As Seen On TV TOOLS Tested! (TAC Tool, Pocket Chainsaw, MagnoGrip)

Household Hacker
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Do these "As Seen On TV" Tools belong in your Toolbox or the Trash?
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We put the mighty TAC TOOL (Swiss Army Knife Hammer), Pocket Chainsaw (a chainsaw you keep in your pocket), InstaHang (A picture mounting device) and MagnoGrip (Magnetic Wrist band) through our testing process and the results were interesting! Do you see yourself using these tools or are they better off left on the shelf?
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24 Mar 2019

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Comentários 1 054
ActuallyWhoYT 23 horas atrás
My dad has something very similar to the instahang, but I think it’s a cheaper version. It still works quite well.
Meme Lean
Meme Lean 3 dias atrás
The magno grip loops like a vault boy
big chungus
big chungus 4 dias atrás
Why would you need a level for a round nail
Nicolas Wilson
Nicolas Wilson 5 dias atrás
The blue sleeve with the Magno Grip looks like a vault suit with a pip boy. Am I the only one that thought that.
Jorge Cortes
Jorge Cortes 8 dias atrás
With all those pouches for your belt batman would be jealous...
Ruben Almaraz
Ruben Almaraz 8 dias atrás
That cypress hill reference 😂😂👍👍 This guy is a fucking legend !
Transformer Bash
Transformer Bash 9 dias atrás
thumb tacks suck cus they are hard to put in walls
Travis Pratt
Travis Pratt 9 dias atrás
talk normal, It sounds like every sentence is a guy from the 30s setting up a joke while adjusting his bow tie
Talsong Kingslayer
Talsong Kingslayer 10 dias atrás
The hand chain saw is great to bug out kits (look it up if you don't know what bug out kit is) :)
Tristan Long
Tristan Long 10 dias atrás
can you please improve the quality???
Robert Isola
Robert Isola 10 dias atrás
I think the pocket chainsaw has less blades because it creates a lot of friction that you may not be able to cut with
Hisch you don't need to know
Saw the second one years ago in a survivalist catalog
Hisch you don't need to know
The first one reminded me of loading a stapler
J Moe
J Moe 11 dias atrás
The chainsaw is sold under multiple names. I own one, amazingly effective and simple tool.
Jonss Zaragoza
Jonss Zaragoza 11 dias atrás
I think I herd cypress hill lyrics
Auderitepenguin 11 dias atrás
so why do your need to level a circle?
Raymond Brower
Raymond Brower 14 dias atrás
Level? For one nail?
Eule RP
Eule RP 14 dias atrás
6:09 ... daim.. just use a swiss army knife.. nice series btw.
Jaakko Koskinen
Jaakko Koskinen 17 dias atrás
4:10 , you know you've failed in life when you manage to get your water bottles lid stuck
Ken Jacobs
Ken Jacobs 18 dias atrás
Level hang, lol. So you’re making sure the nails is level. Makes no since.
Patrick Starr
Patrick Starr 14 dias atrás
The nails are put in at an angle to make it stronger and to make sure it doesn't fall out the bubble is to not make it at a wierd angle
Phantom Plays
Phantom Plays 18 dias atrás
You did not just bring up a Apex Legends reference
Patrick Starr
Patrick Starr 14 dias atrás
Did he
Mike Perkins
Mike Perkins 18 dias atrás
Your bad jokes ruin it.
Rayvex_ 20 dias atrás
"Pick it, pack it, fire it up, come along. Hang a picture on my wall." God damn Cypress Hills remixed by H.H. 1:26 Love it!
joblessalex 20 dias atrás
Was searching for this comment.
Quacks0 22 dias atrás
7:20 Darn it --- and I was planning to wear the magnetic wrist-strap while doing the hokey-pokey :P
Quacks0 22 dias atrás
2:28 LOL "Light logging on the go" :D
TheCaptainLulz 22 dias atrás
The first one, its a ROUND peg, what fucking use is a level for a ROUND peg????
Andrew M
Andrew M 24 dias atrás
memberwhen 24 dias atrás
Lol it literally doesn't matter at all if the device is level when you are putting in the pegs.... They are symmetrical round objects.
VOiDPROxY 24 dias atrás
1:26 had me taking hits from the wall
MEHUL GANDHI 25 dias atrás
Nice, cleanly cut watermelon... Really??
