As Much GUITAR THEORY As I Can Teach In 1 Hour

Rick Beato
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In this live stream I teach as much guitar theory as I can in 60 minutes.


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21 Abr 2021



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Lyzi Anos atrás
time stamps for reference 2:54 - open chords 7:57 - bar chords 10:33 - power chords 15:19 - strumming patterns 18:06 - triads and how to play them on different set of strings 20:32 - spread triads 28:34 - scales 32:12 - modes of Major scale 35:58 - melodic minor scale 38:56 - how to practise chords and arpegios - drop 2 voicings mentioning 46:21 - root 5 arpegios 49:00 - scales over chords
Edward Gordon
Edward Gordon Dia atrás
Thank you
cofe3 11 dias atrás
Rohan Mês atrás
That's what I was looking for in the comment section. Thank you so much ❤️❤️❤️
DOG Mês atrás
Thnx slave
Aryan dhawan
Aryan dhawan 4 meses atrás
Love you
greg ernst
greg ernst Anos atrás
These videos make me realize the sheer depth of my ignorance of music... Mind blown. Again. This dude is a national treasure.
Solus 2 dias atrás
@Man bites Life Late response but if you're open to a paid service then Guitar Tricks is great.
GuitarUniverse2013 2 meses atrás
Maybe you’ll find my questions to Rick interesting? Rick, I know this is a relatively old presentation, but when you begin to play the spread chords it brought a question to mind. You initiated an A minor chord, and then I believe you played she triads up and down the neck, adding the major seven so forth. And then you played a D major chord. My ear heard the Lydian aspect, but normally that would occur with a C pedal point in the bass. But there was no C pedal point due to the fact that there was this ginormous a minor chord from your keyboard. Now, normally, with the tonal center of a minor as the basis, a D chord would imply a plagal four to one relationship. So, my question to you is this: when you play what you played, are you thinking of a D chord with the 5th (A) in the bass, or are you hearing the Lydian implications of a D major chord being played over C major… Or are you hearing both at the same time. And finally, would you resolve to the A tonal center by playing a minor, or perhaps even an a major chord as sort of a Picardy third, or would you resolve to G major, which in the way I hear music, would be an appropriate tonic resolution taking advantage of the F sharp sonority of the C lydian sound?
Phil Coombs
Phil Coombs 5 meses atrás
@TansieLexington StoryYOKAI I like Rick B, but he is making this way too complicated for beginners / intermediates!
Man bites Life
Man bites Life 7 meses atrás
@TansieLexington StoryYOKAI what helped you most? I can't find a good teacher.. gonna try with justin guitar
TansieLexington StoryYOKAI
I understand the (1) hour thing, however, these music concepts take much more than an hour to comprehend. You can't squeeze into an hour what takes years to learn. I'm looking at it from a new guitar player's saturation level.
Captain Fruitbat
Captain Fruitbat Anos atrás
5 minutes in and I've already heard three things that no guitar teacher ever taught me - had to learn for myself. Rick is the man!
Merijn vd Wijdeven
Merijn vd Wijdeven 2 meses atrás
Reacting again... Rick is great, but Id love for you to explain to me what he just taught you.
Merijn vd Wijdeven
Merijn vd Wijdeven 2 meses atrás
hopefully theres a reason your guitar teacher didn't teach you this yet. Its pretty basic knowledge but teaching you this stuff may confuse you tons. Its way easy.. if you're a music teacher and you know your stuff. If you're not confused by now. Relisten and study again.
BAN EVERYTHING! 10 meses atrás
@Gimilkhad Truer words were never spoken! Imagine how great Neil Peart would have been if he`d have fired those other two bums sucking up all the attention!
Gimilkhad 10 meses atrás
@BAN EVERYTHING! Damn guitarists, always trying to keep a drummer down!
BAN EVERYTHING! 10 meses atrás
The only lesson I ever got was Chris Henderson of 3 Doors Down showed me where the B chord was. I was a drummer and the guitar players I knew didn`t want me to learn guitar.
Mephisto Moto
Mephisto Moto Anos atrás
I watched this at 2x speed and was able to get lost in half the time.
