Ansu Fati SCORES as he returns from injury as Barcelona smash Levante in LaLiga | ESPN FC

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26 Set 2021



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Kenny Vasquez
Kenny Vasquez 11 dias atrás
Hi guys
Vincent Video
Vincent Video 23 dias atrás
This fnkg kid acting like he scored against Bayern is the greatest of all farse. The way they lift his body like he scored against Chelsea is another farse. The kid is a farse. A farse. Levante, granada, cadiz. This isn't Premier league level. Btw that was not penalty
JOHNNY SOLANO 24 dias atrás
That goal was genius! Look how he fake right and kicked it to the left making the shot hard to see for the goal keeper and with success...GOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!!
Marvin Acosta
Marvin Acosta 24 dias atrás
Is Ansu trying to kiss that guy in the mouth?
Alex Gg
Alex Gg 25 dias atrás
Barca went from suarez and messi to depay and ansu
Rafael Torres
Rafael Torres 25 dias atrás
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Godwine Merine
Godwine Merine 25 dias atrás
Great job Ansu!!
HAZIZ FDM 25 dias atrás
He is nasty
stardog 27
stardog 27 25 dias atrás
Thats why pique isnt a forward 😂
Juan Ramos
Juan Ramos 25 dias atrás
Big deal!!!
Ultra Instinct
Ultra Instinct 25 dias atrás
1:55 Commentators don't give DEST respect for his assist to Luke on the second goal at all. It's like they are purposefully holding back on how beautiful that pass was. Saying the defense was trash but really that pass was on point that broke down the defense.
Flatearthtruth 87
Flatearthtruth 87 25 dias atrás
322 days freemasonry gematria we know you 😂😂
Fernando Matamoros
Fernando Matamoros 25 dias atrás
For 90+ minutes games, we're barely getting 5... PLEASE, give us the fans, at least 10 minutes of highlights. Thank you so much.
Instegram 25 dias atrás
I felt like fatu is simba and got lifted up he will be great player !!! he is very talented
kadiray dukureh
kadiray dukureh 26 dias atrás
The kid is very talented he has a great future
Ernestina Eswosa
Ernestina Eswosa 26 dias atrás
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Markus Greenidge
Markus Greenidge 26 dias atrás
As soon as I saw that 2nd goal, I asked myself...WHAT THE HECK IS THAT DEFENDER DOING NOT TRACKING DE JONG? Then I saw it was Mustafi... :::Nuff said:::🙄
Jules R
Jules R 26 dias atrás
That fati guy looks average af nothing special about him barca fan are the most delusional fanbase ive ever seen
SMD Fck 26 dias atrás
Barca fans are giving too much pressure to ansu kid has big shoes to fill
DonSki 26 dias atrás
It’s crazy seeing number 10 given to some kid 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Enrique Z
Enrique Z 26 dias atrás
Nice game for Serginio dest two pass first gol and second
Marina Sastre
Marina Sastre 26 dias atrás
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Abe RT
Abe RT 26 dias atrás
Crazy because were still waiting for dembele and aguero
SSGSS Beet 26 dias atrás
Yo Fati carefullu hiding his shot behind that defender was a Boss move 💯💯 lets keep it up youngblood, Barca needs you
Dil Martinez
Dil Martinez 26 dias atrás
Loan Ricky to dormund or any team in Germany since they develop players well instead on being in the bench all season thanks to koeman
Crystal Lomegh
Crystal Lomegh 26 dias atrás
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Exauce Mayunga
Exauce Mayunga 26 dias atrás
You could see the hunger in Ansu Fati's eyes. He could have passed the ball but he decided to take his chance.
