Anthony Joshua v Wladimir Klitschko | Full Fight! | 29th April 2017

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Another chance to see Anthony Joshua take on Wladimir Klitschko at Wembley Stadium on April 2017, which saw Joshua's IBF and the vacant WBA Super and IBO heavyweight titles on the line.
Watch Joshua take on Carlos Takam live on Sky Box Office on Saturday 28th October, head here to book:


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24 Out 2017



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Comentários 11 080
Blue Berries
Blue Berries 6 horas atrás
What's the song at 08:21?
Кенжекерей Кунанбаев
Закат Кличко рассвет Джошуа
Will John
Will John 10 horas atrás
Never been able to figure out what Wladimir says to the ref David Fields after he steps in to call it off...
Алексей Борисов
Усик герой
Name Surname
Name Surname 12 horas atrás
Volodymyr is a Legend
Uncle Dana
Uncle Dana 12 horas atrás
I watched thıs fıght for multıple tımes already but .. I cant leave watchıng thıs amazıng fıght . What a guys what a warrıors !
Павел Круликовский
Кличко вел 11 раундов,один удар и все ...😏
Raymond Byarugaba
Raymond Byarugaba 14 horas atrás
Klitchko will be one of the greatest despite the loss ,he fought at 40 yrs retirement .Well done ! Joshua good to have a big test .This fight helped Joshua learn more
Саша Гречка
Саша Гречка 15 horas atrás
Первый раз смотрел. А чего он остановил то? Владимир даже не был в отключке и возможно он бы восстановился!
pobedit86 16 horas atrás
Володя всю карьеру провел как паралимпиец. правую руку так никто и не видел
Артур Булавéнко
Завтра Усик отомстит 🥊
Soul Star
Soul Star 9 horas atrás
We'll see! AJ ain't no Chisora
Bagusatmojo Atmojo
Beruntung...permainan bagus wladimir..
donovan embden
donovan embden Dia atrás
If joshua fights tyson fury like that he will get knocked out. Fury gets better with each fight and i think he has lots more stamina than joshua. Tyson fury is relentless !!
Rich j
Rich j 12 horas atrás
this was 4 years ago, AJ is better now
donovan embden
donovan embden Dia atrás
For those of you who dont know anthony joshua is nigerian but grew up in england. Africans are some of the most devastating punchers. There is Francis negarru the french afrikan in the ufc. Sorry i cant spell his last name. Lol
Umar Dia atrás
Can’t even remember how many times I’ve rewatched this fight now 😂 ICONIC
Liam Floy
Liam Floy Dia atrás
Brutal uppercut
Вовка Трифанов
Надо было прямыми а не боковым!!!:(
Вовка Трифанов
Один удар,расставил точки!
Kevin Barry
Kevin Barry Dia atrás
That said, Fury will destroy Joshua
Павел Окейчик
Кличко не боксер! Вот в субботу будет настоящий бой! И победа настоящего боксера-чемпиона Усика!!
Sergii Y
Sergii Y Dia atrás
5 раунд ето нечто! Зачем дал Кличко Джошуа оддишаться посля падения?
liggy man
liggy man Dia atrás
AJ has the discipline of a Russian ballerina , the slav grindset . *ice cold*
Kamari FIT
Kamari FIT 2 dias atrás
Miftahul Hidayah
Miftahul Hidayah 3 dias atrás
Allohuma sholi 'ala sayyidina muhammad... Wa'ala 'ali sayyidina muhammad...
Gino Nurmagomedov
Gino Nurmagomedov 3 dias atrás
round 6 was the best round in boxing history
Mad Dad Lad
Mad Dad Lad 3 dias atrás
Vlad proved beyond doubt why he's one of the greatest to ever grace the ring and damn did AJ have to earn that win! Easily one of the best fights I've ever seen. Two gents and two great guys that will be remembered forever bith individually and for giving the world this titanic battle. Legends the two of them!
Ярослав Долгих
Я из украины, и я рад. Что кличко получил пи*ды.
Nkwe Nkwezi
Nkwe Nkwezi 3 dias atrás
life is beautiful
life is beautiful 3 dias atrás
Надеюсь что такое количество людей придет и на бой с Усиком и будет такое же качество в интернете как и это
Adam G
Adam G 4 dias atrás
Петя Громов
Петя Громов 5 dias atrás
Кличко всегда выигрывал за счет габаритов, ему было легко повиснуть на сопернике,а так только джеб и двойка, весь его арсенал.