87Johnnyg 9 dias atrás
Sandra2comedy 15 dias atrás
Hilariously true!!! Several experts know their stuff but not all can teach what they know. That is a different skill! It doesn’t really sell his book… Too bad, I would have bought it
David Pearson
David Pearson Mês atrás
Watch it at 1/2 speed and delay the inevitable.
David Pearson
David Pearson Mês atrás
remobeater Mês atrás
Oliver Christen-Drew
After 32 years of playing guitar and watching your channel since day one, THIS was the episode that convinced me to dig deeper into theory. Much deeper. Happy birthday Rick 🎉
panocam1 Anos atrás
Yes I am convinced of the need to learn music theory Rick has convinced me, that said the title of the video is "As much Guitar Theory I can teach in an hour". Side track rhythm, side track fingering foresight, .ect . I am impressed with his knowledge, can anyone translate piano notation to "guitar tab" examples then as you play change from one modes to the next mode as a means to acquire music improvisation?
Dennis Rojo
Dennis Rojo Anos atrás
If a person can learn the chords in the first 10 minutes of this great video, you are well on the way to learning guitar. And will be able to play 1000's of songs with just those chords. Rick, great job...again.
Duncan Smith
Duncan Smith 9 meses atrás
Rick is one of those people that can start a sentence with words and end it with a riff and still make complete sense.
econgreg Anos atrás
@Rick Beato - you have no idea how much you’ve taught me about music theory and appreciation. Thanks and keep up the great work.
dreiD Powerstore
dreiD Powerstore Anos atrás
How can anybody unlike a video like this ?????? It's an excellent overview for any beginner of the stuff he has to face when learning guitar. I really like to see someone deeply enjoying everything about music.
Philfy Phil
Philfy Phil 5 meses atrás
This is excellent Rick, some people don’t understand how lucky they are in this day and age for free, high quality tuition.
Christopher Hayden
Christopher Hayden 5 meses atrás
Agree 100%
K_Dog_9 Anos atrás
I taught guitar for over 15 years and sometimes it's the simple things and small details that allow your students to progress at a faster pace and not get frustrated.
Mo Hazan
Mo Hazan 11 meses atrás
I get frustrated fast! When I started guitar lessons in the early 90’s my guitar teacher would always jam Metallica songs before my lesson for like 3 minutes, and when I beg him to teach me how to play it he said nope, I’m not teaching you how to play songs, I’m teaching you music theory, and you will learn how to play these songs later. I’d get so frustrated! He started teaching me pentatonics right off the bat (I was 14 at the time). Long story short I still suck at music theory 😂🤣😂
Mo Hazan
Mo Hazan 11 meses atrás
KISS - Keep it simple student (or stupid? 🤣) either way! 🤣
Ossie Halvorson
Ossie Halvorson Anos atrás
@shpeen88 I started out that way too. I could tell you what chord I was playing about 40% of the time, and that's the most theory I had. I'd tried to learn theory at the start, and it just bored me to death because I had no frame of reference, nothing to mentally attach those concepts to. Once it became about understanding the things I was already playing, it became a lot more exciting.
shpeen88 Anos atrás
@Ossie Halvorson Thats very true. If I had the chance to be a teacher I'd focus on the joy. Try to find something student can jam on, right or wrong. Technique and theory can come later, new players need that instant gratification. I do too
Ossie Halvorson
Ossie Halvorson Anos atrás
Theory is more or less logical in nature with a good dash of interpretation. Like any logical skill, trying to build a house when you haven't even set a foundation first is going to lead to a very shaky home that threatens to collapse at any time.
David Wood
David Wood Anos atrás
A years worth of teaching in 1 hour!!! I’ll be working with this a lot. Thank you, Rick.
Julio Moran
Julio Moran Anos atrás
This is THE instructional guitar video I wish had been available when I was 13. Happy Birthday, Rick!
Kthulhu Kif
Kthulhu Kif Anos atrás
Me too.
