Are we having kids? Vegan? 50 states goal? (Juicy Q&A with Sailing La Vagabonde)

Kara and Nate
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7 Ago 2022



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Julia Mês atrás
Please don’t quit making long videos for shorter ones!!!! I love nothing more than sitting down and watching a LONG Kara and Nate video!!!! 💕💕💕
Checa O'Sullivan
Checa O'Sullivan 7 dias atrás
We love having your amazing authentic videos!
Charlotte Paech
Charlotte Paech 22 dias atrás
I agreed that their videos are really good because of the are day to 🧳
Ana Menezes
Ana Menezes 24 dias atrás
Yesss!! I agree! ❤️
Family Cui
Family Cui Mês atrás
Same the I halve to change it alot
Living Vicariously
Living Vicariously Mês atrás
Only adding that I agree! I’m a long form consumer
Jackie Heath
Jackie Heath Mês atrás
The format of this video made it so relaxed and enjoyable. It was like being there and having a conversation versus a standard stiff Q&A. You all are just so insanely talented. Thank you for taking us along on your journeys. This video was so fun!
Iida L
Iida L Mês atrás
I don't think you should worry about shorter content! Watching your 30min long videos is like watching a TV series and the more content you get the better. It's perfect to watch while eating or taking a breather, I would not be able to imagine watching BRvid shorts in that way. Keep up the great content! ❤️☺️
Caitlynn Wallace
Caitlynn Wallace 19 dias atrás
Exactly this!
Jaime-anne Atkins
Jaime-anne Atkins Mês atrás
Jaime-anne Atkins
Jaime-anne Atkins Mês atrás
Your welcome 😃
Jaime-anne Atkins
Jaime-anne Atkins Mês atrás
Yep 100 0/0 agreeeeeeeee!
Erin Eddy
Erin Eddy Mês atrás
@Cherissa Adams AGREEEEEEE
Mrs Always Right
Mrs Always Right Mês atrás
Can we all appreciate the fact that Kara & Nate never disappointed us with their content 😊😊😊
xio kousa
xio kousa Mês atrás
I can't believe it was that time of the month for Kara while she was surviving on a deserted island. Nope. Nope. Hard nope. I'm even more impressed than I already was.
Weekend Wandering
Weekend Wandering Mês atrás
This was so fun to watch! And I'm with you, Kara! We went from being on the fence about kids to deciding we don't want kids... and that decision feels good! All I can say is it's okay to not be sure! And don't let others ever pressure you if your decision starts to lean towards 'no'... We had people who used to try to pressure us into having kids and they finally backed off!
Stephanie George
Stephanie George Mês atrás
I'm a Mom now but I spent 20 years being the fun Aunt. There is nothing wrong with loving kids and being a fun Aunt. Your life, your decisions.
Nellis Mês atrás
I was exactly like that. me and my husband used to travel a lot and with kids that does get more challenging. we have 2 small girls now after years of doubt. I love them so much but I can absolutely understand and respect others in our situation chosing to be childless 😊 PS: we do travel much less now but it does get easier over time when they become more independent
gypsygurl Mês atrás
@Big Wide World Exactly! Don't bring a life into this world just cause that is what everyone else does. Bringing a life into this world is a big responsibility as one is going to mold life and thoughts of this living creature they consciously made a choice to bring into this world. Never ever make this decision based on following what rest of the world does. Anyhow, said all that and knowing from what I can understand how Kara is, she will not be pressured. And admire that!!
gypsygurl Mês atrás
100% agree. Have a kid ONLY if you want to. Shut off the external noise and the norm of the world to have a kid. Do what your heart wants and don't try to fit in the 'supposed' to be norm of having a kid. I can tell from my personal experience that if you truly don't want to have kids, you will never regret it.
Weekend Wandering
Weekend Wandering Mês atrás
@Big Wide World Yes! Agreed!!
Sailing La Vagabonde
It was great to have you guys onboard. Let’s lock that in again for sometime very soon! *just remember 3 is too many* 🫣🍼
Gabe West
Gabe West Mês atrás
Great video!
Potato Mês atrás
@vpaniagu Ok but having Greta Thunberg in your boat isn’t really a political statement. More like a scientific “hey TNC’s you need to chill on the world” statement.
Melissa W
Melissa W Mês atrás
YES! You guys seem to work out well together...and I love you both!
