Anne Hathaway on Ellen

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Anne Hathaway on The Ellen DeGeneres Show



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Comentários 80
MariaJose G.M
MariaJose G.M 8 meses atrás
nemo 2 HAPPENED!
Daniel Ichim
Daniel Ichim 11 meses atrás
Being a vegetarian all your life is like fasting , and committing to chastity vow.
jimmy A
jimmy A 11 meses atrás
she has one of the best legs in the world. And she is a veg, ooh i'm so in love with her
Daniel Ichim
Daniel Ichim Anos atrás
The Bronx Zoo is saved from closure by the Wonderland Zoo. Instead of Gabrielle Ferrer and Debbie Boone on Broadway, like a couple of Mork and Mindy's. Was Gene masked, or unmasked ? Both were on the cover of Elle.
Bryant Amadeus
Bryant Amadeus Anos atrás
Sweaty armpits from Anne
Nicholas Kida
Nicholas Kida Anos atrás
How come Ellen has the windows screensaver as her background?
Davon Jefferson
Davon Jefferson Anos atrás
Tahir Ahmed
Tahir Ahmed 2 anos atrás
No not her legs .........her thighs so are so sexy and so bulky......woooooo.......whole time eyes keep watching her thighs.........sorry Anne..........but we love your smile and your cute dolly hairstyle also and the way you talk.......great cute funny actress who loves animals...i do not know that .........
tommy morin
tommy morin 5 anos atrás
I don't hate her. Her Oscar speaches my be scripted, but what actor's are not? Even "one small step for man and one giant leap for man kind" was cooked up in NASA head-quarters months befor that step even happend! I think you "Hathahaters" should shut your mouth and just try to acomplish what she has!
Sharine Merizier
Sharine Merizier 5 anos atrás
I love this video!!!!!!!
Mady See
Mady See 5 anos atrás
Omg she has gotten so skinny now! I'm sure it was because of Les Mis but she looked amazing here.
Sueciae Rex - Knugen
Sueciae Rex - Knugen 5 anos atrás
Oh man don't you just wanna spoon with her
JONNOG88 6 anos atrás
They should have played drop dead legs by Van Halen. When see walked in:)
jyjluvu 6 anos atrás
Sotiris Christou
Sotiris Christou 6 anos atrás
Ok, WHO else just loves her laughter?!
Rachel Bilouson
Rachel Bilouson 6 anos atrás
What is the song of the beginning please ? Anyone knows ?
Rachel Bilouson
Rachel Bilouson 6 anos atrás
Alexa Croft
Alexa Croft 6 anos atrás
Rio by Duran Duran
SASKYRA ROSANO 6 anos atrás
anne's armpit sweat at 4:22 tho
Nickolai 6 anos atrás
I would drink that and then bathe my children in it.
Kenny Baker
Kenny Baker 6 anos atrás
Between the Biebers and Mileys, Anne Hathaway is one of the LEAST annoying celebrities on the scene today.
Dimitrios Vaitsakis
Dimitrios Vaitsakis 6 anos atrás
Oh my! Anne's legs are amazing! So is she of course but... but her legs... :-D
Santiago Jimenez
Santiago Jimenez Mês atrás
Cómo me gustan esas buenas piernas...
Jessica Nguyen
Jessica Nguyen 6 anos atrás
I love her!
Brando Barrera
Brando Barrera 6 anos atrás
Daniel Tan
Daniel Tan 6 anos atrás
She missed penguin
Krokodil1201 6 anos atrás
and now Finding nemo coming
karthu1993 6 anos atrás
I love her laugh
Maggu42 6 anos atrás
why hate because she's nice? that's illogical...
Mirna Ramirez
Mirna Ramirez 6 anos atrás
She's so nice
Codie Flynn
Codie Flynn 6 anos atrás
I heard she's been getting lots of hate because of how nice she is. That just makes me love her even more.
Liza Mohanty
Liza Mohanty 6 anos atrás
Them Legs. =)
charmvela 6 anos atrás
Anne Hathaway is the definition of class
s ainouch
s ainouch 6 anos atrás
gene simmons did that do me once! I died! X_X
Bella Cox
Bella Cox 6 anos atrás
the giraffes she went to see are in Kenya!! I live there and ive beeen there :D
Taylor Austin
Taylor Austin 6 anos atrás
I would've named one thing and then spent the entire 28 seconds left on that clock completely silent.
j freed
j freed 6 anos atrás
I know, still lacking in some vital iron and proteins. Don't want to turn into a skinny anemic ghost - can add some rare grilled steak on top which I would slice thin once the juices have settled.
j freed
j freed 6 anos atrás
I know, still lacking in some vital iron and proteins. Don't want to turn into a skinny anemic ghost - can add some rare grilled steak on top which I would slice thin once the juices have settled.
Hila Glam
Hila Glam 6 anos atrás
hence - unhealthy
Hila Glam
Hila Glam 6 anos atrás
looks like she's a narcissist, the way she had to flirt-touch withh Ellen who's gay, and the shorts thing which I mentioned in the previous comment. she needs all eyes on her, she screams for attention, she can't live without people being her fans. that's a shame. I guess that this is what happens when you're a celebrity, you become addicted to fame...
