Ashnikko - Drunk With My Friends (Official Music Video)

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Download / Stream my debut mixtape DEMIDEVIL 😈😈​
Drunk With My Friends by Ashnikko was released on January 15th 2021 by Parlophone Records.
Director: Claire Arnold @claire_arnold
3D Artist: Carol Civre @carolthekitty
2D Character Design: Kane Lee @fakehauswives
Producer: Callum Harrison @callumharrison__
Exec Producer: Aaron Z. Willson
Production Company: Ground Work @ground___work
#Ashnikko #DrunkWithMyFriends #DEMIDEVIL
Drunk With My Friends Official Lyrics:
Pussy pussy my religion
Legs getting tired, can we switch positions?
Now we’re three way kissing
I wanna make a couple bad decisions
Suit up, head rush when I stood up
I got 2 middle fingers that I’m about to put up
boot up, head rush when I stood up
Now I’m drunk with my friends
Bought a couple pillies with my rent
We ride, like a Benz
Shotgun, look Ma no hands
I’m drunk with my friends
Bought a couple pillies with my rent
We ride, like a Benz
Shotgun, look Ma no hands (Look at me Momma)
Da la la la oooh Da la la la oooh
Da la la la oooh
Ooh I’m a tornado
He a puppy to me, he go where I say so
I’m a devil with a halo
Hit it for a minute then I dip like mayo
Put your phone down, we offline
Tryna send a couple chills up your spine
Hit it so good that you cry
You already know I’m not shy
Suit up, head rush when I stood up
I got 2 middle fingers that I’m about to put up
boot up, head rush when I stood up
Now I’m drunk with my friends
Bought a couple pillies with my rent
We ride, like a Benz
Shotgun, look Ma no hands
I’m drunk with my friends
Bought a couple pillies with my rent
We ride, like a Benz
Shotgun, look Ma no hands
Da la la la oooh Da la la la oooh
(Hey Grandpa, drop the beat)


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19 Fev 2021



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Comentários 100
Hailie Jade Narvacan
Hailie Jade Narvacan 33 minutos atrás
me watching this * deletes history and everything *
EVPHORIA Hora atrás
Ian R
Ian R 3 horas atrás
This is what happens when you mix drugs
Ian R
Ian R 3 horas atrás
Me on acid be like
Melissa I love her voice Engelbrecht
I don’t like this
Oliver L
Oliver L 5 horas atrás
ok but ashnikko and rico
No se que poner
No se que poner 7 horas atrás
Me recomendaron algunos videos de las canciones de Maria Elena Walsh, pero este está medio raro
this is what my dreams look like
Jackie Thomas
Jackie Thomas 12 horas atrás
I love this song
SarchofaghuS 14 horas atrás
•Runa Simp•
•Runa Simp• 15 horas atrás
I think I’m drunk with my friends.
Isabella Rocha
Isabella Rocha 17 horas atrás
Parents: she's just doin girly shit in the Room Me and my friends:
Isabella Rocha
Isabella Rocha 17 horas atrás
Here just vibin
Davo Quijada
Davo Quijada 19 horas atrás
I feel like I shouldn’t be watching this
Hazel Ecullada
Hazel Ecullada 20 horas atrás
Amy Hernandez
Amy Hernandez 20 horas atrás
Video low key scares me I’m shaking in my boots rn🥶😬
ART 21 hora atrás
the end is relatable
AvA Lis
AvA Lis 23 horas atrás
Что я посмотрела...
Dorina Bassarab
Dorina Bassarab Dia atrás
Что я только что посмотрела?
Sgdizzy 3785
Sgdizzy 3785 Dia atrás
۵•Lค nєrєidค•۵
Todo lo que hace esta diosa es arte 👌🏻💫💫💫✨✨
Carlos Carrasco
Carlos Carrasco Dia atrás
"All dreams have a meaning"... My dreams:
Jess ASMR Dia atrás
I feel like I’m playing some 2005 GameCube game but specifically playin it on the wii
rebbhy Dia atrás
ash is weirdcore stop asking why its animated weirdly lmao
metro skyes
metro skyes Dia atrás
Imvu looks different now
mikataylor Dia atrás
I’m sorry the eyes make me so uncomfortable as an Asian......
sofiah Dia atrás
this s c a r e d me
lucie Dia atrás
Reminds me of imvu for some reason
Лань Ванцзи
Я одна вижу тут Трикс?
