ARMOR TRIMMING! - Minecraft Snapshot 23w04a 

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A brand new Minecraft snapshot is here with new Minecraft 1.20 features! A new way of how to craft netherite armor, new armor customizations, and new armor trim items will be added to Minecraft in the Miinecraft 1.20 update release! In this video we look at everything new or changed in Minecraft 1.19.4 snapshot 22w04a!
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if you read this comment "watl watl"


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22 Fev 2024



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Comentários : 2,5 mil   
So happy
@wattlesplays Anos atrás
@Super......... Anos atrás
so true this update looks crazy
@rockethero9 Anos atrás
so true
@KyleLi Anos atrás
Quick correction: You can retrim armor, the reason it failed in this example is because you can't trim armor with the same material. 8:37
thank you
@deleted-something Anos atrás
Anos atrás
This is the closest we'll ever get to emerald armor. Almost feels like a mod.
@CookieManToonZ Anos atrás
props to mojang for finding a use for all the useless ores, one of the best updates in a while
I saw a few videos and assumed it was a mod then realized it’s an update and got so frickin exited
@fendy_the_fox Anos atrás
We: mojang? Can we get emerald armor? Mojang: no, we made emerald armor Emerald armor they made:
@CookieManToonZ Anos atrás
@@fendy_the_fox its good tho
@luzellemoller6621 Anos atrás
yes it does
Netherite armor with gold is just perfect because it makes a closer link to the bastions. I can’t get over how good this is
@kalebcollins9866 Anos atrás
Makes you look like batman too 😊
@AntiCorazon Anos atrás
@@kalebcollins9866 lmao
@tvjameswatchor Anos atrás
It reminds me of Minecraft dungeon's armor
@Lyssa_Stuff Anos atrás
I think it will look good with amethyst, you could pretend to have some sort of End Armor. For anyone who roleplays with friends or by themself, they could use this as an Enderman Armor or something like that.
@k3nmucic141 Anos atrás
Oh yeah kinda like it.
@nickboon1235 Anos atrás
I love everything about this except how difficult it’ll be to create netherite armor. I guess it’s very late game now but netherite was always like a prerequisite for myself before I’d allow myself to fight the enderdragon
@scoutaustin7 Anos atrás
It really just made it like 8 times as expensive. Netherite armor now will require more diamonds then diamond armor. With no benefit other than looks. I mean the looks are cool but can it not be so expensive?
@scoutaustin7 Anos atrás
Correction, 7 times as expensive. I forgot about the netherack block
This may be to give the classic diamond armor its place back in the meta, u almost mever see players running around in diamond armor anymore
@NinjutsuSeeker Anos atrás
Harder the better. Can't stand new smps day one everyone got netherite
@pompi8229 Anos atrás
They should do netherite scraps for brown trimmings, echo shards for cyan trimmings, and popped chorus fruit for pink trimming!
@crxptic.t 11 meses atrás
Or amethyst for pink or purple since popper chorus fruits are only available until you get to the end
@AliasSchmalias 9 meses atrás
@@crxptic.t Amethyst is already implemented for purple as you can see in the video 🙏
@shadowmamba95 8 meses atrás
And diamond is considered to be cyan.
@Draven1125 Anos atrás
Philza is going to be so hyped when he sees the diamond trims for netherite, I hope they add trimming/gilding for tools too!
@randomdide Anos atrás
Also buffs on diffent trims are possible
@bigbird4481 Anos atrás
@@randomdide had this been confirmed or are you spreading rumors
@tvjameswatchor Anos atrás
@@randomdide isn't that already there?
@k3nmucic141 Anos atrás
I answered is yes because I need to upgrade another amor any each you want.
@walnutjudas Anos atrás
This new armor update could be used in team mini games to finally recognize your teammates a bit easier
@Pastaplays22 Anos atrás
Yeah because the only way at the moment ( that I can think of) is using leather armour instead
@stoptrytoignoreme Anos atrás
Now that's perfect.
@ColonoRizzo007 Anos atrás
This can be very useful
@markomorvai8179 Anos atrás
I wish that Mojang added more weapons and armor, and make the mobs also a little tougher, to even it out? Maybe name it the "Armory update"?
