Archery 101 - Aiming in Traditional Archery

Archery 101
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In this episode we quickly cover the main ways to aim in traditional archery.

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1 Mar 2016



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Comentários 80
danny byrd jr
danny byrd jr 9 dias atrás
Thanks for all your videos. Ur the best 👍
Meat Hook
Meat Hook 23 dias atrás
First of a dozen videos that actually shows the archers point of view. Thank you.
Jesse Watt
Jesse Watt Mês atrás
Good info as always. I finally got everything to start shooting thanks to your recommendation on arrow shafts for my Colt. Thanks to you for all your great videos. Honestly your the only person I commented on there video that responded, thanks. Looking forward to shooting soon my new hobbies.
Osif ungar
Osif ungar 2 meses atrás
you are awesome !!
Archery 101
Archery 101 2 meses atrás
You are!
Corvo Levesque
Corvo Levesque 2 meses atrás
I didnt expect you to have that voice
Daniel Garnica
Daniel Garnica 3 meses atrás
Hi Greg, great video. Can you shoot GAP as left handed whit right eye dominance? Its my case, and im not sure its posible. Im shooting instinctive left handed, and i want to start doing GAP. thanks!
Archery 101
Archery 101 3 meses atrás
Several people have been known to do it. Sorry for the reply, was out of town.
Striple 675
Striple 675 3 meses atrás
Hi Greg how can I get the left right adjustment I want my gap right under the X, but my arrows will hit more left. Do I have to put the string blur right on the arrow ? But then I have to move my head
Archery 101
Archery 101 3 meses atrás
You can make all types of adjustments with those ILF rigs. I don't own one and couldn't help you on that, sorry.
Striple 675
Striple 675 3 meses atrás
Archery 101 I have got a wooden, phenolic carbon ilf riser with medium uukha tuulai carbon ilf limbs 40# 28‘‘ with a 28,5‘‘ draw. I shoot from a metal arrowrest without button. My arrows are 32‘‘ long for smaller gaps. Thx Greg I will try a heavier tip
Archery 101
Archery 101 3 meses atrás
@Striple 675 What is your bow? 400's are usually a bit too stiff for a 40 pound bow. You can always play with point weight to see what happens, but ..... From what your wrote, it seems that your sight picture is different (String Blur being in different places). This could very well be the cause. Canting does not help or hurt. Try it and see how it feels for you.
Striple 675
Striple 675 3 meses atrás
Archery 101 thx Greg. So my arrows are not tuned. I have got a right handed take down bow with 40 lbs and 400 spine 32 inch arrows ( Standard from gold tip spine chart) 100 grain tip. I shoot from an arrow rest without button or clicker. I also use the bone on bone technique from Arne and anchor under the cheekbone and the fixed crawl for closer distances. When I crawl the alignment of the string is much better and arrows will hit the center but for my normal shot the string blur is to the right and I am hitting left (height is perfect on target). I always try to compensate by moving my head forward into the string but that brings a lot of inconsistency into my shot but then the arrow will fly into the middle (sometimes). I don’t cant, tilt the bow maybe that’s a problem ? I really hate to have my gaps under + right to the point where I want to hit than it’s way to hard to find the correct gaps.
Archery 101
Archery 101 3 meses atrás
That is not easy. It really is dependent on your set up. Are your arrows "tuned" to your bow? The trick (and it is not easy) is to get the arrow to hit where you are looking. You do this by playing with the height of the Nock on the string, Thickness of the strike plate and arrow spine for left / right adjustments. How far over are you?
Robs Archery World
Robs Archery World 3 meses atrás
Aim like throwing a baseball.Let you mind do the aiming.
Archery 101
Archery 101 3 meses atrás
I understand your point, I think that is not the best analogy. Throwing a Baseball is very inaccurate, even in the major leagues. It only looks accurate because the person catching the ball, moves the glove to catch the ball.
