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Arsenal v. Chelsea | PREMIER LEAGUE EXTENDED HIGHLIGHTS | 1/19/19 | NBC Sports

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Check out the extended highlights between Arsenal and Chelsea during Premier League's Matchweek 23. #NBCSports #PremierLeague #Arsenal #Chelsea
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Arsenal v. Chelsea | PREMIER LEAGUE EXTENDED HIGHLIGHTS | 1/19/19 | NBC Sports


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19 Jan 2019

NBC SportsNBCNBCSNPremierLeagueSoccerProfessionalsp:ty=highsp:dt=2019-01-19T17:30:00Zsp:vl=en-USsp:st=soccersp:li=eplsp:ti:home=ARSsp:ti:away=CHEpremier leaguepremier league highlightsarsenal vs chelseaarsenal v chelseaarsenal vs chelsea highligthschelsea vs arsenalpremier league week 23nbc sports networksunday night footballthursday night footballrebecca loweArsenalChelseaArsenal against ChelseaChelsea against ArsenalArsenal and Chelsea



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zer0 slash
zer0 slash 17 dias atrás
Wtf is this comment section
Mustang Cartel
Mustang Cartel 21 dia atrás
Perdio Cruz Azul :( Cruz Azul lost
Konformation07 26 dias atrás
Eau yea yea
Tonio 27 dias atrás
wtf is happening??
Angelo Barahona
Angelo Barahona 27 dias atrás
Jazzy Wishes
Jazzy Wishes 28 dias atrás
Arsenal for life ♡
Caden Radosta
Caden Radosta 28 dias atrás
Chelsea 😪😢
Oh Yeah Yeah
Oh Yeah Yeah 28 dias atrás
Oh yeah yeah
maximillian sexy
maximillian sexy 28 dias atrás
Chelsea is better
Random Kid
Random Kid 28 dias atrás
When this trends but not pewdiepie
Luis Benitez
Luis Benitez 28 dias atrás
That shoulder is better than a header lol
LeotheHero 28 dias atrás
Oh yeah yeah
Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman 28 dias atrás
#31 on trending
Wood _
Wood _ 28 dias atrás
Why would you disrespect football like that with a meme that will be dead in no more than 2 weeks.
Charles Pettit
Charles Pettit 29 dias atrás
Oh... yeah!
Jack and David
Jack and David 29 dias atrás
Oh yeah yeah army: Oh yeah yeah Me: noooooooo Oh yeah yeah army: we are taking over Me: never Oh yeah yeah emu: oh yeah yeah Me: No not an emu Me:☠️
jz 1
jz 1 29 dias atrás
NBC!! What happened to your 3-4 min match highlights? These are very long
Phil The Thot Destroyer
7:55 that guy should be an actor
Tate Sherman
Tate Sherman 29 dias atrás
Oh yeah yeah
Matthew Markowski
Matthew Markowski 29 dias atrás
Always entertaining
unknown plays
unknown plays 29 dias atrás
Tramaine Terrance
Tramaine Terrance 29 dias atrás
Hello, Humans. Elijah Price: You could have been a tax accountant. You could have owned your own gym. You could have opened a chain of restaurants. You could've done of ten thousand things, but in the end, you chose to protect people. *You* made that decision, and I find that very, very interesting. (Unbreakable 2000) TERRANCE OUT
evan catten
evan catten 29 dias atrás
Oh yeah yeah arsenal
Chicken Tendies
Chicken Tendies 29 dias atrás
Oh yeah yeah COYG
ruofan wang
ruofan wang 29 dias atrás
Ramsey’s hug and smiling face makes me so sad
Luke Janis
Luke Janis 29 dias atrás
Funny how there's no highlights in the entire second half except at the very end. Show's how poor Chelsea were.
Parsa128 29 dias atrás
Oh yeah yeah
Michael Hendricks
Michael Hendricks 29 dias atrás
Michael Gorman
Michael Gorman 29 dias atrás
Oh yeah yeah
iMist Apoc
iMist Apoc 29 dias atrás
Ethan Williams
Ethan Williams 29 dias atrás
Gae Hunter
Gae Hunter 29 dias atrás
Oh yeah yeah
Clips Central777
Clips Central777 29 dias atrás
Oh yea yea
Alejandro Morales
Alejandro Morales 29 dias atrás
How did the “oh yeah yeah” thing start?
cswess 29 dias atrás
oh yeah yeah
Motha Russia
Motha Russia Mês atrás
Oh yeah yeah
