Ariel Helwani’s next chapter(s). Here’s where I’m headed!

Ariel Helwani
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Thank you for the support. I am extremely excited to announce my new homes:

* The MMA Hour! (WE'RE BACK!)
* Spotify!
* BT Sport
* Substack
* This channel!

And more. Much love.

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21 Jun 2021



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Gaurav Pratap Singh
Hello everyone this your daily dose of internet
Mitz Anonymous
Mitz Anonymous 2 dias atrás
3rd Ur boring
butternuts 3 dias atrás
Pat McAfee show! FOR THE BRAND baby!!!
butternuts 3 dias atrás
I think you should have done the podcasts on BRvid. I don’t think Rogan is hitting near the numbers he was after the switch.
ThA MAN C MAcK 4 dias atrás
Congratz Brotha. Keep doing your thang. This is definitely for the better.
David Bagus
David Bagus 4 dias atrás
😂😂😂😂, i know them...
David Bagus
David Bagus 4 dias atrás
Hyper dying will get most close country...
David Bagus
David Bagus 4 dias atrás
And know what is mutoffifins
David Bagus
David Bagus 4 dias atrás
You will know who is Sulaiman kingdom
David Bagus
David Bagus 4 dias atrás
Last time this country is reject next time you will know who will rejected...
David Bagus
David Bagus 4 dias atrás
They always push me to cry but my suggestion just kill them nothing else who cares... You will know...
Johnny O
Johnny O 5 dias atrás
The best in the world at what you do. PLEASE collaborate with the also amazing (and also cast aside by the UFC) Dan Hardy. This would be the real "outlaw" (see what I did there) MMA journalism tandem. Although I love Rogan the best commentary and insights on the sport are from Dan and yourself.
all adventures
all adventures 5 dias atrás
Ariel, you are the GOAT of MMA journalist. Keep doing what you are doing and now more!!
Ratio Unkn
Ratio Unkn 6 dias atrás
You are the hardest working man in mma news. The simple fact that you make dana so angry and childish makes you my absolute favorite person out there. He hates you bc you say what you think and what you say hits home when he all he has is lies and hate.
Jacob Lawson
Jacob Lawson 7 dias atrás
I hope that This is seen. The ufc knew about McGregor leg before the fight... The people who bought a ppv got robbed from a fight. Wonder if bets was made from people who knew he was injured.... This is fraud 1.8 million ppv for a fight that was doomed from the start. We was lied to.....
Brian Woo
Brian Woo 7 dias atrás
Always respected Ariel and his journalism is far and above all others in the world of MMA. Beyond that he’s just a top notch journalist who isn’t afraid to ask the tough questions, who can handle the uncomfortable environment but also provide far left questions to make you laugh out loud. Let’s go!!!!
Matthew Clary
Matthew Clary 8 dias atrás
I’ve never really paid much attention to aerial but through all this ESPN craziness and Dana hating on him I’ve grown to have a love for him. Probably wasn’t Dana’s goal but good for aerial.
bryan Joseph
bryan Joseph 8 dias atrás
Ariel. Why are you not tryn to get on to Canadian tv To promote your show in all aspects that you do great. Fuck Dana. Your were the best questioner, great insight to all the fighters d always have the fighters axis. This is the opening you needed. Go get what’s your fuxk espn. There asshat s the way they did a crap around king Dana. Fight fight fight Fighters will come to your shows for ll interview. Ouch your page . Blog, podcaststary a weekly video. Log with fighters during gfight weeks. Go get it
Nate Taite
Nate Taite 8 dias atrás
Please have Jordan Peterson on. I subbed to your channel Ariel! Can't wait to see your future content!
Jonathan Whalen
Jonathan Whalen 8 dias atrás
ThaLast Outlaw
ThaLast Outlaw 9 dias atrás
BRING BACK THE MMA BEAT!!!!! The dream team: Luke, Jeff And the man in the hat!!!!!!!!
SIMM0 9 dias atrás
You've grown on me man. All the best. You'll go out a hall of fame in the mma journalism scene.
jjmcwill 9 dias atrás
So basically he will be competing with Joe Rogan.
sligo405 9 dias atrás
It’s impossible that you will regret this. The self-respect alone is enough reward.
David Riley
David Riley 10 dias atrás
Ohhhh this is where you are! Was waiting for 264 reaction to drop. Fantastic news! Really missed MMA Hour, with all respect the thing with DC wasn't even close, though it was great to see you fan out at times. Looking forward to this new start!
Shawn Haines
Shawn Haines 10 dias atrás
Glad your going back to the old set! Your my fave journalist and reporter!!
beef testosterone
