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It’s a pirate’s life for our Legends in the Raiders Collection Event!

Winter Express returns to Apex Legends: three squads board the World’s Edge train, but only one will conquer it! Collect 24 event-limited cosmetics and turn your squad into a pirate crew. Get all 24, and you’ll unlock something shocking: Wattson’s Heirloom, the “Energy Reader”!

Apex Legends™ is a free-to-play hero shooter game where legendary characters battle for glory, fame, and fortune on the fringes of the Frontier. Play for free now on PlayStation® 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Origin and Steam.

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1 Dez 2021



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Comentários 4 654
Twolol Mês atrás
what all wattson mains in the world have been waiting for a *tool gun*
totallyunironicamogus 22 dias atrás
@Axel Estrada nah octane heirloom fire tho
GALLICK 00 Mês atrás
Literally the best heirloom but ok
A4_ Typical
A4_ Typical Mês atrás
It honestly looks like a ray gun but 2092
Liecer Mês atrás
It's a barcode reader
Alexandra Jucal
Alexandra Jucal Mês atrás
walmart scanner
TimeBucks Mês atrás
The music was on point this one
Fathimath Zoona
Fathimath Zoona Mês atrás
And yes i enjoyed jack sparrow vibes
Fathimath Zoona
Fathimath Zoona Mês atrás
Amepinia Mês atrás
Can't wait to use that event music pack
Cale Mathis
Cale Mathis Mês atrás
Nyagro Mês atrás
@Middy Respawn be like "Can I copy your homework?" "Sure, just make sure you change it so it isn't obvious." The homework:
Imperator Solarius
Imperator Solarius Mês atrás
Feels like this is what the battle pass should have been.
Imperator Solarius
Imperator Solarius Mês atrás
@DarkKTP yea figured when i saw that 1 of the packs costed 700coins, i was hoping i'd get 2 packs for 10$ like i could have with the previous event. :/ i just thought the whole pirate theme would have fit the season pass way better than uhhhh um whatever trash they dug up for the season pass.
DarkKTP Mês atrás
Battlepass are for casuals, these stuffs are for the whales.
Will Dodd
Will Dodd Mês atrás
The amazing guy
The amazing guy Mês atrás
Loba should have gotten her swimsuit
Void Snakes
Void Snakes Mês atrás
Yup ash even got the skydive emote in this event instead of the battle pass
T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX With Me
All the skins go hard, but that Valkyrie skin is what I'm most excited for
Same man 😻😻
Patrick Domênico
Patrick Domênico Mês atrás
...And we're just ignoring the name and profile?
Amepinia Mês atrás
@CJGamr01 yeah I know
CJGamr01 Mês atrás
you guys know this is a bot you're replying to right?
Jordan Sias
Jordan Sias Mês atrás
@AmepiniaI feel so dumb now, I'm so sorry bro 💔 😅😅
Young Mês atrás
I'm surprised Pathfinder didn't try to wear an eyepatch over his only eye as a costume. The holiday express is one of my favorite events.
Hooded Dreamers
Hooded Dreamers Mês atrás
I cannot wait to buy the wraith skin, play Winter express, get downed and instantly leave. So excited!
Sqamy Mês atrás
@BifrostNiji SaMi no
Aeon Jinx
Aeon Jinx Mês atrás
You guys better beware of aceu and Timmy
Austen S
Austen S Mês atrás
@Hooded Dreamers same def gonna cop the skin super unique and colors are different than any other wraith skin. wraith main 4k 2 thousand kills. diamond 3 currently.
Ecstatic Shadow
Ecstatic Shadow Mês atrás
@Hooded Dreamers I never said the skin was bad looking. I only meant in the trailer the color tone seemed off for some reason. I'm sure the final product won't. Guess I pay a little closer attention to detail than others.
Ecstatic Shadow
Ecstatic Shadow Mês atrás
@BifrostNiji SaMi I'm guessing you didn't even attempt to watch the trailer to verify what I mentioned. Typical.
Serera Mês atrás
I really dont care that im getting a "tool gun" im happy Wattson finally has her Heirloom. Plus a Sick Skin!
Zadyn Hopkins
Zadyn Hopkins Mês atrás
wattson has nessy too
Angel Gutierrez
Angel Gutierrez Mês atrás
Finally! Wraith gets another legendary skin it's been too long since her last one said NO ONE EVER!!
