As Much GUITAR THEORY As I Can Teach In 1 Hour 

Rick Beato
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In this live stream I teach as much guitar theory as I can in 60 minutes.
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21 Abr 2021



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@lyzi1792 2 anos atrás
time stamps for reference 2:54 - open chords 7:57 - bar chords 10:33 - power chords 15:19 - strumming patterns 18:06 - triads and how to play them on different set of strings 20:32 - spread triads 28:34 - scales 32:12 - modes of Major scale 35:58 - melodic minor scale 38:56 - how to practise chords and arpegios - drop 2 voicings mentioning 46:21 - root 5 arpegios 49:00 - scales over chords
@VipulChagotra 2 anos atrás
thank you. you are awesome👍👍👍
@e1iseo 2 anos atrás
This needs more likes, thanks man!
@ramrab8368 2 anos atrás
Thanks for doing this 💯
@MrRickkramer 2 anos atrás
I love people like you who selflessly work for the benefit of others 🙏🏻❤️ Thanks 🙏🏻
@duncansmith69 Anos atrás
Rick is one of those people that can start a sentence with words and end it with a riff and still make complete sense.
@glynnp42 9 meses atrás
I'm glad you can understand him.
@guaranagaucho3071 Mês atrás
This is how I know I’m making progress. I have so long left to go before I’m good but… when he ends an explanation with a riff it blows my mind because it makes total sense. Me from 5 months ago would be proud
@gregernst1364 2 anos atrás
These videos make me realize the sheer depth of my ignorance of music... Mind blown. Again. This dude is a national treasure.
He makes it unattainable for a new player. Wayeeeeee too fast.
@gaipou6982 2 anos atrás
@@tansielexingtonstoryyokai8790 he is trying to accomplish things in just one hour. Its worth watching and listening. 😀
I understand the (1) hour thing, however, these music concepts take much more than an hour to comprehend. You can't squeeze into an hour what takes years to learn. I'm looking at it from a new guitar player's saturation level.
@manbiteslife3110 Anos atrás
@@tansielexingtonstoryyokai8790 what helped you most? I can't find a good teacher.. gonna try with justin guitar
@JPhilipCoombs Anos atrás
@@tansielexingtonstoryyokai8790 I like Rick B, but he is making this way too complicated for beginners / intermediates!
@captainfruitbatify 2 anos atrás
5 minutes in and I've already heard three things that no guitar teacher ever taught me - had to learn for myself. Rick is the man!
@U2FanSanFran Anos atrás
Rick rocks! 🤘
@baneverything5580 Anos atrás
The only lesson I ever got was Chris Henderson of 3 Doors Down showed me where the B chord was. I was a drummer and the guitar players I knew didn`t want me to learn guitar.
@gimilkhad8169 Anos atrás
@@baneverything5580 Damn guitarists, always trying to keep a drummer down!
@baneverything5580 Anos atrás
@@gimilkhad8169 Truer words were never spoken! Imagine how great Neil Peart would have been if he`d have fired those other two bums sucking up all the attention!
@nijrem Anos atrás
hopefully theres a reason your guitar teacher didn't teach you this yet. Its pretty basic knowledge but teaching you this stuff may confuse you tons. Its way easy.. if you're a music teacher and you know your stuff. If you're not confused by now. Relisten and study again.
Rick Beato wants music to be as it once was, so much, in the fact that he is sharing his knowledge so freely, with an almost urgent demeanor. From so many of us who feel the same way, thank you.
@OliChristenDrew 2 anos atrás
After 32 years of playing guitar and watching your channel since day one, THIS was the episode that convinced me to dig deeper into theory. Much deeper. Happy birthday Rick 🎉
@panocam1 2 anos atrás
Yes I am convinced of the need to learn music theory Rick has convinced me, that said the title of the video is "As much Guitar Theory I can teach in an hour". Side track rhythm, side track fingering foresight, .ect . I am impressed with his knowledge, can anyone translate piano notation to "guitar tab" examples then as you play change from one modes to the next mode as a means to acquire music improvisation?