Cara Chartrand
Cara Chartrand Mês atrás
@Legority Greta has very strong political views so it was assumed that SLV agree with her views by supporting her
Legority Mês atrás
@Cara Chartrand oh wtf is wrong with that? that's really cool actually
Planes, Trains, Everything.
One of the best Q&A sessions I've seen on BRvid. Absolutely brilliant.
Kelvin John giveaway
👆👆 Thanks 🙏 for watching 👆 telegram above to claim gift ❤️ Thanks. 😘
slvrbullet22 Mês atrás
I LOVE LOVE how Nate said his pet peeve but quickly showed his appreciation for Kara for what she has done with him that mattered. That speaks volumes these days to overcome one negative flaw but appreciative of her whole being with him.
Jim Newton
Jim Newton Mês atrás
It's a shame that the 50 state challenge was canned. I really loved the videos about the people, e.g. the Columbian culture in new Jersey, and the crawfish family in Louisiana. I loved these more than the adventure videos from the states.
Hiilani Makahanaloa
Thank you for being open and so refreshing. So glad you guys shared. P.S - YAY MENSTRUAL CUPS. They’re the best and I’ll never go back to disposable products ❤️
Stephanie Mês atrás
I can't believe it was that time of the month for Kara while she was surviving on a deserted island. Nope. Nope. Hard nope. I'm even more impressed than I already was.
Carole Hirsch
Carole Hirsch Mês atrás
Yeah. Endometriosis means I would’ve been curled up in a ball crying for the entire time b
Mel H.
Mel H. Mês atrás
Me too 😂
Candy Mês atrás
With my fibroids I would be screwed lol.
Amanda Mês atrás
I would be dying…. Mine is only 3 day but it’s HEAVY lol 😆 I wouldn’t survive
Ashley Caum
Ashley Caum Mês atrás
MVP Kara!!!
Kayeng Maria
Kayeng Maria Mês atrás
To be honest, I WATCHED THE WHOLE 1 HOUR VIDEO! ☺️ And I didn't even realize I watched it that long maybe because I enjoyed watching you guys having fun travelling together. ☺️ I even said to myself that it wasn't enough and I want to watch more. 😂
Ashley Powell
Ashley Powell 15 dias atrás
I’ve watched you guys for a few years now and this is great seeing you open up and be honest!
Kim M
Kim M Mês atrás
Just taking this opportunity to say: Thank You for making content without vulgar speech. It’s so refreshing to watch interesting locations and adventures without being assaulted by ‘bleeps’ and cussing. It’s why we binge-watched your whole you tube channel during COVID lock down and keep checking in!
Sandra Woodfin Lewandowski
I love these longer videos! Many times the short ones have left me wanting more…either more about what y’all are experiencing on that adventure or more about the place y’all are visiting. These longer videos are wonderful! Thank you!
Alexah Mês atrás
honestly i like longer videos better than short videos! i think alot of people would still watch you in the future! i always get excited when i see a video im interested in and its about 20 - 40 mins!! i feel like the only 13 year old without tiktok lol
Salty Palmtree Adventures
Agree! I’m honestly so over the shorts! I enjoy proper content!
Alexah Mês atrás
​@pinkgirrafelove im glad theres more people who also dont have the app : D
pinkgirrafelove Mês atrás
I agree, and I am almost 13 and I don’t have tik tok also!!
Tia Mês atrás
Totally agree! I think this gen that grew up with BRvid and not shorts, tiktok or reels can pay attention to quality made long vids. Although the above is entertaining they have no depth to it. They are exactly what social media is and don’t show too much reality. BRvid I feel, gives you a bit more of that reality or maybe it’s just the people/things I watch 😅
Kelly M.
Kelly M. Mês atrás
I refuse to watch shorts. I prefer longer quality videos.
Karen Gale
Karen Gale Mês atrás
Can I just say that the combo of my favorite BRvidrs doing a for real talk all together is EVERYTHING! TY!
Teresa Durham
Teresa Durham Mês atrás
By far, my favorite vlog to date. It made me love you both even more. Best Q&A for sure.
nguyen925 Mês atrás
I love how transparent yall are! Hoping to bump into you two one day on the road. I would never un sub from anyone haha. Sometimes I do unsub but its only because the account gets hacked. I would say the biggest reason my wife and I wanted a kid (or two) is because we both want to see how well we can raise a kid in this crazy world. And something to look forward to and celebrate with achievements with the kid and know (hopefully) we can grow with them when we're old and all of our friends are gone :)
Stephen Jordan
Stephen Jordan Mês atrás
After all we’ve seen Eamon & Bec go through and how it has been an absolute joy to watch Stephen & Jess announce and go through their pregnancy, as well as watching Hunter growing up, we would love to see you two have children. With your personalities and all your experiences, you will be awesome parents.