Springsnapped Mês atrás
@pwp qwq I agree I mean I find him easy to play then other legends or it's just because I've played him for awhile
pwp qwq
pwp qwq Mês atrás
Crypto is actually a good character. If you ask any of the crypto mains, they will say that he is good (unless they are below plat). The thing about Crypto is that he is pretty boring compared to someone like Wraith or Octane. That's why he is getting a rework for his drone
7-Beamieson -
7-Beamieson - Mês atrás
@Father /God waiting for crypto to get good*
Springsnapped Mês atrás
@Father /God Same here saving up for it in fact.
Father /God
Father /God Mês atrás
Im just waiting for a good crypto skin for once
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty Mês atrás
I love pirates, and I love pathfinder! Can’t wait for this event
かも Mês atrás
バイパーが使ってた 「お前の旅もここで終わり」 って言うセリフをヴァルキリーも使ってるの好き Viper was using it “Your journey ends here too.” I like Valkyrie as well as using the line
Simply Ashton
Simply Ashton Mês atrás
That valk skin!
saturn's bones
saturn's bones 13 dias atrás
This isn't directed at OP but why are some men saying they're actually attracted to Valkyrie?
Very ballistic gaming
@Feuerklinge I guess
Feuerklinge Mês atrás
@Very ballistic gaming Respecting opinions I see.
Jude Ashwath
Jude Ashwath Mês atrás
@ll Tragedy ll You can craft any legendary skin for 2400 and epic for 800
BriskChance Mês atrás
Valk skin is p mid, NGL
Treajean Taumbo
Treajean Taumbo Mês atrás
Bloodhound: *Epic battle roar* Also Bloodhound: *Misses every shot and gets clapped by Pathfinder* 🤦🏾‍♂️
Crab Drinker
Crab Drinker Mês atrás
Probably one of the best collection events, at least out of these past few seasons
Arun Pai
Arun Pai Mês atrás
Finally a LTM which is awesome. Also, poor wattson mains😭
Hulk_Beast50 Mês atrás
heirloom is not that good of other characters! but excited for it that after a long time wattson is getting one 💙
Rampart Mês atrás
Welcome back to another episode of every legend has 30 hp in trailers
Pathfinder0919 26 dias atrás
W M Mês atrás
these game makers are killing the game. the biggest problem i think is the maps get boring. all maps should be in rotation all 4 of them. it annoys me so much to not be able to see all maps in rotation. im bored of seeing the same 2 maps. 4 maps isnt even alot so i dont understand why they would take maps out of rotation.
jonathan1248 Mês atrás
@Happy Godzilla you get the watson heirloom not the shrads
Dimitris Nikolaou
Dimitris Nikolaou Mês atrás
It's because they want cod kids to think that the fame doesn't have actually fair ttk
Bigmiquimby Mês atrás
Did you not see all the 3rd parties?
THE TABOO Mês atrás
0:56 you have to appreciate they matched up the shots with the music
Sweaty__Sloth Mês atrás
Bringing back the train mode is awesome! Wish the train was still a thing in worlds edge
Dzastin 0713
Dzastin 0713 Mês atrás
Everyone who played S3 OG WE wishes that.
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni Mês atrás
I love pirates, and I love pathfinder! Can’t wait for this event
Macro Mês atrás
I’m here for the Wattson pun at the end
Ghost Damage
Ghost Damage Mês atrás
hello macro love from london
luciidisstupiid Mês atrás
She got BARS bars
WoA Mortis
WoA Mortis Mês atrás
Does she say son? Lol
a very epic guy
a very epic guy Mês atrás
@Daniel Gutierrez SAY GOODBYE!
Macro how are you saludos desde Puerto Rico🇵🇷😁👋
Drew Mês atrás
This event actually looks mad fun and just all around pretty godly ngl. Maybe besides the whole wattson heirloom
Kierra Mês atrás
I missed winter Express I'm so happy it's back again
Grayson ?
Grayson ? Mês atrás
the gun sound and Christmas music were so on point! love to see it
Beyond The 3D TV
Beyond The 3D TV Mês atrás
Love the Pirate skins and theme! Especially when One Piece is it in prime at the moment. 😄
ThatPunchKid Mês atrás
Man I'm a sucker for pirate stuff, I'ma get it all when it comes out
Milo !!