@jamesmayle3787 11 meses atrás
The Bible is truth. Please read Genesis Mathew and one you chose yourself. It’s an important milestone to hit. As well as the inner work of forgiveness as an adult. Start with your parents, they’ve loved you. To be forgiven we must forgive. It’s an important show of faith to God. Forgiveness shows love is in your heart. Faith isn’t belief alone, it’s actions based on belief. Genuinely putting Jesus Christ’s lessons into practice in your life. Please trust me. Break down before Jesus Christ and ask for forgiveness. Jesus Christ is the way truth and life 😊
@scubarojo 2 anos atrás
If a person can learn the chords in the first 10 minutes of this great video, you are well on the way to learning guitar. And will be able to play 1000's of songs with just those chords. Rick, great job...again.
@jamesmayle3787 11 meses atrás
The Bible is truth. Please read Genesis Mathew and one you chose yourself. It’s an important milestone to hit. As well as the inner work of forgiveness as an adult. Start with your parents, they’ve loved you. To be forgiven we must forgive. It’s an important show of faith to God. Forgiveness shows love is in your heart. Faith isn’t belief alone, it’s actions based on belief. Genuinely putting Jesus Christ’s lessons into practice in your life. Please trust me. Break down before Jesus Christ and ask for forgiveness. Jesus Christ is the way truth and life 😊
@favray 8 meses atrás
@@jamesmayle3787 I forgive you man
@dreidpowerstore4235 2 anos atrás
How can anybody unlike a video like this ?????? It's an excellent overview for any beginner of the stuff he has to face when learning guitar. I really like to see someone deeply enjoying everything about music.
@DarthFlan 11 meses atrás
From a 51-year-old guitarist who’s never been taught properly, I cannot play very well even though I’ve been playing for years. Thank you so much for this video, you made so many concepts easy to understand and I dig your easy-going style. Thank you!
@shawnatv4355 11 meses atrás
Stichmethod and ricky comiskey. Last steve Stein. You will thank me later
@jamesmayle3787 11 meses atrás
The Bible is truth. Please read Genesis Mathew and one you chose yourself. It’s an important milestone to hit. As well as the inner work of forgiveness as an adult. Start with your parents, they’ve loved you. To be forgiven we must forgive. It’s an important show of faith to God. Forgiveness shows love is in your heart. Faith isn’t belief alone, it’s actions based on belief. Genuinely putting Jesus Christ’s lessons into practice in your life. Please trust me. Break down before Jesus Christ and ask for forgiveness. Jesus Christ is the way truth and life 😊
@jamesmayle3787 11 meses atrás
@Jonontoast it’s the inner work Jesus Christ taught that reveals the truth of the Bible. You have to genuinely open your heart to forgiveness. It’s complicated. It has to come from an adult who understands sin and temptation. Please don’t give up, the test has only begun.
@mjulio71 2 anos atrás
This is THE instructional guitar video I wish had been available when I was 13. Happy Birthday, Rick!
@kthulhukif 2 anos atrás
Me too.
@wendellpowell5838 Anos atrás
Rick. I honestly cannot get enough of any of your videos, whether it’s what makes this song great or just showing us your favorite stuff, you passion and love for music and hopes to encourage others to the same level is just so genuine and fantastic. You are my absolute favorite channel. Please keep doing everything you’re doing!
@JAHLife 7 meses atrás
I'm a beginner myself and I concur. I've started making some videos myself on my channel. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated - always!!
@nicholasward8358 2 anos atrás
You have single handedly taught me music theory. Thank you so much man, happy birthday, and may you have many more!
@econgreg 2 anos atrás
@Rick Beato - you have no idea how much you’ve taught me about music theory and appreciation. Thanks and keep up the great work.
@projectloop 2 anos atrás
absolute legend thank you for continuing to make content despite of the struggles against record labels.
@paulkennedy477 Anos atrás
I've come to this after watching your fabulous interviews with Bernard, Pat, Al and Sting. I'm now looking at my guitar in a whole new light. Thank you Rick, keep up the good work.
@davidwood351 2 anos atrás
A years worth of teaching in 1 hour!!! I’ll be working with this a lot. Thank you, Rick.
@StephiSensei26 Anos atrás
Rick B. really did his homework! Your love of your art is infectious! A big heart makes great music!
