Apex Legends - Full Cinematic Story [2019-2021]

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Apex Legends
Apex Legends - Full Story
Apex Legends - All Cinematic Trailer
Apex Legends - Full Story 2019-2021
Apex Legends - All Season Cinematic Trailer
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5 Ago 2021



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Comentários 794
Pog-xoltl 3 horas atrás
Season 4 was and will always be the best one. So brutal and depressing and yet so damn cool
Pog-xoltl 4 horas atrás
Why is it that the quality kinda dropped after (or during) season 9 Dont get me wrong, they are more expressive with their body movements in the s9 trailer but its more cartoony.
LakeShow Highlights
LakeShow Highlights 6 horas atrás
been playing apex for only about 3 months now, so seeing all this for the first time all in order is really really cool as a Loba main, seeing her open that box gave me chills 6:53 gave me chills
sam 10 horas atrás
17:08 literally the best part of any trailer.
eatnazz 16 horas atrás
loba seen some shit as a kid
THE BIG BOSS 916 19 horas atrás
Fun fact: Revenant is the first in die in every trailer
Native G.
Native G. 23 horas atrás
After season 2 the Game died Instant
Samittimamitti Dia atrás
i didnt even know ash was on s4 trailer...
Hailey Moore
Hailey Moore Dia atrás
Why does octane die in every season
Keithen Gibson
Keithen Gibson Dia atrás
I love lobas cutscene for season 5 as a loba main it saddens me to see what she's gone through but the music to the season 5 intro makes it even better
SwiftPrayer Dia atrás
It may be my old age showing...but there better be at least one 23:19 somewhere around here.......(if you know you know and your knees pop now)
The last word
The last word Dia atrás
The seer animatic is 2-wei which is sick!
4RL Dia atrás
They should really make a character that brake's the fourth wall
Nkululeko Dambuza
Awesome. Thanks for this only Started at season 6. Was nice to see the earlier seasons
Psyke Dia atrás
just mirage himself just makes this entertaining its self
OlliePlayz Dia atrás
The music from lobas scene is a bop
Corkedspoon Dia atrás
As someone who joined season 9, I appreciate this
klose king
klose king 2 dias atrás
Early seasons trailers were so good
Neo Roggensack
Neo Roggensack 2 dias atrás
6:24 That's a lot of legendary skins.
robi;🥽 2 dias atrás
Season 2 is when I started my main is Valkyrie BloodHound and wraith
Christina Henry
Christina Henry 2 dias atrás
What is that maybe it’s the welcome comit- explodes
忍 θ iQ BΦTッ 忍
忍 θ iQ BΦTッ 忍 2 dias atrás
Anyone else notice Ash in season 4 cinematic
Bastian Edinger
Bastian Edinger 3 dias atrás
I found that meme
Eternal 3 dias atrás
My favourite character is probably Fuse. He saved a MRVN.
Jensen_and_chaseflips 3 dias atrás
Season 10 is probably the best season with seer like the intro to season 10 is amazing
SUPRIzE! 3 dias atrás
Wow this game is cool, if only I didnt suck at it lol
Piggieplays 600
Piggieplays 600 3 dias atrás
Octanes gaming setup is fire
Taine Walton
Taine Walton 4 dias atrás
Did you know viper the imc titan user from titan fall 2 that can fly and shoot rockets is valkerys dad that’s why her suit is based of his titan
KH2 4 dias atrás
The first trailer is pre season not s1
Dima Yuga
Dima Yuga 4 dias atrás
The rampage was there since season 1
Rise and shine
Rise and shine 4 dias atrás
That’s it, Apex needs a Netflix series
Faris Zgal
Faris Zgal 4 dias atrás
I really wish they go back to the old art style
Denzen Marden
Denzen Marden 4 dias atrás
What was season four that trailer was scary
yaboiibfreeze 1347 Gaming
I wish combat was a free flowing as the trailers 🤣 like I wanna fly upside down one shot a guy then drop kick his teammate 🤣
pav 4 dias atrás
Wait seer looks like lil was x
SneakySqueaky 5 dias atrás
Imagine the loot was just a Mozambique and p2020
cementedcandle 5 dias atrás
Oh man i havent played since season 3
Turanist Kangal
Turanist Kangal 5 dias atrás
sally golvear
sally golvear 6 dias atrás
hi guys, these days i’ve seen a new project called Vice, seems potential. Anyone know sth abt it? I need some reviews to consider
theresa piperad
theresa piperad 6 dias atrás
I even became one of their holders, and receive some good big deals
tasfiya jannat
tasfiya jannat 6 dias atrás
Oh, the Vicecity? I read some whitepapers, their ecosystem is amazing
Alfie Henning
Alfie Henning 6 dias atrás
One of my favourite lines was definitely. "When you get to hell, tell em Valkyrie sent you"
sir doc
sir doc 6 dias atrás
maybe it's the welcome committee *entire wing gets shot off*
Evil Beret
Evil Beret 6 dias atrás
Bro I remember OG season one Well it’s starting to get harder to remember it causes so many bloody seasons now
KreWoliski 7 dias atrás
Revenants one is still my favourite
Volo 5 dias atrás
Worst legend with the second best trailer, the season 1 trailer is the best
Shadow Fox
Shadow Fox 7 dias atrás
the first one is season 0 or the pre season
Kayson Murray
Kayson Murray 7 dias atrás
денис кручан
Субтитры ска где?!