Jeff Dufour
Jeff Dufour 3 meses atrás
Ive never learned how to use sights on a bow and honestly I'm kind of proud of it because no one else I personally know can hit the broadside of a barn let a lone a target without their trusty sights. I use split vision and just kind of developed the ability to do so over time completely by accident because when I started I would keep going back and forth between gap and instinctive between shots then I just pretty much gave up on actually trying to hit the target and eventually I just got proficient at hitting the target. I don't really focus on any one thing and is almost like a 6th sense knowing when to release your arrow but not quite another 6th Sense kind of thing. Something you have to figure out on your own really
Steve Russell
Steve Russell 4 meses atrás
great video ,,thanks
Jeff Odessa
Jeff Odessa 5 meses atrás
"...all the same..." I was just thinking about how this is true in a sense when I was claiming to my wife, while about to release an arrow (instinctively), that I was, "Not aiming". I realized that, in a sense, I still was aiming, but what I was calling "experience and muscle memory" is actually just a more complex, almost ambiguous set of references but that are all working subconsciously, even when we throw a bean bag in a game of corn hole O.O Plus, now with you,, I'm seeing my instinctive has elements of gap, even though I'm "feeling more than aiming". I guess it's literally instinctive since I do look at the X, never the tip (unless I want to take out a piece of rose trellis). Definitely learned, hehe, just long ago. Wait... no... according to this I'm doing split vision because I concentrate on the X but "use" the tip without a doubt...!
Pepo TheLast
Pepo TheLast 5 meses atrás
Here is my humble opinion. A mental process associated with an action is instinctive if and only if it doesn't use words. Look at the target but do not interpret what you see or what you do using words. Words do not belong to the instinctive component of our mind. When shooting, use only images, the same way a predator, a cat, for example, follows its pray. That is instinctive action.
bltefft 5 meses atrás
I'm a string walker. I crawl up and down the string from the nock/arrow. I place the point of my arrow smack dab on top of the bullseye. The closer to the target I am, the farther down from the nock I am. I ancher on my cheek bone and use a Yost tab.
cotton candy black cat
cotton candy black cat 6 meses atrás
Sasha Francione
Sasha Francione 6 meses atrás
The name of your channel is a bit misleading. Archery 101 appears to be geared toward intermediate to advanced shooters. You use all kinds of terminology assuming the audience is already versed in archery language. In this vid you mention the X many times. What's the X? Frustrating! I'll be back when I'm at a level I can comprehend the language.
Archery 101
Archery 101 6 meses atrás
You do not know what an "X" is? Did you not see the "X" on the target in the picture? Ever hear of "X marks the spot"?
mike smith
mike smith 7 meses atrás
just found your site. Its great. I learned by myself and use siting down the arrow to check left/right . Then i have a mark on my riser for distance that i guess works sort of like gap shooting, but it works well for me. However to be precise after 20 yards out i need to know the distance. Hunting this way i would never shopt at anything over 20 yards away. No idea what kind of aiming this would be called. It is fast though.
Fractured Hearts
Fractured Hearts 7 meses atrás
I thought everybody shot split vision or that how I was taught and just thunk it hmmm.
Telum Atramenti
Telum Atramenti 9 meses atrás
Hate mail? Over WHAT?!? This is insane. However, I still think spot on is not a bad way to aim when it comes to barebow archery. It's just mathematics and geometry, so it depends on distance, weight of the arrow, grains of the tip and poundage of the bow. Here's an example grain of tip staying the same at 100. : When I shoot my 48 pound bow at 20 yards, my aim is 90 degrees and tip of the arrow is spot on the center of the target . It works great with 500 spine arrows which weigh between 24 and 28 grams. Arrows between 20 and 24 grams, I find need to be aimed slightly lower than centre of the target as they do tend to have a bit of lift. Of course, same set up with 30 yards, - suddenly I need to aim 95-100 degrees, or slightly above the centre. But again, - use a lighter arrow of about 18 grams, - and you're aiming spot on again. There is a tiny bit of a difference whether you're using a fall away arrow rest, or just a standard pin type, but they're not that significant as the rest of variables. Still the point it, as long as my aim is steady - it works perfectly
k w
k w 9 meses atrás
I've always just done the fourth one. If it feels right and matches your gap then let it go.
