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Ashnikko - Deal With It. An exclusive performance for Vevo DSCVR, the channel for the best in new music.
Watch out, Ashnikko is here. The trash-talking pixie known for her eff-off attitude has been killin’ it lately. Makes sense, too: Killing things is part of her persona. “Deal With It,” her anti-boy anthem with Kelis, racked up millions of views in just a few days. Its pirate-ship setting positions her as both Jack Sparrow’s emo daughter and the vid's menacing sea-monster. Speaking of menace, the North Carolina native’s bloody “STUPID” vid with Yung Baby Tate will pass 50 million views any day now. The suburb on which Ashnikko wreaks havoc in that one probably looks a bit like the sleepy Greensboro suburb in which she grew up. Anyone who needs primer on the 24-year-old, whose real name is Ashton Casey, should just think of her blue hair as a metaphor for her sound - totally wild and reliably ambitious. The tips of the hair spikes she sports in her DSCVR session are definitely sharp; so is her performance. Careful: if you watch “Deal With It” and “Daisy” enough times, you might start growing little devil horns.
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Director: Dan Broadley
Senior Producer: Nick Calafato
Production Coordinator: Bex Donnelly
Talent Relations: Carl Young/Jodeci Rampasard
Vevo Design: Charlee Twigg
Edit/Grade: Helen Duque
DP: Ben Coughlan
Steadicam: Jake Whitehouse
1st AC: Kate Eccarius
2nd AC: James Malamatinus
Gaffer: Dom Aronin
Light Op: Ed Riley
Sound Engineer: Alexander Archer
Runner: Aaron Hackett
Photography: Aaron Klein
#DSCVR #Ashnikko #DealWithIt


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25 Jan 2021



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Comentários 100
김동혁 22 horas atrás
미즈나레이 왜이렇게닮은거같냥...
Tilly Comedy
Tilly Comedy 22 horas atrás
she's a star 🌟
Natalie Perrin
Natalie Perrin Dia atrás
Loving the Dark Lady hair style
Jess ASMR Dia atrás
I’m so glad tiktok exists
Rikology Gaming
Rikology Gaming Dia atrás
holy fuck, there is another level of respect you get for an artist once you see them preform just as good live as their videos
HAZEM HD 2 dias atrás
dinaelson jeronimo
dinaelson jeronimo 2 dias atrás
voz linda
dinaelson jeronimo
dinaelson jeronimo 2 dias atrás
ashnikko perfeita ate cansada
Allday Beast
Allday Beast 3 dias atrás
She says I don't need a man, I need a rabbit aka bob aka vibrator. bob stands for battery operated boyfriend if u dint know now u do
Zainab Rizvi
Zainab Rizvi 3 dias atrás
Prii helena
Prii helena 4 dias atrás
I loved Perfect 💙💙💙💙💙
BrigthCrazy 5 dias atrás
I dont need a man i need a rabbit 🐰
Barry crozier
Barry crozier 5 dias atrás
Nishinoya 5 dias atrás
The one just vibing on the keyboard wearing the BLM shirt tho
Thalyta 5 dias atrás
A voz: ❤💕💞🥰💖🌺🌸⚘🐞🌈 A música dela:😈💀☠💣😤🔪🖤
Mafia Aktar
Mafia Aktar 5 dias atrás
She writes the songs to amazing she's so talented
Mafia Aktar
Mafia Aktar 5 dias atrás
By the way there's no auto tune
Chloe Deeds
Chloe Deeds 6 dias atrás
Her voice😍
DatDapperDoggo 7 dias atrás
her voice there are no words to describe how much i love it
Michelle Griffin
Michelle Griffin 7 dias atrás
HaliensExist 7 dias atrás
Where are her body suit and shoes from?? I need them in my life!
kan 07
kan 07 7 dias atrás
Christina McMillin
Christina McMillin 8 dias atrás
Omg 😳 totally relating to it wow....🤓🌈
D L 8 dias atrás
She is hyper pop ?
