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The beginning of the greatest television event in history. Relive Apollo 11's breathtaking launch to put the first ever men on the moon.
Moon Landing Live premieres Saturday July 20 at 9pm on BBC America.
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20 Jul 2019



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Comentários 700
Connor Limes
Connor Limes Dia atrás
Absolute chills. One day we'll go back. Then a new generation will know the wonders of the Universe first hand once more.
Patrick Zirolli
Patrick Zirolli Dia atrás
Siti Kepatihan
Siti Kepatihan 3 dias atrás
We have a lift off
k a r m a
k a r m a 5 dias atrás
3:25 intro of One Way Trip to the sun
k a r m a
k a r m a 12 horas atrás
@JoePhenoixGaming yes
JoePhenoixGaming 12 horas atrás
Is that the music name
Roger Barrera
Roger Barrera 8 dias atrás
It never gets old wstching the mighty Saturn V rocket & its F-1 engines lift off pad 39-A the Apollo. Program drawfs any thing produced to date & it puts musks puny skinny rockets to Shame & their is a huge difference between the 💸💰billions NASA spends on its ships including those incredible Mars Rovers & the china cheap crap little $150 million musks spends your not gonna get it done that way not to the moon or to Mars for that matter.
Deluxe7 8 dias atrás
Anybody knows the name of the music at the end of the video? Please
Imran Sahir
Imran Sahir 9 dias atrás
Don' Where are these people?!
thomas ortega
thomas ortega 10 dias atrás
Arguably mans greatest accomplishment
edison700 10 dias atrás
Seeing this footage after watching the Apollo 11 film with the restored footage from the archives, really gives you a greater appreciation for the work that went into that restoration
WORLDWAR II 14 dias atrás
Thank you, Wehrner Von Braun.
Daniel Pratama
Daniel Pratama 15 dias atrás
I'm just imagine at this time agent K save the earth from invation the boglodites
Louis Truc
Louis Truc 18 dias atrás
Who knows the music?
Edmur Nico
Edmur Nico 22 dias atrás
Science wins!!!
fer ark
fer ark 24 dias atrás
Why is this so emotional ?
Firdaus Nasima
Firdaus Nasima 26 dias atrás
Proudest moment in human history ever.
Paul W
Paul W 29 dias atrás
goose bump warning at 4:20
Harvie Park
Harvie Park Mês atrás
Сергей Прозоров
Please help me find the name of the music that plays since 3:48 !!!!!
Legendary Lion
Legendary Lion Mês atrás
I’m sad Apollo 11 is gone😥😢😭-grabs tissue- 🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧
Ashif Riady
Ashif Riady Mês atrás
2:29 ada Pak Jokowi
Mas Jamboy
Mas Jamboy Mês atrás
Anjir mirip
MinecraftGamer 121
MinecraftGamer 121 Mês atrás
Joe Speedbird
Joe Speedbird Mês atrás
How amazing it is to watch a 37 story building take off into the sky and into history...
Vivek Jr
Vivek Jr Mês atrás
2:35 is he obama?
Akash jackson
Akash jackson Mês atrás
One small step for man and giant leap for mankind
JoePhenoixGaming Mês atrás
After You Watch This Watch The Moon Landing Scene From First Man It Links Together
JoePhenoixGaming Mês atrás
Best moment in history the journey of Apollo 11
Necati Sener
Necati Sener Mês atrás
How can i watch full documentary ?
andreescumihai Mês atrás
The Romanian and Yugoslav television were the only television stations in the world communist block that transmitted the aselenization!
the flying dutchman
German technoligy
GESSO217 Mês atrás
I wish I could go back in time and see this live. I can only imagine what it was like to stand there and watch a Saturn 5 rocket take off into space.
Reinhold Everest
Reinhold Everest Mês atrás
Saturn V weight at launch: 3200 tons/6,500,000 lbs. The 5 F-1 engines burned nearly 20 TONS of fuel per second for 2 min 40 sec before 1st stage separation at Mach 7 and 40 miles high /70 miles over the Atlantic.
SeVeN Mês atrás
I just came here to see agent j and agent k with borris
Chris Coyle
Chris Coyle Mês atrás
It was the greatest generation in human history (Americans) that made it happen. Even though the technology was primitive, they dedicated their lives, hearts and souls to answer the calling of President Kennedy. It was a surreal and magical time in America's history.
Martin Mês atrás
I wasn't alive 50 years ago but this 2024 i hope i can finally see another human moon landing as NASA said they would do.
