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TikTok: ActuallyJosee
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edited by the best editor in the world :p

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16 Out 2021



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Comentários 1 169
Jorge Irizarry
Jorge Irizarry Dia atrás
Joe Bidan wake up 😏😏 9/11 😂😂😂
lulu shatara
lulu shatara 2 dias atrás
Yo I'm rewatchjng this cuz fck it and I just realized manz ate pasta with a spoon😭😭
Elizabeth Gonzalez
Elizabeth Gonzalez 2 dias atrás
Lmao hot ass shots 🤣
Azalea Patino
Azalea Patino 2 dias atrás
When gero tried putting sum of the shot back in the bottle & then santi said “this light” 😂😂😂& poured gero sum more
Daisy Marmolejo
Daisy Marmolejo 2 dias atrás
This video just showed me how smart Santi and Jose are and how fucking stupid gero and kev are😭😭😭 it’s ok love them all😭😂
Cristian Menjivar
Cristian Menjivar 4 dias atrás
We need more of this😂😂😂
Bella Schwabe
Bella Schwabe 5 dias atrás
Todos son codiciosos, lo creas o no. Cuando Rafa fue liberado, tuvo la oportunidad de dejar la vida criminal, él eligió no demasiado… ¡además nunca fue pobre como se muestra en Narcos! Narcos es un espectáculo estúpido y no salió todo bien, es lo que sea; a la gente solo le gusta verlo sin entender las historias reales y los hechos reales detrás de las historias reales. Rafa nunca fue pobre, tenía parientes involucrados en este negocio desde finales de los 50, ¡¡era un animal !! Netflix lo hizo lucir suave en Narcos, como lo hizo Scorsese con Thomas Two Gun DeSimone en Goodfellas
Lucy Ana
Lucy Ana 5 dias atrás
I didn't go to school that day😂
Delfy 2009
Delfy 2009 5 dias atrás
Santi to gero: you got smart out of nowhere 😂
Arely Flores
Arely Flores 6 dias atrás
Anyone know kevs snapchat?
Yuh girl
Yuh girl 6 dias atrás
“pa arriba, pa abajo, pa el centro, y pa dentro” is not Honduran it’s Mexican lmfaoo
Esmeralda Palestino
Esmeralda Palestino 7 dias atrás
The amount of times I rewinded this video 🤌🏽🤣🤣🤣🤣
Deja Redman
Deja Redman 8 dias atrás
The editing is my favorite i stg HAHAHAHA who edits?! I need to know cause they good asf
Laycha Sanchez
Laycha Sanchez 8 dias atrás
17:26 got me ctfu😭😭🤣🤣
Maxwell Bunch
Maxwell Bunch 9 dias atrás
We need a part 2 ts was funny asf 😭😂
Silvia Perez
Silvia Perez 9 dias atrás
These edits lowkey funny af
Larinaxx 9 dias atrás
This shi had me dead😭😭
Nxva 9 dias atrás
i see where jayco got his questons for his recent video lmaooo, props to the edits tho shit had me weezing
It’s Ruthie
It’s Ruthie 10 dias atrás
lost me when Geo said LIONS 😂💀
Clara Ochoa
Clara Ochoa 10 dias atrás
Ive probably watched this video at least 10 times --- and it just gets funnier every time -- PLEASE DO THIS AGAIN!!
Emily Castro
Emily Castro 10 dias atrás
Vanessa Jimenez
Vanessa Jimenez 10 dias atrás
Kev: “ I be snackin and cackin” 💀
Davidson Vasquez
Davidson Vasquez 10 dias atrás
These foos not even 21 yet LMFAOO
S. P.
S. P. 10 dias atrás
the editing ended mee!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂 💀💀💀💀💀💀
Yam Rod
Yam Rod 11 dias atrás
The edits are fucken sending me talking abt it’s lions pro 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Amanda jaquez
Amanda jaquez 11 dias atrás
These guys are funny asf!