@ColonoRizzo007 Anos atrás
@@markomorvai8179 I'm still waiting for harquebushes and muskets
@skydenempires9682 Anos atrás
I love how not only diamonds are getting some love in this update but every other material is as well, but I’m really happy that they finally gave lapis and copper more uses
@Crazy720 Anos atrás
Adding the ability to dye water in Cauldrons and also dye leather/horse armor with colored water in cauldrons would fit perfect in this update now. (Already a feature in bedrock)
@k3nmucic141 Anos atrás
@tylerpatrick3511 Anos atrás
I am actually happy with these small updates. It feels like its small things that the devs want to work on but dont fit in a cookie cutter mold. It seems like they are putting passion back into the game
@EaterOfGeese Anos atrás
I LOVE netherite armor with lapis material vex trim. Looks wizard-ish, like an ancient battle robe you would see in a movie casting spells in the middle of a battle
@zcar123 Anos atrás
Note: you can in fact re-trim armor! He just tried to re-trim a diamond chestplate with a diamond :)
@AaronTechnic Anos atrás
@Among-Us. Anos atrás
That makes it hella good update
@Mr.Onyx5827 Anos atrás
He was being a unintelligent specimen
@timmyphillipi4566 Anos atrás
I really like this feature, the ability of tons of possible ways to customise armor is awesome and it's also giving another use for a lot of the ore and stuff to be used for the trimming of the armor! and i like how they made it absolutely required to visit a Bastion if you want Netherite, before this, i always felt that the bastion was kind of an optional nether structure, but now, they gave us a big reason to want to go to a bastion if we want netherite gear and armor
@TheEndorVeteran Anos atrás
I’m almost in disbelief. 1.20 was looking to be kind of a mediocre update. But this… I haven’t been so excited for a Minecraft update in years. Finally an incentive to explore instead of constantly grinding! Edit: Redstone and netherite trim colors are my personal favorites.
@slipiest-adv_7000 Anos atrás
Been a while I haven't return to Minecraft. Seeing it makes way to 1.20 really put me in smile and awe. I can't wait to play Minecraft again after finishing school
@applepieplays1684 Anos atrás
I think this tied into the diversity and storytelling theme so well! I can see this being used for those who want to grind for good looking armor (a nice touch for awesome enchantments) and/or also multi-player with combat or having different factions and such. So cool I'm in love 😍
@thonderstorms5256 Anos atrás
I feel like the trims should give passive buffs to the armour (based on the material used for the trim)
@SemiHypercube Anos atrás
One interesting thing to come out of this is that netherite armor having diamond accents (as it does in some texture packs like the one philza uses) is now an actual thing in the vanilla game
@stoptrytoignoreme Anos atrás
So i wanna to see if soul magma blocks, warped warts, soul sandstone blocks, and withered bones become an actual game in the vanilla game.
@obscura9535 Anos atrás
Maybe even a wither potion.
@nicocchi Anos atrás
I've gotta say though, Netherite Armor with Gold Trim looks downright amazing. Netherite is a gold alloy to begin with, so it doesn't just look good, it also makes sense.
@cartergibb Anos atrás
Literally my first thought when I saw this
So some info for everyone else, the treasure room is found only in one of those massive bastions with the lava trays. In the big box structure there is a room underneath near a magmacube spawner. That's where it's found.
@hamburgerboy146 Anos atrás
This just made 1.20 look so much better and cooler. But I think there possibly could be one more big feature in 1.20 to make it even better.
I am so excited to see what is next! I love the way to decorate the armor
This will help content creators "civilization wars" on minecraft, this is will have SO much of an effect to the game. WAY more than you think
Gold trim definitely needs to make piglins non hostile. Gold on netherite honestly looks good. Diamond looks good, but I think gold fits the theme of netherite more.
