Anne Hathaway Gets Into 'Hangry' Fights With Her Husband | The Graham Norton Show

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Anne Hathaway will be back this week!
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17 Abr 2019



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Comentários 80
babarian king
babarian king 2 meses atrás
I call simp
Liam Dunphy
Liam Dunphy 2 meses atrás
Graham Norton> any American talk show host
praveen g prakash
praveen g prakash 2 meses atrás
Mathew doesn't give af 😂
Anthony Joyce
Anthony Joyce 3 meses atrás
If you were sleeping with Anne Hathaway, you would find incredible patience.
73Stargazer 4 meses atrás
Hahahaha!! That is hilarious! Absolutely that would happen. I've gotten upset with my husband over the stupidest things, and he just gets me some food, and after I've eaten I cant stop apologizing and he just hugs me and tells me he loves me
Diamonds &Australia
Diamonds &Australia 4 meses atrás
Who is that guy beside green haired? What is his name?
Sokkha Monghay
Sokkha Monghay 18 dias atrás
It's Micky Flanagan, British Comedian
Gehslol 4 meses atrás
Isn't this so funny! I can totally relate to these petty fights!!! Hahahaha!!
fw1421 5 meses atrás
One of the sexiest women on the planet.
Elizabeth Jane Tugby
Elizabeth Jane Tugby 7 meses atrás
Yep, hangry is not fun. Her husband is so sweet.
Znapaznarf 8 meses atrás
When I'm hangry I scream at people for breathing my air and not leaving enough for me to inhale.
Joe fonze
Joe fonze 19 dias atrás
Oh my god it's Ben Affleck!
WalterLiddy 9 meses atrás
At about 1:20 MM winks, I guess at Dunham, as though to say "We all get that she's nuts, but let's just not say anything."
Jackknife Composites
Jackknife Composites 9 meses atrás
To be fair...!
Jackknife Composites
Jackknife Composites 9 meses atrás
To be fay-uh...!
Lisa C
Lisa C 9 meses atrás
Graham looks younger without the beard.
zRise 9 meses atrás
When all the attention seekers make comments Slamming the "Hate Comments" nobody can find.
Peter Carlson
Peter Carlson 9 meses atrás
True love has to be, not to hide or surpress your bad sides, but to forgive each other after those sides comes out. To allow each other to be the real version of yourselves.
Shams 9 meses atrás
awkward story....
MARTIN A1 10 meses atrás
Like literally a moron
SHarpyHaMMeR 10 meses atrás
can't find a single hate comment... uhm who are you guys directing your comments at?
Alana McConnell
Alana McConnell 4 dias atrás
I think sort it by most recent instead of most popular
Alexander Bezhuashvili
Alexander Bezhuashvili 4 meses atrás
lmao same
MaxStrong 5 meses atrás
SHarpyHaMMeR lol agreed
Doris Barkler
Doris Barkler 10 meses atrás
She was super crazy skinny for Les Mes. No wonder she was pissy.
Neg Ative
Neg Ative 10 meses atrás
Pretty standard female behavior. They always have an excuse though (Hangry, Period, He made me do it because...)
M R 4 meses atrás
Thank goodness you aren't prone to sweeping BS claims! They are pretty standard male behavior. See what I did there?
Holymolie 10 meses atrás
"You're not you, when you're hungry."
fariha zannat
fariha zannat 4 meses atrás
Just grab a snickers!!
Kai Roberts
Kai Roberts 11 meses atrás
Micky Flanagan is sitting there thinking get me away from these boring yanks and get me to the nearest pub ASAP
Angel Gabriel
Angel Gabriel Anos atrás
First of all she's human.. she's got emotions like everyone else.. there are tough days.. she knows she overreacted.. situation's relatable.. why so much hate.. what I hear in the end is how thankful she is to have her husband.. and you can see she's sorry
Nayops 19
Nayops 19 Anos atrás
Isn’t this vid since like 2014⁉️🤔
Comp Wiz2007
Comp Wiz2007 Anos atrás
Rather ugly woman... Her nose enters the room before she does..
Grace En Rose
Grace En Rose Anos atrás
She's lovely!!!