Yemmi Gonzalez
Yemmi Gonzalez 11 dias atrás
Thisscene is sending me! Jose: What is the part of your eye controls how much light enters? Santi:EYELID Kevin: CAN I ANSWER?! THE PUPIL! Jose: Yuhh Gero: I'm not gon dog you bro thought it was the eyelids too Santi: Bro because you close them... Gero: Yeah cause you close them so you control how much light Butv are they wrong tho,
420 jailene
420 jailene 11 dias atrás
joses like “these really my friends rn 🧍🏽‍♀️”
jessykaa21 11 dias atrás
Whoever edited this video, needs a damn raise 😂
Juli Villeda
Juli Villeda 11 dias atrás
bruh when they kept laughing at the my meat jokes I was dying with them😭😭
Chloe Wong
Chloe Wong 12 dias atrás
Why is Kevin so dumb LMFAO no offense he’s hilarious
Chloe Wong
Chloe Wong 12 dias atrás
Y’all r so funny😂😂😂
jaleen 12 dias atrás
bro this video is so funny 😭 the editing makes it better ☠️
Angelaaa Avila G
Angelaaa Avila G 12 dias atrás
Santi is sooo genuine lol, you can tell he hates the arguing and being rude to each other when Gero & Jose talk shit he just tries to be nice to kill the lil bad vibe. He’s so sweet😂😭❤️
Camiea Ardoin
Camiea Ardoin 13 dias atrás
i really watched this 41 minute video fully through😭
Marissa Xx
Marissa Xx 13 dias atrás
i love santea’s laugh so much omg same with gerohans but santea’s is just different 😌
Michelle V
Michelle V 14 dias atrás
Y’all were really feeling them shots 😂I felt like I was there 🤣🤣🤣too funny we need a part 2!💙💙💙💙
Dyana 14 dias atrás
Bro im just gonna say this 14:08
Gina Almazan
Gina Almazan 14 dias atrás
whole video had me wheezing😭💀
Sensei Cuh
Sensei Cuh 14 dias atrás
The editing was fucking great 👍
mily 15 dias atrás
this is to much 😭
Kali Kat
Kali Kat 15 dias atrás
Eww Gero’s laugh is so cute 😭
Juan K
Juan K 15 dias atrás
6:10 Gero was actually correct on saying Alaska IS part of North America which is why only Hawaii is correct bc its a literal island 3 hours to the left 🤣🤣 and Santea was like “whaat..?” Like bruh, think-
vansssaa 15 dias atrás
Nick Cañez
Nick Cañez 15 dias atrás
This is funny asf lmaoo
jam 15 dias atrás
My boy kevin was struggling 😂😂😂
Spiritual Novaa
Spiritual Novaa 16 dias atrás
Lmao the editing is undefeated 😭
Envy Jo
Envy Jo 16 dias atrás
The edits got me 😂😂😂😂😂
Isabella Martinez
Isabella Martinez 16 dias atrás
Isabella Martinez
Isabella Martinez 16 dias atrás
Funniest group of friends 🙄
spingbing minus
spingbing minus 17 dias atrás
13:48, im so deddd I can't stop lauginggg bruhhhh😭😭😭😭😭😭
Rosie Zahau
Rosie Zahau 17 dias atrás
the amount of confidence kev had when he said the sun was the largest planet😭😂
Maria Sanchez
Maria Sanchez 18 dias atrás
I keep coming back to this video because how hilarious Kevin is !!! 🤣
lisha jumbo
lisha jumbo 18 dias atrás
Jacqueline Garcia
Jacqueline Garcia 18 dias atrás
not all of them yelling round ten twice 🤣
Alex Silva
Alex Silva 19 dias atrás
12:50 I was crying dawg😭😭
madmanmarrciia 19 dias atrás
Eddie A
Eddie A 19 dias atrás
Lmaooo this shit was funny asf😂😂made my day bruh
Brayden Young
Brayden Young 19 dias atrás
i wanna be friends wit them bro. this friend group would be so fun fr. 🖤
Ailyn Garcia
Ailyn Garcia 19 dias atrás
Marco Luna
Marco Luna 19 dias atrás
Bro these blokes were either faded before the vid or they just dumb af
Estrella Ledesma
Estrella Ledesma 19 dias atrás
I almost died of laughter throughout this whole video!😂💀
brenda desousa
brenda desousa 20 dias atrás
gero lowkey dumbbb😂 he doesnt even know what plural means bruh
Sandra Arellano
Sandra Arellano 20 dias atrás
The question about what part of the eye controls how much light enters the pupil, is actually the iris. Light enters through the pupil ( black circle), but the iris is what actually moves and controls how much light enters
Ahlum Park
Ahlum Park 20 dias atrás
kev def one of those dudes who cheated in high school
Alissa Batista
Alissa Batista 21 dia atrás
i was dying this whole video i felt like i was there playing the game with them
Alissa Batista
Alissa Batista 21 dia atrás
17:14 pause-
Alissa Batista
Alissa Batista 21 dia atrás
10:18 gero ayo?