Kristey Fry
Kristey Fry 9 meses atrás
You are SUCH a delight to watch! Thanks so much for all your useful knowledge!!!
rob fogg
rob fogg 9 meses atrás
Great video
djinn201 10 meses atrás
It's your subconscious greg lol
WV591 10 meses atrás
Aiming is such dirty word. everybody aims one way or another but nobody admits it. the entire archery world is instinctive in their own mind.
Duke Wellington
Duke Wellington 10 meses atrás
Really appreciate the way you share and convey your wealth of knowledge. Thank you. Great channel.
ISLAND SPICE HAWAII 10 meses atrás
I'm coming over and sticking an M80 in your cats sphincter after I flatten all your tires but one! Haaha. My Grandfather was Native American and taught me what we call stomach shooting. I've showed it to plenty who've shot bow forever and they couldn't believe how well it pushed their accuracy game to be even better. I've never heard anyone do this method other than him. I'll do a how to video one day and send it your way. You'll love it!!
Toxophilite 10 meses atrás
ISLAND SPICE HAWAII I've been shooting archery equipment starting in 1960, and a Native American. Try hurting my cat and l will put an arrow in your 🐴. My cat is family, don't joke about the family😻
Robert Lasley
Robert Lasley 11 meses atrás
Just a quick thought. I see the difference between gap/ string walking and instinctive, but you must realize that to use instinctive (which I do) you still must focus on the target before you go through your shot cycle.
Robert Lasley
Robert Lasley 11 meses atrás
@Archery 101 I must admit that I jumped the gun a bit and didn't fully watch the video. I did continue to watch and realized that your continued statements did fall into line and make sense so I do apologize. I am an avid fan of yours. I have been shooting a Jerry Hill wildcat 60lb longbow for quite some time now. My father in law got me into shooting and showed me how, but your series on the shot cycle was not only correct but the finer points of each has taught me a lot. The most important point I have learned is how to keep the shoulder not only down but in. I have had many discussions with my father in law about what you teach and have even watched your videos with him. I appreciate all that you do for every level of archer out there. Keep up the great work. Thank you
Archery 101
Archery 101 11 meses atrás
Shot Instinctive for many years and there are many ways to shoot that way.
The Amazing Goldfish
The Amazing Goldfish 11 meses atrás
Love your videos however, with that glove you look like the robot guy that fought Steve Austin (the 6 million dollar man) in "Day of the Robot".
The Amazing Goldfish
The Amazing Goldfish 11 meses atrás
No sir I wouldn't hurt your cats. I would however buy you an puppy and invite an traditional Vietnamese family to your house for flied puppies souoopsse.😂
Florence00pi Anos atrás
what I found interesting and refreshing was, you don't make many cuts, you can really talk through 1 (sub-)subject altogether in one go, no in between cuts ;-). That's a good job, few people can do that. Apart from that, I came here with zero knwoledge of bows and still understood what you are saying, so, really well done ^^.
Steve Hatfield
Steve Hatfield Anos atrás
Hmmm; the next time I go to my favorite indoor range, I'll take one (or both) recurves (a 40# @ 28" & a 50# @ 28"). ..looking forward to hitting the target at 10 yards, really!...
Eric Dunlop
Eric Dunlop Anos atrás
Great video. Helped me a lot. Thank you.
Ray A
Ray A Anos atrás
I’m thinking of getting into archery, so your videos are helping in making my decision. 👍
Fred Walker
Fred Walker Anos atrás
From Canada Ontario, been shooting for 40 years. Owner of Kawartha Traditional Archery Center been going at it for 10 years and Walker's Traditional Archery much longer. Very nice informative videos thankyou. Trad needs so much support up here. My place at KTAC has lessons, rental 3D and field ranges and shop. Checking out all your videos thank you.
Matt Buckland
Matt Buckland Anos atrás
My man, thank you so much, Monday night is going to be a different story
Hurdle Roamer
Hurdle Roamer Anos atrás
I am currently experimenting with the "eastern way": I load the arrow to the side where my drawing hand is, and a little after release, I flick my bow stave holding hand's wrist to remove the bow stave from the way of the arrow, thus reducing archer's paradox. This is how Japanese and Mongolian traditional archers shoot.