Tato Jaffray
Tato Jaffray 5 dias atrás
Wladimir still a legend boxing, and AJ will be a legend... Both are my idol
Vegeta 5 dias atrás
Władimir has better music Taste
Shelli RK
Shelli RK 5 dias atrás
shhhiz....I'd be too tired from the walk to the ring to fight..all wheezy n stuff.
Ihor Hryhorovych
Ihor Hryhorovych 6 dias atrás
The last time when I was crying was precisely after this boxing match.
Джон Траволта
Кличко 41 год,отправил нокдаун чувака в рассвете сил, простоял почти весь бой!!! Разница в возрасте 14 лет!!!
Денис Николаевич
Владимир Кличко-легенда украинского бокса!
Daimex 7 dias atrás
Дуже сумую за боями братів Кличко 🔥🇺🇦
Ностальгия 7 dias atrás
Кличку нужно было добивать после нокдауна Джошуа ..Он проиграл тактически
Юрий Алексеев
Надеюсь, Усик побьёт Джошуа. Скоро
Oleksandr Akkerman
Oleksandr Akkerman 7 dias atrás
Joshua showed how good luck is and I wish Joshua was always to beat everyone and be the winner.
Oleksandr Akkerman
Oleksandr Akkerman 7 dias atrás
Joshua showed how good luck is and I wish Joshua was always to beat everyone and be the winner.
Oleksandr Akkerman
Oleksandr Akkerman 7 dias atrás
Joshua showed an example it he stopped who Klitschko who respected him Well done Wish Victory that good further won
sarty23 7 dias atrás
Misha Ivashkevich
Misha Ivashkevich 7 dias atrás
Красиво спела гимн Украины.....
sarty23 7 dias atrás
Joshua misses 123 punches in a tie. Commentary: "Klitshcko cant take this for twelve rounds". What cant he take? Air?
tokSongz 4 dias atrás
Fury fangirl?
sarty23 7 dias atrás
Terribly biased commentary. Joshua is so good even if he is knocked out
Andrew Treloar
Andrew Treloar 7 dias atrás
Was nice to see mutual respect between two great fighters , instead of listening to trash talk , respect to Klitschko, and joshua🥊
OZ 7 dias atrás
I hold this fight in higher regard then furys entire career.
Евгений Мазуренко
Красивый бокс, 2 джентльмена в ринге.
Gav G
Gav G 8 dias atrás
Aj=severely overrated
Ali M YOUNUS 9 dias atrás
This guy AJ has no chin !!!!!! That’s why Boxing is dying If this this guy has only one heavy weight fight back in seventies would be knocked out at the first round !!!
Rich j
Rich j 12 horas atrás
they were too small
Lesya Voytyuk
Lesya Voytyuk 9 dias atrás
ENDOR CORE 9 dias atrás
I love Joshua, but anyone who says Anthony Joshua is one of the greatest heavyweights ever, this fight proves he would have lost to a prime wvladamir
Митра Драгомир
Чет мне кажется Усик эту раму не свалит...
Yuri Petrov
Yuri Petrov 9 dias atrás
Запретите Кличко бить левый боковой в скачке, дубень сам не вырубается, что он им постоянно мажет
Frid Ric
Frid Ric 9 dias atrás
Bad stoppage, It's true he knock him down twice but then he wasn't landing and how he showed in the fifth round Klitschko could comeback and maybe win the fight
2DarkHorizon 10 dias atrás
There was never a young prime Wladimir Klitschko. People who followed the heavyweight division at the time which wasn't many. Said Wladimir Klitschko prime was when he was "pass" his prime age. Because his legendary trainer Manny Steward increased Wladimir Klitschko boxing knowledge and skills as he aged. In addition Wladimir Klitschko actually got stronger as he aged and many at the time expected for many years that he was taking steroids because of this. On top of this Anthony Joshua fought the real desperate Wladimir Klitschko without the clinching and hugging and playing it safe for the win which no opponent has ever seen of him. Therefore Anthony Joshua fought the most dangerous version of Wladimir Klitschko. If Anthony Joshua fought Wladimir Klitschko before Tyson Fury he would of encountered a timid version of Wladimir Klitschko and won easily. If you watch Wladimir Klitschko career you will see that he only won easily because he ever fought noone the same size and strength as him until he met Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua that is when he lost.
Facebook 7 dias atrás
💯 Klitschko looked great in this fight.
Victor Babyn
Victor Babyn 10 dias atrás
The Wolf
The Wolf 10 dias atrás
These 2 guys are absolute beasts! 6 foot 6. Imagine both of them walking upto you and wanting to start a fight!