Veronique Castel
Veronique Castel Mês atrás
Creepy comment “we would love to see you have kids”. It’s not for you to say. Mind your own business.
Big Wide World
Big Wide World Mês atrás
You've really gotta want kids with a passion though, people used to try and push me and my partner into having kids but it just wasn't there. We travel as much as we can around our work, we have rescue cats that we love and wouldn't change a thing. Thing is a traveller needs to have a real strong desire to have a kid because once that kid needs to start school then travelling becomes very, very restricted.
Ashley Murray
Ashley Murray Mês atrás
Honestly, LOVE the long videos from you guys! The longer, the better! It just means that much more of Kara and Nate for the week ❤️🙂
Kathy Shea
Kathy Shea Mês atrás
This is awesome! Two of my favorite BRvid couples. So cool to see them together! I’m glad to hear they are as authentic as they seem. I think they are amazing, interesting and entertaining people who are beautiful inside and out.
Shugarspaz Mês atrás
I’ve been watching you two since you went to the Maldives, and watched every single video you’ve put out and this is the video that’s brought me closest to you. Like you’re real humans and not some magical ponies that I could never aspire to be. Thanks for being honest and raw 🥰
Laura Ferris
Laura Ferris Mês atrás
love this q & a! and love you guys! 🎉
UNBREAKABLE1028 Mês atrás
Really loved this video! And I love that y’all do long videos. I always wait to watch them at home so I can stream on the tv. Thanks for sharing all this with us.
robyn rybarski
robyn rybarski Mês atrás
I follow both of you and I'm so happy to see you together.
Jorjha Unwin
Jorjha Unwin Mês atrás
This was such a fun video to join, felt like we were part of the chaos and laughter truly ❤️ I also prefer these longer form videos!
Brenda Holland
Brenda Holland Mês atrás
What a fun video! The back and forth was brilliant. It was so neat to see you all together.
Megan Nichole
Megan Nichole Mês atrás
this is the first Q & A I actually loved to watch. I appreciate you guys separating the questions into segments as well!
webdaddy Mês atrás
@Kara and Nate Great editing job, interspersing R&E, the boat, and the questions into a very fun video! Kara, was that you?!
Salty Palmtree Adventures
Agree! And they where funny!
Arielle SoulLighting
@Kara and Nate @Megan Nichole 💯
Kara and Nate
Kara and Nate Mês atrás
Glad you enjoyed it 🤗
g tas
g tas Mês atrás
Guys, your longer videos are the bomb. They keep me going and I love how we get to know you through your videos ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Bek Romijn
Bek Romijn Mês atrás
I absolutely love watching you guys and Riley and Elayna hang out! Such an awesome collaboration and a great idea for an interesting Q and A ❤️
Loe_ Loves
Loe_ Loves Mês atrás
I watch y’all’s videos almost like I would watch a show though. I love the long videos. I understand the fear of the fluctuations of BRvid and other platforms but I will definitely always love y’all’s videos.😊💜
Natalie J W
Natalie J W Mês atrás
I LOVED this video! So fun, so casual! Thanks for sharing juicy details and great job to your subscribers for asking such rad questions. (Plus, you guys all seem to have the best fun together, so awesome!)
Travels of Sarah Fay
Thanks for being so open. I feel like as a travel vlogger there is no book on how to do this. You have to be flexible and go with your gut. Glad you shared 😊
Grillz Kid
Grillz Kid Mês atrás
Rude vegans
Mike G
Mike G Mês atrás
I completely concur. For both couples and both channels.! Wonderful people !
Ballsy Mês atrás
Suzi Clark
Suzi Clark Mês atrás
I actually really like the format of this Q&A! So much more interesting than the usual "sit in front of the camera and answer questions", because you interspersed it with action. Also, no shame in talking about periods and hygiene! 50% of the world has to deal with it on a monthly basis - normalize it!
Bondo Mês atrás
Your long videos are one of my favorite parts of your channel!! I love being able to see the whole journey you guys are on, and you always document and edit so well that im still wanting more to watch! :)
Jane Capstick
Jane Capstick Mês atrás
This video made me feel like I was on the boat with you. We were just all chatting while you packed. Big fans of all of you!