@CACgaming007 Anos atrás
Now when I rename my netherite armor "gilded netherite" it makes sense now cause the gold
@misterboxhead3045 Anos atrás
But they people would just use the gold one
@thebradwallace Anos atrás
2 things: -I hope these armor trimmings arent tooo expensive bc if you die its possibly gone -maybe its time to implement those different shield ideas from the combat snapshots, would be cool to have different shield borders if you use a netherite ingot instead of iron for example
@wattlesplays Anos atrás
W on that shield concept
@remor698 Anos atrás
Having shields be subject to the smithing table would also possibly allow the devs to rebalance it from being an overpowered survivability essential all the way until you have a totem. Instead have the current shield be a heavy variant, that maybe needs a full on netherite ingot, but makes you utterly immobile when blocking and has tons of durability, while the base version only does a percentile damage reduction and some other variant enables nearly full walking speed mobility when blocking, but only does like 50% damage reduction. Just anything to shake up and diversify the endgame gear meta would be amazing to see and is an actual possibility with the addition of this smithing templates system.
@stoptrytoignoreme Anos atrás
I wanna to see if there are new different types of shields (like round shield and heater shield). Even if you think about these weapons are circle, don't think about it. These weapons going to be 3D pixels.
@cameronb532 Anos atrás
I would kinda like to see stronger shields and stronger bows and things that are just more expensive to craft, i think that would be nice
@LukeHatchet Anos atrás
Would be cool if you could enchant thorns on said shield
@retropockystick Anos atrás
i saw this in another comment, but i would love for them to allow us to use SCULK or GLOW INK on the armor, that would be awesome
@joeywatson560 Anos atrás
I think that this is a really cool feature for 1.20. I hope that each ore has a unique feature when used to trim your armor and they add echo shards as one of these as well.
@simsley5501 Anos atrás
The amethyst color on the diamond armor is definitely my fave! My two favorite colors in one: purple and teal! I love it so much i may consider never upgrading to netherite it’s just so pretty 🤩
@Universe0524 Anos atrás
I am loving this!!!! My favorite is netherite armor with the tide template and amethyst coloring
@marvinminaya Anos atrás
I love that we’re getting armor trims but imagine if these had different effects on them that would be so cool
@elmacho2789 Anos atrás
I’m so glad that after like ten years there’s finally another use for diamonds
@jessewilliams2539 Anos atrás
Lapis lazuli: 🗿
@aerindinescarro47 Anos atrás
Sucks diamonds aren’t renewable at this point, having netherite locked behind those annoying bastions AND a one-use item is a godawful change for casual players
@thedom4219 Anos atrás
They kinda have too after fucking diamonds over with fortune and mending
@cruszez Anos atrás
@@aerindinescarro47 bro doesn’t want a challenge
@enderspider5001 Anos atrás
@@aerindinescarro47 game is already a joke on just how easy it is… we really shouldn’t make it any easier. Adding new hard challenges should be the top priority at this point.
@widow_maker1736 Anos atrás
Awesome job devs! Love that this gives us a reason to explore places. So excited about this. I want green trim on netherite with warden template. What a cool feature to add to the game.
@grainfarmer1156 Anos atrás
Im going to be going for the tide, or eye one probably, and matching netherite armor with quartz would be... mm, chef's kiss.
Quick note: If I remember correctly, retrimming a trimmed Armor piece does work, and basically replaces the previous trim. When you showed it off in the video, it failed because you had a diamond as trim material with diamond Armor.
So cool, just wanted to mention you can also trim turtle shells.
@Sweet0ne87 Anos atrás
I love that they gave more of a reason to explore all the structures throughout the world where typically they're kind of useless once you're settled well enough in the game.
@jamesv4427 Anos atrás
They need to add the skulk shard so you can have skulk armor trimms
@alexls1923 Anos atrás
Maybe the trim could be animated too or they could make a new animation set for enchantment glint so we could customize the color of it and maybe even the texture or animation itself for extra customization
@DracoJ Anos atrás
If they do I might have my favorite armor design. Oh! What if they do the prismarine crystals too so it kinda glows like glowsquid ink?
@foxyflyer2456 Anos atrás
An echo shard trim would be fitting for that.
@rane7784 Anos atrás
@@alexls1923 yeah but I think the entire armor rendering would be reworked for that. I was a texture pack maker and last thing I remembered was armors are entities and MC entities can't do animated textures unless it's on Optifine.