Michael’s Music Corner
db morton
db morton Anos atrás
Thanks and happy birthday! Before, I learned all my music theory from Spinal Tap, which can be summed up as "D minor is the saddest chord, really." 😀
Geirthieuss Bimkravahl
Dude, you can NEVER teach enough guitar theory in one hour:). There's too much theory in you for one continuous month, to say nothing of one continuous week, or one continuous day. You're a treasure on here. Stay true:)
Chris McDonald
Chris McDonald Anos atrás
HAPPY BIRTHDAY RICK! You're making the world a better place, thank you for everything you do. Party hard!
Eric2112rush Anos atrás
First and foremost, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Rick! I wish I had this video to study 40 years ago when I picked up the guitar at 12 years old! Oh well, better late than never. I find the way you teach this stuff to be really relatable! Thank you!
Full Sendington
Full Sendington 2 meses atrás
I just started learning guitar a few months ago at 26 years old. I love your content Rick, I seem to easily understand this stuff. The problem is I feel like my brain is light years ahead of my fingers. I already know of so many chords and scales in my head, but I cant even physically play them all, its frustrating but motivating at the same time. I want to learn the most time efficient way possible. I just suck so bad at bar chords, muting, and using my pinky. Is this stage normal? Guess I just need to shut up and practice more.
northeast noise
northeast noise Anos atrás
sir! youve become part of our life; my wife and i (she mentions you as if you are a family friend...haha), im basically learning music theory from your page.... in this lockdown ive become more theory savvy because of your unmatched teaching style and knowledge not to mention taste,,,,, happy birthday rick...and greetings from egypt
Javewave 4 meses atrás
This is the best guitar tutorial i found As a pianist who knows a lot of music theory, this made me learn the guitar super fast wtf
I'll Be True-Official
I've been playing since I was 14 (55 years?!) and am learning new things from the beginning! Should have taken lessons....Thanks, Rick.
ryand76 Anos atrás
Found your channel by mistake and now I pulled out my old guitar that I haven't played in years! Gonna start learning again! Thank you Rick!!!😀
Tom From Detroit, MI
Rick You are a true master in every aspect of music! Sir, you are a true inspiration to me, and I have nothing but mad respect for your tutorials on production, tech info, mixing, and instrument instruction. I'm 55 years old (still teachable) and learning so much from your you tube videos!!! Thank you for sharing valuable knowledge.. it's greatly appreciated! Tom M.
Scott 9 meses atrás
Rick turns 59 and is sharing his musical life learning. I just turned 59 and am trying to decide if I have the balls to commit to picking this up for the first time, this late in life. Perhaps when I’m 118 I’ll be as good🙃
Grant Perkins
Grant Perkins 2 meses atrás
I started at 53, but I'm realistic enough to have modest goals :-)
Craig Encinitas
Craig Encinitas 2 meses atrás
How’s your guitar playing coming along?
Stegf 2 meses atrás
You should do it!! There are plenty more who out there who will never touch a guitar!!
LB J 9 meses atrás
In your section on strumming, as a beginner, I felt good that I could get the patterns quite easily. This said, I am a lefty, and there are sometimes debates, some people encouraging lefties to learn on a right handed guitar. I tried this at first, mostly because my husband had a right- handed and I could only find 1 not-very-nice left handed guitar in 8 stores in Seattle!!! (That is another discussion, for another time). If I were attempting those rhythms with my right hand, I would NEVER EVER get them. So please, I'm sure someone will debate me and mention Mark Knopfler or Elvis Costello, who were lefties that played right, but they are total exceptions. If you are a beginning lefty, get a left-handed guitar, and stores, STOCK LEFTIES!!
Stephi Varjan
Stephi Varjan 4 meses atrás
Rick B. really did his homework! Your love of your art is infectious! A big heart makes great music!
M S I Anos atrás
I really enjoyed watching this as I always lag behind in being able to retain the vast amount of theory knowledge available. Thank you for releasing this kind of video you inspire me to be a better musician 🙏
gogamusic Anos atrás
Extremely useful information. Thank you so much !
Zoran Vasilić
Zoran Vasilić Anos atrás
Well done Rick, you're a great musician & still passionate which is always inspiring !!! Greetings from Britanny & I Hope You Had a Happy Birthday !!!
