, either, even if it's just the occasional trip up to store something, change the bed, or clean.
Meg Kampen
Meg Kampen Anos atrás
@chez moi Get rid of the treadmill and take your dog for a walk everyday! No one is too old for a walk. I would keep the house.
chez moi
chez moi Anos atrás
@Meg Kampen Good, Meg, you keep it. She doesn't want it.
Tonya Brookes
Tonya Brookes 4 meses atrás
@Marlene Jones she is sleeping downstairs
Suzanne Cranford
Suzanne Cranford 2 anos atrás
Penny, your tiny house is so charming. I'm 71, and chose a toy hauler (to renovate) as my home and live in an RV park. It is the way I figured out to live tiny (without a loft) within the city limits, so I'm close to work. I too love living small, and like you, can't imagine living any other way. Can't wait to see what you do to accomplish your single floor tiny home. 🏡
Bryan Jason
Bryan Jason 2 anos atrás
How are you doing 😊😊
Serendipity Shop
Serendipity Shop 2 anos atrás
I like Penny's priorities about the full-sized kitchen, bathroom, and storage. I'd miss having a table to eat on or work at, though, and it looks like you could only entertain a guest either outside or both sitting on a bed. Or maybe one of you in the recliner and one sitting on the stairs? Still, a charming place.
Pretty Bonkers
Pretty Bonkers 3 anos atrás
Tiny living makes so much sense for organized seniors who live alone.
Bozz Qween
Bozz Qween 3 anos atrás
Or people with no kids...😔
Ares 3 anos atrás
this looks so cozy too
MFiles 3 anos atrás
I'm one of them, but I was smart. I bought property. Now I can move in the spring. No rent no eviction for me.
Tammie Parrish Miller
Tammie Parrish Miller 3 anos atrás
brenda horn What's your general location? There could be something closer than you think. Are you tied to where you live? I never had children and am getting closer to retirement. The only thing keeping us here is our parents. I'm glad to be here for them and will be until that time comes. I currently own a duplex so that my inlaws who are in their late 80's could be near yet still have privacy for all. It's a beautiful home and I love living here, but I long for the days that I don't have to worry about which room I need to tackle. I'm tired of housework! I'm glad you're enjoying your new living arrangements. Best of everything to you!
Tammie Parrish Miller
Tammie Parrish Miller 3 anos atrás
@MFiles Good for you! That sounds fantastic! What type of housing do or will you have on your property?
Lucy Pang
Lucy Pang 2 anos atrás
It is really an encouragement to see what she has created!
Joyful Soul
Joyful Soul 2 anos atrás
She is such an inspiration to us all.
Diana Dee
Diana Dee 2 anos atrás
Tiny homes are awesome! Someone needs to design them to accommodate people with limited mobility. The loft is great for visitors.
Words, words, words
Words, words, words 2 anos atrás
You're a sweet lady, Penny. Thank you for the tour and good luck!
Kat J
Kat J 2 anos atrás
This is one of the cutest, homey-ist tiny houses! I love the unfinished pine & the regular size pieces in the bathroom & that it has an actual bedroom. I really love that she has the iron railing on the stairs, that's the only tiny house I've seen with that type railing.
Pa Ja
Pa Ja 2 anos atrás
Kat J Yeah, it’s crazy that they don’t usually have railings, not practical for anything except photos. If a 30 year old falls, they may heal 100%, but after 40-50, you just don’t heal the same and a senior could lose their independence.
Re Van
Re Van 3 anos atrás
She is life goals! I love everything about her
Kip Harris
Kip Harris 3 anos atrás
I would happily hang out with her!
swarna Shankar
swarna Shankar 2 anos atrás
A lot of houses in the UK has commonly got kitchens the same size as yours and I myself had to throw off a lot of things and keep things minimum. For a small house, yours has got quite a lot of storing space. Really good.😊
Moon Child
Moon Child Anos atrás
Thank you for the delightful and inspiring tour! I hope you sold your home and got something that works even better for you. I wish I could find more about tiny home communities.
Paul Herbert
Paul Herbert 2 anos atrás
Love your tiny home! It has character like its owner and looks really cozy! All the best Penny! 🤙🏻
romaine calm1
romaine calm1 2 anos atrás
❤️ your railing Penny! Makes the abundant tiny home have a two story colonial main entrance feel.
Stefanie M
Stefanie M 2 anos atrás
It's incredible what a wonderful space the great lady has created for herself. I hope she is doing well in these times.
Sandra Kleiser Black
Sandra Kleiser Black 3 anos atrás
Nice job, Penny! Your house is terrific. I love all of the artwork, quilts, and handmade pieces. The over the sink dish rack is great, too. I need to get one of those for my place. You are so kind to your dog to think of exercise options like a doggie treadmill. Good luck selling your tiny home and finding something else that will work better for you and your dog.