D S Anos atrás
Somebody tell me what those buttons of what looks like a tomato on graham coat and Anna dress it’s driving me crazy lol
D S Anos atrás
MsFiep oh ok thanks
MsFiep Anos atrás
They're remembrance poppies, symbols of the people who died in the first world war
konkelkent Anos atrás
Lena dunham doesnt even have to open her mouth and she's still annoying
Bek Grace
Bek Grace Anos atrás
I can relate to this on so many levels 😅 my poor boyfriend
Bek Grace
Bek Grace Anos atrás
ProMrLecoq01 haha he certainly does! I will ☺️
ProMrLecoq01 Anos atrás
Go tell him you love him he deserves it
sameer ahmed
sameer ahmed Anos atrás
Matthew is the saddest person in this planet.....he never enjoy others story
fatullah wahap
fatullah wahap Anos atrás
sameer ahmed he enjoyed when John Cena told stories
Soul Worker
Soul Worker Anos atrás
I’m much worse than Anne when I’m hangry.
some one
some one Anos atrás
I wonder why they finally released this video. Because I think when they recorded this she promoting Interstellar and that was made years ago
Conditioner47 Anos atrás
Reverse the Genders, see how fast those comments from woman would have changed
Kate Gruodis
Kate Gruodis Anos atrás
I would probably laugh with him.
Al Truist
Al Truist Anos atrás
Shadow Heart
Shadow Heart Anos atrás
I don't know how real the story is. She's that good of an actor.
waalex11 Anos atrás
Horus Lupercal
Horus Lupercal Anos atrás
Dear God, Anne is gorgeous 😍😍😍😍😍
Michael Moretti
Michael Moretti Anos atrás
Yeah ... women behaving like this is why I will never marry.
Michael Moretti
Michael Moretti Anos atrás
@Kate Gruodis Case in point.
Kate Gruodis
Kate Gruodis Anos atrás
OH, yeah an you mean are a joy to be with and never have emotional issues either. Yep, you men are so perfect and never gets emotionaly, petty, rude, and argumentative for no reason. Sounds, like you wouldn't make a good husband anyways.
Debojyoti Ghosh
Debojyoti Ghosh Anos atrás
Ha ha ha...I'm so laughing..Haaahaaaahaaaa... You're so funny Anne Hathaway...ha ha ha....* I jumped off a building laughing * ha ha ha...
PrynKya Anos atrás
Relbl Anos atrás
I may not like most of her projects, but she will always be Catwoman for me :)
125errorz Anos atrás
you people make me sick
bluezzbastardzz Anos atrás
So these Snickers commercials actually tell the truth? Did she already star in one?
Sérgio Alves
Sérgio Alves 8 meses atrás
I was just going to say she needed her snickers lol
INFOCOOL Anos atrás
Is this story funny, or is she just the worst high-maintenance diva ever?
INFOCOOL Anos atrás
@Kate Gruodis Mary Rose Kent You're talking to the wrong man, ladies. As a four-time varsity athlete I've been on diets far more severe and restrictive than this movie diva. No diet, either where I bulked up or slimmed down, changed my personality or basic decency to others. What she's doing is called--AN EXCUSE.
Kate Gruodis
Kate Gruodis Anos atrás
She was dieting, pay attention you dolt. She new how pathetic she was being.
Mary Rose Kent
Mary Rose Kent Anos atrás
INFOCOOL Did you miss the first part where she talked about the extreme diet she was on for her part in _Les Misérable?_
Shepherd boy
Shepherd boy Anos atrás
I love that people find emotionally manipulative and abusive women entertaining... if a man had shared that he'd treated his wife like this everybody would be telling her to leave him because of the: disrespect, abuse, red flags, controlling, Narcissist, gaslighting, warning signs * insert all other Feminist empowerment buzz words *here* *
Mary Rose Kent
Mary Rose Kent Anos atrás
Shepherd boy I stayed single on purpose because I’m really bad at romantic relationships-not the sex part, just the how-to-interact parts, especially the parts that include anger. As someone who had a horrible childhood filled with all possible abuses (physical, emotional, sexual) I just can’t cope with the emotional messiness that marriage or a marriage-like relationship entails, which includes irrational behavior like Ms. Hathaway describes. My comment was specific to her comments about her marriage-how a couple constructs their marriage is up to them.
