Apex Legends Season 8 - Mayhem Gameplay Trailer

Apex Legends
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Bring the boom in Apex Legends Season 8 with new Legend Fuse.
Fuse arrives in Season 8, and he’s packing plenty of attitude -- and things that go boom. Pick apart the opposition with the Salvo’s most popular weapon, the lever-action 30-30 Repeater. Explore an obliterated Kings Canyon reshaped by Fuse’s arrival. Look out for Gold Magazines, capable of automatically reloading holstered weapons. Plus grab the latest Battle Pass and blast through the competition in Ranked. Ready to master the mayhem?
Apex Legends™ is a free-to-play battle royale game where legendary characters battle for glory, fame, and fortune on the fringes of the Frontier. Play for free now on PlayStation® 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Origin and Steam.
Learn more about Apex Legends Season 8 - Mayhem coming Feb. 2:
Performed by Black ’N Blue
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26 Jan 2021



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Comentários 100
34_Mit 15 horas atrás
Season 3 i miss so much :(
Droz Dia atrás
so nobody gonna talk about how fuse just committed a war crime at 0:27
TRASH KID Dia atrás
Andrew O'Neil
Andrew O'Neil 2 dias atrás
Revenant: Am I a joke to you Fuse: 💥Yes💥
Nicholas Ramsaran
Nicholas Ramsaran 2 dias atrás
Notice: No cryptos we harmed in the making of this trailer
BraylenOzele Tele
BraylenOzele Tele 3 dias atrás
Bro Mirage is always close to death or does die in these trailers
Dawid Michalak
Dawid Michalak 3 dias atrás
my apex, add the return of the legend you bought, at least twice in one season 
DetectiveZ 4 dias atrás
Back in Salvo they call me the Grenado Tornado
Ali Abbas
Ali Abbas 6 dias atrás
Respawn always takes the piss and include the mosanbq in every gameplay trailer lol
Tino Father
Tino Father 7 dias atrás
Kings Canyon is just not fun anymore. It's not interesting. Having WE and Olympus is enough. Gonna return playing again when Kings Canyon is out of rotation. Either in the next ranked split, or in season 9.
Revenant 8 dias atrás
This is the best one
Imke van Eeden
Imke van Eeden 8 dias atrás
lets go they got honest game trailers guy!!!
Kevin Tapia
Kevin Tapia 9 dias atrás
This song is crazy
Anos Voldigoad
Anos Voldigoad 9 dias atrás
they should've made lazarbeam to voice fuse
rilex light
rilex light 9 dias atrás
Am so happy right now because *calebtools* on Instagram help me to unbanned my account that was ban for no reason.
rilex light
rilex light 9 dias atrás
Am so happy right now because *calebtools* on Instagram help me to unbanned my account that was ban for no reason.
aFaceInside 11 dias atrás
Bubble Bird
Bubble Bird 12 dias atrás
Reminds me of Rogue Trip Vacation 2012
Blue jacket -Playx
Blue jacket -Playx 13 dias atrás
cflk_47 13 dias atrás
Johnny BGood
Johnny BGood 13 dias atrás
Music by Black 'n Blue - Action
GreaTMaX32 14 dias atrás
Can you please add this in your game. 1. Auto loot ammo, gun, shield, health and etc. in option menu. Most of the new games/battle royale have that option. Why not add it in your game? 2. Solo and squads game modes Thanks :)
\\\ YouTubeReactor27 ///
That “In a world” hit harder than a 50,000+ damage Wraith
Ninja Penguin
Ninja Penguin 15 dias atrás
Because the spitfire needed MORE ammo
Montoya 15 dias atrás
Kings canyon is rubbish! It is ruining the game. Remove it aleeady!
Ethan Sadueste
Ethan Sadueste 15 dias atrás
Tyler Hawley
Tyler Hawley 15 dias atrás
The Christian's Watchtower
What mirage doesn't need a nerf he's not broken
mancilam 15 dias atrás
Henrique Béjinha
Henrique Béjinha 16 dias atrás
I love this version of the music, where can I find it?
Pmguino 17 dias atrás
1:25 what’s funny is that revenant kind of is the devil
Mason Thai
Mason Thai 17 dias atrás
The first line in a world where survival matters if you don't get it survival was the. Name apex legend got before it got realeased
BosnianBall 2021
BosnianBall 2021 17 dias atrás
This trailer is what humanity does all the time: MAYHEM
Sophy Jacks
Sophy Jacks 18 dias atrás
Wow, I wish fuzes canon changed with his skin.....😐. I bought a legendary skin for him because I thought the skin would change how it looked ,since it’s already on his back! Like why the hell is that even a thing.