Hila Glam
Hila Glam 6 anos atrás
very inappropriate the way she dressed up to the show. usually she knows good fashion, but the high waisted shorts were not flattering her at all, the little belly made them go higher, so when she sat down it was very uncomfortable to watch. thank God I'm only 24 and I don't have children, I wouldn't let them watch it, I don't want my little daughter to dress up like that.
Uzair Waheed
Uzair Waheed 9 meses atrás
Hila Glam jealousyyyy hahaha
Hila Glam
Hila Glam 6 anos atrás
Ane Dijitak
Ane Dijitak 6 anos atrás
Ooooo... those legs!
DaniLoveDepp 6 anos atrás
i love how ellen gets an extra pillow for her back.
j freed
j freed 6 anos atrás
Vegan food is usually great with some butter. Really!
dookiebird 6 anos atrás
Nice body. 9/10; would plow extensively.
Jolene Gov
Jolene Gov 6 anos atrás
Oooooohhhhhh..... sorry I made you feel bad. I guess I'm not quite used to everything yet. :)
Jolene Gov
Jolene Gov 6 anos atrás
i don't see any reason why you called me a whore... i didn't do anything wrong and i'm not a whore!! i'm only 14! i didn't do anything!
Gamer Japio
Gamer Japio 6 anos atrás
I love Anne Hathaway. What a beautiful woman with a good sense of humor. I've saw two good movies with Anne. The Princess Diaries and The Dark Knight Rises. Sweet lady with nice legs and nice smile.
Steph Fong
Steph Fong 6 anos atrás
can any one help me with a little context? Ellen says who did that to her once? Why does everybody laugh?
ashley ca.
ashley ca. 6 anos atrás
she is the only person who is whiter than me
Patri1315 6 anos atrás
Dying of love at 3:08 *^* She's so awesome and the most important thing: NATURAL. The way she explains her expirience in Africa LOL and not talking about the game hahahah lovely
RaciouS91 6 anos atrás
natural beauty
Ganut22 6 anos atrás
Bahaha. Be informed before you mock someone. It IS happening, although yes it first people thought it was a joke.
Vida Rose Kauffman
Vida Rose Kauffman 6 anos atrás
Why do people hate Anne Hathaway??
CityofAngelsGirl 6 anos atrás
She looked a lot prettier when she wasn't so skinny. She looks very pretty here too.
DeAdmirerTripleS 6 anos atrás
DeAdmirerTripleS 6 anos atrás
Oh My Gah, her laughs are so so bizarre and hilarious and i wasn't expecting that, erhem. It's so so funny by hearing her laughters
Lizbeth Soto
Lizbeth Soto 6 anos atrás
She kinda sounds like Selena gomez
Li Oio
Li Oio 6 anos atrás
I honestly dont know why she gets so much hate. Thumbs up if you agree
Aarhisreshtha Mahanta
Aarhisreshtha Mahanta 6 anos atrás
She's an AMAZING actor....
shriya katoch
shriya katoch 6 anos atrás
she is exceptionally pretty....
Sheilla Tulang
Sheilla Tulang 6 anos atrás
'sup Akumetsu
Hard Stuff
Hard Stuff 6 anos atrás
4:15 my dick!
alexandra ale
alexandra ale 6 anos atrás
i take it that ellen had tried romanian lettuce an liked it that she mentioned it on the show
killer12345627 6 anos atrás
Her legs look so sexy
Karma Windsor
Karma Windsor 6 anos atrás
she did, didn't she? Or was she just nominated?
Danielle Waters
Danielle Waters 6 anos atrás
Bahahaha, you do realize that was a late april fool's day prank, right? That movie isn't actually happening.
Danielle Waters
Danielle Waters 6 anos atrás
Rose Ryk
Rose Ryk 6 anos atrás
And then Finding Dory happened. :)
Booty Boots
Booty Boots 6 anos atrás
Sexiest legs that I have seen for today.
PineappleBoy420 6 anos atrás
06109633 6 anos atrás
fucking legs man..
karthu1993 6 anos atrás
:) i'll tell you what, hugh jackman equally des3erved the oscar DDL just had because he played Lincoln.
karthu1993 6 anos atrás
she did
natalie holmes
natalie holmes 7 anos atrás
she looks smart and very confident but is it hot in ellen's studio show cause of her Wet underarms,,, lol
liza lumpay
liza lumpay 7 anos atrás
wet underarms
H. XU 7 anos atrás
Gracie Carmi
Gracie Carmi 7 anos atrás
I love her laugh.
Julia Petrova
Julia Petrova 7 anos atrás
Oh the amount of smug I feel watching this now that Finding Dory's been announced
akev0n 7 anos atrás
nice legs :)
marcelajohjoh 7 anos atrás
what is the song at the beginning?
Despoina Mpourtzou
Despoina Mpourtzou 7 anos atrás
My bf keeps telling me i look like her...I doubt it, but i m flattered at the same time!She is beautiful and talented!
0363jack 7 anos atrás
dat ass
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