Zurakci 26 dias atrás
Wait so the "Insta Hang" is primarily meant for Drywall? Without any plugs or expanding parts on anything? And they are that short? I am now somewhat in doubt. Even if its only 10ibs
ron tv
ron tv 26 dias atrás
Bonnie Amey
Bonnie Amey 26 dias atrás
Someone needs to come up with an easy way to post no hunting/trespassing signs in rugged areas. I cart back hammers, nails, signs, and many other things. Trying to hold up a sign while reaching up on my tippy-toes while dodging brush, and then hammering in nails that I hold in my mouth is very difficult.
Bonnie Amey
Bonnie Amey 26 dias atrás
I'm thinking that I could use that nail tool in tandem with my no hunting signs and magnogrip to hold nails. Can I hold my sign up to a tree, and use the nailing tool to nail it into a tree in only one action? Is the tac tool strong enough to go through both a sign and in to a tree or post with one motion?
Bonnie Amey
Bonnie Amey 26 dias atrás
That magnet bracelet would be great for posting no hunting signs.
Bonnie Amey
Bonnie Amey 26 dias atrás
Does it also have a "pocket" so that you can carry extra nails in it?
RnB NerdyGeek
RnB NerdyGeek 26 dias atrás
Great "Hits From The Bong" Reference 1:25
dstamp 26 dias atrás
A Cypress Hill reference?!?! Yes!!
John Camill B. Maniego
John Camill B. Maniego 26 dias atrás
Smh the insta hang can hang anything but can't hang me
Lester Walit
Lester Walit 27 dias atrás
I got concrete walls. Sad.
UltraBread 72938
UltraBread 72938 27 dias atrás
Why does it have a bubble level? It doesn't need to be level, it's a peg! Also 1,000th comment.
UltraBread 72938
UltraBread 72938 23 dias atrás
Niko Gaming
Niko Gaming 24 dias atrás
So when your hanging a painting you can make sure its level instead of going in the toolbox to get a real level
zilverster11 27 dias atrás
4:05 lol.. cleanly cut watermelon. sure, a very clean cut xD
Jon Ausherman
Jon Ausherman 28 dias atrás
The perfect thing to listen to while playing Old School Rune Scape
Waffle101 plays
Waffle101 plays 28 dias atrás
RWBY OMG!!!!!!!
I use the magno grip at work and home. I Purchased a second one after I realize that the first one works so well. I leave one in the work truck and leave one in my garage. They are great for holding onto specialty screws or nails needed for a installation.
Dennis Chen
Dennis Chen 28 dias atrás
Minecraft oof 0:12
Angel Gamer_Lucy
Angel Gamer_Lucy 28 dias atrás
Rocky and bullwinkle :3
Jack Quinlivan
Jack Quinlivan 29 dias atrás
Pocket chainsaw for wood wouldn't recommend, pocket chainsaw for fruits and vegetables would 100% recommend! 🍅🍉🍎🥝🍍
Dio Bakugou
Dio Bakugou 29 dias atrás
vat19 gadgets
Sam Fisher
Sam Fisher Mês atrás
Why does a tack that has a central axis need any leveling? The leveler makes no sense :/
Michael Henkel
Michael Henkel Mês atrás
The pocket makes a good outdoor workout.
Noe Kimes
Noe Kimes Mês atrás
Was that a cypress hill reference
Bonnie & Clyde Ride
Bye bye dogwood tree.. there is a version of the pocketsaw with more teeth and you can also find these cheaper on Wish. Just dont buy the 2 dollar version..
loti1488 Mês atrás
Everyone loves a good Cypress Hill reference
Brandon Defend
Brandon Defend Mês atrás
Instahang sucks I bought one one time and it does not work like they show it on the TV
Joshua Nicoll
Joshua Nicoll Mês atrás
Instahang is an awful lot like the Takker we've had for about 10 years now, probably a rebrand, works ok but it's not a must have
Dave Dave
Dave Dave Mês atrás
How the fuck can a round peg be level?
​​​ ​​​​​​ ​ ​​​ ​​​​​​
Wait... why would you possibly need a circular hanging tool to be level? It can hang things from any side???????
Father Mês atrás
I've used Magogrip on my tool pouch. I thought it'd be helpful for my screws. The brand is terrible
Shareen Mês atrás
Wix is german slang for wank
Doggo_lover :D
Doggo_lover :D Mês atrás
"The tac tool has a good (i forgot the words) and it feel reliab-" What happend?