Milo !! Mês atrás
Imma watch all of it
Springsnapped Mês atrás
*Cries in no money*
ikmalzainol Mês atrás
theres also a rat charm 😳
ikmalzainol Mês atrás
Punch Pirate when?
Matt Jasa
Matt Jasa Mês atrás
What a pirates favorite letter?
I’m not going to lie I’d love to see pathfinder muffin themed, it quite literally fits his sweet and optimistic personality
dcoog anml
dcoog anml Mês atrás
I love pirates, and I love pathfinder! Can’t wait for this event
snorpus Mês atrás
idc what anyone says i love wattsons heirloom
Carla Molloy
Carla Molloy Mês atrás
WOAH didn’t think Watson was finally gonna get her heirloom, ramparts came out only like 2 months ago
T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX With Me
I hope we get the train game mode in the beggining instead of the last week like they did for the holloween event
Leona 🍆 I am Online 💋 F Uc_k me
Pathfinder's really the star of the show here. 10/10 every time
NS# Mês atrás
Was hoping Wattson heirloom would be electric whip or some sort, quite disappointed for her heirloom ☹️
KarmaXL uwu
KarmaXL uwu Mês atrás
Valk has a really good skin. She looks like a whole new character lol Loba skins kinda be underwhelming though
Jordan Cherepanov
Jordan Cherepanov Mês atrás
They should've give her a small captain hat or just let her hair down ( They change hairstyle for Valk and Watson
J-Slip !
J-Slip ! Mês atrás
As a Wattson main I’m SOOO HAPPY AND EXCITED RIGHT NOW!!! But how is the gun thingy gunna work as a melee is she gunna “ shoot” or like pistol whip people ? Lemme know what y’all think
JustWayve Mês atrás
bean burrito gang
bean burrito gang Mês atrás
bean burrito gang
bean burrito gang Mês atrás
@Father /God well no I just meant that everyone has been waiting for wattson to get her heirloom
Father /God
Father /God Mês atrás
A tool gun?
Speeder Light
Speeder Light Mês atrás
It's me Jonny
It's me Jonny Mês atrás
Revenant skins just don't miss 😂 also, the bloodhound and pathfinder skin look great too. I've been waiting for a great event like this for so long!
Man Jr. Productions
@It's me Jonny this one reminds me of the guard from the spongebob movie, rotflll
Asta Wolfe
Asta Wolfe Mês atrás
@The Cloaker he's not a ninja!!! No where in his lore does it hint he's a ninja. 🤦🏻‍♀ Him having FANS for one of his dive trails makes zero sense. The werewolf skin is atrocious and so is this event skin. They're soooooo bad.
The Cloaker
The Cloaker Mês atrás
@Asta Wolfe how could you say that about general grievous ;-; the ninja one tho i %100 agree. Me and my friend litteraly have a inside joke where we call the skin “mediocre ninja.”
Asta Wolfe
Asta Wolfe Mês atrás
Really? His last two skins have been AWFUL. Completely terrible. 🤦🏻‍♀
Zakrose Mês atrás
@Jayson Chery rev literally has like 6-7 plus event legendaries lol. Atleast one every season almost
Ob Dixilis
Ob Dixilis Mês atrás
I was really hoping for a Winter express map on storm point to really change it up! Maybe next year!
Tevejé Mês atrás
I wish they made Winter Express a permanent mode. It's what Arenas should be.
Nah Bro
Nah Bro Mês atrás
So pumped for some winter express!!
TheApexLegendsBeast 26 dias atrás
Just a question but when’s the new season comin out? Also I’m really likin this collection event!
Pollux Mês atrás
I really waited for Wattson's heirloom to feel like taking people's temperature when they enter a shop
Icor the Rainwing
Icor the Rainwing Mês atrás
It's a Deal!
Ifucking Hatelife
Ifucking Hatelife Mês atrás
Saved my heirloom shards to get a price gun from Walmart
Icor the Rainwing
Icor the Rainwing Mês atrás
@Dominic C And you actually enjoying being rude?
Dominic C
Dominic C Mês atrás
You actually like wattson 🤢🤢🤢
Giovanni Lemos
Giovanni Lemos Mês atrás
"You have covid, you're not allowed on this lobby." *Wattson before cold-blooded murdering a legend with a Kraber HS*
Greg is real
Greg is real Mês atrás
Revenant will never will never have bad skins in events Change my mind
LJ Cham
LJ Cham Mês atrás
that pathfinder skin looks dope can't wait to get it
Jeff Gonzalez
Jeff Gonzalez Mês atrás
As a Wattson main, this event is crazy sick. Can't wait to get my hands on that heirloom.