April Burt
April Burt Mês atrás
You guys are so adorable and I love watching all your adventures!!!! I hope you continue to do content for a long long time!
Kelsey Baker
Kelsey Baker Mês atrás
When I first started watching I was like that’s odd Kara and Nate are gonna do a Q&A with Riley and Elayna in the background but this was SO FUN!!! I loved y’all answering questions and then R and E jumping in too. Great video!!
Megan Shields
Megan Shields Mês atrás
I love this, I’ve been watching a lot of sailing la vagabond and eamon and bec because of you guys but I love live watching y’all! I love how genuine you guys are and I’m from Tennessee so I love to support fellow “Nashvillians”. Please don’t stop making videos for a while!
Scott Childers
Scott Childers Mês atrás
I had the best time watching this. I am definitely similar to Nate when it comes how Kara describe his situational control. I laughed so hard when she said “when Nate tells me what to do.” Ironically, we were married in the same day and year as you guys.
Roam with Jeep
Roam with Jeep Mês atrás
loved this ! The questions were on point ☮🙌🏻
Virginia B
Virginia B Mês atrás
First, thank you for mentioning the menstrual cup!! It's one of the best decisions I've made as a fellow world traveler and it's soooo much better for the environment. Secondly, LOVE the long videos! Don't stop! Thirdly, I've been a vegetarian since 2013, but I sometimes eat meat for the sake of a cultural experience or when I'm craving sushi (like today). The idea is to *reduce* your meat intake. So, yes, there's an in-between. Besides, you get to make your own rules! Finally, thank you for being your authentic, amazing selves! Hugs from an American in Colombia!
puttytat007 Mês atrás
@Virginia B, So your an American living in America. How nice, hoping your enjoying America. 🤔😳😏😇
J. Wilkerson
J. Wilkerson Mês atrás
Oh my gosh, the ability to be open about your spouses flaws is such a hard thing to do, but that you all accept the fact no one is perfect and we all can improve ourselves, I believe, is the first step to improving our marriages. I want to thank you all for being so open and transparent.
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Chloe Choo
Chloe Choo Mês atrás
NOOOO don’t quit longform videos 🥺🥺 watching you both, elayna and riley and kingingit and eamon and bec are my weekly PICK ME UPs!!!! ❤️❤️❤️
kristina holodna
kristina holodna Mês atrás
We love long videos!! It’s like sitting down to watch a good episode of a favorite series!! We love you guys!!
Lydia Cole-Tinkham
Lydia Cole-Tinkham Mês atrás
As always your videos are very fun to watch and make me laugh, I love when ever I see a new video you guys!
kristina holodna
kristina holodna Mês atrás
We love long videos!! It’s like sitting down to watch a good episode of a favorite series!! We love you guys!!
Bunnyxlover24 Mês atrás
I loved this so much. 😍 Two great couples.
Shauntel Stovall
Shauntel Stovall Mês atrás
I think even when most of us watch short films on insta or TikTok, we still love the series vibe that your videos give. Also, because of the quality of your videos, I feel like I am watching a TV series, but it makes it even cooler that it’s real 😎
Heather N
Heather N Mês atrás
Loved this video! I learned so much! Especially loved the opinion and perspective on vegetarian/vegan. I know I am not in a position to go 100% so I’ve never pursued it, despite always wanted to. But now I feel so differently! Thank you for that!!
Kaylie Hobbs
Kaylie Hobbs Mês atrás
Love you guys!! I feel like I always forget to like an comment I just go straight into another video but I LIVE for these! Makes me make my travel plans look WO much more doable
Francesca Mês atrás
Just throwing this out there, although I’m mostly bored with BRvid these days. There are handful of people I will ALWAYS come back for - you all, Eamon & Bec, Elayna & Riley. I love you all so much and these are my favorite things to watch. I also literally never shut up about you guys in real life. My family now knows you be name because of how much I talk about places you’ve gone, Fare Drop, AG1, etc. You will stand the test of time, even while not traveling 💕❤️💕
Amy Coulter
Amy Coulter Mês atrás
You should give Kinging it a go, they’re epic!