Archery 101
Archery 101 Anos atrás
Sorry, but you cannot reduce the Archer's Paradox. It is either there or it is not. The flexing of the arrow is not the paradox. The paradox is that it seems that when at brace height, that in order to hit the target it "Appears" to the archer , that the arrow much pass through the riser.
Sebastian Maliszewski
hey when i watch traditional archers in my country (we shoot bows without shelfs and bla bla) most of them shoots instinctive and i started with aiming with arrow but i changed instinctive, i think a aiming with arrow is harder with bow without shelf, do you agree with me?
Toxophilite 10 meses atrás
Robin Hood You are correct. I have been shooting longbows starting in 1960. A bow without a shelf is the old way. Yes I have recurve, compound and Ten Point crossbow with scope. All my fun bows and target shooting is with stick bow. If I could only have just one bow, it would be a longbow🎯 Look up the word; TOXOPHILITE.🎯
Archery 101
Archery 101 Anos atrás
Yes and no. Really depends like anything else on experience. I have an extensive shooting background. In rifles (without adjustable sights) we used what we called "Kentucky Windage", which is similar to GAP. So it was easy for me to do that with a bow. Even without a shelf. Some, or should I say many, cannot get use to that sight picture.
Stan Tilton
Stan Tilton Anos atrás
Great description of those methods. Having an open mind to change is rare in some people. Expand on the experience, it's fun and educational. Great job again.
Me Here
Me Here Anos atrás
I have copped a lot of flack over the years for how I was taught to shoot by my grandfather over 50 years ago. I've only recently seen it described as fixed crawl, basically consisting of a fixed point on the string, about 30 yards in my case, shooting 3 under much like string walking but sort of gap shooting from that fixed point. I've found it to be as fast as instinctive and as accurate as string walking out to about 50 yards. There's a video by a young bloke named Matt Zirnsak I think, called The Push that explains it better than I've ever been able to. I've tried so many styles over the years, as you do when you're experimenting, but always come back to it as my preference.
Space Jockey
Space Jockey Anos atrás
'split vision' is instinctive by another name.
Bartosz Bąchór
Bartosz Bąchór Anos atrás
tell me please where the string should be when i am at full draw? in te center of the bow? or somewhere on right (for right handed archer) or in line with the arrow so the arrow is "Hidden" behind the string?? just starting shooting traditional and have a problem with left and right (more left) issues.
Bartosz Bąchór
Bartosz Bąchór Anos atrás
@Archery 101 tank you very much. I have a problem to keep The arrow on line with my eye that is why i asked about it.
Archery 101
Archery 101 Anos atrás
There is no "Law" or "Rule" on where it needs to be. I shoot with the string on the side of my face due to my draw length. I now many that like to have the string in line with the arrow. Just a case of whatever works best for you.
Gadon Johnson
Gadon Johnson Anos atrás
Wheres the x your describing?
Eslix Gaming
Eslix Gaming Anos atrás
This part about split vision actually made sense. I thought I shot insinctively with my Oneida but appearantly I shoot split vision.
Doug Dunlap
Doug Dunlap Anos atrás
Hey great stuff! also tune in to Clay Hayes great traditional shooting stuff and much more adventure and building. top notch
Buri8128 Anos atrás
I have heard of face walking also. I saw a youtube video of hunter who combined string walking and gap. He used it for hunting from the trees shooting on deer 25 m away. See if I can find the youtube video.
Buri8128 Anos atrás
Very good video. I am aiming for the split vision (pun intended). I read about it in Hunting the Hard Way by Howard Hill, that it was his way of aiming. Howard Hill, also says in his book that he was only good enough to hunt with longbow. That Recurve bows were not forgiving enough. I am not sure what he meant by that? Could you make a video about that subject. What did he mean? The Book is from 1953. Is it still true ?