@davidhoxit4274 2 anos atrás
Positivety...the greatest word uttered in this incredible video! I can honestly say this video cut through all the bull and went straight to the heart of music itself. A lucrative and in depth study for which I am grateful to have watched! Thank you Rick and Happy Birthday sir!! I hope you live to 100!! I secretly yearn to learn from you for forty more years👍🏻
@krishnamakesgames 2 anos atrás
Thank you for your amazing insights and your desire to teach people Rick. I have a different career and am not able to pursue music full time. I know I can never be one of the greats but your teaching gives me so much pleasure. Even a small little thing that I learn gives me so much happiness. Thank you for being a massive part of my musical education. You are amazing.
@kennywally 2 anos atrás
Happy Birthday Rick. Great guitar lessons/theory!! I wish I had a teacher like you. I figured it all out from taking music theory in high school and applying it to guitar. Just wanted to say that this is an excellent course for those who cannot yet connect the theory dots :)
@cncbuss1 Anos atrás
Everything past 18 minutes in this video is 10,000 feet above my head! I hope I am good enough one day to be able to work through triads, scales and arpeggios. For now, I’m content with learning correct strumming patterns. You are a music God Rick!
@baneverything5580 Anos atrás
The only lesson I ever got was Chris Henderson of 3 Doors Down showed me where the B chord was over 20 years ago, thank goodness. I was a drummer and the guitar players I knew didn`t want me to learn guitar.
@k_dog_9756 2 anos atrás
I taught guitar for over 15 years and sometimes it's the simple things and small details that allow your students to progress at a faster pace and not get frustrated.
yeah that's true
@kthulhukif 2 anos atrás
Every student has a different "key" that opens things up to them; the moment it clicks, so to speak.
@ossiehalvorson7702 2 anos atrás
Theory is more or less logical in nature with a good dash of interpretation. Like any logical skill, trying to build a house when you haven't even set a foundation first is going to lead to a very shaky home that threatens to collapse at any time.
@shpeen8835 2 anos atrás
@@ossiehalvorson7702 Thats very true. If I had the chance to be a teacher I'd focus on the joy. Try to find something student can jam on, right or wrong. Technique and theory can come later, new players need that instant gratification. I do too
@ossiehalvorson7702 2 anos atrás
@@shpeen8835 I started out that way too. I could tell you what chord I was playing about 40% of the time, and that's the most theory I had. I'd tried to learn theory at the start, and it just bored me to death because I had no frame of reference, nothing to mentally attach those concepts to. Once it became about understanding the things I was already playing, it became a lot more exciting.
@DavidDiuguid Anos atrás
You should totally do more videos like this. You are a beast at teaching music theory. I’ve been playing guitar for 25 years and know how to solo but I didn’t realize how much I actually didn’t know. Wow, I could watch this all day.
@elguapo8472 2 anos atrás
Happy Birthday Rick! I hit 59 three weeks ago! Hope you have a great year! I'm a drummer but I dream about learning the guitar beyond the cowboy chords someday. Thanks for all you do and sharing your vast knowledge & love of music ✌❤
@hdeideufvg1223 2 anos atrás
Happy birthday Rick, thank you so much for sharing this video, it solved some problems I've had on guitar and already transformed my guitar playing immensely! Top tier content right here!
@johngovern8792 2 anos atrás
Rick, you’re a genius! Thank you for the education. Your passion for music is off the charts! I am so glad I found your channel.
@QBtracksandstuff 2 anos atrás
Now that is an hour well spent! Loads of info to pass on to my students. Thank you Rick. Happy Birthday Legend :)
@ipuya 2 anos atrás
Happy birthday Rick and thank you for the valuable education and entertainment. It's rare to find someone who can do both simultaneously. 🙏
@tigeratlas Anos atrás
Rick turns 59 and is sharing his musical life learning. I just turned 59 and am trying to decide if I have the balls to commit to picking this up for the first time, this late in life. Perhaps when I’m 118 I’ll be as good🙃
@stegf1999 Anos atrás
You should do it!! There are plenty more who out there who will never touch a guitar!!
@craig.encinitas Anos atrás
How’s your guitar playing coming along?
@grantperkins368 Anos atrás
I started at 53, but I'm realistic enough to have modest goals :-)
@lebonnie Anos atrás
I started in my 50’s. It’s the journey that is the most fun. I have picked up and become proficient at few things and I find the learning the most fun. Go for it!!!
@smilintheartist289 9 meses atrás
I'm 27 and regret only that I didn't find guitar sooner in life. Or got as obsessed till now. All the times she was destroying me. I could have had been playing lol.