@stoptrytoignoreme Anos atrás
Hmmmm... Interesting...
@lucionyt Anos atrás
This is incredible! One of the best visual changes in my opinion.
@Sassie.J Anos atrás
I'm pretty in love. Will be rocking netherite with redstone trim.... Probably every pattern, eventually. I think the vex trim is my fave for that combo
@Wountie Anos atrás
Would be cool if the templates would give small buffs if you got an entire armourset of a specific trim type.
@ideadumpfrizz1on Anos atrás
That would create the issue of everyone just using the same trim
@Wountie Anos atrás
@@ideadumpfrizz1on Depends on playstyle, like the tide armor trim would give waterbreathing, Snout armor trim would not make piglins aggressive when opening a chest etc etc
@ashtonpollock6163 Anos atrás
I love the lines in rib and snout
@spinz5937 Anos atrás
Wow, just wow. This is like one of the biggest incentives for exploration ever! Nice that the jungle temple and woodland mansion have an actual purpose now!
@cheeseman8806 Anos atrás
The woodland mansions went from the only place to get totems, to useless, to having a cool armor trim, what a history
@@cheeseman8806 you can get totems from raids
@Riley-ft7xw Anos atrás
@theoneandonlydude5472 he said went from
@cheeseman8806 Anos atrás
@@theoneandonlydude5472 Ik that's why they went from the only place to get them to being useless
@deitieofall6634 Anos atrás
This feels unreal. Amazing!!
The desert temple trim in amethyst on enchanted netherite would make a sick black panther themed armor set
@wakomikro Anos atrás
Good to see another use for things that exist in game already. But really wish the trims would actually be function. Like gold trim working in Nether, durability, ect.. especially since it's so expensive and difficult to upgrade now.
@yooginava1828 Anos atrás
This is freaking awesome. This is great cause this will help shape me new Hardcore minecraft world i just started in prep for this update.
Love how netherite gear is even harder to get now! I always thought it was quite easy to get, and now you will have to explore the nether for more bastions.
@DvirMC Anos atrás
3:56 Seeing the sword in the hands of the armor stands on the smithing template give me a hope that it will be added in the future eventually 🔥
@wattlesplays Anos atrás
@rane7784 Anos atrás
They better do that. If the main theme is customization and expression they better not implement another wacky thing that'll cause another delay and instead just focus on QoL. Minecraft is in dire need of QoL.
@FireDragon922 Anos atrás
Bedrock edition
@fireultraminer Anos atrás
Yeah they need to port it from bedrock
@timhyatt9185 Anos atrás
I keep hoping for a weapon's rack, though being able to put a weapon in the hands of an armor stand would be awesome too.... i'd like to see a weapons rack or armor stand as a job block for villagers, making them Guards or Sentinels, and would put on what ever armor and weapons are put there for them. Once such a villager takes that job, maybe it could reduce the frequency golem's are created. (or maybe surpresses it entirely, as you may have the village walled up and illuminated so nothing spawns inside the walls, the Guard would only have to worry about spiders or a rogue zombie that managed to find a way in...
@slimgrady6732 Anos atrás
definitely throwing the emerald trim on my netherite gear with the spire template, bouta look so clean boy
@valkyrie3403 Anos atrás
I’m honestly super happy that we have more uses for ores and such!! It makes me wonder what this update is actually because it seems theres a little bit of everything for 1.20 so far
@AntacidAviation Anos atrás
wattles i looked for it in Minecraft Preview (but in XBox) and it isnt here there is only just sneaking under 1.5 High Spaces and when u use emote it says in chat what emote u did use so help me i cant find templates
@laurendeau91 Anos atrás
I'm kinda digging the simplicity of the Rib template, maybe with some Redstone or Quartz trim on Netherite armor.
Next we need custom capes, banner designs on shields for bedrock edition, and helmet customization where you can add things like Viking horns and Spartan styled frills. That would be awesome
I'm wondering when we'll get more options of armor customizations like adding plumes on helmets, adding gauntlets for more fist damage, and faceguards for damage protection.