BibbyVelum 2 anos atrás
Penny is amazing & lovely with a home to match.💗
AC Ricucci
AC Ricucci Anos atrás
What a lovely lady! I am 73 and have looked at tiny houses for 2 years. This is the best I’ve seen for my needs, if only I had a piece of land to put it on. Btw, I dumped cable 2 years ago & haven’t regretted it once!
Victoria Presser
Victoria Presser 2 anos atrás
Penny, your house is beautiful. Do you live in a designated tiny house community or a park that takes all transportables? The idea of tiny houses isn't really catching on in Australia, unless you can buy your own land or you can park in someone's yard (and even then you might find you have council bylaw issues). I am immensely jealous as I begin to rid myself of the many things i have been carting around for years LOL enjoy your life 😊
Sharon Hoang
Sharon Hoang 2 anos atrás
Bravo Penny! Loved your video and tour of your precious home.
Nixijo Kenzi
Nixijo Kenzi 2 anos atrás
Nice job Penny! What a beautiful home!
Mary Nelson
Mary Nelson 3 anos atrás
I love Ms.Penny’s personality and sweet spirit. The home is beautiful as well.
Larry Bill
Larry Bill 2 anos atrás
Hello Mary how are you doing!!
Taylor Williams
Taylor Williams 2 anos atrás
Im glad I watched this. A sweet, comforting little tiny house. The woman kind of reminded me of my grandma. God bless you, Penny!
Joseph Powell
Joseph Powell 2 anos atrás
Something really warm and comforting and even familiar about her. What a treasure.
Jeannie Dreemer
Jeannie Dreemer 2 anos atrás
Well Penny, I just love your tiny house! I’m just about your age and I would use that loft for storage of Christmas and all holiday stuff and my crafts! It is really lovely! Of course the wrong location! I know it’s on wheels but that would be a huge expense to move across to the Midwest! Total quality though! Tfs👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Muziklvrn FL
Muziklvrn FL 2 anos atrás
Penny I just say I love your tiny home, I'm single 54 year old man and have thought about getting a tiny home for years, you've made me wanna rethink it again!
kai 2 anos atrás
Ugh this is something I’d love to do as I get older. I love the idea of tiny houses but after I have kids and what not. Great video! And great tour!
misskendrea 3 anos atrás
I could just sit and have a cup of coffee with her and listen to her talk! She is so adorable!
RAF 2 anos atrás
I agree but where can you do that in a tiny house?
Hillary Desmond-McNaughton
So could I!
dreluvspeanut🥜 2 anos atrás
@RAF I guess in the loft 🤣🤷🏾‍♀️
Jasmine Fontaine
Jasmine Fontaine 2 anos atrás
@RAF I was wondering about that too. I can see why she wasnts to have that comfy recliner, but that way I didn't see any seating for another person or two. Maybe you could put a cushion on a step and sit there? The loft has a bed in it, so there's room up there for a guest or two to sleep over.
Hi There
Hi There Anos atrás
A home is a home whatever kind it is. 😊 Also I love the idea of a 1 single sink Basin and that Fan exhaust. If people travel they would need that.
Apple Xo
Apple Xo 2 anos atrás
Great job doing this video Penny, especially since it’s your first time. I truly enjoyed watching it:)
TimelordUK 2 anos atrás
Thank you for sharing your lovely home with us Penny x
freddie meyer
freddie meyer 2 anos atrás
what a lovely lady! beautiful home and its so nice that she cares for her dog so much thinking of him with that treadmill🤗
Amanda Brown
Amanda Brown 2 anos atrás
What a lovely, well designed home. There's something really appealling about living more simply, less stuff.
Rickstar 3 anos atrás
Penny is 79 going on 20 in my books, climbing up in that loft, she look so content, God bless her :-)
For the fun of it
For the fun of it 3 anos atrás
clark clarke
clark clarke 3 anos atrás
Plus she has a downstairs bedroom..I think she goes up there for the put him on the doggie treadmill
Teodora Mendoza
Teodora Mendoza 2 anos atrás
Penny, your taste in decor is superb. Hope someone will buy your place and you get another place with a loft.
Lisa of the Forest
Lisa of the Forest 2 anos atrás
We are thinking of doing this as well. It just seems the way to go now as we age...Thanks for showing us your lovely tiny house Penny:-)
Wavelene Sanson Ward
Wavelene Sanson Ward 2 anos atrás
I soooo enjoyed watching this!! Good for you Penny!!! I’m sooo impressed with you!