Sonya Apex
Sonya Apex Mês atrás
Yeeeeah the train is back!!! 😍😍😍 I love this event
Crow-Fi Shorts
Crow-Fi Shorts Mês atrás
Pathfinder's really the star of the show here. 10/10 every time
A Legend Reborn [LIVE♦️]
BTW I would be live streaming Apex Legends! So yeah you’d all like the content 😎
3EVE3 Mês atrás
NOP the Loba skins always look sick too!
Nothing Mês atrás
火炎 Mês atrás
thats why path is one of my mains! PF:hohoho!
Savage T
Savage T Mês atrás
@Crow-Fi Shorts they all have personality for sure, but comically most are shallow
wolfy_the_ pyro
wolfy_the_ pyro Mês atrás
I don’t know how I feel about the Watson heirloom
omer at
omer at Mês atrás
We all love winter Express please make it as a certain mode in the game
omer at
omer at Mês atrás
We all love winter Express please make it as a certain mode in the game
sajo Mês atrás
This Rev skin looks dope 🔥
thisweirdguy Mês atrás
The collection event is great and all, but im here for the winter express. Best ltm of all time
Shirome Mês atrás
​@Boamourani' I corrected my mistake. And to be fair Express is just a DM... I mean love DMs but for the third time as a New Year/Christmas Event, it's straight up laziness of devs, and there wasnt even one free legendary skin or event pack in previous one... Only overpriced bundle at the same time most of them was reused ones...
Boamourani' Mês atrás
@Shirome it hasn't come out yet 3 times untill now. And this event makes sense to come out every christmas. Still the best ltm of the game
Proper Mês atrás
@Shirome the games only been out twice
Shirome Mês atrás
I agree but dev-wise this is the laziest re-usage of content i will play this ltm for 3rd time already... Also think that Grand Soriee is better.
Pootis Mês atrás
Most of us are
ODDEYES Mês atrás
Having been a loyal fan since March 11th its hard for me to really care at this point about Apex. Titanfall was the first shooter for me to redefine the term "shooter" I was head over heels in love with the game and the studio, when TF2 dropped it was the first time I actually biked to my local gamestop and picked up my copy. I loved that game so much I went back and bought a collectors edition for the helmet. Since then the fire in my heart for respawn burned bright for the next iteration to show itself. I was disheartened to hear that TF3 wasnt coming, but in its wake came Apex I played and bought cosmetics not because I liked the game, it was because I wanted to support the studio hoping it would give them the ability to make that push on TF3. Now watching this I realize that what im looking for in each video isnt about apex, its about Titanfall in the hopes something will hint that its coming. I realize that by the time I get what I want, ill probably have my first grand kid. I dont like how this new respawn works, the old respawn used to be about standing out from the crowd and redefining an idea to its fullest no matter what anyone else said or did. This respawn isnt about that, this new respawn is about chasing trends and changing to suit the complaints of the few. It really hurts to say this, but I really hope that someone else gets the rights to make TF3 because I fear that nomatter what this new respawn does with its closeted skeletons it wont ever have the same love and attention that TF2 has and still has from its fanbase.
SoraArtOnline Mês atrás
This is when I get my first heirloom
J Gummy
J Gummy Mês atrás
It’s a good day to be a Wattson main, let’s gooo!
Gooney boys
Gooney boys Mês atrás
I love how everyone is one tap in these trailers but in reality u spend 2+ minutes in a fight trying to brake people
D- Will
D- Will Mês atrás
The train mode is the best mode. Every year I get hyped when it comes out
Dima Kavetskyy
Dima Kavetskyy Mês atrás
i get so good with the wingman with it
Roxana K
Roxana K Mês atrás
I love This Winter express Mode. I play it every year
TheHaggler Mês atrás
@ApeX MoDs frfr
TheHaggler Mês atrás
@ApeX MoDs frfr
ApeX MoDs
ApeX MoDs Mês atrás
@TheHaggler same I hate shadow royale they should bring back shadowfall next year
Robin Jankovic
Robin Jankovic Mês atrás
1:44 i love how its head turns, its as if its saying like: "wut?"