Sophy Jacks
Sophy Jacks 17 dias atrás
@discount.elonmusk “negligent🤓”
Sophy Jacks
Sophy Jacks 17 dias atrás
Sophy Jacks
Sophy Jacks 17 dias atrás
@discount.elonmusk ok dude Really😅?, They literally had animations of him in the trailer hoisting it around, at least with ramparts mini gun it shows that it doesn’t change and most of the other legends don’t have an ability that is shown off in the skin, except for horizon, rampart, and most likely some I’m forgetting. Fuzes canon when you pull it out doesn’t even match the base skin!!!😂
discount.elonmusk 17 dias atrás
Thats your fault. Not a single skin in the existence of this game has had a changeable ability. Thats your fault for being negligent
m6_jedi 19 dias atrás
TheVividKiWi 19 dias atrás
I thought it was the honest trailers guy
ᗰETᗩᒪ ᔕᕼᗩᗪOᗯ ᗰK40
I barely even played S7 xd
Bitdrgn26 19 dias atrás
The music in this should’ve been the music for this season in the battle pass
Light Xixty
Light Xixty 20 dias atrás
Fix wraiths fucking hit box
Light Xixty
Light Xixty 17 dias atrás
Light Xixty
Light Xixty 17 dias atrás
Ok lower her hit on the sides a little bit more so she's a more playable character because at this point she is basically unplayable no matter how goo your movement is.
discount.elonmusk 17 dias atrás
How and why
Diesel 20 dias atrás
I love this trailer. Best yet. Feel nostalgic and I haven't even played S8 yet
Jacob Alexson
Jacob Alexson 20 dias atrás
You can’t walk thru the fire like dat, dat shit hurts even if you the man himself using the ability
Josh Burn
Josh Burn 20 dias atrás
BGM: Action - Black 'N Blue
Puffy Poofi
Puffy Poofi 21 dia atrás
Mabrur Areefin roll 4
Mabrur Areefin roll 4 22 dias atrás
Who admits that apex legends is the best battle royals game ever made for real gamers
AdventureSteve7 22 dias atrás
This trailer is so good lol
Calugay Angel John Cruz
As soon as a saw KC I knew this season was gonna be dog, and I was right
THUMBO 23 dias atrás
If we don’t play by the rules why are no fun glitches left ??!!
Hesham Bn Nasr
Hesham Bn Nasr 23 dias atrás
I love this game more than my girlfriend 😍😍😍😍😍 My love u r the best Id:- iTsHesho
Content deleted
Content deleted 23 dias atrás
Anyone notice that there was no horizons at all in the trailer
saif radwan
saif radwan 23 dias atrás
fues , castic ,horzain trap
SleepyBear 23 dias atrás
The New Legend Is Lazarbeam
Numberone Bubu
Numberone Bubu 24 dias atrás
jonathan1MVP 24 dias atrás
0:41 to 0:46 AIMBOT at its finest
codeman90000000 24 dias atrás
1 thing i hate about apex is that you get only 2 or 1 chances to live and get kills. But other games have a more fair respawn and bringing back teamates. Like warzone. That's why I haven't played Apex in awhile but Fuse looks pretty op.
Hobo YTT
Hobo YTT 24 dias atrás
This Season was directed by Michael Bay
GammonDwarf 24 dias atrás
Still looks as dated and boring as day one 🤣 I’ll download it yet again and guarantee it’ll be off my hard drive by the weekend
GammonDwarf 22 dias atrás
Nice selective deleting of commments 😂 there’s a reason people don’t like being in lobbies with the french.. apart from being poor gamers. They’re hated worldwide
GammonDwarf 22 dias atrás
@La e Nació you’re french right going by the name? How can your people play war games when you surrender in wars? 😉
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu 24 dias atrás
Season 1 King's Canyon Players: "Look, how they massacred my boy..."
Natalie Paquette
Natalie Paquette 18 dias atrás
@gamer man same I played on ps4 It's sad to see kings canyon and only see few places from the start
gamer man
gamer man 21 dia atrás
I was before the seasons began, and i can agree on that
Iris Chavez
Iris Chavez 24 dias atrás
Ennardbear 7276
Ennardbear 7276 24 dias atrás
Am i the only one who plays this because my friend recommended it
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu 24 dias atrás
Is that Duke Nukem?
Frogsnidget _73
Frogsnidget _73 25 dias atrás
Idea: Fuze Ult + Horizon ult = unstoppable grenade spam
MEDUSAvsSHOE 25 dias atrás
Such a bad game experience...