beef testosterone 11 dias atrás
This guys gonna get political with his garbage normie libshit views
Hell yeah come to the Armwrestling comunity ! You' be receved with love and kindness
I feel for you to see all those negative videos about u here and there, making fun of u and all,,(im not a mma fan)
Samuel Robbins
Samuel Robbins 11 dias atrás
New York ric ?!?!
Please never come back in mma... You makes us want to puke.
J D 12 dias atrás
The Schmo rules!!! 💥💥💥💥💥💥💥
Tony Jones' bassoon whippet
Awesome news m8! Exciting times ahead! Great acquisition by BT and the return of the mma hr aswel!!
David D
David D 13 dias atrás
This is great news! I always felt like ESPN didn’t quite know how to use your talents. I honestly never felt the strong connection I had with the MMA Hour during your time on ESPN. You’re at your best when you don’t have the restraint of the mainstream media. I can’t wait to see what you’re up to, and good luck
robert hammond
robert hammond 14 dias atrás
so does this mean you can work with the pat mcafee show again because that content was electric
robert hammond
robert hammond 14 dias atrás
wow wake me up when he posts the cliffnotes. waited weeks for a 20min drumroll. just tell me where you are working and post more content. thank you
Sergio Bascunan
Sergio Bascunan 14 dias atrás
who gives a shit...!!
Alexander 14 dias atrás
He needs to go back to his cream of asking questions at the press conferences
Mr. K
Mr. K 14 dias atrás
“They don’t call me The Nose for nothing” -Ariel Helwani, to Izzy A-des-anya
Michael Yavorsky
Michael Yavorsky 14 dias atrás
F#$% all that. When you fighting the Schmo? October? He's got the venue.
Kim Faber
Kim Faber 14 dias atrás
Yes!! The MMA Hour is back. Let's go, Ariel!!!
fouriertransformable 14 dias atrás
Video starts at 4:10
jack watson
jack watson 14 dias atrás
Pack it in
Pelo Mocho
Pelo Mocho 14 dias atrás
Lol now BT is the best ?
Atif Hussain
Atif Hussain 15 dias atrás
That’s me cancelling bt sports then. This man just absolutely nut hugs rich humans
Guy Katz
Guy Katz 15 dias atrás
The only thing we need is the mma beat. No one cares about the rest. No offense
Charlie MMAFAN
Charlie MMAFAN 15 dias atrás
Ariel why so many different jobs in MMA over the last several years and even now you're going to basically be doing 5 different things? Why so many? Is it just a money issue or are you just trying to keep busy or what? It just seems like you're constantly changing positions or jobs with different people and sites regarding the sport and good for you I'm happy for you but it just seems pretty excessive how you jump around so much honestly because I still remember when you worked for MMA Rated when right now most people probably wouldn't even know what MMA Rated is or was because that was so long ago but you sure have worked for a lot of different people and in a lot of different places over the time you've been covering the sport that's for sure and you still do obviously.
Cary Chilton
Cary Chilton 15 dias atrás
Me 16 dias atrás
Fake, faker, Helwani
Edriel Landicho
Edriel Landicho 16 dias atrás
Love your work as always Ariel - am a fan of yours wherever you go :)
WarBob 16 dias atrás
back on the road content with BT sport is hype. MMA Hour cometh, great news
Ryan 16 dias atrás
Get back to work already
smoke spices
smoke spices 17 dias atrás
You should try to see if foxsports can run a 30min mma show.
Ya' mon
Ya' mon 17 dias atrás
Ariel waxes his hairline lol
MediTruth 17 dias atrás
Wonder how long he will take to burn bridges with BT Sport.
Empowers Communication
Empowers Communication 18 dias atrás
Love you Ariel! I’m so happy for you and us to consume, “Mamma I’m Coming Home!”
Port Film Co-op
Port Film Co-op 18 dias atrás
"BREAKING NEWS: J wants to make more money"
Port Film Co-op
Port Film Co-op 18 dias atrás
Spoitfy has neutered Rogan ... Never gona sign up. Rogan's numbers have gone down the toilet.
billy O'stooge
billy O'stooge 18 dias atrás
Ariel you're a goat pal keep going man
billy O'stooge
billy O'stooge 18 dias atrás
Imma click on your videos even if I don't wanna watch em pal... Goat 🐐
Jeremy James
Jeremy James 19 dias atrás
And what day do your Chinese language lessons start?
Isaac Calep Konou
Isaac Calep Konou 19 dias atrás
Let’s goo Ariel to 1 million!
Yaboii Hunter
Yaboii Hunter 19 dias atrás
Helwani! Helwani! HELWANI! Here for the ride brother. Divine character is irreplaceable and un-priceable. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
rasimos 19 dias atrás
WHAR 19 dias atrás
You're worth so much more than you were offered and keep up the great work!!!