Archery 101
Archery 101 Anos atrás
@Buri8128 I hear people say it, but they cannot quantify or justify it. It is nothing more than opinion. I will look into it, will stir the pot as they say. I need to get and talk with those who share the same view and see why, they think it to be true.
Buri8128 Anos atrás
@Archery 101 But I do not understand how he reasons why longbow would be more forgiving or better for hunting than recurve. Or where the recurve different before ? Could you make a video about that ? Myself I have an traditional 40# KG Longbow from KG Arhcery in Nottinghamshire.
Archery 101
Archery 101 Anos atrás
I have his booklet "How I shoot a bow" in it he mentions that but does not elaborate on it. I see no difference in them. I can shoot either equally poor.
Rand Lyons
Rand Lyons Anos atrás
Good discussion. Nice enthusiasm. I suspect we all teach our nervous systems by using the gaps we see until we develop accuracy providing our form dose not deviate shot to shot. (Which is why we should develop consistent form before we can develop consistent accuracy). After we start hitting spot on at a given distance we probably fall by nature and self trust into what you called split vision and that perverts into what we like to call instinctive because we can't explain to anybody how it happens , our nervous systems are so well conditioned with repetition that it just knows. Indeed if we are in a live fire situation with a game animal and we lose confidence and try to think it out our brain will override our well trained nervous system and we'll surely goof it up. Thanks again for you input . Nice video.
holoholo haole no ka oi
i've been into archery for 45 years and i still love to rewatch videos on this channel
Zkmjs 5641
Zkmjs 5641 Anos atrás
Anyone know how to aim traditional bow in 70M?
Zkmjs 5641
Zkmjs 5641 Anos atrás
@Archery 101 i'll try. Thank you so much
Archery 101
Archery 101 Anos atrás
@Zkmjs 5641 Your English is fine. So you are in an open field I take it and your bow is pointed so high you cannot see the target correct? Yes, at full draw is when you look, only take a split second If you can use a cloud (as long as it is not moving too fast) You can also use a mark on the riser (see where the horizon is on your bow) Instinctive is tough for the simple reason that you have nothing to judge off of
Zkmjs 5641
Zkmjs 5641 Anos atrás
@Archery 101 sorry im not good in English. Do you mean when i full draw and my arrow pointing to the sky, i just use instinctive aiming? Because i cannot see any object as point of aim.
Archery 101
Archery 101 Anos atrás
@Zkmjs 5641 What are you shooting at 70M away? If you are shooting at a stump, when at draw, make a mental note of where the arrow is pointing. Then once it hits, make an adjustment if needed. I grew up in the plains of the midwest and all we did was "Sky Shoot". Lots of fun.
Zkmjs 5641
Zkmjs 5641 Anos atrás
@Archery 101 how to find point of aim (gap shooting) in 70M if there is no object as point of aim? I normally shoot in vast grass field and i only see sky in long distance. I really need some tips.
Sidney Mathious
Sidney Mathious Anos atrás
I loved what you said about the methods of aiming it when about to shoot at the target. I just received my new bow and have ordered some items I will need to use it. The next thing I have to do today is get some arrows locally along with the gloves I need to shoot it as soon as possible.
holoholo haole no ka oi
Sidney, these videos are a great help for me also
Simon SAS
Simon SAS Anos atrás
I found split vision and point of aim to be the most consistent and comfortable for me. work in progress. Thanx for the video, love and laughter *o*
Scott Spurgeon
Scott Spurgeon Anos atrás
I think you nailed! Outstanding job! String Popping and Heart Stopping.. From Texas
Jen DiMartino
Jen DiMartino Anos atrás
Great video - very informative.
GunGuru Anos atrás
I too, am a lefty that shoots right handed. I got a bow for Christmas, in 1976, and learned how to shoot it, but it was right handed. I bought a left handed bow decades later, and the concept of shooting an arrow with my left hand seemed no do-able for me. I gave it to someone.
GunGuru Anos atrás
Where do you get those cool "apple" targets??