K LW Mês atrás
@lisa Anderson Cancer & chemotherapy treatment takes so much out of you and they are also going thru the fertility thing (or have done so) but I’m guessing Bec is needing time for healing, finding her energy and her new normal. This has taken a toll on them both as a couple too ..there maybe surgical mastecomy(ies) also to come which would be HUGE and another reason they’re not posting as survival is the utmost importance here. Let’s pray for them and send them good positive energy :)🙏🏼
RIA Avelar
RIA Avelar Mês atrás
@Lisa Anderson I don’t know. I have been praying for them.
RIA Avelar
RIA Avelar Mês atrás
Lisa Anderson
Lisa Anderson Mês atrás
Same! Have I missed something regarding Eamon and Bec? Why no BRvid videos for weeks now? I was expecting another cancer update or wedding video 🤷🏼‍♀️
Emma Wheeler
Emma Wheeler Mês atrás
This was the best! I loved the natural feeling of it and I loved seeing a different prospective on all of you. Made you all seem more real and “normal” to me. Don’t stop with the long videos either!
Greg Boyd
Greg Boyd Mês atrás
Four, okay six/seven, of my favorite people to share adventures with. Great video!
Lena M
Lena M Mês atrás
The four of you make such a fun crew! I hope to see you all together again one day
Danielle Neuhalfen
Danielle Neuhalfen Mês atrás
I love this video and collaboration ♥️♥️♥️ you’re all so interesting and I thoroughly enjoy the content.
Kara and Nate
Kara and Nate Mês atrás
What other questions do y’all have?! Comment them below and we'll answer as many as we can :) We hope you enjoyed this more raw style of video! It's nice to get a little personal every once in a while 💕
Kathia Mendez
Kathia Mendez Mês atrás
does anyone know the website they used for the supervised/proctored covid test?
Brandy Bauer
Brandy Bauer Mês atrás
A couple questions: How do you get/receive mail our bank still insists on sending our tax papers in the mail even though we have it sent to us online through their app. and told them paperless only. We don’t need a hard copy, but they just send it. We do everything possible paperless (banking, bills). However, getting your drivers license, passports and income taxes, banking how do you domicile to get an address to do all of that (not to mention if you get called for jury duty you need to know right away) do you use a mailing service? I wouldn’t know what to do if I was out of the country in an area with little to no Internet service and then get called in for jury duty unknowingly and weeks go by then unintentionally being a no-show. Obviously I do not want that to happen. But I don’t quite understand how to prevent that when traveling. Clearly people can’t just sit at home their entire lives… just in case. Also health insurance, what do you use for health and dental insurance. I would love to sell our home and be free to travel, but there are just things you have to have. Do you have a storage unit, I thought about my parents house for some odds and ends (like 1 container, I’m pretty minimalistic otherwise). But their house was recently lost in a fire. A lithium battery being charged caused it. And the last thing I want to do is burden them with my stuff. We would love to full time travel and not just vacation, so these are the things I’m thinking knowing it’s just part of being an adult and you can’t not.
jgrecs Mês atrás
What are your MBTI types?
Mike Smith
Mike Smith Mês atrás
Do you ever consider the environmental impact of your lifestyle?
Une maman et ses mam’zelles
I just discovered you (better late than never lol) and you are living my dream life! I had 3 kids before realizing that travelling was my real passion and goal! Maybe one day I hope! I love how authentic you are and I personally prefer longer videos! I have some questions but I guess I’ll find the answers by keep looking at your videos! But for the van life, how much does it cost? Is it hard to drive? And I am from Quebec so my English might not be perfect. Did you already visit this city?
Ella Marie
Ella Marie Mês atrás
I love your unique collabs & real questions!
1307scooter Mês atrás
Love how you guys have adventures with other popular BRvidrs. It's genius, both channels must see a huge sub increase. You guys introduced me to Eamon and Bec, who I absolutely love. Praying for Bec.