Matt Powell
Matt Powell Anos atrás
Happy Birthday, Rick. I love these "How Much Can I Teach in an Hour" videos. I wonder how much of what you teach in an hour I can learn in a lifetime 😊 💥
Tony Wright
Tony Wright 9 dias atrás
Awesome beginner to advanced video. I loved the lot. It’s good you did this because it shows you know your stuff. You can walk the walk. Nice one x
Pete Anos atrás
Your right not to trash music just because it doesn't fit with your history and tastes Rick. My son is 30 years younger than me, is studying music production at uni, and likes contemporary rap way more than I do. But we both love music and can appreciate each other's tastes, which is so great. We also both like to watch Rick Beato. Happy birthday my friend.
Butwiser Yougetit
Butwiser Yougetit 7 meses atrás
@Connor Allen Then why don't they make music ?
Connor Allen
Connor Allen 8 meses atrás
@InHisImage Stainedglass definitely cause anything YOU don't like makes it crap
InHisImage Stainedglass
@Connor Allen 😂
InHisImage Stainedglass
@Ryan McCue rap is crap it was in the beginning and nothing changed. Slinging crack and slapping hoes. Crapola!
Connor Allen
Connor Allen 9 meses atrás
@Patrick derp kanye west can play the guitar and piano, juice wrld can play the piano, Tyler the creator can play the guitar and piano, mac Miller can play the guitar and piano, chance the rapper can play the piano, logic can play the piano, Andre 3000 can play numerous instruments, Pharrell can play numerous instruments. Rap has alot more into it but you're too close-minded to explore the genre because you have absolutely no idea what you're talking about
Jordi Moragues Massanet
My favourite quote about music theory: "You've got to be able to speak the language of music if you want to be able to tell a story. You can get by without knowing too much music theory, but you're going to sound like a tourist with a phrase book."
Sam Green
Sam Green 3 meses atrás
@Jordi Moragues Massanet I'm talking about being aware of your own incompetence, accepting it and working around it to create something original. Ignorance in the creative arts is indeed empowering, how many examples do you know of how a certain individual produced a great piece of art when they had no idea what they were doing at the time? countless. There is a lot to be said about going with your gut.
Jordi Moragues Massanet
@Sam Green I'm not sure ignorance is empowering, but it definitely confers confidence, as the Dunning-Kruger effect proves.
Sam Green
Sam Green 3 meses atrás
Such a load of BS, all my favourite bands probably don’t even know the names of the chords. I think the most sensitive musicians are the ones that have to play by ear, they’re not stifled by knowing too much, I think the more you know the more conventional and formulaic you become as a guitar player.
Cary 3 meses atrás
I can’t agree with that at all. Nice sentiment though.
Bio Hazard
Bio Hazard 6 meses atrás
@Kthulhu Kif nailed it, wish you told me that 10 years ago when i started
Krishna Y
Krishna Y Anos atrás
Thank you for your amazing insights and your desire to teach people Rick. I have a different career and am not able to pursue music full time. I know I can never be one of the greats but your teaching gives me so much pleasure. Even a small little thing that I learn gives me so much happiness. Thank you for being a massive part of my musical education. You are amazing.
HailRider Anos atrás
Great lesson! Even though I have played for years I still go to a guitar coach. I missed the live but glad I get a replay. Rick shows his absolute mastery. Love a good lesson whether or not I know the material. Thanks, Rick!
Phoenix Angell
Phoenix Angell Anos atrás
Damn, I can definitely see the value in learning music theory now. I didn't realize throwing together solos and melodies could be so damn easy if you know just a few modes, triads, and arpeggios. I've on and off experimented with song composition for the past 10 years. I had a terrible guitar setup, but I still managed to produce some rather unique tunes with it and FL Studio. No music theory, no guitar lessons, nothing. I kept it that way specifically so I could produce songs that had very limited "outside influence". I felt like they were more "pure" that way, and in a way they are. However, now that I'm running out of ideas and my fingers go to a very narrow range of shapes and notes, I think it's time to do away with that mentality and expand my knowledge. I don't think my music will ever sound like everyone else's music. Mine is unique, I've never heard anything like it before and I aim to keep it that way. However, adding music theory to my creative process should give it a huge boost.