Arcturus Flame
Arcturus Flame 26 dias atrás
How is pique pro
Goonersurex Rex
Goonersurex Rex 26 dias atrás
Once I saw that Fati is being subbed on and Mustafi is on the field, I knew this was about to be really funny
Zeursi 26 dias atrás
AnsuFati kinda looks like Rashford lol
Rulo P
Rulo P 26 dias atrás
the next gio dos santos? hopefully not
carterjmd 26 dias atrás
A healthy dembele with fati could be a dangerous attack
True Knowledge
True Knowledge 26 dias atrás
Imagine the De Jong, Fati, Dest link up. Ah boy it’s gonna be amazing
Kyle Siluano Le'i
Kyle Siluano Le'i 26 dias atrás
#10 should’ve been retired🤷🏾‍♂️ Barcelona pretty much told Messi to F off lol
CAI XIAN CHEN 26 dias atrás
The chilly intestine tentatively double because swan pivotally place sans a outrageous probation. limping, purring date
Aarav Reddy
Aarav Reddy 26 dias atrás
When Koeman’s job is on the line:
Mar Co
Mar Co 26 dias atrás
Catalunya is in safe hands. Koemans the only thing holding this team back
E Money
E Money 27 dias atrás
Ansu and Memphis up front gona be fire
DJmelancholy 27 dias atrás
Fat, Memph, and once Dembele gets back along with DeJ, Pedri, and Puig in the midfield is going to be tough
Matt G
Matt G 27 dias atrás
Why is it impossible for commentators to just say "Depay"? It's like they've all had a secret meeting and agreed to say "Memphis Depay" every single time. Even Messi doesn't get that kind of respect!
YoungSwag181 27 dias atrás
ansu reminds me of samuel eto'o ..straight beasts
josh boca
josh boca 27 dias atrás
I give them 3 to 5 years to be barca again. This is 😴 😴 😴
Abdisamad Ahmed
Abdisamad Ahmed 27 dias atrás
Ronald Suck Barcelona he shouldn’t come back this players play free today 🦾
King Tshilobo
King Tshilobo 27 dias atrás
Were those Fanti’s parents? What a proud moment. The future is very bright for this kid. I really hope he stays healthy
President Oneday
President Oneday 27 dias atrás
If he stays healthy, spain got themselves a star.
Gustavo Mendez
Gustavo Mendez 27 dias atrás
The real test is coming.... Atletico Madrid and Real Mdrid in few more days
Axel And once upon a time with EDP
Let's go 🐥
Martin Hultberg
Martin Hultberg 27 dias atrás
Most of Barcelona’s strikers have been injured at the start of the season. Like Aguero, Fati and Dembele. And, they lost Messi and Griezmann. No wonder they been struggling. Hopefully the injured players can return soon and they can get the players to work as a team.
Javier Espinoza
Javier Espinoza 27 dias atrás
Binisius junior better huh one match one goal insane no help at all
Wayne Stewart
Wayne Stewart 27 dias atrás
Barcelona do need to fire Koeman asap but they don't need to hire a new coach. They need to hire the assistant coach. That's it
Shelton Parker JR
Shelton Parker JR 27 dias atrás
If Barca board can be patient with this team and coach in two years time they could have something special. Can't do this overnight after losing the 🐐
Eddie Figueroa
Eddie Figueroa 27 dias atrás
_“The king is dead, long live the king.”_ 😎
7625e 27 dias atrás
these commentators make me feel like im playing fifa
Christopher Nava
Christopher Nava 27 dias atrás
Nice job for Dest🇺🇸👏
Kushtrim Selmani
Kushtrim Selmani 27 dias atrás
Barca needs Guardiola back I am pretty sure they would have been a great team under his orders.
Charlie Fyb
Charlie Fyb 27 dias atrás
I give him a couple of games till he gets injured again lmao
FenoLive 27 dias atrás
depay lowkey got that dumptruck at 0:25
Jude Barton
Jude Barton 27 dias atrás
love depay's skill in winning the pk
Kai Silva
Kai Silva 27 dias atrás
Dest actually played good for once 🤦🏽‍♂️
Vah Geuvje
Vah Geuvje 27 dias atrás
It was great to see Raul Jiminez and Ansu score today.
The One
The One 27 dias atrás
La liga is a finished league
ranndino 27 dias atrás
That was a absolutely great game right when we were all so down after the last two performances. Today we saw true Barça football! Beautiful to watch. Created so many chances. Were totally in control. And Fati making his return in such a triumphant fashion was the icing on the cake! 🔥🔥🔥 P.S. It was also nice that both Madrid clubs dropped points this weekend.
Im_Still_Here 27 dias atrás
the back up is better than koeman oml
Nick Diem
Nick Diem 27 dias atrás
0:15 just casually doing bottle flips
Spider 27 dias atrás
I do not think Fati will be great. Let's see.
StevenCattyPaw 27 dias atrás
The only real question when it comes to Fati is which Premier League team Barca will sell him to in 2 years. I feel kinda bad for them but I don't think they'll recover quickly from the financial hole they're in.
