Are these colors PERFECT together?!?

Jake polino
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18 Jan 2022



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I don’t fw the red sole but other than that it looks cool
This is equivalent to spray painting your car’s interior thinking it’ll turn out great, and then having that glossy, nasty, sticky, tacky feel and look to it afterwards, and pure regret.
Thomas Cardillo
Ngl the only nice shoe he's ever made are the coffee air forces
rick ☪︎
i don't fw most of the shoes you make ngl. i like the coffee ones with the mini rope laces tho
He's basically ruining it lmao.
Ryan Huyler
Nawwww that ain’t it my boyyyyy
A Casual Wimo
I’m still debating about this type of customization. The coffee color is fire, but the rest is just still confusing for me.
Metal Videos
Literally all his shoes look like kindergarten art projects lol
Young Among
So just keep it real and say you doing a sponsorship damn
Rayne Ozier
I like how the check looks but I wish the red was lighter like the blue. Still fire tho.
Arianne Côté
I think it'd look even better if you switched the red to the mesh and the black to the sole. The red could be lighter that way
JJTOTM shorts📺
Just would like to say thank you for the great content ❤
TMC Baller23
While he was dipping them the shoes with yellow tape looked better than his customizations😭😭😭
Cool idea man I’m surprised to not see the paint pens me and my friends used back in the day you can spray over it with a sealant and holds pretty well but color consistency is definitely an issue so very tasking
harny goodle
red sole should be lighter other then that it’s 🔥
The Nightmare
I would love to see Converses done
Bentley Bradford
Try mixing Mountain Dew and Powerade.
I think it would have been more accurate Vodkyte colors if the check was blue with the base white but I get why you did what you did
Jason Hartsoe
After watching most of these videos it’s obvious you have a deep interest and love for what you do, but you seem to be lacking in perfection and detail. You also need to work more on your design so you don’t have small areas with color runs and overlap. The whole NBA thing is clearly a lie. Don’t milk it for views or trying to get exposure. Be real with your art and work. People will call you out and you won’t get anywhere with a lie. Keep up the work, but pay more attention to detail and don’t be lazy about it. Do the work. Stay in those lines and try new things. Air brushing would look much better imo. That texture isn’t really quality or loved. It just looks bad. People want clean not lumps… maybe add a clear coat to seal them from the weather and use. and those are clearly knock offs…. Lose the attitude. Humble goes a long way.
Wood Kids
I love thos I would definitely wear these shoes.I love your art😊
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