Bleachaholic Mês atrás
I loved litterally everything. But i wished the Heirloom was a karambit like it was when it was leaked least year.
0:57 のとこ曲とランページの銃声合ってんのめっちゃいい!!!
JR Hernandez
JR Hernandez Mês atrás
Lord it’s been, five months since I played this game. Might return to it
Blake Shelton
Blake Shelton Mês atrás
bloodhound: *the gods favor my aim today* also bloodhound: *using charge rifle with digi-threat optics*
The Cloaker
The Cloaker Mês atrás
And misses every single shot with his car smg on pathfinder.
Yasemin Ay
Yasemin Ay Mês atrás
I cant believe the rumors were real That heirloom will be in the end of my heirloom list even tho I play wattson a lot...
allan_mjolnir Mês atrás
Could you possibly add a feature to the game where you could get 1 time to change one heirloom (any of your choosing) to heirloom shards? Do it for free or costing money.
Julian Gonzalez
Julian Gonzalez Mês atrás
Been needing me a path skin. I’ve been saving up my crafting materials so hopefully I’ll have enough
iNever LetUp
iNever LetUp Mês atrás
So beautiful! The effort put into this was amazing. Well done.
Alex Marquez
Alex Marquez Mês atrás
Still waiting on horizon to have her moment 🙌🏼
Steven Mês atrás
Watson got buffed into becoming a grocery store checkout person. Nice! What a strange way to announce you've given up on that character, lol. She'll check your packages just in time for Christmas. Everything else is cool.
aUseLessThing Mês atrás
finaly, wattsons new heirloom, the speedometer!
BOT Mês atrás
列車が帰って来るのはすごく嬉しい フラットラインの武器スキンは出たら買いたい
J -
J - Mês atrás
i love collection events, i just wish every event had skins for every legend, thats the ONE thing i would change.
space cowboy
space cowboy Mês atrás
@Nay’s Gaming Respawn often rushes skins out, the Loba Christmas skin last year was unfinished. They might be getting paid but it's definitely not enough for whatever happened with the skin quality going down and prices going up.
christian garcia
christian garcia Mês atrás
@VirtualGoddess333 she does get a skin every event. Or else all the ttv and pc sweats would complain. While I’m here waiting for my lifeline skins
Coby Dooley
Coby Dooley Mês atrás
And the cost of the skins
VirtualGoddess333 Mês atrás
and i low key feel that wraith gets a skin or something every event Lol i love her skin though
HelloThere 3721
HelloThere 3721 Mês atrás
@The Bruh Gaming Channel they technically are at least 1.99 per as the words “at least” mean: does not go under which EA has no problem doing. I would say the skins would be at most $10 each but that’ll never happen
Bro when I had the last collection event I completely had no complaints paying 200 for ramparts heirloom. But now when I just want one item from this collection, trying to justify spending 20 dollars for ONE gun skin just makes me feel literally insane. Like wow I have to work for an entire hour and a half just to get a weapon skin. That is pure evil. I think I'm gonna do it anyway:( guess I'm cray cray
Been a while since all the legendary skins have been this good
J.C Meza
J.C Meza Mês atrás
You know, I started playing in season 2.. fell in love with Watson and was so looking forward to one day obtaining her heirloom... And now that they day is here..... The game has gotten so repetitive and the thought of spending real money ona virtual item sickens me.
Abdullah Bazil
Abdullah Bazil Mês atrás
The shots being in sync with the music was the cherry on top
Jeramy Cohen
Jeramy Cohen Mês atrás
Wattson running to fights with that Heirloom has the same vibes as Flo from Progressive with the Name Your Price Tool
Expulsion Johnsolo
Expulsion Johnsolo Mês atrás
@tim allen you sure can!!
tim allen
tim allen Mês atrás
Hi I needa quote for my jump pad but can I get that bundled with the zip line and blue swirly
Djultimawerewolf Mês atrás
@Expulsion Johnsolo ahaha 😂
Expulsion Johnsolo
Expulsion Johnsolo Mês atrás
Would you be interested in trident insurance?
Expulsion Johnsolo
Expulsion Johnsolo Mês atrás
@Djultimawerewolf true 😂, I would pay the money, that would be the best skin
Sherrie Penny
Sherrie Penny Mês atrás
While preparing myself for the collection event, I shall spend hours listening to sea shanties and learn the pirate language
ZER0 Mês atrás
That Valkarye skin looks great but not as great as season 10 legendary skin so idk if it's worth it, plus knowing birthright is coming back with a great recolor ima save for that
Ξddießlix Mês atrás
Now these are the skins id pay for. They aren’t just a shader and i can see alot of attention to detail was done.
