Ariana Grande Reacts to Her Childhood Photos | Billboard

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Ahead of receiving the Woman of the Year award at Billboard's Women in Music event, Ariana Grande looks back at childhood photographs and shares advice for her younger self.
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5 Dez 2018

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Comentários 6 434
LaRon 7God
LaRon 7God Dia atrás
Anyway your daughter doesn’t have nothing at all
Panda the banna BOI
*Have you ever heard of puberty?*
2:23 Nona! That's from Sam and cat 😂
Ariana Uriostegui
Ariana Uriostegui 2 dias atrás
Ariana is just so beautiful with or without makeup💗
Desteni Maldonado
Desteni Maldonado 2 dias atrás
Her natural curls are so cute what the heck ? I wish she would show them off more.
cookie_2205 1
cookie_2205 1 2 dias atrás
She's so inspirational I love her soooooooooo much! ❤❤❤❤❤
Farah Mahmood
Farah Mahmood 2 dias atrás
Everything is brown.. frm her clothes to her face to her hair .. wow .. she’s beautiful
Lara Coll
Lara Coll 3 dias atrás
"I think I have another brother" What?😂😂😂😂
Larisa T
Larisa T 3 dias atrás
This was published on my birthday
Veno Enoo
Veno Enoo 3 dias atrás
February 2019 ? 💞💞
Ellie And Emma
Ellie And Emma 3 dias atrás
Lol “mom can I have that?”
Seal Lover
Seal Lover 4 dias atrás
Try asmr!
Zoya Hiba Khan
Zoya Hiba Khan 4 dias atrás
Why is everyone so concerned about her voice?
Irrelevant 4 dias atrás
“Bitch that’s my cookie, that’s my JUIce”
Turell Lopez
Turell Lopez 4 dias atrás
To all the people that still think her 46 inches of a ponytail is real make sure to watch this video
Rose Redmayne
Rose Redmayne 5 dias atrás
I love her so much but her voice has defiantly gotten deeper. Maybe she doesn’t want to be associated with Cat, her character with the high-pitched voice, but either way, maybe she’s doing a lower voice to not stress her vocal chords. Idk
ellievtoyslover 5 dias atrás
Ariana and her recieving hairline.. still love her tho
Elsa Bodyell
Elsa Bodyell 5 dias atrás
Ariana should do ASMR
XxTayRobloxxX TaylorTakesOver113
Why does her voice concern you haters? I mean isnt there so much more to hate on like pedos and rapist? But u haters choose to be concerned bout a idols voice..... SMH
jamie :T
jamie :T 6 dias atrás
I feel like if I say something about her voice, Ill just get angry 12 year olds in my comment section using emoji's in their replies
jamie :T
jamie :T 6 dias atrás
Hi Im Ariana Grande and you're watching disney channel
Mushfeka Ferdousi
Mushfeka Ferdousi 6 dias atrás
1:09 2:33 Ariana giving clues to her hit breakup song : 0
BEAUTYBYLEANN 6 dias atrás
Grande Africana 😍
Sade Gemmell
Sade Gemmell 6 dias atrás
Holly shit my daughter looks exactly like Arianna’s baby photos 😍❤️
Clara Nascimento
Clara Nascimento 6 dias atrás
Her voice is so beautiful.
Erza Scarlet
Erza Scarlet 6 dias atrás
Not being dramatic but her real, deep voice is to die for 🤤😍
Ella Salvatore
Ella Salvatore 6 dias atrás
Oh I love her so much ❤️❤️ After all she’s been through I’m so glad she’s still strong. What a talented woman.