natalie monroy
natalie monroy 21 dia atrás
Lmaoo kevs was tweaking at the end 😭
Esmeralda R
Esmeralda R 21 dia atrás
Kevin is fine asf
Jason Pineda
Jason Pineda 21 dia atrás
Goated video fr fr !!! Keep dropping bangers bruv
AYANNA’ JAYY 22 dias atrás
17:23 Gero wasss so confident with that “lions”😭😭😭😭😭bye
Leilani Rubio
Leilani Rubio 22 dias atrás
bro this video made me laugh non stop😂, you guys are genuinely just funny asf, feels like if you guys are my friends
Luis Berrera
Luis Berrera 22 dias atrás
Round 10 twice. Run it up
Axel Zamora
Axel Zamora 22 dias atrás
Ciroc ain’t it fellas
angie rodriguez
angie rodriguez 23 dias atrás
Slay Graal
Slay Graal 23 dias atrás
ok but are we not gonna talk about jose fucking that alfredo up in the background lmaoooo
I love tea
I love tea 23 dias atrás
Did Gero really tattooed his eyebrows?
Alyssa 23 dias atrás
Jose saying STFU takes me out every time🤣
Cesar Gonzalez
Cesar Gonzalez 23 dias atrás
Yo Kevy Kevs needs a new brain 💀🧠😂
Alex Mashni
Alex Mashni 23 dias atrás
Your editor is fucking amazing man. Y’all are too funny “what mineral? Solids.” epiphany moment.
Naida Perez
Naida Perez 23 dias atrás
Jose eating pasta in the background
Ashley Bello
Ashley Bello 24 dias atrás
Why is Jose so mean to gero bruh 😭
Karla Alejandra
Karla Alejandra 24 dias atrás
LMFAOOO I shouldn’t be laughing this much at 2am I needed this
Edwin Meza
Edwin Meza 24 dias atrás
Y’all gotta do a part 2 of this this is too funny
Cherry liz
Cherry liz 24 dias atrás
YOOOOO I knew kevs laugh sounded familiar to my childhood bruh
Leslie Beatriz
Leslie Beatriz 24 dias atrás
I’m always so late on watching santis videos lol but y’all did round 10 twice 😂 the amount of times I laughed out loud!! You guys are way to funny!!🤣🥰
urgirlK 25 dias atrás
The editing for this video 🤣🤣😂
Katie Rodriguez
Katie Rodriguez 26 dias atrás
this video was funny asf 😂😂
Cici 26 dias atrás
Hahah death cover album
Lupe Palacios
Lupe Palacios 27 dias atrás
I’m really sitting here watching through all of your videos cracking up by myself 🤣🤣
Princess Sky
Princess Sky 27 dias atrás
Jose always looking serious and dead into the camera 💀💀 whole video got me 💀 asf 🤣
Evelyn Cholula
Evelyn Cholula 27 dias atrás
Bruh it’s like 3:08 am and I was here dying 😭
Darci Dueñas
Darci Dueñas 28 dias atrás
I died at the “in the biningi” or some shit 😂😂
Ismenia Barraza
Ismenia Barraza 28 dias atrás
This is prob the funniest video I’ve seen in a while. I’m dead af 💀😅
ariana silvas
ariana silvas 28 dias atrás
jose be having some anger issues
Maryella 29 dias atrás
The amount of times Santea said ROUND 10 😭
Briana Huerta
Briana Huerta 29 dias atrás
Laughed through the whole video 😭
janelllyyyy 29 dias atrás
watching kevin struggle with the 5 senses funny af
janelllyyyy 29 dias atrás
No bc yall have me laughing out loud GOOD SHITTT
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