Ayah.p 8 dias atrás
I think all the musicians are women. Wait I love that
Ewa Galka
Ewa Galka 9 dias atrás
I need Ashnikko's concert >°
Char Bunny
Char Bunny 10 dias atrás
To me she is like Paramore the bad, but she raps! She's perfect!
Supreme Glitch13
Supreme Glitch13 10 dias atrás
The no rap song that get me hyped
D Techniková
D Techniková 10 dias atrás
I can't get enough of her voice.
sydney loo
sydney loo 10 dias atrás
maria clara Monteiro
maria clara Monteiro 11 dias atrás
Eu adoro a animação do cara ali atrás KKKKKKKKKK
Anisya Putry
Anisya Putry 11 dias atrás
Dari Indonesia mantap ka
Th0t Patrol
Th0t Patrol 12 dias atrás
I love her natural voice so much
Melis_gacha tuber 567
Melis_gacha tuber 567 13 dias atrás
first i thougth she had autotune one 0.0
Asha Xen
Asha Xen 13 dias atrás
ok she killed it as always but hello?? the camera work?? pls give this camera person a raise
Hizar. 13 dias atrás
bro shes so awesome
Bree Mo
Bree Mo 14 dias atrás
The quickness in which I’d marry her 😭
chantia okolopini
chantia okolopini 14 dias atrás
Trop de talent en toi mais tu es perdue et j'ai envie de te sauver. Je prierai pour toi. Tant que je pourrais
Sparkledeath Syra
Sparkledeath Syra 14 dias atrás
Loving the mixer jamming so hard in the back!! Some please tell me who they are!
Erika Lewis
Erika Lewis 14 dias atrás
Shes amazing
sns 15 dias atrás
Her live is perfect
god is dead
god is dead 15 dias atrás
Jesus Christ her lives sound so perfect that I know she’s not lip syncing but it feels like it is. Like some songs sound almost auto tuned and it’s crazy that her voice really just sounds that good
jake scriven
jake scriven 15 dias atrás
When the voice crack live improves on the recording... 10x!!!
shiv 15 dias atrás
feminist icon
Naomi Stacy Morataya Sánchez
Kaedon Sietsma
Kaedon Sietsma 17 dias atrás live???
K4RL4 16 dias atrás
Bam boo
Bam boo 17 dias atrás
Hm.. Miku seem strange today
Ata la asada
Ata la asada 17 dias atrás
OMG the vibes of the dj
Leah Lonowski
Leah Lonowski 17 dias atrás
•Jack• 17 dias atrás
3:01 and 1:54
demidevil 19 dias atrás
qe diosa
Oppo Terbaik
Oppo Terbaik 20 dias atrás
I like your song
eun sang kIM
eun sang kIM 20 dias atrás
The energy
The energy 20 dias atrás
tell me I'm not the only one to hear the noise of the necklaces
Colby Royster
Colby Royster 20 dias atrás
Nah that fit definitely goes hard idc 🔥
Naima 22 dias atrás
Katelyn Simoneau
Katelyn Simoneau 23 dias atrás
I'm in love with this!
Jenna Stilwell
Jenna Stilwell 24 dias atrás
How, how, how 231 dislikes?
Blake S
Blake S 25 dias atrás
Even her voice cracks sound good
Argus Phax
Argus Phax 25 dias atrás
her musical production and value has expedition
Ellie D
Ellie D 25 dias atrás
Does it really count as live if it's lip synced?
Marissa Smull
Marissa Smull 26 dias atrás
Her voice is so smooth omfg
Emma D
Emma D 26 dias atrás
Her dj is rlly cool btw 😳👀💝
Emma D
Emma D 26 dias atrás
That guitarist is hot 😳👀
K4RL4 16 dias atrás
Lol yeah
Emma D
Emma D 26 dias atrás
She’s stays winning omfl
Brianna E.
Brianna E. 26 dias atrás
That camera angle got me here like "step on me, queen."