@songsmithy07 2 anos atrás
Happy Birthday, Rick. I love these "How Much Can I Teach in an Hour" videos. I wonder how much of what you teach in an hour I can learn in a lifetime 😊 💥
@zoranvasilic 2 anos atrás
Well done Rick, you're a great musician & still passionate which is always inspiring !!! Greetings from Britanny & I Hope You Had a Happy Birthday !!!
@mathewreed818 Anos atrás
@rickbeato I can’t thank you enough for all you do for the music community!
@lancescudder11111 2 anos atrás
This information is priceless! You are a really good teacher. I love your explanation of chords. Chords are something that I have been struggling to understand. This video has helped a lot. Can you do longer video on just explaining chords? Like explaining each note in a maj, minor, sus, add, and more. Just a really in depth guitar chords video. Happy Birthday by the way! Live long and prosper! Also, can't wait to see Dillon's musical evolution!
@realheadphonecandy 2 anos atrás
Love this one Rick. You really come up with incredible video titles! I’m doing some beginner guitar videos on my new channel but this one had some good reminders.
@jthaw 2 anos atrás
Rick...I purchased your ear training course yesterday. Can't wait to dig into it. Thank you for all of the time you've put into your educational material (I've got your Beato Book 4.0 too!).
@kaypos1kp884 Mês atrás
Its nice to come across someone who sees what is lacking in the educational/inspirational development department of the music world, and understands why its lacking. People need discipline and education packaged in a nurturing and encouraging environment. And following up every thing in this video at the end the way you did with mentioning people wanting to find their generations music and trying to help us do that by filling some of the gaps by listening to us and sharing with us the things you know was awesome to see. Watching the way all you musicians are with each other in your interviews and sessions and so forth shows me a very stark difference between earlier generations overall attitude towards one another, and music in general, compared to most today. I've been involved in music for quite a while and what I've seen most often through out the years among my generations overall attitude towards one another and music in general was frankly very self centered, ego based and lacking sincerity, ingenuity and inspiration. I dont see much of the spirit of humility with one another or sharing with one another or encouraging one another. There is alot of musicians out there that aren't really musicians because of a natural interest/talent for it alone. Its also because music became very aesthetic and socially praised for those involved in it. So there's a social drawing to it. And everything today is based on who's getting the most attention from other people so that becomes the goal/inspiration to be one of the few getting the attention. But there is nothing inspiring about that and therefore the music that people are making is for what they think will get them the most attention instead of developing real skills and understandings and relationships and then translating those into the language of music and putting that out to share with more people. So, first of all it's about actually having something meaningful to say. And then its knowing how to say it. And then if everyone's attitude and approaches to one another became listening to each other and encouraging/being supportive of one another this is the attitude that will make more peopl/groups more creatively active. I hope this was coherent lol 😂
@Eric2112rush 2 anos atrás
First and foremost, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Rick! I wish I had this video to study 40 years ago when I picked up the guitar at 12 years old! Oh well, better late than never. I find the way you teach this stuff to be really relatable! Thank you!
@joelpadillaong Anos atrás
Definitely one of the best guitar music tutorial i've seen in the face of you tube! Ty Ric. Belated happy birthday! May your deepest dreams in life happen to you even in pandemic. God bless
@ryand76 2 anos atrás
Found your channel by mistake and now I pulled out my old guitar that I haven't played in years! Gonna start learning again! Thank you Rick!!!😀
@NedBerndt 2 anos atrás
Happy birthday Rick!! In your Larry Carlton interview at the Baked Potato LC talks about thinking about the other chord he thinks about when soloing over a dom 7th chord, possibly comprised of the 7, 9 and 11 color tones. Would consider doing a post explaining/ expanding on that concept for us drummers turned wannabe guitarists. Your explanations always make ideas clearer
happy belated birthday glad you're here man you have a passion for music and are good at it and very good at helping others to learn that's awesome
@HailRider 2 anos atrás
Great lesson! Even though I have played for years I still go to a guitar coach. I missed the live but glad I get a replay. Rick shows his absolute mastery. Love a good lesson whether or not I know the material. Thanks, Rick!