Jyjellypants grape
Jyjellypants grape 19 dias atrás
Ariel helwani interviewing interesting people...we already have that channel, it’s called jre
wopper deluxe
wopper deluxe 20 dias atrás
As soon as I became a fan dude leaves espn, I hope whoever fills your place has even half the talent and charisma you do brother
Lukas Burkholder
Lukas Burkholder 20 dias atrás
I didn't watch Ariel much on ESPN, I like him much better in this type of format.
Riad Ben
Riad Ben 20 dias atrás
I love u man 💙💙
RBC2 20 dias atrás
Are you going to bring back the Lenne Hardt intro?
chesselord123 20 dias atrás
Some would say you gone rouge-an
WHITE LION 20 dias atrás
How you gonna keep things fresh without repeating stories if you're constantly doing shows? 🤔🤔🤔🤔
WHITE LION 20 dias atrás
Bill Burr as a guest please!!! 💪🏻😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃👍🏻
WHITE LION 20 dias atrás
ESPN offered him a $50k pay-cut. ✂️🪚🗡✂️🪚🗡✂️🪚🗡✂️🪚🗡✂️
A B 20 dias atrás
Great to hear! Looking forward to it. I’m teaching a high school journalism class, any suggestions for teaching exemplary journalism?
DAVID CEJA 20 dias atrás
La nariz que sabe.😃
Alvi Ayubov
Alvi Ayubov 21 dia atrás
Good luck with new projects, we will stay tuned wherever you say! 🇷🇺
Tom 21 dia atrás
Jack ma
Black K Star
Black K Star 21 dia atrás
Not a fan of BT sport. The two guys on there gave some wack explanation as to why Leon Edwards shouldn't get a title shot. And you know it was cos he was Black they were making these stupid excuses. So I'm boycotting BT sport
KingTairun 21 dia atrás
1. Ariel Helwani try to be Joe Rogan on BRvid. Joe Rogan is direct with no filter, Ariel is always playing games and plotting.. 2. Ariel Helwani will make paid subscription based content and give the money to his father in law who will give them back to Ariel.. typical 3. Ariel work for BT Sports that is UK sports channel nor European. What does Ariel know about Football, F1and Rugby..? 4. Ariel make podcast like every person ever 5. Ariel will make his old BRvid show on some BRvid channel
Brian Hunte
Brian Hunte 22 dias atrás
I hope DC learned how to play Chess like Ariel. DC you have learned and Ariel got the last laugh. Ariel I am proud of u
AS J 22 dias atrás
2 minutes in and still no answer. Sheesh.
AS J 22 dias atrás
3 minutes in...
Ryan Graham
Ryan Graham 22 dias atrás
I can't believe the MMA hour is back, so excited! So many epic interviews and moments on that show.
american Dreamchaser
american Dreamchaser 22 dias atrás
Hell yeah Ariel helwani you are the man. When it comes to MMA media. Hope you the best.
A B 22 dias atrás
Bring back the mma beat with chuck and jeff
6DeadlyVenoms 22 dias atrás
That face is way too close to the camera
iComeAtNecks 22 dias atrás
Wheres NewYorkRic in all this?
Hai Mai
Hai Mai 22 dias atrás
Independent Helwani is back!! Can't wait!! Much love and support from Australia from long time follower
Denis La Funk
Denis La Funk 23 dias atrás
I always liked MMAFighting Ariel more than ESPN Ariel
Preston McKnight
Preston McKnight 23 dias atrás
Right when u blow up u leave , loser
SB1 23 dias atrás
Best of luck Ariel.. God speed! 👍
GrifFungin 23 dias atrás
Ariel, landscape mode PLEASE. ✌🏻
h1992 uk
h1992 uk 23 dias atrás
Don’t think anyone cares where you’re working guy. Just keep interviewing fighters that’s all we want from you. Best in the game. Far better than John just one more slice Morgan.
Joseph Cirigliano
Joseph Cirigliano 23 dias atrás
Really happy for your Ariel. Hard work pays off.
P L 23 dias atrás
saif1214b gsg
saif1214b gsg 23 dias atrás
We are support you bro
C 23 dias atrás
Damn only 95k views in 1 week... not a good metric.
Kim Singh Rai
Kim Singh Rai 23 dias atrás
Brother we with you to the charity stuff it's so amazing. You are one of the most authentic and real people in sports commentary.
Whoa Brian
Whoa Brian 23 dias atrás
Fuck ya, MMA Hour back in your life!!!!!!! You’re the man Ariel!
Cav_contra 23 dias atrás
I thought he was going to announce his ufc flyweight debut….
Anthony Calvo
Anthony Calvo 23 dias atrás
Podcast and bt sport interview..
Anthony Calvo
Anthony Calvo 23 dias atrás
Your the best...
cesar g
cesar g 23 dias atrás
MMA hour, i missed you 😭
TechWizStore High Quality Low Cost Electronics
Ariel, you're a good guy, and you're really good at what you do. All the best.
Juan Luis Hernandez
Juan Luis Hernandez 24 dias atrás
Finally!! The Nose......has come back....... home... 🥲
Cody Robertson
Cody Robertson 24 dias atrás
We want you to pop the crowd @AEW and join pro wrestling
Hi. Is this thing on?
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