Carol Miles
Carol Miles Mês atrás
I will never leave your channel! Thanks for answering all of the questions. It couldn’t be easy. Keep doing what you do, your still the best. ❤️
Rachael S
Rachael S Mês atrás
I am literally living for this video! I was so excited to see yall get on this boat I don't even think words could sum it up. Each week I await a new video from yall and it never disappoints! If you guys decide to restart the 50 states goal and make it to ohio let me know! As for the shorts on BRvid, I myself don't watch them but I will say I did actually find yall through Facebook videos. I would watch those and after a while I found you guys on BRvid and it has opened up to so many others yall have done collabs with. Yall are my laundry folding jam and I am so thankful that finding this genre of BRvid has helped me travel with my kiddos and give them unforgettable life experiences as well as myself. Since watching your guises channel I have made a goal that every year I have to do at least 5 things that make me uncomfortable! The thought of you guys being parents and traveling excites me even more! So thanks for all the videos guys! love you!!! ❤️
TheMysteriesWithin Mês atrás
Even if BRvid does switch to being short-content-centric, I can absolutely guarantee that there will be tonnes of people who would still seek out your videos! It's about the content you showcase, the amazing footage and edits... But more than all of that, it is you both that we can't get enough of! :) Kara's positivity and cheerfulness is easy to get addicted to! ❤️
WesNDeeLandNSea Mês atrás
This video was great fun to watch. I loved seeing the videos of you guys together on the boat. Super happy you got the time to go out there and relax a bit. Best of luck on your new adventures!
Brent Perez
Brent Perez Mês atrás
Great video! I really wasn’t sure from the subject, but you guys are talented storytellers. Bests!
Carols.Someday Mês atrás
I love how honest you guys are and I am the same with eating habits. I try to eat more plant based but not 100%.
Anne Macleod
Anne Macleod Mês atrás
I regularly watch Elayna and Riley (for almost a year now!!) and it was lovely to meet you both on their boat…and to watch this…love your openness…love the fact you are decent human beings hanging out together who clearly have a synergy! I.e. “flowing love”!! 🐑🐑🇳🇿🇳🇿NZ
Megan Madigan
Megan Madigan Mês atrás
Could not love this video more!!! I’ve been watching both of your channels from the start and so cool to see you both meet in person, love spending time with each other, and answer honest questions! ♥️♥️♥️♥️
🚨W​A​T​C​H​​ M​​Y​ L​A​S​T​ V​I​D​E​O​🚨
It’s so hard to put into words, but you nailed it. Spending time with other creators is somehow equally relaxing and motivating!
Jordan Patterson
Jordan Patterson Mês atrás
This was fun. And I LOVE the long videos. Hope those never stop!
Jay Olson
Jay Olson Mês atrás
Your channel has always been amazing. Long form videos is where it’s at because they are more in-depth. Even if your videos went to 1 hour that would be F@#$&%g 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Ambition Strikes
Ambition Strikes Mês atrás
It’s so hard to put into words, but you nailed it. Spending time with other creators is somehow equally relaxing and motivating!
Chris McMahon
Chris McMahon Mês atrás
No, influencers together are kind of annoying. Kara and Nate with their millions of subscribers are less relatable than they used to be.
Mariann Fehily
Mariann Fehily Mês atrás
Hello , nice surprise Courtney n Riley.😘🇦🇺
Steve K.
Steve K. Mês atrás
Love your channel / content and these collabs with other amazing people is the best!!
Kelly Talavs
Kelly Talavs Mês atrás
This is one of my favorite videos, love seeing the genuine connection between both family's :) And ya'll are hilarious!
Ezper Paul Mat
Ezper Paul Mat Mês atrás
Its such an amazing thing to see when i started to follow this channel you guys just hit your 1M and now a couple months/years later now at 3M!
Kathy Adair
Kathy Adair Mês atrás
Excellent collab and fantastic Q&A with Riley and Elana. This has been one of my very favorites.
Sally L
Sally L Mês atrás
Great video and appreciate the honesty! I am a mom of an adult daughter and I wouldn't trade that for anything ,but this time in our country/ world I would be so scared to bring kids into it honestly! Also to each their own.. Many people choose not to have children for various reasons and I applaud people that know and go with their gut , not the ideas of what makes a fuffilling life to others but to be true to yourselves. You truly owe no one any explanation on this subject imo.. Also I know you have nieces and nephews that you can love on And help in the village part of it..Take care guys.. I just recently got Google Fi myself due to great prices and the need of a new phone. Since I have a lot of health mobility issues and I'm home on Wi-Fi mostly i don't have to add the extra data in my plan which is nice and low priced even buying one of the newest phones added onto my monthly small bill .Safe happy travels Kara & Nate! 💕
cesar Flores
cesar Flores Mês atrás
Wonderful video. I’ve stated it before, your loyal fans simply like you sharing part of your day and insight into who you are. Thank you for this and keep giving others hope by living out your dream!
Amanda Greenman
Amanda Greenman Mês atrás
I've been following you two since you were at around 100k subscribers and am happy you are both traveling and making content even after a very challenging 2 years for travel! I'll always be around for your long form content. It's fun seeing you back on the road (in the air) more and more again.