@ivonicmaster6695 Anos atrás
The eye is the best one in my opinion. The woodland mansion is looking sick though
does the template also disappear after you use and would you be able to duplicate it
@Anthony-uo9jn Anos atrás
I really like these armor trims because it forces you to explore for some cool cosmetics Also my favorite trim color is emerald and gold
@ScizorGD Anos atrás
You can only find smithing templates in treasure bastions. In the dangerous part of the bastion
I love that they handled this so that it doesn't make getting netherite itself harder, just the armor/tools. This way, you can still make blocks of netherite and decorate with ancient debris, you just need to put a bit more effort into upgrading yourself
@TheBenjaman Anos atrás
It actually makes it a bit more of an endgame upgrade, you need to have explored a bit before you can upgrade instead of going straight into mining first step you take in the nether. You have to actually get out there and play the game a bit before you can get netherrite gear wich is fantastic
@JennaWine Anos atrás
@@TheBenjaman this is one of the best changes ever. It’s simply making the game more fun while making it harder and I love that challenge
@TheBenjaman Anos atrás
@@JennaWine 100% agree
@pug8714 Anos atrás
It's more of an annoying challange. Finding the treasure room sucks and to do. Especially since netherite is only useful in pvp... Idk feels like a slight step back but is fine
@alexlolli2325 Anos atrás
@@pug8714 it’s not just useful in pvp, a lot of people upgrade in their worlds
I really like the nether fortress design. It has a nice subtle look. It also appears to darken the color slightly
@UltimateGamerCC Anos atrás
O.O omg, it's marvelous! fantastic! amazing! superb even! it's like something you'd see in a Mod, only it's base game as of 1.20, damn now i wish it'd come out already, what a treat to look forward to.
@bluestar3144 Anos atrás
I like this a lot. But I was thinking that there should also be a way to remove the trimming. My idea is that if you don't like the trimming you choose, there would be a trim remover that's recipe would unlock when you pick up your first armor trimming. It would be very cheap to craft, and you would need a grindstone. Put the remover and the armor in, and then upon using it, the armor would only lose its trimming and leave behind the item you used to color the armor.
@Among-Us. Anos atrás
Hope they also add them for weapons (Not like that) It's based on what enchantment you used first on a tool and it shows the patterns related to that
@chickenking1232 Anos atrás
Netherite armor with Tide Template and Amethyst trim color is my favorite but Redstone, Emerald and Diamond are definitely good. Although I don’t think some of them are the best (Lapis, and Quarts) all of them are great additions to the game due to us having to actually go around our worlds to find jungle temples or Shipwrecks.
@brawlfan Anos atrás
you can actually re-trim armor, it's just that you tried doing it with the same material the armor was made of. Also you can trim netherite with netherite via upgrading from diamond
@simsley5501 Anos atrás
Ok good my only concern here was not being able to change trims if i changed my mind or wanted to test a few different ones out
@michaelspirk5280 Anos atrás
@@simsley5501 d
@Yuyiyo911 Anos atrás
Since I don't see as many people mentioning it, I'll say I LOVE the reduce enchantment "glint". It was always a bit obtrusive to me, I love that it let's the player designs shine through more now!
@GenetixYT Anos atrás
Here’s an idea: Being able to increase/decrease enchantment glint Along with this you can change the enchantment glint color with the normal ores and things like orange with copper and blue with diamonds Just to make it a bit more personalized and be able to change to your favorite color
@livingdead4855 Anos atrás
This like actually might end up being my favorite update, I love stuff like this and it's always my favorite thing in mods
@---li1oo Anos atrás
I haven't felt such excitement since the swimming update
@gamerstheater1187 Anos atrás
I can't wait to see what the roleplay and animation community will use this for
I remember back during minecraft story mode, my absolute favorite thing was those incredible armors that you could choose around halfway through season 1. They looked so cool, custom designed armors, and now that's coming to the actual game! I'm so excited!