chief 1 redwolf
chief 1 redwolf Mês atrás
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Oh yeah yeah
Oh yeah yeah Mês atrás
FELLOW BRETHREN, remember we must all collectively like each others comments, if the BRvid revolution is to suceed! Oh yeah yeah
msdogooder Mês atrás
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Sheep Cigar
Sheep Cigar Mês atrás
If that was azpi defending at 2:37 . he would've saved it with his balls. 2 bad it was Alonso . that guy is a disappointment.
Jack Seastrom
Jack Seastrom Mês atrás
Oh yeah yeah
Sung Ahn
Sung Ahn Mês atrás
Kosciany should’ve won the motm in my opinion 🙄
nestor alvarez
nestor alvarez Mês atrás
Should have been two reds for the blues
Softh Mês atrás
350,000k views Trending really?
BizzySnyp3z Mês atrás
When you realize trending is actually broken lol
Ninjaturtle Headass
New recruit oh yeah yeah
Banana Joe
Banana Joe Mês atrás
Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman Mês atrás
#7 on trending
Colin Cha
Colin Cha Mês atrás
david luis in midfield lol
Drew Veflin
Drew Veflin Mês atrás
what is this trending for
Drew Veflin
Drew Veflin Mês atrás
just not an exciting game. i’m a soccer fan but this ain’t it
아시안컵보다가 이거보니까 확다르네
jackt 127
jackt 127 Mês atrás
oh yeah yeah
Eric TheRed
Eric TheRed Mês atrás
2:11 "dear diary Lacazette is probably my favorite footballer now, hes just the bestest"
Isomiddinjon Abdusalomov
Oh no no
River Legends
River Legends Mês atrás
Oh yeah yeah
Edward Kelly
Edward Kelly Mês atrás
It’s a great day when Arsenal wins.
Faze Doggo
Faze Doggo Mês atrás
Oh yeah yeah
Faze Doggo
Faze Doggo Mês atrás
Oh yea yea
David Macaraig
David Macaraig Mês atrás
Oh yeah yeah
OpticalBacon 337
OpticalBacon 337 Mês atrás
Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah
OpticalBacon 337
OpticalBacon 337 Mês atrás
Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah
Joseph Guaman
Joseph Guaman Mês atrás
David Luis didn’t deserve that yellow card
Josh Mês atrás
When you can't use your head... USE YOUR SHOULDER!
notanimperialspy Mês atrás
Thank you Kanye, very cool!
vSkyz Games
vSkyz Games Mês atrás
Christopher Rodriguez
XR collateroL
XR collateroL Mês atrás
Sub to MaximilianMus oh yeah yeah
SlurpMyDonger Mês atrás
Oh yeah yeah
China Numba Oneee
China Numba Oneee Mês atrás
The only way to save yt is to take it over first
GlargBoy Mês atrás
Oh yeah yeah
LordSlinger Mês atrás
Oh yeah yeah
Cluck Norris
Cluck Norris Mês atrás
DawaSounds Mês atrás
oh yeah yeah
Senoj16 Mês atrás
Oh yeah yeah
Muhammed But
Muhammed But Mês atrás
Raufa Khan
Raufa Khan Mês atrás
Oh yeah yeah
Commentator said inches wide but this is a British league
JMike 119
JMike 119 Mês atrás
CARLOS RODRIGUEZ for Americans * nbc my guy
Oofer Dude
Oofer Dude Mês atrás
JOIN OUR ARMY!!!!!! Oh yeah yeah
DarkTube Videos
DarkTube Videos Mês atrás
Oh yeah yeah Stfu
5395racing Mês atrás
Oh no no
Dan Odden
Dan Odden Mês atrás
Why is this video that only has 261k views on trending? BRvid you need to put the real trending stuff on trending. This is bs.
Flaming FIFA
Flaming FIFA Mês atrás
Oh yeah yeah yeah
LudaMuyChico Mês atrás
Oh yeah yeah
Antatchi Mês atrás
guy in the thumbnail looks like hes going to give me an orange that fell on the floor
big chungus
big chungus Mês atrás
OCTAS YT Mês atrás
We don't ask questions
Oh yeah yeah
This is Madness
This is Madness Mês atrás
I've said it once and im going to say it again Oh yeah yeah
Don’t Read My Profile Picture
Whoever is reading I genuinely hope your new year is amazing!!! 😁
Autistic Ginger
Autistic Ginger Mês atrás
lenny zhao
lenny zhao Mês atrás
Oh yeah yeah
Mugzy Mugz
Mugzy Mugz Mês atrás
soccer sucks
MSKing Mês atrás
Oh yeah yeah
bean soup
bean soup Mês atrás
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