Владислав Маузер
Джошуа вышел на легке ,не думал что савок может составить конкуренцию,ошибься мальца ) Ну Вован красавчик конечно,красиво уронил Джошуа
Carmen Minca
Carmen Minca 11 dias atrás
The croked teeth rat eaters are so hipper about it but Vladimir was soft with the eggplant
Franz Bolufer
Franz Bolufer 11 dias atrás
Very nice knockdown on Klitschko! I love it!
Donald Brigden
Donald Brigden 12 dias atrás
A little long winded
Kevin Cairns
Kevin Cairns 12 dias atrás
Let AJ recover in the 7th. Mistake.
küçük kuşçuluk
küçük kuşçuluk 13 dias atrás
Dr. Doppeldecker
Dr. Doppeldecker 13 dias atrás
I swear Bruce Buffer is a thousand times more entertaining and enthusiastic than his brother Michael..... Michael makes me wanna go to bed while Bruce makes me wanna fight Francis Ngannou!
Влад Ратиборец
Pidor Joshua
Александр Игоревичь
Чё за исполнение гимна Украины? Воет как волк на луну...позор...
John Norris
John Norris 14 dias atrás
A good fight, sometimes even tears in his eyes, age takes its toll, Vladimir is a legend, and now Joshua and Fury have every chance to become the same, very good fighters. God save the queen and Glory to Ukraine. Greetings from Kyiv.
Mickey House
Mickey House 15 dias atrás
Great camera angle . They zoomed inside the ropes whole time . Normally we get that behind the ropes zoomed out view which sucks
Suhail Mondair
Suhail Mondair 15 dias atrás
AJ's music damn❤🔥
Кличко мог но не захотел
Shawn Curtis
Shawn Curtis 15 dias atrás
If he was 10 years younger he would’ve destroyed AJ
8 RENESIS 16 dias atrás
Doimi Sumping
Doimi Sumping 17 dias atrás
Petinju terhebat
CASKET BLACK 17 dias atrás
Игорь Кан
Игорь Кан 18 dias atrás
Тряхнул стариной
davidtsw 18 dias atrás
The mouthpiece falling out trick is so cheeky I can't believe they don't have a rule for that. Losing one point each time would be enough to stop it cause it's nothing less than cheating
mbsnyderc 18 dias atrás
Both fighters really neglected the body shots.there head hunting to much that's why they could get back up after the knock downs in the middle rounds.
Iz-dat-chew 18 dias atrás
Did Johnny Arrogant have to Smile At Klitschko After the Fight??? Even if they Cool With Each other,,I think it was un-Called for!!!
vROTeBAL 19 dias atrás
BOXING AS WE LOVE IT 19 dias atrás
still a long way to go, but I'm coming get ready for a new chapter of history
Ville Järvinen
Ville Järvinen 20 dias atrás
Josh is so slow here. He has improved like mad i tell you.
Tibetus 20 dias atrás
Ein Stock mit Handschuh geht zu Boden 👌
James Guzman
James Guzman 20 dias atrás
The slimy syrup formerly help because mattock formerly crash up a super atom. black-and-white, energetic mountain
john santos
john santos 20 dias atrás
best boxer ever
Joe Gugg
Joe Gugg 20 dias atrás
Joshua struggled Fury played with Wladimir
fikri lamanda
fikri lamanda 21 dia atrás
Anthony Joshua
InteractiveHistory 21 dia atrás
I’m surprised Shannon Briggs didn’t taunt Vladimir mid fight, he does it all the time at his gym 😂
Сергей 21 dia atrás
Кличко легенда
Peni Tawake1
Peni Tawake1 22 dias atrás
Dabe vei Asi
Frank Onyeani
Frank Onyeani 22 dias atrás
Well done Joshua
stephen dent
stephen dent 22 dias atrás
Klitchko let Joshua off the hook in the 6th round , he was for the taking
Matt. 19 dias atrás
Sign of an aged fighter. Unwillingness to throw and not being able to finish off opponents like they once did.
Olimboy Allaberganov
Olimboy Allaberganov 22 dias atrás
Wladimir klichko 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Blugryphon 23 dias atrás
Modern day gladiator games with overkill theatrics.
The_British_loony BRITISH_LOONY
Joshua looks tired by round 6
João 23 dias atrás
Jesus, look at that gash on Klitschko's brow
UFC 4 FIGHTS 23 dias atrás
Vladimir legend
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