Thank u for sharing your knowledge sir. Happy birthday in advance More power to u God bless you
Sean Anos atrás
Happy Birthday Rick, and many more. Love the videos keep it up
Romulo Freitas
Romulo Freitas Anos atrás
Happy birthday Rick!!! Thank you for gifting us with knowledge.
Bill Anos atrás
Happy birthday Rick, thank you so much for sharing this video, it solved some problems I've had on guitar and already transformed my guitar playing immensely! Top tier content right here!
RackhirTheRed Anos atrás
This is the best triad lesson I've ever seen. Thank you so much for this.
Alistair Maleficent
I forgot to say happy birthday, Rick! You're one of the best and a living legend. Having said that, definitely do check out some Squarepusher and Lage Lund both. Lage is a favorite student of Pat's, and I'd love to hear what you think about his approach to harmony.
Rockton Privatmusikschule
Happy Birthday Rick. I wish you health, happines and many years of beautiful music and teaching us. Greetings from Germany Michael
James White
James White Anos atrás
Happy Birthday!! Thank you for making this 41 year realize you’re never too old to start playing. Thank you for putting together quality material. 🎉🎉🎉🎉
kiwigunnernz 5 meses atrás
what a brilliant lesson. you have probably saved me years of trying to figure this out and its only been 7 months playing for me. thank you
Guitartime Anos atrás
Happy birthday!!! thank you sharing your knowledge. Keep rocking!
Sujan Bakhunchhe
Sujan Bakhunchhe Anos atrás
its you ❤️❤️❤️❤️
William Krueger
William Krueger Anos atrás
I tried taking theory at Eastman twice and failed. Now I'm digging back into theory after this video. The teacher makes all the difference. Thanks Rick!
Kristijan Sudra
Kristijan Sudra 3 meses atrás
Awesome lesson keep on Rockin 🎸💥
Aaron Grubbs
Aaron Grubbs Anos atrás
I used your amazing discount and got the new Beato Book. I bought the first one (I think) that was photocopied, back when you first started. This is a thing of beauty, Rick, along with the ear training! I am so glad I have been able to support the channel all these years. And I can't wait for the modes mug. Anyone else have a hard time getting out of Mixolydian and Lydian?! I could only read music briefly in college when I got a minor in classical guitar, but I really am going to do my best to go through this book over the next few years, for a little each day so it really sticks. I just couldn't do it with the hand written one, no offense, but the staff has always been a weak spot for me! This thing looks really nice and slick. My college guitar teacher would get so irritated because my memory was so good (while my spatial skills really aren't), it was hard for me to ever master sight reading because after a few times through a Bach Etude, my 19 year old brain would just know it. I'm 47 now and thanks to you, Ben Eller, and Andy Wood, I can finally finish my music/guitar education properly--and with a lot more fun. I think the only class where I ever got a great lecture about intervals was my sight reading class, which was terrifying enough, so it just never stuck. Meanwhile Andy Wood has made me see the guitar in a fundamentally different (and a lot easier) way in just a few short months. I am a really bookish guy but the way I was taught music made it seem so complex, I just always wrote/learned everything by ear. I could always hear a 5th or a 7th, I just didn't know what to call it. I guess you could say..I was just in the woods with no map the entire time--I was just lucky enough to have flashlight ears and dexterous hands to find the cool plants. Now I can see the forest, the city, the interstate--I just have to keep locking it into my muscle memory. Thanks for all you do!
John Govern
John Govern Anos atrás
Rick, you’re a genius! Thank you for the education. Your passion for music is off the charts! I am so glad I found your channel.
Supergroovist Jc
Supergroovist Jc Anos atrás
Awesome and mind stretching as usual Rick, thanks and happy birthday!
Chacarron91 Anos atrás
Amaizing amazing stuff!! Only thing I wish was added to the video was an added addition where there were charts in the upper right corner of the chords you played... like for example at 19:28
metaloutlander Anos atrás
Great lesson! I like the modes 3 notes per string. Makes it easy to memorize and practice to a metronome.