Shepherd boy
Shepherd boy Anos atrás
@iJaegerBomb - Very true. It's a symptom of a much larger cultural power-shift in the sexes. Feminism isn't about equality, and it's never been about equality. It's always been about male-suppression, and female privilege. Did you know that when the suffragettes were protesting for "Votes for Women" all men still didn't have the right to vote either? But you'll never see a historical photo of a sign that says "Votes for All"... only "Votes for WOMEN." Furthermore, men wanted to join the suffragettes in support and they said "No men." And finally, women exchanged NOTHING to get the right to vote. Men had to (and still have to) agree to forced military conscription (and potential death) in order to have the right to vote. All three waves of Feminism are corrupt and have led to our present culture of 2019 where everything female is celebrated without question or condition, and everything male is vilified and made into a pathology or disease or disorder. Another 20 years just being male will be illegal. LOL
iJaegerBomb Anos atrás
You said it perfectly! I myself believe women use it as a excuse to seem psycho cute.. I bet you can find a shared post on any woman’s Facebook flaunting about how they believe their psychotic behavior is “cute” or an “attractive” trait to themselves
Shepherd boy
Shepherd boy Anos atrás
@Mary Rose Kent - No I didn't miss the part about the extreme diet. What are you saying? That outside factors affecting a woman's behaviour EXCUSE it? Interesting. Okay... does that apply to men too? If a man has a rough day at work and yells at his wife - is that's no longer "verbal abuse?" If a man is on an extreme diet and starts throwing things around the kitchen - is that no longer aggressive "red flag" behaviour? I'm curious Mary Rose. If "a diet" excuses a woman's really horrible intentional baiting-then-reacting and poor (undeserved) treatment of her husband, then what excuses men's poor treatment of their wives? Because everything I've heard for the last decade+ tells me that there is NEVER, under ANY circumstances, EVER an excuse or mitigating circumstances for poor male behaviour towards women - verbal, emotional, or physical. Nor does any amount of good male behaviour outweigh even one incident of poor male behaviour. Everything is cause to brand a man "bad" and leave him, charge him, divorce him, take his kids and all his stuff. It's funny how bad female behaviour and physical abuse towards men is so acceptable and "understandable" and casually explained away by other women. And how when women treat men badly it's "deserved" but that's never victim blaming. Why is that Mary Rose? I'm listening...
Mary Rose Kent
Mary Rose Kent Anos atrás
Shepherd boy Did you miss the first part where she talked about the extreme diet she was on for her part in _Les Misérable?_
Amirah A
Amirah A Anos atrás
Graham really dug this story! Tough crowd though.
Aqilah Ali
Aqilah Ali Anos atrás
if i am hungry i get easily pist too ahhaha..poor hubby
OlyMolly Anos atrás
If people are married or have a relationship at all it'd be relatable. This is still great though. Nice pair.
Job Anos atrás
goddess Anne is so superior
ausborncurry Anos atrás
This is like the tame-est "fight" i have ever heard of btwn a married couple 😂 i am so much worse when i'm hangry
Rebel Raccoon
Rebel Raccoon Anos atrás
@Vijay Tewari 😯😲
Vijay Tewari
Vijay Tewari Anos atrás
Me too. I ate my wife...
davidsirmons Anos atrás
Just wanted to leave this song....for Anne.
Russel Furtado
Russel Furtado Anos atrás
Anne Hathaway? My patience is just not there
A K Anos atrás
Her husband is pretty ugly though.
The - ABC - Celestial Surgery Centre
Wow and you have the urge to point that out even though she says how nice and caring he is? You must be ugly on the inside then and that radiates out.
Anna H.
Anna H. Anos atrás
wow Anne is hilarious!
Kain VS Predator
Kain VS Predator Anos atrás
Never knew Anne had a nasty side to her. I still love her, though.
welshgit Anos atrás
This clip is from a show from March 2015!