@chrismcdonald5775 2 anos atrás
HAPPY BIRTHDAY RICK! You're making the world a better place, thank you for everything you do. Party hard!
@Olmors 2 anos atrás
Happy birthday Rick! I really appreciate all your work and I hope you have a great birthday weekend. Keep up the good work!
@Javewave Anos atrás
This is the best guitar tutorial i found As a pianist who knows a lot of music theory, this made me learn the guitar super fast wtf
@amileoj9043 2 anos atrás
Happy Birthday Rick! Thanks for the incredible hour--and for all the great music education you put out day after day, week after week.
@russl9029 2 anos atrás
I love your book, man! One of the best purchases I've made for my music studies! It's helped me a ton with understanding theory in a way I can remember and apply it!
@DeltaStudios1 2 anos atrás
Happy early birthday Rick! I'm just coming up on one year of playing and the Beato book has become my guitar/theory bible! Thanks for sharing your knowledge, stories and laughs. Love from Ontario Canada 💜
@northeastnoise3824 2 anos atrás
sir! youve become part of our life; my wife and i (she mentions you as if you are a family friend...haha), im basically learning music theory from your page.... in this lockdown ive become more theory savvy because of your unmatched teaching style and knowledge not to mention taste,,,,, happy birthday rick...and greetings from egypt
@ro3784 Anos atrás
When you playing the B minor 5th root chord, I hear intro to "Angie" by Mick and The Rolling Stones. Everything your teaching here is life's realities I've previously experienced, although, being reminded helps to remove those bad habits. Thank you Rick.
@starlord 2 anos atrás
Happy belated 59th, Rick! I missed the last promo so glad to catch both Beato Book and Ear Training Program this round! Perfect for me, getting back into guitar and other musical things. Your vids are produced well, topics are enjoyable and timely. Happy to throw some money in, learn, and support the cause!
@einsoflight18 2 anos atrás
Happy birthday Rick! May you live with many more happy healthy years! You have contributed to musicians in ways that are innumerable! Bless you!
@MrSuganutz Anos atrás
thank Rick for taking the time to share the wonderful knowledge of this craft!
@smoekee 2 anos atrás
I've been watching you for a while RIck, and you are without doubt one of the strongest influences in me actually learning guitar. So seriously, thank you for this video.
@msi1985 2 anos atrás
I really enjoyed watching this as I always lag behind in being able to retain the vast amount of theory knowledge available. Thank you for releasing this kind of video you inspire me to be a better musician 🙏
Awesome beginner to advanced video. I loved the lot. It’s good you did this because it shows you know your stuff. You can walk the walk. Nice one x
@bsr007 2 anos atrás
Rick - thanks for this video and all the other great stuff you do/give. You're a good man!
@tangotommi 2 anos atrás
Great video on learning to play the guitar! Thanks Rick! YTM Also, for me, it’s been a lifelong endeavor. You can get frustrated from time to time, never give up and never stop learning.
@creepingjennyrock 2 anos atrás
Awesome lesson about the importance of muting strings not being used for a specific chord. I explain the exact same things to my students from day one. Rock on Rick.
@D_Tuned 2 anos atrás
Thank you for the theory cramming session. I hope you have a wonderful birthday weekend Rick!
@goodpplz123 2 anos atrás
Happy Birthday!! Thank you for making this 41 year realize you’re never too old to start playing. Thank you for putting together quality material. 🎉🎉🎉🎉
@gazwandsoxthedog5111 2 anos atrás
hi Rick, firstly i want to say how grateful i am for your work and time you put into these vidoes - your knowledge of music theory is astounding i have just slowed you down to 50%, you sound like you are well inebriated 🤣 Keep up the great work 👍
@martiartin 2 anos atrás
Man, this is THE most valuable hour of informations for beginner guitarist like me :) thank you very much for your work
@MusicMotivator 2 anos atrás
Happy Birthday Rick!! One more before the big decade shift! This is a tremendous session. I took a student through it and he commented you are like my big brother (I'm 56) because our method and approach is so similar. I'm just the local, not You Tube version of you! haha, All the best man and thanks!
@gimmeagig Anos atrás
Fundamentals! I have been dabbling with guitar forever and I'm learning some really important stuff here that i have been missing. Thank you Rick!