Donnie Manske
Donnie Manske Mês atrás
@1:26 Cyprus hill kicks in
HyrulChic Mês atrás
You could probably pierce someone’s ears with the first one. 👂🏻💎
Tiny Giraffe
Tiny Giraffe Mês atrás
"make sure it's level" it's a thumb tack dude it's going to be level
Not a Phony
Not a Phony Mês atrás
It's not quite a thumbtack it's a metal tack at a 60 degree angle upwards @2:17
Anonymous Mês atrás
Needs 111 on the back of his shirt hah
James Johnson
James Johnson Mês atrás
Most as seen on tv products are gimmicks, crap and invented for lazy consumers. Most of these products end up in storage or in goodwills after a few uses. Things reinvented. Not spending my money on that.
WonTgiveaname Mês atrás
I've been using a magnogrip at work for a year and a half. They're great!
Hunter Davis
Hunter Davis Mês atrás
for that first one, why is there a level? the pegs are circular and objects hanging from their center of gravity are level anyway.
Gus G
Gus G Mês atrás
Pick it, pack it, fire it up , come alonnnng taking hits from the bong !! I heard that in the beginning!!!
axtra92 Mês atrás
Whats up with the gloves? Hippe?
Dan Brown
Dan Brown Mês atrás
The "mag grip" thing actually works pretty darn well. You can't over-load it as you noticed, or stuff will drop. But adding three or four when you're going up a ladder or something it's really handy. If you can get one for a reasonable price, it's worth having for going up a ladder or working under a car.
Lindsey Snyder
Lindsey Snyder Mês atrás
That pocket chainsaw is a serial killer's dream come true omg
Dennis Andersson
Dennis Andersson Mês atrás
The watermelon clip reminded me of someone severing a head with ease. Well done murica!
Jio Freedom
Jio Freedom Mês atrás
Those are some nice paintings Where diya get them
Daniel Acosta
Daniel Acosta Mês atrás
Love the cypress hill reference.
CorasMan Mês atrás
Can you do a cop cam review
No Life Soccer Fan
No Life Soccer Fan Mês atrás
*Nice Clean Cut Watermelon*
mr Tree
mr Tree Mês atrás
That pocket chainsaw made a tare on every cut lol
EleegY Mês atrás
that at 1:30 was a B Real (cypress hill)
Gunzee Mês atrás
4:33 I'm more concerned over how dry therefore old that orange is.
Jeremy Scherb
Jeremy Scherb Mês atrás
You can't hang a single tack uneven....
Jesse Broer
Jesse Broer Mês atrás
Making sure its level🤣🤣🤣🤣
Handsome Jack
Handsome Jack Mês atrás
I swear ive seen the TacTool in chinese websites for 90 cents
Sam Benson
Sam Benson Mês atrás
Pick it pack it fire it up come along and hang a picture on my wall hmmmm sounds familiar 😂😂
Le Meme
Le Meme Mês atrás
Can you bring the magno grip to school with nails and just get one to stab your bullies in the eye
Tunisia H
Tunisia H Mês atrás
I like the fact you get right to the demonstration without all the blah blah blah. Quick and to the point. Thanks
Aayden Simmons
Aayden Simmons Mês atrás
Plz test Kitchen Gun
Abdullah Abdullah
Abdullah Abdullah Mês atrás
Roses are red Violets are blue I watch the hacks But never do
cris rose
cris rose Mês atrás
the peg is do you level a round peg?!?!?
DoUnE snoopy
DoUnE snoopy Mês atrás
4:06 cleanly cut huhhh TOTALLY
ThunderWindz Mês atrás
Cleanly cut watermellom? arrhhg
Amaryllis123 Mês atrás
Ganieda Morgan
Ganieda Morgan Mês atrás
F.B.I Mês atrás
Wait the instant peg thing has a level for a cylindrical peg
Animated Awesome
Animated Awesome Mês atrás
Y'all should do portable washing machines
Mohammed Hussain
Mohammed Hussain Mês atrás
You cut a live tree to show a handsaw works nice. Could've used a dead branch.
prohipo Mês atrás
That Cyprus hill reference was on point
Fuel_ bold905
Fuel_ bold905 2 meses atrás
Show your face
Yo Bama
Yo Bama 2 meses atrás
Change your name to “As Seen On TV”
Essam Waliullah
Essam Waliullah 2 meses atrás
"Pegs" LOL
the one and only
the one and only 2 meses atrás
I can't believe that you butchered, an almond tree, just to show us how a product works!
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