GESSO217 Mês atrás
I hope this does come to fruition. To see a Moon landing occur in my lifetime would be amazing.
DarqeDestroyer 2 meses atrás
This event happened 50 years ago, long before I was born, and was a complete success. I say that because I realized I was tense and holding my breath during the countdown as if it were something live. I don't know why that happened.
Silentwolf 2 meses atrás
"32 minutes past the hour, liftoff on Apollo 11" the moment the world cheered
Eric Schweitzer
Eric Schweitzer 2 meses atrás
Wha? Ha! You make no sense Igor!! Public school huh?
Yard 2X
Yard 2X 2 meses atrás
There is no flat earth model i've seen that even explains why the sun sets on a flat earth. That alone disproves the flat earth theory i am afraid. Depth perception certainly doesn't explain it.
Yard 2X
Yard 2X 2 meses atrás
I make perfect sense and since you don't want to answer any of my questions you will be written off as a flat earth nut ball. I will ask one last time and i will make it simple so i don't confuse you. How does Depth perception explain why i can see the sunset but not the land in front of it?
Eric Schweitzer
Eric Schweitzer 2 meses atrás
Your acting ignorant! 🛑 stop! your reasoning is childish
Yard 2X
Yard 2X 2 meses atrás
If you are talking to me my reason are all logically and not based of religion. Religion is childish something taught to you as a kid to scare and control you. I am an agnostic so i dont know if there is a creator but if there is why does he/she/them let humans control us then he is going to come down and punish us who don't believe or whatever because there is so much confusion in the world. The bible (i am guessing you are Christian) has been rewritten so many times there is no telling what the original version looks like. The creator doesnt talk and lets humans talk for him/she/it so the only thing i can depend on is logic and facts. That is the only thing i can go on. The FACT is the earth is round and can not be flat based on what i can see with my eyes.
Eric Schweitzer
Eric Schweitzer 2 meses atrás
It’s called DEPTH PERCEPTION!! math? Haha!! Please stop trying to act like your my teacher! You don’t know crap concerning truth!
Eric Schweitzer
Eric Schweitzer Mês atrás
Not a problem sheeple!
ً Mês atrás
Ok boomer.
Eric Schweitzer
Eric Schweitzer 2 meses atrás
Stop 🛑!! your not “sure” of ANYTHING concerning our real cosmology! How could YOU be sure? your not! No one is!! What we DO know for sure matter how high you fly the horizon is ALWAYS at Eye Level! there IS no Curve! Your dreaming!! NASA lied about EVERY “moon landing” nobody ever landed on the moon, we KNOW this for a Fact because Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, Michael Collins, Faked bring 1/2 way to the moon, on the same day they were supposedly landing ON the moon!? It’s all lies and manipulations! But your entitled to keep your delusions concerning outerSpace! I choose to WAKE UP to the Zionists deception and control system!
ً Mês atrás
fuck off flat earther
Yard 2X
Yard 2X 2 meses atrás
And you can see things farther the higher you go. Everybody knows that much. Because the earth is round and when you go higher you can see more. I am sure the earth is round 100 percent. But i can't prove either way that we landied on the moon so i will keep an open mind. If you wanna change my mind give me prove and not flat earth nonsense. That doesnt help you.
Yard 2X
Yard 2X 2 meses atrás
Math proves that flat earth is not possible. There should be NO horizon on a flat earth. How can i see the sunset that is supposed to be 3000 miles away according to the flat earth model yet not see the land in front of the sunset. Mind you the sun should not even BE setting according to your flat earth model.
Alexander Koopmann
Alexander Koopmann 2 meses atrás
1969....united states go for moon with apollo 11,,,,thank you, german v-2 developer and nazi ss-officer wernher von braun
PJ X23
PJ X23 2 meses atrás
Good job
george vila
george vila Mês atrás
PJ X23 : To everybody at NASA, who worked on this truly, historic, mission.
david brown
david brown 2 meses atrás
I was 22 when Apollo 11 lifted off, and it was this Americans' proudest day.JFK said about 8 years earlier that we should be on the moon by the end of the decade, and he was right.
george vila
george vila Mês atrás
david brown : Without him, Apollo - 11 would have never happened, to begin with.
sagar dave
sagar dave 2 meses atrás
What a great movement was ? On lift off who clapped ??
Adrenalin844 2 meses atrás
It's really interesting to observe how the brunt of moon landing denial comes from Americans themselves.
george vila
george vila Mês atrás
Yard 2X : It was really started, by the retarded bastards of the insane asylum.