@f.f.6323 2 anos atrás
For me, attempting to play along w/songs at a novice level & little pieces of theory that I’d get curious about along the way eventually led to being able to play most things I’d hear w/more detail. That’s when it really got fun...& became a love affair!
@dbmorton1114 2 anos atrás
Thanks and happy birthday! Before, I learned all my music theory from Spinal Tap, which can be summed up as "D minor is the saddest chord, really." 😀
@joeyfisher68 2 anos atrás
Great video Rick! I have been playing 30+ years and I still learned a lot from this video . .you're awesome
@joellongfellow3574 2 anos atrás
Totally agreed!! Works in any category. Guitar, piano, voice, brass, woodwinds, tuned percussion. Anything should be learned in this appropriate manner. Fantastic!!
@mikeschultz1296 2 anos atrás
Love that Rick taped the high strings when recording metal band power chords because their playing was so sloppy 😂 This guy is full of gems
@tomeniovlogs1570 2 anos atrás
I just want to say Happy Birthday Rick! God bless and may your tribe're a legend in my book! Awesome video!
@kevoinam 2 anos atrás
Anything music related I come to your channel. Love the work you're doing here for all of us. And happy birthday Rick!!
I forgot to say happy birthday, Rick! You're one of the best and a living legend. Having said that, definitely do check out some Squarepusher and Lage Lund both. Lage is a favorite student of Pat's, and I'd love to hear what you think about his approach to harmony.
@davidandrews8618 2 anos atrás
Quite possibly the best overall instructional video I have ever seen Mr. Beato.🙏 Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us!
@RandomPrecision01 2 anos atrás
Rick, this is amazing! I know a little better what I have to work on to advance my guitar playing now (TRIADS!!). Thank you!
@tomfromdetroitmi123 2 anos atrás
Rick You are a true master in every aspect of music! Sir, you are a true inspiration to me, and I have nothing but mad respect for your tutorials on production, tech info, mixing, and instrument instruction. I'm 55 years old (still teachable) and learning so much from your you tube videos!!! Thank you for sharing valuable knowledge.. it's greatly appreciated! Tom M.
@fcmhockeyvideos Anos atrás
Yeah, this is all very important if you want to teach music. In all honesty, if you're just looking to get by on your guitar and make it sing the way you want, you don't have to know everything that's in there. Most of our favourite artists/guitarists don't know half of what's in there. Especially guitarists - our instrument is made in a way that you can express yourself on it with less knowledge.
@sonkegrewe4111 11 meses atrás
Theory can be a nice tool to have though to try stuff that you might not have improvised otherwise. And it is fun to understand what I am doing. :)
@Julian-qs8xq 11 meses atrás
@@sonkegrewe4111exactly. Learning to play guitar is just as fun, to me, as learning the theory behind it as well as the history.
@wanderblitz 2 anos atrás
Happy Birthday Rick!! You're helping us who's aspiring to learn music, wish you all the best!!
@CKILBY-zu7fq 2 anos atrás
I think one of the best things you said was how the fingerings and octaves work together. A truelly needed study. Everyone needs that.
@garretmckinley952 2 anos atrás
Your channel is amazing! Thank you for doing what you do.
@siavashdarmani1190 2 meses atrás
I gotta admit that is like 5 years of my jazz guitar practice exlained in an hour. Wow.
@mhoppy6639 2 anos atrás
Many happy returns of the day. As someone who’s played since 17 but hit a plateau, you’ve really really encouraged me to break through the technique /theory ceiling that holds back middle aged people like me (I’m 49)
@drewgunner14 Anos atrás
This is probably one of the most important videos I’ve ever watched in BRvid. Thank you Rick!
@indianasb59 2 anos atrás
Thank you Rick!!! I’m a sound, light and video guy. Your lessons help me feel the music better. Happy Birthday 🎁🎉
@williamkrueger 2 anos atrás
I tried taking theory at Eastman twice and failed. Now I'm digging back into theory after this video. The teacher makes all the difference. Thanks Rick!
@TheEpicnessofmatt 2 anos atrás
Happy Belated Birthday, Rick. I am a lawyer who, like you, turned 59 this year, and I love music. I have picked up my guitar again after many years and am thinking of taking up bass as a fun new challenge (the challenge is, for many people like me, is fitting it in with everything else). Thank you for what you do.