José tony A
José tony A 18 dias atrás
@MEDUSAvsSHOE its a good game
MEDUSAvsSHOE 23 dias atrás
@Marc Jaden Perez Come on. You know it's a pretty rotten experience, and has been for quite some time. New players should be warned. If they are coming into it without a good premade team, they're toast.
AUTO_TANUKIS 25 dias atrás
Did you can do spilit screen in apex legend like fort nite please
Lindox 25 dias atrás
Holy shit they stepped up their trailer game
Name Text
Name Text 25 dias atrás
The Glue Gunner
The Glue Gunner 25 dias atrás
“ Don’t Blow a Fuse” -Wattson
Victor Galindo
Victor Galindo 25 dias atrás
Hey comments should I buy the new El Tigre octane, Blood ritual Revenant, or both?
discount.elonmusk 17 dias atrás
I have the original rev skin and the recolour is ass, it looks fake and plastic compared to the actual one. The octane skin is very nice. If you had to choose between them get octanes.
Secret633 25 dias atrás
Available on the Ps4 frames per second.
Jimmy The great
Jimmy The great 25 dias atrás
Rated D for deep voice
Kyper_ Prod
Kyper_ Prod 25 dias atrás
Why aren't executions added for legends with a relic? Gibroltar has what it looks like, but it's not a relic (
discount.elonmusk 17 dias atrás
Relic? Do you mean Heirloom?
Gabi lecr
Gabi lecr 25 dias atrás
What is thé name of the music ?
Chau Ngoc
Chau Ngoc 25 dias atrás
Is that Honest Trailer awesome-voice-guy?
Hugo Halter
Hugo Halter 25 dias atrás
This has to be the best crossover for any marketing trailer ever. I was laughing the entire time. Slightly disappointed not to hear very random quotes with sexy voice at the end of the video though ...
목도리94 25 dias atrás
사랑해요 APEX
Henchman 25 dias atrás
this is the worst season in this games history . the maps trasshhhh , you dont find enimies all game and when you see one team the whose server shoots at you . not playing this game for 13 days . not until the maps gone
Zagi Productions
Zagi Productions 24 dias atrás
it feels like another stall season like season 6
Bojan Ristic
Bojan Ristic 25 dias atrás
Is that Duke Nukem?
Sherly 25 dias atrás
Its sooooo a hot Trailer
ASTRO Games 25 dias atrás
I swear to god please give us that 30 30 repeater equip animation. We neeeed it
twisted lies
twisted lies 26 dias atrás
Yes finally apex legends season 8
Brick Fort
Brick Fort 26 dias atrás
One of the best seasons 9/10
Diego_BlackStar 26 dias atrás
directed by: Michael Bay
visigot z
visigot z 26 dias atrás
Overwatch Batleroyale.
Shadow pieee
Shadow pieee 26 dias atrás
whats the song in the background?
Raidiant 26 dias atrás
They shouldve made fuse's ult, an explosive headbutt 0:28 lol
Jason Damm
Jason Damm 26 dias atrás
Season 8 is here
Balázs Biró
Balázs Biró 26 dias atrás
Balázs Biró
Balázs Biró 26 dias atrás
Artyom but sad
Artyom but sad 26 dias atrás
rs vp
rs vp 26 dias atrás
that was a real well made trailer damn.
EddieWow24 26 dias atrás
0:15 is that skin for octane is in the battle pass??
Adurite Lemonade
Adurite Lemonade 26 dias atrás
Fortnite ripoff
Dhars 26 dias atrás
"Directed by Michael Bay"
LuNaaX _
LuNaaX _ 26 dias atrás
Titanfall 3
Dildo RIDER 26 dias atrás
Ali Maximus Power
Ali Maximus Power 26 dias atrás
Great Scott! Explosives? that probably generate a power of 1.21 Giggawatts
WNDRX 26 dias atrás
Ooooh, Bangalore
T-Hawk Media
T-Hawk Media 26 dias atrás
everyone's mentioning the guy from Screen Junkies but like they got Michael Bay to direct this.
S Barth
S Barth 26 dias atrás
Crypto get always finisht
Egor Gorko
Egor Gorko 26 dias atrás
Epic Voice Guy!
JBA 26 dias atrás
I knew that was a voice from some trailers but i forgot that he was the honest traikers guy. That's just amazing!
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui 26 dias atrás
So how many explosions should we add in the trailer devs: yes
Ultra SaltyRug
Ultra SaltyRug 26 dias atrás
Y does fuse need to use a Mozambique
Manuel Wiesflecker
Manuel Wiesflecker 26 dias atrás
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui 26 dias atrás
You Didn't Even Get The Colors Right... 800$ = 1 good skin in 2 years... Sad Just Hire Me To Make Skins Or Hire Me To Tell You When They Are Just Worthless 💪❤️
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