King Murese
King Murese Mês atrás
So pumped. Cosmetics still might be overpriced tho.
Aditya Guha
Aditya Guha Mês atrás
1:09 that bloodhound roar was awesome 🔥
Cesar Rodriguez
Cesar Rodriguez Mês atrás
Predator reference!!!
CaptainSeaSick Mês atrás
This Bloodhound skin was literally made for me
SMToon Story
SMToon Story Mês atrás
when I grow up, I wanna be like pathfinder!
Faelen Crepe
Faelen Crepe Mês atrás
THE SHOOTING ON BEAT @ 0:51 (wingman) and 0:56 (rampage) MADE ME GIGGLE OUT LOUD 😭😭😭😭💗💗💗 HEHAHAHAAY Love that little detail
budgetbrick Mês atrás
I feel like I'm going to play Pirate's of the Caribbean music when playing this event
Joaquin Reyes
Joaquin Reyes Mês atrás
Been a while since all the legendary skins have been this good
Joaquin Reyes
Joaquin Reyes Mês atrás
@Szillar compared to the other event skins these are by far better except for the iron crown event no skins will ever top those
ChaseR _
ChaseR _ Mês atrás
@ThatOne WattsonMain It is bad
ThatOne WattsonMain
@Martin Lukomski loba skin bad? Literally one of the best there
Sabo Mês atrás
this is all a colorful mess
Lampboi 1330
Lampboi 1330 Mês atrás
@Mr Santana BmoreGamer21 The Loba edition skin is honestly doing every other skin a disservice. It's probably one of my favorites in the game, and she has a few absolute bangers.
DougSausage Mês atrás
Wattson mains be like: "I wanted a Nessie, not a tool gun"
Bimo Satriawan
Bimo Satriawan Mês atrás
It's that time of the year again...when winter express came back
Bruno Braga
Bruno Braga Mês atrás
0:55 Whoever you are, you deserve a raise.
Wesley Qumuaqtuq
Wesley Qumuaqtuq 27 dias atrás
With how much lifeline/wraith have been nerfed an other legends changes. There should be an option where we can recycle a Herliom for shards again so we can pick a legend we actually play or choose to hold onto shards for upcoming legends. Fortnite had one were you could choose up to three skins you could refund to get your Vbucks back. Either way I've been playing super people and would be a way to bring players back
Keezy Mês atrás
All the skins go hard, but that Valkyrie skin is what I'm most excited for
ryn Mês atrás
valk looks toooo good
Viator Mês atrás
I only have 3k Crafting & I like so many of these Skins!
MorningWood Mês atrás
Nah they’re so bad bruh, ea getting mad greedy
@Jub send me pics 🤷‍♂️
laylowxalex Mês atrás
Reminds me of genesis event one
Matthew Apex  wattson
Thank you for wattson hieloom. I am so happy :-) I love wattson heirloom.
Watermelon IDK
Watermelon IDK 15 dias atrás
Hey apex do you by chance know when seers heirloom is going to come out
Cole Donaldson
Cole Donaldson Mês atrás
But that rampage with the bam bam bam on the train. Magnificent
brutaler Bot
brutaler Bot Mês atrás
New heirloom’s 🤩
you have small pp
you have small pp Mês atrás
I hope we get the train game mode in the beggining instead of the last week like they did for the holloween event
Ifucking Hatelife
Ifucking Hatelife Mês atrás
I hated that. And it was only for one week. Like what the heck is that
Smushy Penguin
Smushy Penguin Mês atrás
Yes! Winter Express is my favorite event, and if we only get it for a week I’m a be sad. 🥺
The Spectrum
The Spectrum Mês atrás
hopefully we get it for the whole second split since we're already getting an ltm during the event edit: nvm well probs have winter express the 2 weeks of the event
Op Shark
Op Shark Mês atrás
Gt.よっしー Mês atrás
うれしい、 冬の列車を待っていた。 ワットソンは美しい。パスファインダーもかっこいい。
Darren Giusti
Darren Giusti 17 dias atrás
Btw RESPAWN I would absolutely love it if y'all would please put the Dismantler Wingman recolor in the store soon =)
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