Deacon Blues
Deacon Blues Anos atrás
Wow..this was great! Can you do the same for piano/keys??
Gtiplus Anos atrás
Ugh! Good grief! Well Rick you really let me know how much work I have ahead of me. Let's see, I'm 53 now, perhaps by the time I'm 109 ( if I live that long) I should be able to play about half of what you just showed us. You Rock!!!
C.KILBY Anos atrás
I think one of the best things you said was how the fingerings and octaves work together. A truelly needed study. Everyone needs that.
Mark Rogers
Mark Rogers Anos atrás
Happy Birthday! Thanks for all of the teaching you do!
El Guapo
El Guapo Anos atrás
Happy Birthday Rick! I hit 59 three weeks ago! Hope you have a great year! I'm a drummer but I dream about learning the guitar beyond the cowboy chords someday. Thanks for all you do and sharing your vast knowledge & love of music ✌❤
Amil Eoj
Amil Eoj Anos atrás
Happy Birthday Rick! Thanks for the incredible hour--and for all the great music education you put out day after day, week after week.
Ken Musto
Ken Musto Anos atrás
Happy Birthday Rick. Great guitar lessons/theory!! I wish I had a teacher like you. I figured it all out from taking music theory in high school and applying it to guitar. Just wanted to say that this is an excellent course for those who cannot yet connect the theory dots :)
Gavin Snyder
Gavin Snyder Anos atrás
I personally think the best thing he said in this entire stream was right at the end. When he was talking about how he doesn't disrespect any artist. I think it's awesome that he's not just pushing his opinion constantly as if it should be the universal truth. It also encourages people more to perhaps listen to things with a more open mind. Music is a subjective experience an everyone's going to have their preferences. I know for me personally, when I was younger I used to be more selective with the music I even considered listening to. But as you get older you want to hear something outside your typical style simply because you just get bored in a sense. Some people can probably listen to one main genre of music their whole life and not mind, but for some, you end up wanting to broaden your taste. In no way am I implying that he didn't say anything else of value. I'm just saying I felt the last bit at the end was a good bit of wisdom that's not too common. As for the rest of the video, all good stuff. I've been playing guitar for 15+ years. Pretty much everything he talked about I already knew. But the truth is I still watch stuff like this because there's still things I can learn. For instance, there's plenty of guitar/music things I sometimes just forget about because it might not be something I use daily. An it's nice to have an arsenal of ticks up your sleeve when writing music. Sometimes the song won't always need certain things, but it's nice to have the knowledge at your fingertips. For me, I generally write anything from very basic rock songs to prog metal. So, I don't usually use too many phrygian modes in 9/8 in a typical rock song, but I do use that kind of stuff when I write the progressive stuff. My point is learn the things necessary to fit your needs. An once you reach that point and you feel you'd like to learn a bit more, go for it. If you're a folk singer song writer, you probably don't need to learn four part writing rules. But there's always more you can add to your arsenal if you want. Whether it's music theory, guitar technique or even something completely different.
Aaron A
Aaron A Anos atrás
Hope you have a great birthday. I have learned more from you in one video than I ever did in 6 years of school band.
headphonecandy Anos atrás
Love this one Rick. You really come up with incredible video titles! I’m doing some beginner guitar videos on my new channel but this one had some good reminders.
John Jordan
John Jordan 4 meses atrás
Even though I already know this stuff.. I always find it interesting, and entertaining, to watch it again, and again, and again. Live it, love it!
T.J. Hudson
T.J. Hudson 8 meses atrás
Wow!! I’ve learned more from this video than I’ve learned in the last 20 years of trying to figure it out on my own and by others trying to teach me. Thank you so much!
