Annual Raymond Williams Memorial Lecture 2017 | Michael Sheen

Learning and Work Institute Wales
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It’s a real honour to be able to speak to you here in this building so full of history and indeed this town that holds such a special place within the story of Wales.

And it is with a great deal of humility that I stand before you today to deliver a lecture that bears the name of Raymond Williams.

His brilliance, his insight and his compassion make his writing as powerful and as illuminating today as it has ever been.

In preparation for today I went over much of what he wrote specifically about Wales and Welsh identity and culture, not necessarily what his international reputation has been based upon, and it has been absolutely fascinating.

In his piece ‘Welsh Culture’, written in 1975, he wrote, ”The feeling for the past is more than a fancy, but it’s how past and present relate that tells in a culture.”

And it is exactly his grasp of that relationship between our past and our present here in Wales, and the challenges we face in exploring concepts like identity and nationhood, that is for me both inspiring and, in these particular circumstances, arse-shakingly intimidating.

So, I’ll begin with the only thing I feel I have any kind of authority to be able to stand here and speak to you about, which is - myself.

My own personal experience.

Raymond Williams Lecture organised by Learning and Work Institute Wales, presented by Michael Sheen.


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17 Nov 2017



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Comentários 131
Margaret Ryan
Michael Sheen is trending on Twitter as I speak and I will be honest and say that I had never heard of him . It has been my loss . I've listened enthralled at his eloquence relaying the story of Welsh history . Truly awesome . An essential piece that should be discussed in schools .
David Harris
David Harris Anos atrás
Absolutely brilliant, this speech should be part of the Welsh national curriculum
I'm an Indian woman who grew up and and lives in Australia. This was mesmerising. Such a powerful, eloquent essay! Have long felt a powerful sense of love for Wales and Welsh. This just makes me wish I was Welsh even more! Thank you, Michael Sheen, and all the Welsh past and present who worked/work so hard to resist and overcome colonisation!
mrs3Quator Anos atrás
It's been said that history is written by the victors. But it isn't--it's written by the survivors. The stories are told by the victors; they control the narrative. But if we dig far enough, we can find the rest of the stories.
Berian Davies
Berian Davies Anos atrás
He's absolutely spot on! It's only when you leave Wales, that you realise what it is to be Welsh, to understand, and appreciate the culture we have, the community, sense of belonging, the longing to return... HIRAETH.
Iain Dawson
Iain Dawson Anos atrás
Impassioned, eloquent, incredibly important and powerful speech. As a Scot, I wish we had such an advocate with this kind of platform.
up2 Anos atrás
I can not believe how good this is. Fantastic to see there is such articulate energy for Welsh freedom. Solidarity from an Irishman
Bandit boy883
Bandit boy883 Anos atrás
As an irishman, this was a fascinating and enthralling lecture.
Neil Óg
Neil Óg Anos atrás
As an Englishman, I loved this. Welsh history does not get taught much in English schools (surprise), ans so this speech was also a good introduction. It seems that meanness and political incompetence has played too large a part in Welsh history. It is time for better things.
Thomas Casson
Cannot underestimate the importance of such a person saying these things.
exundfluriba Anos atrás
Superb speech, so well written and exceptionally delivered. Love from Ireland.
Anne Ramos
Not Welsh or British but I was absolutely spellbound. MS is a treasure.
Epochalypse Meow
This is without a doubt one of the best lectures I have watched recently, possibly ever. Thank you for uploading this.
Jill Allsopp
Jill Allsopp Anos atrás
He's a brilliant orator in the tradition of his Welsh forebears - and such an educated and intelligent man
The Bruce 1321
Such an eloquent and moving speech. His comments on his frustration about not being a Welsh speaker are keenly felt by me. Born in Scotland to Welsh father and Scottish mother I heard Welsh constantly, we had a Welsh speaking neighbor, what were the chances? The Welsh society in Scotland was a strong community where every year my father would conduct at the Cymanfa Ganus. Unfortunately it wasn’t enough for me to pick up the language. I have since become almost fluent in Spanish and understand how beautiful it is to be able to appreciate another culture, Latin American in my case, through language. If only I had the energy to learn the Cymraeg and the Gaelic as well. Keep doing what you are doing Mr Sheen, don’t enter politics, inspire us one by one! Diolch un fawr
pascal jacob
pascal jacob Anos atrás
I don't think I've ever seen a video with no dislikes that had watched by more than a handful of people.
peter mac
Amazing lecture. Only just picked up on this in 2022!
Alex Campbell
What a performance. The life of the theatre is certainly filled by many thrills and spills.
DdraigX Anos atrás
Having moved from Wales to America as a young boy I completely understand how he feels.
Inky Munster
Inky Munster Anos atrás
A child in the Rhondda valleys, given a blue white and red flag to wave, as the big black car negotiated it weary way through Treorchy. An older child, joining in with his peers, ribbing the kids from the Welsh school, the Welsh speakers, the 'welshies'. .........
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