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Parts 1 - 5 of the Astartes Project by Syama Pederson, edited into one video for convenience. I played no part in the making of this film. Please watch the originals. All credit goes to the creator:
Astartes Channel
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2 Abr 2020



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Coeus Game
Coeus Game 4 horas atrás
Made by one person.
SpaceLOVERPlanetBenis 5 horas atrás
Oh steph brotha i am pinned here!
TheSinfultictac 6 horas atrás
The Slow blade penetrates the shield
Ay Tumbagahan
Ay Tumbagahan 12 horas atrás
I wish the CPC would sponsor the animation of Warhammer 40k but the Space Marines will have Chinese characteristics power armor, weapons, ships, Emperor, and etc. The movie should be called something similar like The Imperium of China, or Warhalberd 40k.
Hellriker 14 horas atrás
Ничего не понятно, но очень интересно!
TOMATO 15 horas atrás
Holy cow...the graphics✨
Sascha B.
Sascha B. 18 horas atrás
Awesome Work ! - but why are Astartes fighting against Soldiers of Krieg (i assume) and Members of the Mechanicum ?
T. Pham
T. Pham 19 horas atrás
This is the perfect pitch for a miniseries or online series
Ángel Caamaño Lourido
Ángel Caamaño Lourido 22 horas atrás
fucking awesome!
MY MUM ? Dia atrás
This is so scary but cool at the same time. 👌💯💯
The tech priest is saying "tell them to get out of there!" right after the Orbs stop speaking to each other.
TooRandomEnvi Dia atrás
i just love how they shrug off the psychic attacks
The age of memes
The age of memes Dia atrás
At 8:01 you can briefly hear "Astartes"
SHOKIZM Dia atrás
i hate that youre stealing views from the original artist
TheChach Dia atrás
The original artist doesn't make money off views, the views are essentially just publicity to get people to donate on patreon or paypal. On both the originals and this video the views are not monetized and all links point only to the original artists channel, playlist, patreon and paypal. I'm not taking money or credit for this video and anyone wishing to support this project will find only the links mentioned above and nothing else making the views function the same way as they would on the Astartes channel. If I'm stealing than I'm the worst thief ever since I've walked away with absolutely nothing.
Paul Jackson
Paul Jackson Dia atrás
Man ,this movie really show how powerful the space marine bolter can be. The bullet cut the guard body clean off. Brutal and really satisfaction to watch. I hope the guy who made this seriously consider making it into a full movie. Even a 30 minute flim would be good.
Mitchell berry
Mitchell berry 2 dias atrás
This was off the fucking chains, like that was truly unbelievable at just how fucken awesome that is, that is badass
Boris S.
Boris S. 2 dias atrás
I have no idea what's happening in this but holy SHIT is it AMAZING!!
Macbang 2 dias atrás
Warhammer 40k is so much honest and brutal than star wars, star trek etc. That's why I love it.
michael robertson
michael robertson 2 dias atrás
Absolutely amazing. Bravo!!
That 1 Random guy
That 1 Random guy 3 dias atrás
Skull_bot1080 3 dias atrás
why are we not funding this?
Turtles69 -
Turtles69 - 3 dias atrás
better animation than 2040 games..
ToastySpaceman 3 dias atrás
What kind of Psyker is the Inquisitor? Seriously this movie just made me binge watch a ton of warhammer 40k lore so I'm still pretty new to everything but holy shit this is sick af.
lootizin 3 dias atrás
Jesus christ i just came.
Павел Мягков
steven the dalek
steven the dalek 3 dias atrás
better than Ultramarines movie
- Hazard -
- Hazard - 3 dias atrás
10:23 does he say please? (In Japanese)
The Ganjacologist
The Ganjacologist 4 dias atrás
Bruh, the Inquisitor straight looked at the commander as he over heard the daemons talking about possessing him. He knew what was coming and warned the space marine thus saving the entire ship with that simple gesture. What a boss, took his fate with absolute loyalty.
Samar3n Dia atrás
As a true Inquisitor should.
TheHyBriD3I6 4 dias atrás
this is sooo much better if you know some lore..gj
MyAcer20 4 dias atrás
annyone know what would be the size of those combat knives i want to make one in 3d but i dont know the proportions and its quite hard to find online
The Ganjacologist
The Ganjacologist 4 dias atrás
@TheChach Till the Alpha marines walk in lol. Sneaky bois!!
TheChach 4 dias atrás
@The Ganjacologist For reference the average space marine in armor is about 8 feet tall.
The Ganjacologist
The Ganjacologist 4 dias atrás
Pretty much a sword man. A big ass sword for you is the equivalent to their combat knifes. At the very least a big ass machete. lol
Micah S
Micah S 4 dias atrás
If this were a game it would make millions
Tobias Evers
Tobias Evers 4 dias atrás
More of them. Please!!
Jakub Kaczmarek
Jakub Kaczmarek 4 dias atrás
Can we also appreciate how ads are turned off on this vid?
Stefan R.
Stefan R. 4 dias atrás
I´m not even interested in Warhammer, but Shüüsh, this Shit is Epico
Jakub David
Jakub David 4 dias atrás
Wow comrade you are one of the best talent what i ever saw i need to be better and better and i could be a star one day comrade.