@Azarilh Anos atrás
I mean... Those Story Mode armours were way better lookin that this thing. lmso
@@Azarilh trueee
@hyperking3500 Anos atrás
This snapshot is soo awsome we can now finally tell if each players are other teams and if selecting a team u want to join the command blocks will give you the certain armor trim i hope the trim will be soon applied to modded armor
@pptoni064 Anos atrás
Is that... Boswer’s castle? Gosh, I can’t unsee it now, it looks like a part of the face of a Bowser
@dupitasearl8207 Anos atrás
The TIDE style really caught my eye and taste... Like, it is sooo dang cool for mee, LOL!
@therealme3711 Anos atrás
The armor designs are super cool I never expected this😲
@deadboi8989 Anos atrás
This is my fav combo Netherite armor gold trim helmet: tide chest: snout Legs: tide Boots: sentry
@UltimaIsZaddyC Anos atrás
they should make it where u can use glow ink sacs on already trimmed armor to make the trims glow
@stoptrytoignoreme Anos atrás
Hmmmm... Interesting...
@qazburger2461 Anos atrás
This is a beautiful idea
@therealgago Anos atrás
I hope they make it where either the smithing template doesn't break when you use it or where you can make a duplicate of that smithing template with Diamonds and the corresponding material.
go the mix and match. Love the amethyst
@ree2187 Anos atrás
The vex template looks like an evokers robes and the helmet is the eyebrows
@metalstarver642 Anos atrás
I would love if they added a way to color armor itself, in addition to those strips!
The gold and amethyst trims are my favorites
@takubo Anos atrás
i love what this provides for lore and or factions. imagine having a faction clan per trim type, and the rank of each member in said faction uses different material, like the leader having netherite armor with a diamond trim, or the lowest soldier having iron armor with a copper trim. i ADORE what this provides for lore purposes, and im SUPER EXCITED to see what the rest of 1.20 entails
@felixgaming7526 Anos atrás
especially if some patterns are really rare so only one team actually has access to it
@YellowTyrant Anos atrás
What’s funny is that I’m working on a Minecraft themed story with this exact concept
@lachlan4534 Anos atrás
More segregation. Love it.
@thatsruffdog Anos atrás
Think about how many different armor combinations there are. Like 4 armor pieces^4 or 5 armor sets^9 trims per piece. That’s a big number. And imagine if you could combine the armor with just 2 or 3 over-layed trims. Compared to anything else in Minecraft, this would be on the same level of combinations as banners.
@Daniel_gaming24 Anos atrás
Omg Netherite with gold 😍😍😍😍😍I'm so in love, with the End one.. that's the first structure I'm gonna loot, gosh I'm so excited
My favourite trim colour would be that of amethyst, redstone, lapis and gold, in that order, amethyst most. Also, favourite trim is tide. Kinda reminds me of a pharaoh if you trim gold Armor with lapis. Also, gold vex netherite Armor set looks totally like an evoker's robe with vex eyes.
@Bosnian_Patriot Anos atrás
I love amethyst with netherite looks amazing
@rcbbery Anos atrás
Was not a huge fan that’d you’d have to find a lot of them but, very glad you’ll be able to craft them after finding one. Very good change and idea from the devs
@canex3620 Anos atrás
I gotta say that this update is already amazing. Having played Minecraft since late 2009, this is something I would've never expected to be a feature in the game. Wow.
@grimey_grover7142 Anos atrás
ur now never getting netherrite so it’s a pretty pathetic update tbh..
@rstriker21 Anos atrás
@@grimey_grover7142 you just gotta find 1 template and you can make more, if you had to find them all that would be like 2 strongholds per person and that’s just for armor, that would be a lot harder!!
@ker0356 Anos atrás
@@grimey_grover7142 c'mon it's not that hard to raid bastion, even on phone
@TheHeroesAreHere Anos atrás
Just thinking about how easy you could add armor with different effects via a datapack!
@lawyerdoge9708 Anos atrás
I really hope someone makes a website where you can design your armor before you actually do it in game and when your done you can see what you need to get the stones for your trimming
@MorganeFichter Anos atrás
@CEOofCunnySlurper Anos atrás
This snapshot add so much good things: 1. Make Diamond relevant again 2. Make mining important again in a game called MINEcraft 3. Make Bastion and other structures worth visiting 4. Make Netherite sets not that easy to get 5. Make less used Ores more used 6. Make armors of other weaker materials used a lot more 7. DRIP There's still one missing thing that I'd add: - Make Wandering Trader more useful by selling Netherite Upgrade Smithing Template at low chance (more rare the more you have killed him)
@allxen Anos atrás
Wow! so cool man! i love this bro!