• D e x t e r •
what the asian fishing on insta looks like (YALL ITS A JOKE)
Servvy Dia atrás
Wtf did you do
maya Dia atrás
The animation looks like the dreams I get when I have a high fever *
احلام العصر
Alani Valle
Alani Valle Dia atrás
Guys, run! She say she's an tornado
Lolitka chan
Lolitka chan 2 dias atrás
Winx po wylewie
Prony 101
Prony 101 2 dias atrás
I’m scared but I love it
Kevyn Nascimento
Kevyn Nascimento 2 dias atrás
EU admito q fiquei com um pouco de medo, da cara dessas bonecas KKKKKKKKK.
Pâmela Cristina
Pâmela Cristina Dia atrás
Parece as bonecas do avakin life puta merda
Pâmela Cristina
Pâmela Cristina Dia atrás
Ss véi quando chega perto da cara delas da um medo do krl
Cupcake Blush
Cupcake Blush 2 dias atrás
I don't wanna be those type of people but damn
Maddie Savoy
Maddie Savoy 2 dias atrás
NOW SHE NEEDS TO DO HER grandparents reaction to the new songs and videos please!!
Chicken Martinez
Chicken Martinez 2 dias atrás
AlexxBunni Twitch
AlexxBunni Twitch 2 dias atrás
I love girls
n3kobit3 2 dias atrás
imkilluaswife_ 2 dias atrás
The eyes scare the shit out of me
jeepers creepers
jeepers creepers 2 dias atrás
This is so creepy in a good way
Carla silva
Carla silva 2 dias atrás
As winx ta diferente👁👄👁KKKK
Kris T
Kris T 2 dias atrás
Gives me madcatlady vibes and i love it
Star Person
Star Person 2 dias atrás
Stella doing good with the costumes
Raven Bloodrose
Raven Bloodrose 2 dias atrás
Yeah, I think someone laced that booze with a lil LSD
It's rblx K
It's rblx K 3 dias atrás
The Friendly Neighborhood Homosexual
Jesus is jamming right now
PaleMoon 3 dias atrás
Sounds like shit
Clara Sabal
Clara Sabal 3 dias atrás
Billie eilish: I have the weirdest music videos Ashnikko: Hold my drugs
Mila Mark
Mila Mark 3 dias atrás
Why dose this kinda scare me 😳
Mila Mark
Mila Mark 3 dias atrás
Watch out for Sara siren might file a lawsuit (if you don’t get what I’m talking about watch Willys wonderland)
HECTIC 3 dias atrás
*This is the first time I've been genuinely weirded out by an artist. Thank you*
Ludmila Rachel Mor
Ludmila Rachel Mor 3 dias atrás
10.12 - the day of proclamation of the Universal Declaration of human rights since 1948 :
Genesislizzeth Argomedo
Las caras dan miedo._.
Alondra Chan
Alondra Chan 3 dias atrás
Que clase de Winx Clud es este¿¿¿¿?¿
Crystal Pedrazzini
Crystal Pedrazzini 3 dias atrás
Demon ridden
Athena Phoenix
Athena Phoenix 3 dias atrás
I don't know bout you guys but I'm down with that Ashnikko happy meal👀
Julia Renata
Julia Renata 3 dias atrás
I love this song
Yasmin Vieira
Yasmin Vieira 3 dias atrás
Será q ela tava chapada quando fez esse vídeo??