NeedsMoreBass 4 dias atrás
3:42 "Screw, let's just overcharge"
Blackfalk 5 dias atrás
uh ok so what was that ball-thing? and who was the one in the robe? (who got possessed by the ball) a psyker? priest? inquisitor? and what's that place in the end with the corpses on the thrones? the Warp?
masterfrieza 5 dias atrás
who is a Commander?
James Eddleman
James Eddleman 5 dias atrás
Why do the snap their necks to look? The super solider serum doing that? I mean looks great regardless.
Tom Ryan
Tom Ryan 5 dias atrás
i also find it interesting that the pyskers have their opposing arms covered, asif two of them make one whole... or they're designed to work in pairs.
David Ortiz
David Ortiz 5 dias atrás
what Faction/race is the one defending the ship from the Astartes? Can anyone tell me?
redmisttriggered 5 dias atrás
THIS is The most bad ass shit i ever seen!
J Spileers
J Spileers 5 dias atrás
ty for all the work you done
The Pit
The Pit 6 dias atrás
Darshon Eluett
Darshon Eluett 6 dias atrás
Monks huh? Now I want to become one.
Doc 6 dias atrás
This is probably the 5th time I've watched this and I finally noticed something that explains all the weird shit they find at the end: this is one of those ships that go into warp-space. You know, the massive, dark age of technology ships that are supposed to be riddled with warp entities and dark age titans with complicated AI. The reason why I think this is because as they're beginning to breach the ship, you can see that their ship begins to catch fire like an asteroid coming into our atmosphere. If you know your lore, you know some of those massive ships that phase in and out of warp-space *can have a gravitational pull*. Therefore, it makes sense we see these men of gold with psychic abilities along with what appears to be an Umbra. Very cool.
Logan Massingill
Logan Massingill 6 dias atrás
So i don't know if anyone else has noticed but when the one marine's visor cracks, it's not his blood that shows up but his helmet optical systems which explains the thermal vision shot earlier
aokay 6 dias atrás
I could beat them im just different like that
quick trigger
quick trigger 6 dias atrás
this is simply amazing...
Marinda space
Marinda space 6 dias atrás
2:48 my gun goes bam bam bam 2:49 thats so cute my gun go BAM BAM BAM BAM
Adrienne Bernabei
Adrienne Bernabei 6 dias atrás
That was one of the most badass things ive ever seen
Connor Tremeer
Connor Tremeer 6 dias atrás
Can someone tell me what the lore behind the massive skeleton lbs is
niles bithell
niles bithell 6 dias atrás
youre going to brazil
Antonio Cardinale
Antonio Cardinale 6 dias atrás
That sphere contains a soul.. Or better a part of soul.. An expect of a single personality. Fear and disgust. That skeletons, that place is old as the entire galaxy, is the grave.. The grave of all Emperors were before the one is yet on the throne. Ynnead will change everything.
TheEmptyJarhead 7 dias atrás
Why the SM run like buzz lightyear??? lol
GIAN CARLO MAMENG 7 dias atrás
Hahaha they make Marines good in scenes like this but in games they are sometimes classed as*cannon fodder*
malravian 7 dias atrás
Вороны превазмогают , но лутают
Ian Doody
Ian Doody 7 dias atrás
lord grim
lord grim 7 dias atrás
bad fucking ass
김동혁 7 dias atrás
이거 도데체뭐임
Pumpkin-Powered Creeper123
Okay but seriously, psykers have the capacity to control an entire solar system, and this sphere seems much stronger than a normal psyker, and these like 5 Astartes are having moderate difficulty with it's psychic heresy until they're like, point blank.
Sandro M. Rebl
Sandro M. Rebl 8 dias atrás
Lousy generation "asshole kids".
Willie Houle
Willie Houle 8 dias atrás
I know pretty much nothing about Warhammer 40,000... but this is the most amazing thing I have ever seen, time for me to do my homework
Kakalotto 8 dias atrás
Hit chicken in skyrim This happen :
Tepalus 8 dias atrás
And this kids is why W40K is 18+
Илья Ильин
Илья Ильин 8 dias atrás
а на русском ко нибудь говорит? что это было? превью к игре в будущем или просто фановый проэкт?
Jonathan Tepepa
Jonathan Tepepa 8 dias atrás
You stopped explaining in the most important part
Selvokaz 8 dias atrás
Why aren't we making Ultra Space Marines a real thing?
Angus Janes
Angus Janes 8 dias atrás
I hope the add revenue is going to the creator.
TheChach 8 dias atrás
That would be ideal. Unfortunately this video was copyright claimed by BMI for about 30 seconds of music.
Glomi babel
Glomi babel 8 dias atrás
death korps of krieg movie please
TheCommentGuy 8 dias atrás
Loup Gravey
Loup Gravey 8 dias atrás
Mon dieux cette droite !