Octavez Joseph
Octavez Joseph 7 dias atrás
Has anyone else noticed how she developed a blaccent? Near the end?🤣🤣🤣
Gabriela Conde
Gabriela Conde 7 dias atrás
Loveeee ari . Biggg fannn❤❤❤❤❤❤
Gabriela Conde
Gabriela Conde 7 dias atrás
Loveeee ari . Biggg fannn❤❤❤❤❤❤
00 z
00 z 7 dias atrás
without make up is all she said all along
nia durant
nia durant 7 dias atrás
I love that even though her name is pronounced way different she still says grande
Jadorade 6 dias atrás
nia durant right!! Cuz everyone knows “Grande” and not “grandé”
it's Jen
it's Jen 7 dias atrás
*"thank you,* okay *next* one" *Screams:* *THANK YOU,NEXT*
Amie K
Amie K 7 dias atrás
She sounds a Lil croaky is she okk😍😘🤒
Katieboil Anegg
Katieboil Anegg 7 dias atrás
Her voice is so contrived. It flips from soft to sweet, to vocal frying, to a la Paris Hilton, to black to, normal to multiple personality disorder. Make my words; when this talented young woman will be 10 years older, she will sound different again, due to growing up and not trying to be someone that she isn't.
Emilycutiepie Cutie
Emilycutiepie Cutie 8 dias atrás
That was like sooo cute That it like made me cry
kai 8 dias atrás
*so if i get a natural tan from going to the beach and i have a raspy voice that means im trying to act black? dumbest shit I’ve ever heard*
jess alana
jess alana 8 dias atrás
My favorite human. 💗
Joanna Pulai
Joanna Pulai 8 dias atrás
I love ari!!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍💓💓💓💓💓Ari 4ever!!!😍😍😍😍😍💓💓💓😘😘😘😘💟💟💟🌎🌍🌏🇦🇱🇬🇷⚽
Celeste Angulo
Celeste Angulo 9 dias atrás
Cetta Laksita
Cetta Laksita 9 dias atrás
I hope Ariana is naked in front of me
Alexander Zhivkov
Alexander Zhivkov 10 dias atrás
That's what I look like without makeup :D :D
Isabel Ferreira
Isabel Ferreira 10 dias atrás
Like = cute #lovearianagrande
Daiya Hamm
Daiya Hamm 10 dias atrás
Have y’all ever heard of puberty?
QueenxGrande 11 dias atrás
She’s my queen Icantwaittoseeyou
Janik Bollh von horst
Janik Bollh von horst 12 dias atrás
Her urban accent reminds me of the time Bella Hadid said “Homeboys gonna like get it”. Stop it
Ellie Grace
Ellie Grace 12 dias atrás
Major glow up
Mrs Butera
Mrs Butera 12 dias atrás
2:25 😂a *baby queen* 🖤👑
Sally Siri
Sally Siri 13 dias atrás
Y’all trynna be so racist saying she can’t speak like “black ppl” honestly I’m a black girl, I’m literally maturing and going to puberty but I still don’t sound like that. So at least try shutting the f up and continue the video!
Taylor Murray
Taylor Murray 13 dias atrás
i see many people hating on Ariana (not about the blaccent or whatever that is) and it’s actually stupid. If you hate her/don’t support her, why r u on a Video with her in it?
Just a cup of Tae
Just a cup of Tae 14 dias atrás
Ari: hi, I'm Ariana Grande and today you're watching- Me: AND TODAY YOU'RE WATCHING DISNEY CHANNEL!
Fun Tube
Fun Tube 15 dias atrás
You were so cute ❣️
yaminaa Ternisien
yaminaa Ternisien 15 dias atrás
there are strange something in her eye's ... i don't kow what is it
simona roblox
simona roblox 15 dias atrás
Quiero ser como ella
Anaita Zaheri
Anaita Zaheri 16 dias atrás
I love you 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤
Ndeye Siga Mbodj
Ndeye Siga Mbodj 16 dias atrás
comment faire pour te rencontrer j t aime fort
Subhalakshmi sengupta
Subhalakshmi sengupta 17 dias atrás
Her voice is so soothing
Family Tab
Family Tab 17 dias atrás
Omg she is so cute ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Elsa Rory
Elsa Rory 17 dias atrás
*Ariana grande is always adorable *💖
where's my hair?
where's my hair? 17 dias atrás
she's been always talking like that lmao💀 (check older interviews)
alex 17 dias atrás
She should do asmr
SIS VS BRO Hasan 17 dias atrás
Her voice is so soft and beautiful her voice make me relax❤❤
Cupcake Killer
Cupcake Killer 17 dias atrás
I like how she keeps saying she looks the same but she doesn't, but Franky actually does look the same even though she says he doesn't😂😂😂😂👌👌👌👌
Breyauna Wilson
Breyauna Wilson 18 dias atrás
Ariana is the most prettiest female music artist. I love her and her music so much.❤❤👍
-HoneyComb- Gacha
-HoneyComb- Gacha 18 dias atrás
2:27 The way she said juice sounded like she was being blackish whoever watched the video spill about ariana you would know what I'm talking about.