Archery 101
Archery 101 Anos atrás
Rinehart sells them
BennyCFD Anos atrás
Other than instinctive aiming the most important skill by far is range determination/estimation because with Gap and String Waling it's based on knowing how far the target is. Because in order to determine how far up and down the string you need to draw at you need to know the distance. Unless your at a competition where the distances are know to you.
Eezee Listen
Eezee Listen Anos atrás
Hello! I found this very interesting. I literally know zero about archery, but find the sport fascinating. I live in rural West Cork, Ireland and have no idea of the legality of owning archery equipment (there are certainly no clubs within at least 3 hours drive from me), but with all the vast space and forestry around me, need to investigate if I would be breaking any laws if I bought equipment.
Simon O'Conor
Simon O'Conor Anos atrás
Thanks for the video, informative.
Matthew Elias
Matthew Elias 4 meses atrás
As in it's "like" information? :)
Steve Ross
Steve Ross Anos atrás
Lasted approx 3 minutes.... but sorry Dude. Your Deer-in-headlights stare, EMPHASIZING at the wrong times and you over agitated body language means your cats are getting it.
OldBaldMan Anos atrás
Hello Greg, Firstly I want to thank you not only for this video, but for ALL! BIG FAN of yours. I am absolute beginner! I did a videos of my last shooting session and I would love to receive some critic and tips. I was trying for a while but I can not group the arrows. I know that the bow is probably a bit heavy for me - it is 30# Samick Sage. I feel like I have a problem with the release too... The arrows I use are not great either ( leisure fiberglass 30" - waiting delivery of some other, which I decided would be better for my measures and bow...) You can see where I aim - a sign in the front right sight. Also, can you advice me what would be the best camera position for observing my form? BTW - everyone that wants to help is very welcome! Thanks in advice
OldBaldMan Anos atrás
Greg, you can not even imagine how much I appreciate all you did for me and honestly, I do not know how I could thank you properly! The only thing I have right now in my mind is that you can use all my videos to show the people what they should not do! Hopefully, there will be a happy end and I can show progress, based on all your pieces of advise! :):):) Cheers, Marin
OldBaldMan Anos atrás
Thank you very much. Whenever you have a moment to have a look it will be OK for me. Bellow I want to share some of my thoughts. Actuality, not sure if there is anything that I am doing right 😊 - I have the feeling that I twist the string. The reason is that I am pointing in the right but subconsciously not forgetting that the target is on the left. - I am holding the string deep and the distal phalanx is hooked may be more than it should, and my release is not clean. - I do not have constant draw length, which I think affects the trajectory because of the different strength. I hope I will be able to correct that when I get used on the poundage and with the new arrows of course as they are the correct size for me. - I have my doubts about the head posture. Why - I think that even I achieve a constant anchor point if I am turning the head the results would be different. - Not sure and I will pay additional attention, but I think that I am inclining the thorax to the front, too.
Archery 101
Archery 101 Anos atrás
Howdy, Sorry for the delay. been working lots of hours. I will watch your video tomorrow and get back to you
Solivagant Soul
Solivagant Soul Anos atrás
I love your way of explaining using visuals and describing the differences 💙🤟🏻 thank you
Mark Brougham's Indoor/Outdoor Adventure channel.
Great job on the explanation of how to aim in traditional archery ive never herd of these methods till i watched your video ..ive never realy tryed shootin with both my eyes open and also i guess you could say ive been aimin more towards spot on style shootin so next time i go out iam deffanatly gunna give these aiming styles a try..right now iam shootin and aquired an ol Ben pearson colt 7070.recurve bow with about a 37lb pull at a 28inch draw so this aught to be fun..thanks for the tips ..Mark B from IL .
radioop bowhunter
radioop bowhunter 2 anos atrás
My only advice is to stick with whatever works for you. Don't keep switching between methods or your never succeed.
Billy Bates Jr
Billy Bates Jr 2 anos atrás
Both eyes open you site down the shaft of the arrow to your target line it up Let it Fly wow you hit your mark
bowman321123 2 anos atrás
As usual a great tutorial video. Yours is the You Tube site I send my students to for a good visual of what I have been trying to explain about a topic.