LEGROS Baptiste
LEGROS Baptiste 3 dias atrás
drunk with my friends tutu tutu no drunk on with my friend lol is so good music and image is the wix club movie
lil capalot
lil capalot 3 dias atrás
this song hard
Jana Jovicic
Jana Jovicic 3 dias atrás
Jana Jovicic
Jana Jovicic 3 dias atrás
@BTS. ARMY n p
BTS. ARMY 3 dias atrás
Thanks for the views
karmami 3 dias atrás
Friends: u look poor 😹 Me: 1:25 Friends: OMG HOW DARE U GIVE MIDDLE FINGER TO ME UR RUDE
Lucelia Chagas
Lucelia Chagas 3 dias atrás
Karima Djelloul
Karima Djelloul 3 dias atrás
They wanted to try the fox eyes trend oops-
Meatball 'Yikes'
Meatball 'Yikes' 3 dias atrás
Everyone saying this is awful mmd doesnt know ashs style or how hard mmd is- and has obviously never tried.
DemonAngelAssasion 3 dias atrás
this is my new favortie song.
HouseTheKaffadam 3 dias atrás Thnk
el otaku :v
el otaku :v 3 dias atrás
I love this
Peanut 3 dias atrás
evet her zamanki gibi çok anlamlı bir klip sanırım ağlayacağım
itz lucy
itz lucy 3 dias atrás
a avramopoulou
a avramopoulou 4 dias atrás
Perfect 🔥🔥🥵🥵🥵😈😈😈
Billie's child
Billie's child 4 dias atrás
This is what happened to Winx after 10 years of drugs....
Tatiyanaplayzz Lol
Tatiyanaplayzz Lol 4 dias atrás
Not me Watching this at 3 am-
Gabe Bray
Gabe Bray 4 dias atrás
This looks like cool 3D world
maggotbreath 4 dias atrás
the animation style in her videos is so weird but in a very good way
Thanh Ngo
Thanh Ngo 4 dias atrás
i need you and melanie martinez to collab
Vic W
Vic W 4 dias atrás
I'm *c o n f l i c t e d*
rolly sevilla
rolly sevilla 4 dias atrás
Enjoy new friend here
is.a.bell.a 4 dias atrás
the visuals are through the FUCKING roof!!!!! I fking love this, so glad DWMF got a music video!
Shxrlotte._ bellx
Shxrlotte._ bellx 4 dias atrás
Este video es muy adictivo
batatinha pepekuda kkj
Vou ter pesadelos anoite😍😍😍👏✨
— Sparkle Coconut
— Sparkle Coconut 4 dias atrás
Ashnikko fia,q isso?
Lily Davison
Lily Davison 4 dias atrás
This is scary but i LikE iT
Tiana love
Tiana love 4 dias atrás
imvu vibes 😘😘😘😘
ShyKill Zlist
ShyKill Zlist 4 dias atrás
Anybody else get Lil Bow Wow "Take you home" song vibes from this?? Its still dope af but I swear I can hear Pharrell from the neptunes in the background vocals repeating "oh, slow down" And lil bow wow saying "Represent that" during the verse instrumental part. 🤣
your local crackhead
your local crackhead 4 dias atrás
ashnikko's producers got bored and learned mmd, and this was created
Mario Yordanov
Mario Yordanov 4 dias atrás
That's like Avakin life
Autumn Augustin
Autumn Augustin 5 dias atrás
I might be the only one gettin scared watchin this-
FlawlessProductions 5 dias atrás
Pussy my religion hab me on the floor lmaoo
Tatiyanaplayzz Lol
Tatiyanaplayzz Lol 5 dias atrás
Everyone else’s dreams about their crushes or scary things: SO GUYS - ‘them about to tell the whole thing’ ME: WAIT A MIN. HOLD ASH’S GRANDPA. SO MY DREAM ‘the video’
Aerin X Shamy
Aerin X Shamy 5 dias atrás
We just entered a faerie’s secret party
Danna Danna
Danna Danna 5 dias atrás
Love ashiko💙💙 i am fan
Anni 5 dias atrás
I feel like I’m playing the sims with mods
smileheee 5 dias atrás
This is kinda racist
Jaime Fanjoy
Jaime Fanjoy 5 dias atrás
ash is a freak and i love it
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