Josh Lopez
Josh Lopez 27 dias atrás
Jordan H
Jordan H 27 dias atrás
Sergiño Dest, L. De Jong, De Jong, Depay... the Dutch connection
Saul Valdez
Saul Valdez 27 dias atrás
What conference depay has to take penalties. He took short steps to strike the ball
KDINK 27 dias atrás
Fati is back!!
cesar acosta
cesar acosta 27 dias atrás
I gotta say I lave Ansu in at number 10 😎
Lebron Pimpin
Lebron Pimpin 27 dias atrás
Obviously happy we won but man that defending is terrible looked like when i lag on ultimate team haha
Ganga Adhikari
Ganga Adhikari 27 dias atrás
My best team should not lose the match. They have to keep the name of the club and then Messi name on top of the list After Messi left the team.
K. Benzema Is God
K. Benzema Is God 27 dias atrás
Chills and shivers, tears running down, ansu fati is back.
Ganga Adhikari
Ganga Adhikari 27 dias atrás
Why Demble was not playing the match today. I hope he will play next week match to see him soon.
Yash 27 dias atrás
He is injured
Ganga Adhikari
Ganga Adhikari 27 dias atrás
Great job for the Barcelona teams for winning the match. Barcelona beat the team of Levante after Lionel Messi. Keep it up for the hard work for next week match with Atletico Madrid.
Koeman better watch out, his assistant coach might get the promotion.
ali sanad
ali sanad 27 dias atrás
This shows how bad Koeman is…
judah 27 dias atrás
I'm so happy that Ansu Fati got the 10 shirt.
oldfrend 27 dias atrás
dest seems a lot more fearless in the attack playing from the left than the right. assist to de jong was peak barca perfect.
Enrique Salgado
Enrique Salgado 27 dias atrás
Ansu on the pitch reminds me of Leo
ricky 27 dias atrás
i missed him so much😢 him and messi couldve been great
sebastian martinez
sebastian martinez 27 dias atrás
It reminds me Messi solo run goal.🥲
David Mbah
David Mbah 27 dias atrás
Ansu Fati is back, waiting for the others to return and make the squad complete and powerful again.
Eric Jones
Eric Jones 27 dias atrás
Have to temper my enthusiasm due to the quality of the opposition. GREAT to see Fati back! And Gavi is a player with a capital P. I can see him, De Jong, and Pedri in the midfield for years to come.
A W 27 dias atrás
The American Sergiño Dest!
kidane Hailemichael
kidane Hailemichael 27 dias atrás
Hmmm, now I get it why Fati wears no 10
Trigger xX
Trigger xX 27 dias atrás
Levante felt bad for Barcelona so they gave them the 3 points
iu al Suk
iu al Suk 27 dias atrás
Ansu definitely looks good in that #10 now😉
Timmy Gamerz
Timmy Gamerz 27 dias atrás
Up to this point, I want Koeman in Bench, cause he doesn't know how to use our player at all. Keep the assistant coach is doing a great job at it!
Eric 27 dias atrás
Great to see him back on the pitch. Glad he shows that he is capable of being handed the number 10 jersey despite the tremendous pressure. Hopefully he’ll be the hero Barcelona needs during these difficult times.
SuperRealityChek 27 dias atrás
Almost gave me tears watching him come back and then scored. We needed this win and we needed someone like Fati to come back.
XxlevisX DL
XxlevisX DL 27 dias atrás
Asu > vini
Nelsen Griffith
Nelsen Griffith 27 dias atrás
depay such a good motivator and great player, dest and even coutinho look good. fati is back. i don’t think barcelona will be struggling for long
BFG 10,000
BFG 10,000 27 dias atrás
Please wear a brief next time. You know who I'm talking about. Yikes.
Celtic Batman
Celtic Batman 27 dias atrás
I really hope to see Ansu Fati be the superstar he could be. So much potential.
Carlos Hernandez
Carlos Hernandez 27 dias atrás
The young players this Barca squad has, the potential is there, let's be patient with them.
Moses Tan
Moses Tan 27 dias atrás
Dest is a left back.we've been playing him off position
Imrus Sadiq
Imrus Sadiq 27 dias atrás
Mustafi always blaming others for his own obvious mistakes. He’ll never learn
Ant Gonz
Ant Gonz 27 dias atrás
Fati brought back the life and hope to Barcelona!
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