Ein Sof Light
Ein Sof Light Anos atrás
Happy birthday Rick! May you live with many more happy healthy years! You have contributed to musicians in ways that are innumerable! Bless you!
kerebros Anos atrás
Great video Rick! I have been playing 30+ years and I still learned a lot from this video . .you're awesome
Joseph Busuttil
Joseph Busuttil Anos atrás
I started watching this well over 3 hours ago thinking I could take this in without pausing ...Wrong Move ... I shouldn't have started taking notes to try to digest the contents My respect for you has gone to the next n'th level .... Thank You Rick (...Born in the little Island of Malta & now live across the other side of the World on another little Island of Tasmania )
Steve Bello
Steve Bello Anos atrás
The first strumming pattern is a challenge for beginner students. They tend to play it with a slight swing feel by accident/without realizing it.
Roy dela Rama
Roy dela Rama Anos atrás
I'm out of tune, and of course, I can't sing but I want to play guitar ever since I was a kid! This video gives me hope! 😀
niggyschliggy Anos atrás
Good luck!
Claude Bussieres
Claude Bussieres 10 meses atrás
Everything past 18 minutes in this video is 10,000 feet above my head! I hope I am good enough one day to be able to work through triads, scales and arpeggios. For now, I’m content with learning correct strumming patterns. You are a music God Rick!
BAN EVERYTHING! 10 meses atrás
The only lesson I ever got was Chris Henderson of 3 Doors Down showed me where the B chord was over 20 years ago, thank goodness. I was a drummer and the guitar players I knew didn`t want me to learn guitar.
matt walker
matt walker Anos atrás
I like your channel, I've learned a lot from you. Thank you!
Kev Barker
Kev Barker 8 meses atrás
That's awesome Rick, thank you Some of this I managed to suss out myself but wish I'd known this years ago!
R O 5 meses atrás
When you playing the B minor 5th root chord, I hear intro to "Angie" by Mick and The Rolling Stones. Everything your teaching here is life's realities I've previously experienced, although, being reminded helps to remove those bad habits. Thank you Rick.
David C
David C 5 meses atrás
First let me say that I have huge respect for Mr Beato, and I am amazed at the depth of his knowledge and proficiency. But I can't help but wonder how many of the "rock" bands with hit 4 chord songs knew music theory and the guitar at this level 🤔? It almost seems like needing to be an aeronautical engineer or rocket scientist to fly a plane. I guess it comes down to how deep you want to go . Song writer vs composer? Automotive engineer vs a mechanic? Architect vs carpenter. It would be really interesting to know how "deep" in music theory most rock guitarists are. Before "tab" I know many could not read music which is another can of worms.
RubberDuckiesRule Anos atrás
Great breakdown of the learning materials, Beato! Love these vids, very necessary
Username89039 3 meses atrás
One reason I love playing guitar is that my brain just switches off when I play. It's totally relaxing and I'm just in the zone. I'm not even sure I want to learn a load of theory and know all about keys and mixalodian scales, etc. I just copy by ear what's being played or I jam around it whatever I like. Sure I make mistakes and never play the same thing twice, but free improv with no technical thinking is just a blast, just like whistling or singing. For those with a lot of music theory - does it feel totally free and natural like that for you too? Or is your logical/theory/ thinking brain involved too? Can you pick and choose and play both ways - the technical thought out way and the free automatic way?
Indiana SB
Indiana SB Anos atrás
Thank you Rick!!! I’m a sound, light and video guy. Your lessons help me feel the music better. Happy Birthday 🎁🎉
Stephen Call
Stephen Call 10 meses atrás
thank Rick for taking the time to share the wonderful knowledge of this craft!
Yudi Pitre
Yudi Pitre 21 dia atrás
I will repeat this tutorial until I am blue in the face and see it in my dreams. 😆 🤣 lol I mean it, it is very very important information for beginners. That man I truly love him. He funny, straight to point and an amazing teacher. His channel is great. Thank you for all you do.
Russ L
Russ L Anos atrás
I love your book, man! One of the best purchases I've made for my music studies! It's helped me a ton with understanding theory in a way I can remember and apply it!
Ray Berczik
Ray Berczik Anos atrás
I was with you up to the spread triads, now I know what I'm gonna be doing for the next couple of months!! Your the best rick!!!!
KipIngram Anos atrás
Rick, I'm about 15 months younger than you are, but your reaction to turning 59 absolutely mirrored my reaction to turning 58. Holy cow - how did this happen????? :-) I honestly have no complaints, though - it's a good life.