Dmitry Aryshev
Dmitry Aryshev 9 dias atrás
Juan Ar
Juan Ar 9 dias atrás
It reminds me of the introduction video for Quake II, 1997
Mr.Wizard Ayy lmao
Mr.Wizard Ayy lmao 9 dias atrás
That's......that's a space peanut
Nerf god Paul
Nerf god Paul 9 dias atrás
Holy shi this is awesome
NagantBoi 9 dias atrás
why would you need to STEAL the videos and merge them? Is it really that difficult to let the original creator keep his intelectual property? Oh, sorry, you did put the magic words on the description: "All credit goes to the creator". Oh, shoot, I didin't see that! If you really appreciated this excelent work of animation you would not reupload it.
TheChach 9 dias atrás
I can't STEAL videos that are already publicly available for free, I merged them because I wanted to see them in that format and they don't exist in that format. This IP belongs to neither I nor the creator, it belongs to Games Workshop and they could easily claim all of these Astartes videos if they wanted to. After all, BMI music claimed this video for a mere 30 seconds of music in it. If I hadn't put that disclaimer in the description you would have cried about that too. If you really appreciated this excellent work of animation you would donate to the creator through paypal or patreon, because youtube views don't make him any money. However, like every other cry baby who whines about this video, I doubt you have.
VaReKrO 9 dias atrás
how a raid in destiny or any other game feel like:
Duncan Wheeler
Duncan Wheeler 9 dias atrás
Doesn't make sense if two Psykers can make a 'energy' pulse that wipes out multiple warriors why not the two nearest to them. Y'know them 2 wot cut their weird exposed backbones. Bit of a design flaw there. Thank you The Chach for this mind blowingly good piece of work.
Fernando Chavez
Fernando Chavez 9 dias atrás
Wait...I’m confused. Which side was Mr Trumps Space Patrol?
Monstraft 9 dias atrás
I'm clueless to a lot of this but what kind of bullets or whatever are they shooting to where the blow a man limb from limb
TheChach 9 dias atrás
Getro Armarus
Getro Armarus 9 dias atrás
Wonderfull vision of Warhammer 40K universe. Congratulation!
Гэсэр Балданов
Как это охуенно. Браво
Der Albaner
Der Albaner 9 dias atrás
13:15 what bullets do they use
Hannibal B
Hannibal B 10 dias atrás
Nico Bullic
Nico Bullic 10 dias atrás
Man I wish I could hit 5 D6 for 5 and above when shooting at guardsmen behind cover, that is some sick aim bro
Wyatt Ledbetter
Wyatt Ledbetter 10 dias atrás
tee grizzley
Nikko Gotze
Nikko Gotze 11 dias atrás
When the inquisitor told the Astartes commander “recall them immediately” did that break his focus thus the warp spheres were able to control him?
Михаил Кравчук
I think that was last stand. He understood falling and sacrifited his life for glory of Golden Throne. The Impereor protects!
Boeiend Ookboeie
Boeiend Ookboeie 9 dias atrás
you can see a blue shimmer of energy pass through the ball just before the inquisitor got posessed.
Mebibyte 9 dias atrás
@David Ball whaaaaaat!? you just blew my mind.
David Ball
David Ball 9 dias atrás
The "shadows" around him was him hiding his presence, shouting the warning gave him away and enabled them to find him.
Neil Evans
Neil Evans 10 dias atrás
CT Atlanta
CT Atlanta 11 dias atrás
Amazing... I've watched this now dozens of times. However, I still don't understand anything after the initial battle scene.
Mordufication 11 dias atrás
no words, only executions
Argentfan 11 dias atrás
This isn't an edit. It is content theft.
auritone 11 dias atrás
Damn this is cool. Well done.
Алексей Самойлов
Alper Kosen
Alper Kosen 11 dias atrás
Woowwww!!! Epic...
Wolf 11 dias atrás
No words are needed when the Emperors mission is clear.
Granite Fox
Granite Fox 10 dias atrás
I am astonished you managed to get that name wolf I'm going to subscribe to you
Szilárd - 'Sid' Hegyi
Szilárd - 'Sid' Hegyi 11 dias atrás
what the fuckin awsomeness is this
kimeli 11 dias atrás
are this guys primaris?
Blank 12 dias atrás
We see 2 different times. The first (the past) is the assault on the ship and the second (the current time) is when the orb is subdued and being probed. The orb talks to itself in the past and the current time, that's part of what the Inquisitor hears. But the Inquisitor also hears the thoughts of the space marines that the orb ate and spat out. The inquisitor relays it just before he is taken over by the orb. The space marines were thrown to a Necron tomb word by the orb. And this is entirely lore correct, as something similar happens in the The Great Work book. The "tentacles" are the appendages of the C'tan shard that powers and controls the orb. In the book, it is used as a means of instantaneous travel from one point in the galaxy to another, but also entirely possibly from one TIME point to another.
Stoic Nerd
Stoic Nerd 12 dias atrás
Anyone know what chapter of space marines these are ?
Ryan Flood
Ryan Flood 12 dias atrás
Someone please tell me where to start with 40k lore. Iv been doing the models for ages. Never played the tabletop game and never really got into the lore. I mean iv watched bits and bobs of the lore but I don’t know the timeline if there is one from start to finish. Where do I start?
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