Anything But a Backpack day at my school. Someone brought a washing machine šŸ˜‚

Asia Jackson
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22 Mar 2022



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Idk Wtvr
Canā€™t believe the washing machine brought a human to school. Such creativity
Most notable ones at my school were, an inflatable boat, a mailbox, a wheel barrow, plant pot WITH a tree in it, birdcage, one of those bouncy toys you can seat a baby in, and literal siblings. People brought their little siblings to school to carry their stuff-
Our school recently stopped allowing backpacks and let me say that the first few days were chaotic šŸ˜ƒ the ones I can remember are: a whole microwave, a popcorn machine, a kangaroo onesie with a pouch, many shopping carts, and a fish tank. People are so creative lmao
Whoopi Hyena
Itā€™s so wholesome how she finds everything everyone brought so funny and how everyone with someone that rolled carried their buddies through the hall as well
Isaac Dupras
we had one of these at my school and the best ones i saw were:
OP's laugh is infectious. Loved all of them! šŸ˜‚
when the babuga
walmart employee: boss where did all our shopping carts go?
"anything but a backpack day" genuinely a great idea. Your school is so fun. You calling out your friends as they walk by, deserved LOL.
Holo Sohma
I love how they tried WAY too hard and that made the whole thing amazing
Steve White
The most notable ones I saw was a stolen roadside traffic cone, an entire Christmas tree, a dunebuggy made from scrap or some sorts, a snowblower, and though not let onto the school, a freshman brought an entire door.
shanna-lee shaw
Imagine pulling up to school to see a bunch of supermarket trolleys parked in the hallway beside a washing machine šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚
I remember someone brought two identical ice boxes and would go to random students and ask them to pick one, one box contains sodas and one box contains books, if you chose the right one (aka the soda box) you get a soda, but if you chose the wrong one you get candy. If you want to go again, you'll have to solve a question. I remember even the teachers joined in. Fun time. šŸ˜‚
Somebody brought a fridge at my school and not a mini one a one that makes ice by itself and he got sm coke i swear i had too much lmfao
random sam
the most notable one for us was one kid brought a whole grill to school and drug it around all day (mind you our main campus has a lot of stairs, most buildings are multi-story) plus he's in my jrotc class; ended up leaving marks on the floor right outside the room and had to mop them up
Addison Stagner
My schools most memorable ones were
Maxus Gamer
The squatted shopping cart with the tennis balls made me loose it at
Rowan Lockwood
we had some pretty funny ones. I remember one person brought a janitor bucket (with the mop). There was also a couple car tires? Some other notable ones were a bird cage, a kayak, and hobo sack, and a garbage bag wrapped over something that made it look like a body. My brother forgot until the morning of so he literally just wrapped a trash bag over his backpack and cut holes for the straps.
FJ 21 dia atrƔs
Aww I'm so happy for them everybody seems to be having such a good time. Even though I'm sure they have their own cliques and groups for a day they got to appreciate each other just for creativity and wit. Love this idea wish we had that at our school
meanwhile my school threatened witholding diplomas when someone snitched that our senior prank was gonna be storybook time in the commons in our pj's during free period šŸ™ƒ
Anything but a backpack day
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Anything but a Backpack
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