Twilight King
Twilight King 26 dias atrás
Still my #1 grr. I litchrally can't get enough. It takes a lot of courage to be who you are. Just wanna say you've touched my heart in that little black spot where I loose all hope. You pick me up so I can say to myself JUST DEAL WITH IT! 😙☺🤩🥰🤔🤫🙃😇😇😇😇
*. Ashton.*
*. Ashton.* 26 dias atrás
✨I don't need a man I need a rabbit✨ 😊
Mary Hill
Mary Hill 27 dias atrás
Anyone else love it when her voice breaks on the chorus 'over you' 🥰
Avin Friacie
Avin Friacie 27 dias atrás
No need autotune that's on 😌✋
soaringfan 27 dias atrás
I want a close up of the guy in the back cus he be chilling
sns 15 dias atrás
D.D.M 2 - Slowed
D.D.M 2 - Slowed 26 dias atrás
Gabriela F
Gabriela F 28 dias atrás
&Square MSP
&Square MSP 28 dias atrás
she’s so.. unique🥸
iyah Hines
iyah Hines 28 dias atrás
Sara Ortiz García
Sara Ortiz García 28 dias atrás
Y la Dj sin hacer nada VAHVSV
Thomas Clarkson
Thomas Clarkson 28 dias atrás
I’m sorry but this was not live.
bxby katie
bxby katie 28 dias atrás
I love the way she say the first "Deal with it"
AmyCupcake92 28 dias atrás
wow this is WAY better than the other
Lara Rouco
Lara Rouco Mês atrás
I can't take my eyes off the person behind.
Abi Webb
Abi Webb Mês atrás
Possibly my favourite content ever produced by this queen am shook. This song is such a god damn bop 💖💖💖💖
VelvetRoses Mês atrás
This sounds exactly like the song I don’t think she used auto tune
Roseblood Mês atrás
Hatsune Miku, is that you girl?? 😂
Cabose Mês atrás
Songs really fucking good. Her voice Is really appealing and she looks kinda like a anime character in real life. And you got to wonder how it feels to have hair that long. Her body movement and expressions are also on point
Sleepy Ferdinand
Sleepy Ferdinand Mês atrás
It's nearly impossible not to love her at this point
Rose 4real
Rose 4real Mês atrás
Don’t put any teddy bear in a blender, it would ruined both the blender and the teddy bear
Cornivus7 Mês atrás
What generic shit is this?
Maria Mari
Maria Mari Mês atrás
3:00 botão de repetir
Brittany Tucker
Brittany Tucker Mês atrás
She’s my idol and I look up to her. I love her look
My Cute cat Spark
My Cute cat Spark Mês atrás
Camera operator is so good at angles
Siren /DEMIDEVIL Mês atrás
Bruh- she sings so pretty in this, if I had her voice I would not shut up-
Hannah Kelley
Hannah Kelley Mês atrás
Chills the whole time!!! 😻
Mizuki Mês atrás
Wtf I looked up deal with it meme
Rene Williams
Rene Williams Mês atrás
The DJ in the back in this one and "Daisy" is ME in the car vibin' it out to these two songs.
Jane Ashley Santos
Jane Ashley Santos Mês atrás
put the lyrics in comment section please.
Elise Elizabeth
Elise Elizabeth Mês atrás
This song is such a vibe- no the entire goddamn person is such a vibe.
lorid Jc
lorid Jc Mês atrás
alexia marie salalila
this is somehow better than the official audio i guess lol love this
AckzaTV Mês atrás
haha youtube started playing in another tab like a dj "CANT GET YOU OUTTA MY HEAD" by Klylie Minogue lol daaamn buurn from the AI... lol like its askin her why shes makin him a song if shes over him lol cant get him out of her head?
AckzaTV Mês atrás
if she was REALLY over him she wouldnt dedicate a song to him lol the share paradox
Stuart Braden
Stuart Braden Mês atrás
I'm a pet tbf🥰😘""TRACK""!!!📀🎶🎶
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