Ted and Francoise Gianoutsos
Well done, Penny, great video and very informative! We were Penny’s neighbors in Alaska. She’s a fine lady and very honest and straightforward. We miss you, Penny! You look great and we wish you all the best. Ted and Francoise
Janet Pitts
Janet Pitts 2 anos atrás
Hi Penny! I love your tiny home, I wish I could live in one just can't afford it right now, anyhow you have it decorated so nice and cozy!! Good job on your video! Thanks for sharing your home!
Romi Dogra
Romi Dogra 3 anos atrás
That voice immediately caught my attention. Thank god there was no interviewer. She explains everything perfectly. I understand how that loft became an issue for her. A lesson for all of us. Otherwise it is a delightfully planned tiny home, the use of wood is marvellous.
Amy Walker
Amy Walker 2 anos atrás
Couldn't she just adapt the space so her bed is on the ground floor?
Marlene Jones
Marlene Jones 2 anos atrás
@Amy Walker yeah I thought she used the ground floor bedroom. Why does she have to even go up to the loft? I dont understand why of this whole thing.
Emily Redoblado
Emily Redoblado 2 anos atrás
Why you alone ? Where is ur famiy
Erin Brown
Erin Brown 11 meses atrás
Hi Penny!!! I hope you sold your tiny house! I am 39 and can’t sleep in a loft either. I have bad back issues and would only use a loft for storage. I love that you have the bedroom downstairs! I want to tiny home and I am drawing out floor plans and design details! Wishing you all the best!!!💕
Labradoodle Tofu Boy
I’m an Oregonian. Newport is breathtaking. We take great pride in our Oregon Coast, and yes it rains a lot here lol however you will enjoy endless water falls & trails around the Oregon Coast. Penny’s house is a great buy. Using that as Airbnb would be treasure rn! My bf & I paid $400 to stay 1 night at a tiny house in Oregon (Sisters) with our 2 med size dogs 55 lbs & the layout is 3/4 of Penny’s gorgeous house. It was tight when the fur babies were clingy to ma ma inside lol
Dread and Butter Show
Dread and Butter Show 2 anos atrás
If she's happy I am happy for her. The 20 minute cleaning is a great selling point. Cute place.
Jean Shimpeno
Jean Shimpeno 2 anos atrás
Hi Penny. You are inspiring. I love your tiny home. I live in a park model trailer in a camp ground in Pennsylvania . It is a wonderful life. Extremely cheap as I am living on a fixed income. I found this campground that is open year round with a heated pool, bingo, bocce, mini golf and two fishing ponds with a stream that runs along the park and it only cost me $1200 a year plus propane for heating. Includes my electric and water too. My trailer is only 300 square feet and has no loft but I have a shed for storage. Just a living room kitchen combo and a bathroom and bedroom. I can clean it top to bottom in 30 min. I had a large 11 room home and rent it out for additional income. This was the best move I ever made. I live better than most of my friends and use a golf cart to get around the camp instead of a car. Growing old doesn’t have to be hard. You just need to think smart. Good luck in selling your tiny home.
Dottie Randall
Dottie Randall 2 anos atrás
Love everything about your home, I would definitely live in it.
JamesMichaelDoyle 3 anos atrás
I love the smile when shes talking about her kitchen. you can tell she really does love it.
Deborah Cookston
Deborah Cookston 3 anos atrás
I know, made me feel so good
Brenda 2 anos atrás
I would LOVE to sit and have a piece of pie and visit with her.
Ian Smith
Ian Smith 2 anos atrás
Beautiful house, Penny. What more could you need? Great video.
Tinker Stinker
Tinker Stinker 2 anos atrás
Patty, it was a pleasure to tour your beautiful home. I also used to live in Alaska. 💗💗💗 This is how I would love to retire with my husband. The issue would be to find a tiny home that he would fit in. He’s 6’5”, and 230 lbs. (I’m 5’3”, and MUCH lighter. Haha!) So, the loft wouldn’t work for us either. 💗
judyhoomalamalama 2 anos atrás
1 of the better safer staircases in a tiny house I have seen. Love the natural pine.
Kelsey Guire
Kelsey Guire 2 anos atrás
you can tell she’s an NPR person i love her
seeyanexttuesday 2 anos atrás
I love this and wish I could rent or buy it from her! She seems so lovely!
Julie Molthop
Julie Molthop 3 anos atrás
"I don't care for television. I'm an NPR person." What an amazing woman you are, Penny! 79, going strong in an AWESOME tiny house/home, with your dog family and your "stuff". I LOVE IT!
Vince 3 anos atrás
What is NPR ?