Mr. Extraordinary
Mr. Extraordinary Anos atrás
Damn some people really took her story to heart. Sometimes the little things make you snap it could be a sound you hear or literally just someone else’s presence when you want to be alone even if they did nothing wrong. Why demonize her for having a basic human emotion??
Kate Gruodis
Kate Gruodis Anos atrás
Because they are a bunch of pathetic retarded losers on the internet.
Mary Rose Kent
Mary Rose Kent Anos atrás
Mr. Extraordinary Plus, she did mention the extreme diet she was on for her part in _Les Misérable._
Kayla Dahl
Kayla Dahl Anos atrás
Y’all must not know what it’s like to share your life with someone 😂😂😂 REAL LIFE PEOPLE. Sometimes hanger is an actual issue and any little thing can make you just furious! Lol.
Tyler Durden
Tyler Durden 9 meses atrás
Nothing to be proud of
Michael Schneider
Michael Schneider Anos atrás
Anne Hathaway could so play Liza Minnelli.....
Iron Fan
Iron Fan Anos atrás
My favorite actress. ♥
Melody Jade
Melody Jade Anos atrás
Berta Griese
Berta Griese Anos atrás
seems like McC didn't find the story all too funny
Jon Z
Jon Z Anos atrás
His reactions are usually reserved.
Pretty sure he's heard this story before.
Lemmy K. Is God
Lemmy K. Is God Anos atrás
Julia Roberts ver. 2.0
Jackie Rosas
Jackie Rosas Anos atrás
Whoa, people are so weird. Everyone’s snapped at someone they’ve loved. It’s fine. She knows she was wrong but now she can laugh about it. It doesn’t make her crazy or a bad person. It makes her human.
Someone You Know
Someone You Know Anos atrás
Khalil Ferchichi It would be the same, relax.
Kate Gruodis
Kate Gruodis Anos atrás
@Khalil Ferchichi Probably the same.
Khalil Ferchichi
Khalil Ferchichi Anos atrás
What if they switched turns and it's the man whose mistaken, i demand to know what ur reaction will be
mohan bt
mohan bt Anos atrás
is Anne Hathaway frozen in time ?! she doesn't look aged at all
Elle Anos atrás
She's 36? 36 isn't that old!
welshgit Anos atrás
@ibrahim diiriye Check the upload date of this! : - It's the full show. The clip here starts around 22 minutes in.
ibrahim diiriye
ibrahim diiriye Anos atrás
@welshgit what ??
welshgit Anos atrás
Well, this clip is from March 2015!
Ric Sanches
Ric Sanches Anos atrás
She puts a lot of work to be like that
asamvav Anos atrás
Who is she married to... I will have one of him, waiter!
I. A
I. A Anos atrás
Varun Tulsyan
Varun Tulsyan Anos atrás
What did Matthew say at the end? Couldnt understand.
fetB Anos atrás
are you sure? It sounds more like "it was a trustfall-play.. because he did come find you" How is it a successful fight anyway?
Varun Tulsyan
Varun Tulsyan Anos atrás
@camaba13 Thankyou
camaba13 Anos atrás
"It was a successful fight... because he did come find you."
An Ra
An Ra Anos atrás
I dont know what about her i find so meeh.. She is pretth boring
Dyutiparna Guha
Dyutiparna Guha Anos atrás
Her husband looks a bit like Ryan Gosling.
davidsirmons Anos atrás
Shakespeare was married to a woman named Anne Hathaway. Paintings of Shakespeare look SO much like her husband, Adam Shulman. The two reincarnated, and found each other again. :D
mtrotter2 Anos atrás
Her husband will either be going through hell or he's a saint.
Alien Neko
Alien Neko 8 meses atrás
PeterAParker Anos atrás
So hungry celebrities are like normal hungry people. 🤷‍♂️ who’d have known.
Don't get jealous about their income, now.
Shadow Heart
Shadow Heart Anos atrás
That's just the premise ( a commonality). The devil is in the details. And it's all for fun. Let loose. Live a little. :)
Hediyeh B
Hediyeh B Anos atrás
Why again DoD she have to starve herself?
lexi219 Anos atrás
@Hediyeh B Her character was sick and starving on the streets in 1700s France. She definitely isn't thin enough to look like an actual starving person.