@jsproductions8569 Anos atrás
I once hoped we could have gilded armour, and now here it is! Also, I have noticed that these templates' sprites are similar to the ones we could have had on pots, so maybe they will be added with a similar functionality!we
@remor698 Anos atrás
Would be nice to have a gilded armor template, that we could get from bartering. It could then add a significantly gold plated section to the armor, not just trim, to signify it's actually functional.
@stoptrytoignoreme Anos atrás
@leirbag6367 Anos atrás
They should make that so if you're using a full set of armor trimmed with gold the piglins won't attack you, but I doubt they will do that because it would be "over powered".
@Wisychu Anos atrás
@@leirbag6367 it is supposed to be cosmetic only
@leirbag6367 Anos atrás
@@Wisychu Alright, I get it
Wish they added some to mineshafts chests and village blacksmiths
@FitzAF Anos atrás
Given that I'm the resident itemsmith in the SMP I'm on, this looks so cool! It'll also help create a "signature" so to speak, not just knowing who owns an armor piece, but also who made it as well! I'm so excited!
The extra diamond cost for the Netherite armors and having to raid a bastion isn't too much of an issue. It adds costs, but diamonds are useless currently since you can bypass them with villagers so it means you will need diamonds if you want Netherite gear. That said, having that cost for the purely cosmetic changes is rather insane (28 diamonds to modify your armor set on top of the 28 for Netherite and 63 more for a full suite of tools (2 hoes, shovels, axes, picks, and a sword). Even more if you usually keep 3-4 spare Silk Touch picks in your Ender Chest for bigger excavation projects. Again, I'm happy to spend them on Netherite - but cosmetics? I'm not sure they are flashy enough for the flex. Also, getting some of those patterns is going to be a pain. 4.8% means 1 in 20. For Outposts, where there is only 1 chest, that means raiding 20 Outposts (10-30 in practice). The Ocean Temple ones will be easy - two temples and you should have one. Bastions should be easy for the snout one - as there are lots of chests. Woodland mansions are rare, sure, but given the number of chests in each, you are around 2. With four chests, a desert temple is a 1 in 5 chance - so 2-8 of those. Someone looking to find every one, say for a SMP to clone and sell, is going to have a terrible time with some. The Ancient City? You should find one in every one unless you are very unlucky. If they were 100% at each location - so that you could be reasonably assured of finding them all AND so that raiding multiple structures was a valid strategy to bypass the cloning costs - then they would be much more reasonable.
@FishSnackems Anos atrás
why do i get the original smithing table stuff while also running 23w04a?
@brianmoyachiuz905 Anos atrás
This would go beautiful for my Minecraft RPG mini game so classes would have different armor design from a noble fancy looking Paladin, a tough bulky barbarian, and for a necromancer one that looks like it has been covered in the bone of enemies This is amazing hopefully they'll maybe do weapon trimming too
@Whenpigfly666 Anos atrás
Sadly, I don't think there's enough pixels on a sword or axe to add much of a pattern
@TheBenjaman Anos atrás
Right?!! Like using the ribs template on a sword and the crossguard turns into a bone or something, Maybe this could work for the bow and crossbow too. Would also be cool if for example any piglins spawning with armour on in bastions would have the proper trim on thier armour. Same for other mobs, like any mob that spawns in the desert having the desert template ect.
@jsproductions8569 Anos atrás
Maybe weapon/tool trimming will be the use of the fletching table?
@1n20DnD Anos atrás
What is this Minecraft RPG that you speak of?
@Jule-Craft_1495 Anos atrás
@@TheBenjaman Maybe they could have the trimming on bows and crossbows for an in game way of making them look cool, like I would put Netherite on my bow/crossbow to make it blend in more, and maybe, piglins could use golden crossbows, and could blend in with their gold fashion!
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