Chanel Sawyer
Chanel Sawyer 3 anos atrás
Karen Cooper
Karen Cooper 3 anos atrás
Julie Molthop and her bookcase had a book on Obama. I liked her right away. And she’s close to me. I live in Florence
babyroses12 3 anos atrás
@Karen Cooper same here when i saw the book on Obama!!👏🏊😌 i have a small 1100 sq ft. single story home with huge yard in norCal, paid for, kids in another state,single great pension. A health nut, and exercise yoga person, no pets. Like her no cable, love music🎶🎧🎼. I love usa, dont want to live in cold sweden where taxes are 50%, lol. So many negative comments, because folks made bad decisions and kept making them, not perfect myself, but knew i had to work, etc, i'm only 2 years younger than her, so my life was harder being a black girl in the south in segregated America. 💜
babyroses12 3 anos atrás
@Vince national public radio,,,,think ill buy a small radio tomorrow at walmart. 🎧🍷and some wine😌🎅
wild Flowers
wild Flowers 2 anos atrás
Great home! Wonderful job you've done with it!
Lisa Ryherd
Lisa Ryherd 2 anos atrás
I can see how it sold so fast, it’s beautiful!!!
Marlene 2 anos atrás
Penny you are so inspirational! Makes me want to have a tiny home. Best of luck selling her and God bless you.
Lee Womack
Lee Womack 2 anos atrás
I'd buy it if I had the money! I just love what she's done to it!
bonnie harris
bonnie harris 2 anos atrás
My sister and I would love to live in a tiny house if it were big enough for two people. I own a lot of junk, so I'd not cry too much getting rid of it!
Nick 3 anos atrás
"I'm an NPR person" .... love that lady, what a great personality. I wish there were as many tiny house communities over here
nordette 3 anos atrás
What is NPR?
YourDrunkAunt 3 anos atrás
National Public Radio is what I believe she is referring to.
nannette freitag
nannette freitag 3 anos atrás
I so agree..
Kathryn B
Kathryn B 3 anos atrás
@YourDrunkAunt yes
Kip Harris
Kip Harris 3 anos atrás
I would probably knock on her door everyday ☺️
StrawberryQwik 2 anos atrás
Penny, this house is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!
NaaSira Ali
NaaSira Ali Anos atrás
What a wonderful woman, she’s such a sweetie🥰! She’s in great shape and her house fits her so well! :)
IntuitiveSugarSkull 2 anos atrás
I love it!!! This is a dream home! I wish I could live in a tiny home.🏡
girlwheels 2 anos atrás
I love that you listen to NPR, and that you are thoughtful about your use of space. Good luck selling your unit.
Sanjiv Oberoi
Sanjiv Oberoi 2 anos atrás
Well done Penny, well done indeed. Your beautiful small house is inspirational and so are you. God bless you.
Zayetoune J Cotterell
Zayetoune J Cotterell 2 anos atrás
She explained everything perfectly. At 77 she's very rich because she's blessed with good health.
Aleise Graham
Aleise Graham 2 anos atrás
Thank you Penny. I enjoyed watching and I hope you get a good price for your tiny home
Wayne Wright
Wayne Wright 2 anos atrás
Absolutely love her little house!!!
Victoria Clements
Victoria Clements 2 anos atrás
You did a great job Penny! :)
Sue Russell
Sue Russell 2 anos atrás
Love your simplicity Penny. You have it all and it is perfect. Enjoy.
Honey Medina
Honey Medina Anos atrás
Thank you so much for the tour, Penny 😊 I love your place 🤗
West Coast Wonderers
West Coast Wonderers 3 anos atrás
Oh, I love her! Your tiny home is absolutely perfect! I am currently building out a school bus. My mother is not doing so well and she wants to travel (she will NOT fly), so I am going to take her traveling in a school bus. Thank you for sharing Penny.
Pink Rose
Pink Rose 3 anos atrás
Shawnna The Fam Great way to go! Hope you and your Mom enjoy your travels. Just watch out for Albuquerque as theft rate for stolen homes on wheels, cars is extremely high!!! Try National parks, Monterey and Carmel CA. Beautiful sights and weather is great!
Just me
Just me 3 anos atrás
Glamp63 3 anos atrás
What beautiful thing you’re doing❤️
Gany Meade
Gany Meade 3 anos atrás
Monterey and Carmel are winners. Very beautiful. Magical. NM is a dive. Dusty, hot, strange and dange people. Skip it. Better TexMex in Texas.
Moonglow 3 anos atrás
Ur an Angel !! Bless U !!!
Abbie Perritt
Abbie Perritt 2 anos atrás
Awe I really enjoyed this video❤️ sending lots of love to Penny
Catherine Timmerman
Catherine Timmerman 2 anos atrás
Darling house! Penny is a great tour guide!
vincent maldon
vincent maldon 2 anos atrás
Beautiful home Penny! Thanks for sharing and wishing you the best-
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girl with big heart ❤️
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girl with big heart ❤️
Visualizações 28 mi