Archery 101
Archery 101 2 anos atrás
Thanks for the kind words.
KMR 2 anos atrás
Whenever I aim I see two arrows and I’m not sure if it’s just my eyes but when I let go the arrows go so far left they don’t even hit the target
Don Thomas
Don Thomas Anos atrás
your arrows are too stiff
Archery 101
Archery 101 2 anos atrás
Try closing the opposite eye, get the sight picture and then slowly open it while you look at the target only.
SeedfulMusic 2 anos atrás
LOL... Loved the intro about coming and killing your cats... so true. BRvidrs are crazy
Toxophilite 10 meses atrás
SeedfulMusic You comment sucks, I've been using archery equipment starting in 1960. That comment about shooting cats will get you an arrow in your ass on my property.🎯
L et G od B urn T he q ueers
SeedfulMusic because their reputation isn’t on the line on the internet. Nobody knows who’s commenting the first and last name of the person. So their true self can come out on the internet. Especially Americans I would say the majority of Americans are secretly crazy from the stuff I see go on.
Jeff Couture
Jeff Couture 2 anos atrás
Good video, Greg. I like your style! I am a "pure" lefty, left eye dominant and all, and I am always fascinated by the different combinations of "handedness" that are possible in people and our learning potential. So often influenced by picking up a big brother's bow or guitar or golf clubs, right? Very impressed by the ability to switch due to injury!
Grant Matassa
Grant Matassa 2 anos atrás
What arrows is he using in the intro
Archery 101
Archery 101 2 anos atrás
Carbon Express Predator II's. Good arrow btw
Walt Waller
Walt Waller 2 anos atrás
This is sooooo helpful
logan pollock
logan pollock 2 anos atrás
Point of aim is the same thing as Gap aiming. You are aiming at a point other than the 'Bullseye' to hit the Bullseye. For instance, below it and slightly to the right for closer distances. Years ago, I learned to catch a baseball with a glove. I initially tried to shift my eyes back a forth from the glove to the ball and ended up missing half of the time. I just had to watch the ball and think about catching it and my arm and hand did the rest. I have been practicing archery for more than fifty years now and have almost always shot longbows without sights. Recently I have had to learn to shoot a target recurve so that I can instruct my grandchildren in this academic archery but this is not relevant here. The old shotgunner's exercise works well to illustrate the principle of instinctive shooting. Stand like you're on the shooting line at the archery range and fix your eyes on an object. Without moving your eyes or your body, close your eyes and point to the object with the index finger of your left hand then open your eyes. If you can't do it right off, you will be doing it quickly and with little practice. If I pick up an unfamiliar bow, I use the gap shooting method until my brain gets tired of the foolishness and I do instinctive aiming. I don't remember where I was aiming but I have shot pretty tight groups that way. If anybody has skied, it is the same thing. Once you have become proficient in the turns it is just a matter of thinking about where you are going not worrying about what foot your weight is on, etc.
Archery 101
Archery 101 2 anos atrás
From those that use it, Point of Aim is similar to GAP in that you adjust for the arrows flight. But instead of the arrow, you use a mark on the riser and such. The shotgun is not the best analogy, it uses birdshot which spreads out and helps compensate for aim that might be off. I use throwing a baseball in a different manner. Professional baseball players have been throwing a ball since youth, every single day. Yet, they still miss, and if you watch, the person catching the ball usually adjust his glove to catch it. Instinctive has an inherent variance in it that will cost you in a tournament setting and in other examples. My point is, if you are not happy with your accuracy, then start to aim. BTW, Been shooting Instinctive since the late 60's, early 70's. Started shooting GAP a couple of years ago.
Reuven Bracha
Reuven Bracha 2 anos atrás
OK, very informative and very clear explanations.
mike smith
mike smith 2 anos atrás
This might be helpful for some folks. I'm right handed but shoot left handed because my vision is not great in my right eye. I don't use any of these methods because my depth perception isn't perfect.. I started gauging distance by a mark on my riser that is set at 30 yards. It allows me to be very accurate at all times. By raising the mark a little above or below the target I'm spot on. Can't tell you the number of knocks I've sheared off.
rudestrudedog 2 anos atrás
how big dem cats? I only kill the kitten sized ones!