Yard 2X
Yard 2X 2 meses atrás
I don't remember who started the flat earth craze read up about it once. I think it was an American. Most flat earthers are probably right wingers from what i can tell.
Dan Loyd Paulino
Dan Loyd Paulino 2 meses atrás
Did you see Agent J and Angent K trying to save the world?
Eric Schweitzer
Eric Schweitzer 2 meses atrás
If you don’t know by now I can’t help you?
Wooosh 2 meses atrás
3:56 is it just me or does it look totally fake? Also how tf could a camera be that close to a rocket thats taking off
Chris Coyle
Chris Coyle Mês atrás
It's just you
george vila
george vila Mês atrás
Woosh : Unmanned automatic cameras, were placed all over the tower to record the rocket's take off, you ignorant, idiotic, hypocrite.
Daniel 1
Daniel 1 2 meses atrás
The greatest achievement of mankind
chill like flint
chill like flint 2 meses atrás
We never walked on the moon to much radiation. can you see even then how media and news trying to program us like they are doing today?
chill like flint
chill like flint Mês atrás
thanks for the thoughtfulness, think a bit on what is he really trying to say sorta like a mockery of b.s. we are seeing on t.v. leaves you discouraged now don’t it? lol
george vila
george vila Mês atrás
You should call yourself, BROTHER OF BASTARDS, since that is what you really are.
chill like flint
chill like flint 2 meses atrás
to who ever may be reading this as time goes on let me respectfully change subject a moment hoping for a return of positive sarcasm. i wanted to say there was a lot going on in this era of rockets j.f.k. m.l.k. those good fellas all text book stories. 10 years prior people very excited about no more out houses indoor plumbing was the new thing except low places like hillbilly WV Kentucky throughout or great nation took awhile but they to seen it was better to lay pipe underneath them shacks rather than freezing your balls on a cold wood seat, that was only around 70 years ago think about it having to take time weekly scooping the mess up from your family’s diarrhea. good things happen back then darn glad i never experienced it i wouldn’t be the same if i did lol.
chill like flint
chill like flint 2 meses atrás
Russia had stated in a interview that they backed out because of radiation exposure being there. we will never know the reasons for nasa saying we did. maybe for them to be famous with the roll out cameras in night time desert picture taking times.. i’m thinking it was to much hype to turn back after pushing the envelope. sometimes it’s best to keep moving forward in a good lie knowing even back then on t.v. with our youth. your right it’s not that far only 238,855 miles away like 30 earths together but why bother with it now.. i’m still waiting for another alien movie lol.
Yard 2X
Yard 2X 2 meses atrás
@chill like flint I had an idea you were talking about the JFK assassination. But the moon is not that far away. And you didnt address my statement about Russia (or USSR) at the time were racing with the U.S to get to Mars. So if the moon landing is fake why didn't they debunk it right away?
hisanari isii
hisanari isii 2 meses atrás
Thomas Pickering
Thomas Pickering 2 meses atrás
george vila
george vila Mês atrás
Vishnu Mohan
Vishnu Mohan 2 meses atrás
MCC : We Copy You Down Eagle NEIL : Houston Tranquality Base Here The Eagle Has Landed !! MCC : Roger, Twan..Tranquality We Copy You On The Ground You Got A Bunch Of Guys About To Turn Blue, We Breathing Again Thanks A Lot...🙏 🔥
felidae9 2 meses atrás
What a wonderful moment for humanity. All of us. That we could do this.
alessandro mariani
alessandro mariani 2 meses atrás
Negationists and people who here write of 'fake landing'... YOU ARE STUPIDS!!
george vila
george vila Mês atrás
alessandro mariani : BRAVISIMO !!
alessandro mariani
alessandro mariani 2 meses atrás
Incredible.. wonderful.
JoePhenoixGaming 2 meses atrás
Best moment in history
WowAround 2 meses atrás
But why cant see breaking the speed of sound?
george vila
george vila Mês atrás
WowAround : What exactly do you mean by THAT ?
Ungal meenavan ulagam
Ungal meenavan ulagam 3 meses atrás
Moon landing was full fack
Dmitry Rohin
Dmitry Rohin 3 meses atrás
Сделано огромное шоу для всего мира, породив множество теорий. Если это факт, США молодцы. Если нет, что вероятнее всего, молодцы в воровстве денег у своих граждан
george vila
george vila Mês atrás
Dmitry Rohin : No speka rusya.
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