D Tuned
D Tuned Anos atrás
Thank you for the theory cramming session. I hope you have a wonderful birthday weekend Rick!
Nicholas Ward
Nicholas Ward Anos atrás
You have single handedly taught me music theory. Thank you so much man, happy birthday, and may you have many more!
David Hoxit
David Hoxit Anos atrás
Positivety...the greatest word uttered in this incredible video! I can honestly say this video cut through all the bull and went straight to the heart of music itself. A lucrative and in depth study for which I am grateful to have watched! Thank you Rick and Happy Birthday sir!! I hope you live to 100!! I secretly yearn to learn from you for forty more years👍🏻
foto21com Anos atrás
THink how many VHS tapes you would have had to rent to get something this concise and comprehensive in the old days. Before too long, we're going to hear of various bands say they learned important lessons and got inspired on this channel. If I had taken this route on guitar when I was 15, I'd be 100x better and possibly had a career. As a songwriter, though, I gotta say the muscle to flex along with playing an instrument is thinking of phrases constantly, and then singing them to the music that comes into your head. Doing both of those musical acts at the same time, improvising music following words, is actually the basis of how songwriting teams have always worked, although some famous stars have merged both roles, thus becoming the fables singer/songwriter. The reason I mention this is it's easy to get stuck in a place where the music is all driven by instrumentalists, and then singers have to be exceptional to riff on top of music and have it be great. Case in point, Led Zeppelin. However, if you aren't or can't find a great vocalist like Robert Plant, you can still write compelling songs words first, letting the music you play seep into the process. Just saying I had a much harder time writing songs riffs first, versus words first. although both go better once you keep flexing the combo writing muscle.
Kevin Oinam
Kevin Oinam Anos atrás
Anything music related I come to your channel. Love the work you're doing here for all of us. And happy birthday Rick!!
Smoki Anos atrás
I've been watching you for a while RIck, and you are without doubt one of the strongest influences in me actually learning guitar. So seriously, thank you for this video.
Clayton Clemens
Clayton Clemens Anos atrás
Rick, this is amazing! I know a little better what I have to work on to advance my guitar playing now (TRIADS!!). Thank you!
RXBXSX Anos atrás
Rick - thanks for this video and all the other great stuff you do/give. You're a good man!
StarLord Anos atrás
Happy belated 59th, Rick! I missed the last promo so glad to catch both Beato Book and Ear Training Program this round! Perfect for me, getting back into guitar and other musical things. Your vids are produced well, topics are enjoyable and timely. Happy to throw some money in, learn, and support the cause!
Junior Birdman
Junior Birdman Anos atrás
Hey Rick, long time follower here, I love what you do! I finally bought your book which I should have done waay sooner, thanks so much for the content you create. You are a legend!
Mathew Reed
Mathew Reed 10 meses atrás
@rickbeato I can’t thank you enough for all you do for the music community!
Andrew Cadorna
Andrew Cadorna Anos atrás
Happy Birthday Rick!! You're helping us who's aspiring to learn music, wish you all the best!!
ipuya Anos atrás
Happy birthday Rick and thank you for the valuable education and entertainment. It's rare to find someone who can do both simultaneously. 🙏
Garret Mckinley
Garret Mckinley Anos atrás
Your channel is amazing! Thank you for doing what you do.
AnthonyStHellhammer G
AnthonyStHellhammer G 10 meses atrás
I’m writing this before i even watch this , Rick thank you so much for everything you’ve Done and will ever do in the future for all of us that watch your videos even if i dont gain a lick of knowledge thank you so very much, and happy very late birthday
parasitoid cea
parasitoid cea Anos atrás
absolute legend thank you for continuing to make content despite of the struggles against record labels.
ten5ion Anos atrás
Love Rick's teaching: "Why would you learn spread triads?" "Because they sound great"... :D
Ernie Johnson
Ernie Johnson Anos atrás
Should have had close-up video shots
Scott Lenox
Scott Lenox Anos atrás
I lmao at this line!! No BS Beato Line. Love it.
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