Robert Moore
Robert Moore 2 anos atrás
Great video. I personally consider instinctive shooting to be any style that doesn't use a fixed sight on the bow.
Rodney Hanbaum
Rodney Hanbaum 2 anos atrás
Thank you for your reply, I'm still trying to figure this out, not sure if I should try this CRAWL or just GAP.. I've been just looking and trying to shoot instinctive, but my consistency is really lacking beyond 15 yards.. really bad... Thanks again for your advice.. I'll keep you posted on my progress, it will be slow do to work n other responsibilities, but I'll get it done!! Thank you!!!
Rodney Hanbaum
Rodney Hanbaum 2 anos atrás
Im primarily interested in hunting, but I do enjoy target. I shoot target 300 and 3D for practice..there are no ranges in my area..I just finished shooting in between doctor appointments, arrows definitely need tuned, and learning the sight Picture is a new experience.. plus would help when I can actually CONCENTRATE and not be rushed between appointments..I really appreciate your time and advise!!!
Rodney Hanbaum
Rodney Hanbaum 2 anos atrás
Archery 101 Thank you very much!
Archery 101
Archery 101 2 anos atrás
Rodney, When deciding on which method to use, you need to know a few things. 1) What is it that you want to do? (Hunt, competition, etc) 2) one you got that, then you have to ask, which method will best fit that 3) The final question would be "How accurate do I want to be" Another option is Split Vision, it is a combination of GAP and instinctive. I use that the majority of the time, but when I need to make a good shot, I use GAP.
Rodney Hanbaum
Rodney Hanbaum 2 anos atrás
Man I gotta ALOT of work to do! You did answer an important question, I can't string walk with my old Bear Kodiak Hunter, question, is a FIXED CRAWL too stressful on these limbs also? Thank you
Archery 101
Archery 101 2 anos atrás
You should, as long as the crawl is not too far down the string
Jason Patterson
Jason Patterson 2 anos atrás
I tried to watch your video, but it was too obnoxious. Spend more time talking about your topic and less time telling us how to respond to what you have to say.
Archery 101
Archery 101 2 anos atrás
Jason, Thank you for watching and for your input. I would not have to be so obnoxious and have to interject a response ahead of time it so many archers out there were no so defensive and ready to pounce on every single little thing they do not agree with. To see what I mean, simply read the comments on many of the videos. My favorite is those who never shot GAP, but are more than willing to tell me about it. And then there are the "Instinctive" Archers who have no clue what they are doing, but are more than willing to tell you that you are wrong. So after several years of this, I guess you can say I have become obnoxious, but hey, my cat loves me none the less!
Chris Reatherford
Chris Reatherford 2 anos atrás
I completely agree with you on gapping and instinctive shooting being the same thing. It's just shooting an arrow! The way people explain their shooting has a certain emphasis on concentrating on either the Target or the arrow. However, both the Target and the arrow are in the visual plane on each shot and it's the archers mind interpreting what they want to focus on. I think it's important to experiment with focus and I've found out that in certain days I shoot better gapping than I would instinctive and vice versa. I typically Gap shoot but if I'm struggling with that an instinctive focus can pull me out of that funk. The shot cycle topically speeds up when I shoot instinctively and makes me feel like I get on Target quicker. When I Gap feels like I hover over the Target longer because it is a little harder to find looking at the arrow.
Asad Javeed
Asad Javeed 2 anos atrás
Another very helpful video. After going through your Shot Cycle series, these more focused videos on the topics are adding more specificity to my notes. I have a literal web chart of my shit cycle now, which I am slowly learning to unconsciously micro-manage. Takes a little effort but once a part is in the muscle memory, it makes it all worthwhile.
Emily Mitchell
Emily Mitchell 2 anos atrás
I shoot for nasp and I shoot at 10 meters and 15 meters it's my last year and I always have trouble aiming and at 15 meters and i have epilepsy so it's very hard for me We shoot 32-inch bullseye
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