Grayson Braziel-Pulliam
Hector Vego
Hector Vego 8 dias atrás
Come on loba is an amazing carácter but the second trailer was not as cool
Study Group
Study Group 8 dias atrás
Apex debería cambiar los gráficos a estilo cartoon como en sus trailers se vería más cool el juego
safagngr 8 dias atrás
is it me or everyone thinks if they make a movie of Apex based on a story that would literally make everyone addicted to it.
Wolf brother gaming
Wolf brother gaming 9 dias atrás
For the season 10 trailer they could have gotten a lil nas x song
lance cruz
lance cruz 9 dias atrás
Mozambieqe here
Just some guy who dosen't like to comment
Poor caustic dying in every cutscene
Popcorn Doggies
Popcorn Doggies 9 dias atrás
Damn the season 2 one feels like it was yesterday
Aayan Khan
Aayan Khan 9 dias atrás
I watched the first one like infinite times😂
DIRE 9 dias atrás
I love mirage 😂
Артём Егоров
What a hell is happen with animation
Creature 116
Creature 116 10 dias atrás
19:52 hey that’s vipers line 😂 only tf2 players would know
Volo 2 dias atrás
@Creature 116 it really isn't in the same context, vipers never said anything close to that, and I'm not nerding out, it's just common knowledge
Creature 116
Creature 116 2 dias atrás
@Volo 😂 it’s in the same context bro stop nerding out
Volo 5 dias atrás
Clearly you ain't a titanfall player than cus that ain't vipers line, she even says "tell em valkyrie sent you" the only line she has that vipers says is "I own the sky"
Maria Irene
Maria Irene 10 dias atrás
High five
Joey Fortin
Joey Fortin 10 dias atrás
Can't wait to see the next season
sebythekiller972 10 dias atrás
I have a single question.why is octane standing in the air while kicking mirage in season 2 trailer?😞
Volo 5 dias atrás
He didn't make the trailer
Lookas Skywalker
Lookas Skywalker 10 dias atrás
What's the song its so good🤘
Volo 5 dias atrás
The season 1 song? Like the one thst introduced octane, if so then it's only one king by jung youth
Sxomie 11 dias atrás
I love Wattson and Wraith!
Sxomie 11 dias atrás
I love Apex Legends!
Lil Jimmy
Lil Jimmy 11 dias atrás
Seers fucking annoying man Like bro we get it you're a progressive African lil Nas x
Risen Snake
Risen Snake 12 dias atrás
I like how no matter what cryptos doing he always has his hands in his pocket
TheDumbOne 13 dias atrás
Nobody: Octane: Runs on water to flex on mirage
Puipuia Chawngthu
Puipuia Chawngthu 13 dias atrás
And you missed 1 season
Puipuia Chawngthu
Puipuia Chawngthu 13 dias atrás
The first one is not season 1 its season 0
Blessé 14 dias atrás
Loba’s was better than revenants to me, maybe I’m delusional
LUCKYBOMB1212 14 dias atrás
Popeye 14 dias atrás bloodhound lovers 🌌
€едушу 14 dias atrás
Бебра топ
Tantoy 14 dias atrás
How do they no die in Apex? Im really confused how they always live and survive each games
Bob Lazar
Bob Lazar 11 dias atrás
I think the games are a simulation of some type
Sir Ronin
Sir Ronin 12 dias atrás
The banners probably.
SeltrixBL 15 dias atrás
im mad they changed the animation style after season 8
SCHAHER 15 dias atrás
bas vid
Diotarono 15 dias atrás
they teased crypto in season 2
Dark Liendo
Dark Liendo 15 dias atrás
seer in cinematic : can do amazing dodge and parkour seer in game : miss every skill and ended up got caught and wiped out
Kyle gharner Pilapil
Kyle gharner Pilapil 15 dias atrás
Fuse: can give me a high five mate Blood hunter:no or I will shoot you 😠😠😠
Mikasa_simp 15 dias atrás
I cant be the only one who heard babe at 12:12right?
Shane Jefferis
Shane Jefferis 15 dias atrás
unlike me crypto hits his wingman shots
zbaker330 15 dias atrás
its so desperate to be Overwatch.
SIVA 15 dias atrás
18:13 - 18:21 Me running away from school once it’s finished 18:22 *h o m e w o r k*
Zeke King
Zeke King 16 dias atrás
Im just wondering if the leviathans will come back for thier yearly migration across kings canyon?
killasam19 16 dias atrás
The always be sniping bloodhound🤣
Lord Lagann
Lord Lagann 17 dias atrás
13:25 Path "Bye friend" Always make me laugh and cry
C K 17 dias atrás
There should be cinematic view of everyone's gameplay. Imagine cinematic view of IQ1000 PLAYERS.
돈좋아 17 dias atrás
5:25 let's go fight
steam boy
steam boy 17 dias atrás
how much does this cheat cost
Brotherguns #6754
Brotherguns #6754 17 dias atrás
Is anyone going to talk about how the hemlock was Semi automatic
Brotherguns #6754
Brotherguns #6754 13 dias atrás
@Granz • 69 years ago • bro your user made me think you said that 69 years ago
Granz • 69 years ago •
money add then multiply now i call it mathematic
Christian Anochili
Christian Anochili 18 dias atrás
Please how many GB does this Apex contain?...
Mario Cerna
Mario Cerna 18 dias atrás
I played apex b4 there was a season one it was just called apex
Media Official AUN YON New
Ashley Butcher
Ashley Butcher 19 dias atrás
octane likes drugs, i don't blame him
spaceface 777
spaceface 777 19 dias atrás
I remember watching the first one on instagram
Rernts 19 dias atrás
Note for all Villains with Robot's: If you have Robot's Handleing Guns and if someone steals one of Those Gune's. Make sure to Make your robot's A little stronger then that gun
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