@nvusone77 Anos atrás
Wow!! I’ve learned more from this video than I’ve learned in the last 20 years of trying to figure it out on my own and by others trying to teach me. Thank you so much!
@J0HNJ0RDAN Anos atrás
Even though I already know this stuff.. I always find it interesting, and entertaining, to watch it again, and again, and again. Live it, love it!
@robjuryu 2 anos atrás
Man, I love these “what you should be learning” streams. Happy Bday, Rick!
@Chibblechabble 2 anos atrás
Great breakdown of the learning materials, Beato! Love these vids, very necessary
@cryptophoenix2023 2 anos atrás
Damn, I can definitely see the value in learning music theory now. I didn't realize throwing together solos and melodies could be so damn easy if you know just a few modes, triads, and arpeggios. I've on and off experimented with song composition for the past 10 years. I had a terrible guitar setup, but I still managed to produce some rather unique tunes with it and FL Studio. No music theory, no guitar lessons, nothing. I kept it that way specifically so I could produce songs that had very limited "outside influence". I felt like they were more "pure" that way, and in a way they are. However, now that I'm running out of ideas and my fingers go to a very narrow range of shapes and notes, I think it's time to do away with that mentality and expand my knowledge. I don't think my music will ever sound like everyone else's music. Mine is unique, I've never heard anything like it before and I aim to keep it that way. However, adding music theory to my creative process should give it a huge boost.
@ronaldjasonind 2 anos atrás
Hi Rick, thanks a ton for the many videos that you make, it’s just so refreshing to see them, would love to see you make a video on “Modern Classical Music”. Regards, Ronald.
@larrybobbitt8452 2 anos atrás
Happy birthday Mr. Beato I'll be 59 September.I thank you for all of your time and effort you put in for so many people like my self that really enjoy playing music.
@robduffy9879 2 anos atrás
Thanks, Rick and cheers to being 59! Happy Birthday! Next, I think you should do a video of everything bass. Bass theory 101. Just an idea, as being a bass player myself. And I know you are a bassist as well. Food for thought. Thanks as always. Cheers!!!!! RB59, still kicking ass and taking names!
@Lemonheater2010 2 anos atrás
Thanks for taking time to post your videos Rick!! Great videos to learn from.. Great videos for new thought in understanding theory.. Very entertaining as well!! Thanks so much😁
@fairenoughthenwhat 2 anos atrás
Your right not to trash music just because it doesn't fit with your history and tastes Rick. My son is 30 years younger than me, is studying music production at uni, and likes contemporary rap way more than I do. But we both love music and can appreciate each other's tastes, which is so great. We also both like to watch Rick Beato. Happy birthday my friend.
@davidmacleod9313 2 anos atrás
Why does hearing rap make me want to jump out a window?
@fukwidgets 2 anos atrás
@@davidmacleod9313 because you're small minded
@davidmacleod9313 2 anos atrás
@@fukwidgets Guess again...
@davidmacleod9313 2 anos atrás
@@DejanTesic Well, lucky for me I live in a bungalow. Lol
@patrickderp1044 2 anos atrás
@@fukwidgets pete, i know you and your son mean well, but rap does really represent the absolute decline of musical talent. sad but true
@robertshafer8968 Anos atrás
After 15 years now I’m just realizing the importance of muting, not that I didn’t understand it but you guys are so right when you say you just can’t stress it enough how important muting is, the problem is you can’t really teach it so to say, it really just has to be practiced and engrained into second nature.
@batman48195 11 meses atrás
I’ve taken quite a few lessons and no teacher has ever mentioned it. Sad. Thank you Rick!
@robertshafer8968 11 meses atrás
@@batman48195 it’s seriously borderline criminal how little it is mentioned, I will say though in the very beginning of my journey, this old guy I met did mention it to me but he didn’t explain it very well and so I had no idea what he meant.
@JDHobbs 9 meses atrás
Fun, finally bought your stuff. Love the guitars in this video. I have a 65 Gibson B-25N, and a '66 Gibson Melody Maker, similar to the SG(?) with old single-coil pickups. Great sounds. Belated covid Happiness Birthday!
@MrBrimer Anos atrás
this 1 hour video gave me more theory than the 20 years i've been playing guitar!!! Thank you Rick
@j.m.515 2 anos atrás
Big fan of your work. Keep it up and Happy Birthday Rick!
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