Hediyeh B
Hediyeh B Anos atrás
@willdanerd thanks ,I would have thought she is thin enough to make it work with some make up and lighting and angles... poor thing.
Faith Artrey
Faith Artrey Anos atrás
Her husband is so sweet and understanding. If only the people in the comments shared those traits.
Alice Lu
Alice Lu 10 meses atrás
the entire hollywood stuck in backyards 😂
BijinXOXO 11 meses atrás
If only I met men that possessed those traits.
Mister Ious
Mister Ious Anos atrás
When many people are suffering from nuclear fallout, burns, radiation poisoning, all the works of World War 3, probably, yeah. Maybe.
Someone You Know
Someone You Know Anos atrás
sam newman Missed the point, huh?
sam newman
sam newman Anos atrás
If only she was understanding, this wouldn't have happened.
Johnny b Goode
Johnny b Goode Anos atrás
I'm a simple man. I see Anne Hathaway, I click the video.
Mat Watson
Mat Watson Anos atrás
Same here. Im a simple man too
La_Trolette Anos atrás
Get a life. LOSER.
Kate Steventon
Kate Steventon Anos atrás
Johnny b Goode yes. Simple is the correct adjective
Maia Leckey
Maia Leckey Anos atrás
I want a relationship like this!!!😂😍
Stephanie Sanchez
Stephanie Sanchez Anos atrás
This isn't cute. Her being a celebrity doesn't make this behavior adorable.
Kate Gruodis
Kate Gruodis Anos atrás
She never said it was. She even said she was behaving ridiculousing pay attention you dolt.
lexi219 Anos atrás
Except doesn't she fully acknowledge that her behavior was ridiculous? No one is acting like this is a chill way to behave.
Andreea V
Andreea V Anos atrás
let's see how you act when you can only eat a lettuce a day, then we'll talk
PlumDutchess Anos atrás
Well, she clearly stated it was during a very intense diet for Les Miserables. She was on day 4 of a lettuce diet, as she calls it. She does not normally act like this.
quirky mermaid28
quirky mermaid28 Anos atrás
people hating on anne because of her attitude when she clearly stated why she was having attitude.
shivi 2 meses atrás
You food addicts, gluttons. I can eat or not eat and feel normal. Because I practice calorie restriction, and try to eat healthy. Your bodies are addicted to processed sugars etc. Eat Fruits and leaves to heal the body. Leaves from almost any plant is the most powerful healer, antibacterial, antiviral, antiparasitic, liver healer, vasodilator etc. Go to a park, and eat some leaves, and sme the fresh air the leaves clean for you.
Jon Z
Jon Z Anos atrás
He's a stupid little boy who thinks acting like that makes him something he's clearly not: cool and likeable.
Cedric Bassman
Cedric Bassman Anos atrás
@FREEDOM LIGHTRIDER He's obviously broken out of a mental Hospital, so don't encourage him. We should have pity with this poor Fool.
Cedric Bassman
Cedric Bassman Anos atrás
That's because these idiots probably never were really hungry, let alone starving. At one point in my life i went by for a bit over a week without any food and i went super aggressive and moody, basically my Caveman DNA started to shine through.
RapidObsessor Anos atrás
she's so cute lmao and her husband sounds so sweet
Cohemotgus Anos atrás
My cousin works for the public theater of New York where she does a lot of the contract stuff with the actors, and a couple years ago Anne Hathaway did a play called Grounded. Super good. But anyway, apparent Annie is the sweetest person ever. And SHE GOES BY ANNIE
Amy K
Amy K Anos atrás
@Jerusalem Basurto-Soto The Hustle (sorry for the late reply)
Jerusalem Basurto-Soto
Amy K what film is it
Brian Sherman
Brian Sherman Anos atrás
Dion St. Michael l...l,, fgbgggggbb
Cohemotgus Anos atrás
@Jon Z that's why I'm telling you. Shes sweet.
Jon Z
Jon Z Anos atrás
I don't know if she's sweet, but she's a talented story-teller.
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