Blue TV
Blue TV 18 dias atrás
“I’m just kidding.... I have less”
Ari isbaezx
Ari isbaezx 18 dias atrás
Who else agrees Ariana is a FUCKING legend
Candice Edwards
Candice Edwards 18 dias atrás
I love you Ari🦄💓‼️
simplesmente MIMIM
simplesmente MIMIM 18 dias atrás
É a minha mulher❤
ariana grande fan
ariana grande fan 18 dias atrás
My queen💜🖤👑
Unicorn poop
Unicorn poop 18 dias atrás
She’s so funny!!
Khadija Rezaiy
Khadija Rezaiy 18 dias atrás
From all all the singer my favorite is ariana grande I wish I can see her
may v
may v 18 dias atrás
I love how she can make fun of herself. She is so beautiful in and out. Forever icon ❤️
Ema Sobrino
Ema Sobrino 19 dias atrás
She wished she looked like a baby
Naomi B
Naomi B 19 dias atrás
0:18 you like my guitar, gee thanks just bought it Like if you got that
Galore Globe315
Galore Globe315 19 dias atrás
im like bitch that's my cookie that's my juice
Galore Globe315
Galore Globe315 19 dias atrás
the way she says juice
nube 19 dias atrás
yunno i luv her sm 😔🤘
Aanab Tahir
Aanab Tahir 19 dias atrás
OMG shes so pretty
73 questions with Jet Packinski
Omg I just love her ❤️
Oliver De Sousa
Oliver De Sousa 19 dias atrás
she ain’t blackfishing. calm your laura lees
hallo was geht
hallo was geht 20 dias atrás
Why am I watchting this so often?
Hailey Aleah
Hailey Aleah 20 dias atrás
Idk about you but I thought it was demi lavato in the thumbnail
Ella Louisa
Ella Louisa 20 dias atrás
her voice is relaxing and gentle!
I love her so much❤️
Vincenzo Loscalzo
Vincenzo Loscalzo 20 dias atrás
She changed a lot since Sam & Cat ended
____ ____
____ ____ 20 dias atrás
*i love how everyone is commenting on her voice and I haven’t seen one negative comment about it so far*
Sâváge Eva
Sâváge Eva 20 dias atrás
Cutest video ever
Lil Odette
Lil Odette 20 dias atrás
Yalllllll was I the only one who noticed her saying thank u next hmmm
Vincent 20 dias atrás
Vocal fryyyyyyyy
taelicously 100
taelicously 100 20 dias atrás
Ya'll keep saying that Ariana speaks black well, guess what i speak yellow
thefangirl sartorius
thefangirl sartorius 20 dias atrás
Zach Herron were you at?
Carrio GIG
Carrio GIG 21 dia atrás
"This my cookie this my juice" .........sound like you trying to be ghetto🤔
a gey boi
a gey boi 21 dia atrás
Aimee A
Aimee A 21 dia atrás
So many jealous and hateful people in the comments. Wow. Goes to show how disgusting people are, worry about yourselves first before you go judge someone else. Girl is glowin and looks beautiful here. Love Ariana, her vocals are amazing and people are here hating her tan and how her voice sounds.. like wow people wow
Lps LemonDrop
Lps LemonDrop 21 dia atrás
Wait, are those real tattoos?
btsfavgirl 21 dia atrás
Ariana is so damn FUNNY, like she’s sarcastic and she can say the funniest shit a straight face lmao.
btsfavgirl 21 dia atrás
1:09 - 1:12 Nice to know that other people still call their Mom “MOMMY!” because I do.
btsfavgirl 21 dia atrás
Ariana looks 12 & 24 at the same time, we love a beautiful woman who had duality!
unikous 21 dia atrás
2:27 she legit tryna sound black... 👩🏾‍🦱😂😠
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