Yayy I’m so glad you answered one! Would totally agree, I’ve probably bought like 10 pretty journals and can’t seem to get in the habit of writing in them 😂 let’s start a journaling club!
Laura On The Move
Laura On The Move Mês atrás
I was vegetarian for year but started trying to be more balanced over the past year and it’s been so much better! Still being conscious of what I’m eating but giving myself a break when I want to try something new! So much better for me and how I travel! Love that not being 100% one thing doesn’t mean it’s not important!
And it's that approach that's needed.
Juliann Watson
Juliann Watson Mês atrás
Love your videos! Keep them as they are! Love you guys 💕
Celine Reyes
Celine Reyes Mês atrás
started watching riley and elyana and they opened my mind to traveling so uniquely and than i found you guys 🤍 love this community can’t wait to be apart of it
xio kousa
xio kousa Mês atrás
Vagabonde, Emon and Bec, who are such great story tellers then the longer content works best. You are all inspirations and thank you for sharing your adventures.
lies jopie
lies jopie Mês atrás
great video😍! i have been watching both of your channels for a looooong time and i didn’t expect to actually get to know you guys better🌈🌞. this is the best q&a i have ever seen (i’m not exaggerating🫶) i really enjoyed watching it and seeing a new side of you all💟
The funk stylists a.k.a.G.Boucher
I’m been following you for years @kara and Nate always enjoyed watching,,, peace and happiness
When Adventure Knox
I'm grateful that I live in a time and place where it's socially acceptable to choose not to have children 🙏 It's nice to hear you guys talking so freely about 'maybe, maybe not' and no one blinks an eye in the comments!
Macbeth Community
Macbeth Community Mês atrás
Marie Mês atrás
I love your long vlogs! Continue with what you're doing :)
Seo Ina
Seo Ina Mês atrás
Please don’t stop I look forward to watching you guys no matter where you go, I just love your energy
Basic To Glam Chic Travels
Love your contents, you guys inspire me to always work towards my goals, travelling around the world is something I dream of doing but like everything you have to start small so I start by travelling in my country Italy while producing contents. Love your videos guys ❤❤
D’ma Extraordinaire
How fun! You answered every question that I had plus many, many more! Keep on going, you bring us lots of (fun) quality entertainment.
Tide Knot Travellers
Love that you were straight in with that first question, definitely agree with Elayna sometimes if people are that bothered maybe it’s a good cull. The baby question is something we’re always asked, I feel very similar to you Kara and with the period timing, always the most inconvenient timing and menstrual cups are great!
Maddi Marie
Maddi Marie Mês atrás
100% your van life series has pushed my husband and I into wanting to do van life in the future!!!
Jen I
Jen I Mês atrás
Absolutely loved this Q&A!! I especially love the vegetarian/vegan chat. As a strict vegetarian myself, I actually love when people even just limit their meat intake even if they don’t go all in. It’s encouraging and does a lot more good than you realize ♥️ So way to go guys!
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It’s Natalie
It’s Natalie Mês atrás
Oh my gosh I can’t even I love you guys so so so much!! ❤️ you are so authentic and real and funny and never stop making long videos and you will always be cool and hip 😉😂🙌
Michelle August
Michelle August Mês atrás
just catching up..I love all videos you guys make and I esp love the long ones as well! I don't think ppl should ever ask the question about the kids. my poor daughter who's a newlywed keeps getting that question. in due time!
Hannah Murray
Hannah Murray Mês atrás
I look forward to your videos every week! I’m always here for the long videos!
Erika Calvert
Erika Calvert Mês atrás
OMG I just love you guys so much! You’re so down to earth! Thanks for being so open with us! ❤️
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Becca Kraeutle
Becca Kraeutle Mês atrás
I love you guys so much and Sailing La Vagabonde! Both parties are wonderful people!!! Love from Ohio!
Irina Mednik
Irina Mednik Mês atrás
I did not want this vlog to end. I absolved the dynamic of having la vagabond play a part. What a fun video. Thank you!
Tide Knot Travellers
Riley, “We really love Lara & Nate!” I laughed so hard 😂 having friends in a similar boat definitely helps with or without collabs, we are in contact with about 3 other channels who are going through similar things to us, a problem shared and all that ☺️
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I Gave My 100,000,000th Subscriber An Island